throughout the year   (年間を通じて)

Temperatures do not vary much throughout the year.

It presents many public shows throughout the year.

Traditional parties take place throughout the year.

throughout the world   (世界中に)

Today there are aikido dojo throughout the world.

The company has 270 outlets throughout the world.

Varieties of ASL are found throughout the world.

throughout the country   (全国)

Ports throughout the country were severely damaged.

The other courts are located throughout the country.

This pastoral was distributed throughout the country.

throughout his career   (彼のキャリアを通して)

in varying sizes and media throughout his career.

Rees has worked in diverse areas throughout his career.

Prince played the song throughout his career.

found throughout   (全体に見つかりました)

The name Hausdorff is found throughout mathematics.

Varieties of ASL are found throughout the world.

They are very useful and found throughout the world.

spread throughout   (全体に広がる)

Word of his voyages soon spread throughout Europe.

From Britain, it gradually spread throughout Europe.

Education and development spread throughout the area.

throughout his life   (彼の人生を通して)

Weber traveled internationally throughout his life.

Reginald Farrer remained close throughout his life.

Tough struggled with alcoholism throughout his life.

throughout the season

Transfer activity continued throughout the season.

He also provided one assist throughout the season.

He has also made guest appearances throughout the season.

throughout the city

Many shops throughout the city produce these goods.

Similar purges continued throughout the city.

Fuses were left throughout the city to ignite the fires.

used throughout

For this reason, it is used throughout mathematics.

Armour has been used throughout recorded history.

There are numerous variants used throughout the world.

throughout the state   (州全体)

Mexican restaurants are prominent throughout the state.

Fear of subversion was widespread throughout the state.

He spoke throughout the state in his final campaign tour.

throughout the day

Her appeal was rebroadcast throughout the day.

Juveniles remain active and playful throughout the day.

This may alter throughout the day and from season to season.

throughout the entire   (全体を通して)

This election was close throughout the entire campaign.

However, this is not the case throughout the entire basin.

This will broadcast a message throughout the entire campus.

throughout the series

Drake has several girlfriends throughout the series.

He recruited several men throughout the series.

His appearance changes constantly throughout the series.

throughout most   (ほとんどを通して)

Trips are conducted throughout most of the year.

It is prevalent throughout most of the world.

It is found throughout most of North America.

throughout history

Water and milk have been basic drinks throughout history.

Many men throughout history have sported a walrus moustache.

"Most people throughout history have lived under imperial rule."

scattered throughout   (散らばる)

There are other Roman features scattered throughout the valley.

West-northwest trending faults are scattered throughout the basin.

Mestizos lived in small towns scattered throughout the countryside.

continued throughout

Transfer activity continued throughout the season.

City expansion has continued throughout this period.

These yearly campaigns continued throughout the decade.

throughout the region   (地域全体で)

The mean monthly temperature varies throughout the region.

More Kurdish rebellions would occur throughout the region.

Active faults occur throughout the region.

distributed throughout   (全体に分布)

Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Coal was then distributed throughout Canterbury.

This pastoral was distributed throughout the country.

throughout the war

Smedes kept the school operating throughout the war.

In fact, Theudis remained neutral throughout the war.

Apollo held anger towards Achilles throughout the war.

throughout the years

This process has become much harder throughout the years.

The standard style of markers has changed throughout the years.

Jarzombek won on Long Island and other tracks throughout the years.

throughout the game

He's encountered multiple times throughout the game.

He kept touching his bandaged arm throughout the game.

The scoreboard is manually updated throughout the game.

events throughout

Ormesby Hall holds a range of events throughout the year.

The second edition in 2005 had events throughout the week.

Buckley Homestead holds many events throughout the season.

throughout much

Wallace had financial difficulties throughout much of his life.

The group soon became an overnight success throughout much of Europe.

He still managed to stay in the top three throughout much of the race.

locations throughout

The event was held in various locations throughout Singapore.

Committees can also meet at other locations throughout Scotland.

Some monthly meetings are organized at selected locations throughout Japan.

times throughout

He's encountered multiple times throughout the game.

West was arrested over 20 times throughout his lifetime.

George Vanderbilt was married four times throughout his life.

known throughout

His natural history collections were known throughout Europe.

Santa Fe is known throughout Panama for its natural environment.

Sam is best known throughout the story for her wit and psychism.

throughout the rest   (残りを通して)

The old man appears throughout the rest of the video.

a collaboration that lasted throughout the rest of his life.

The dismantling of the HAA continued throughout the rest of the day.

throughout its history

The Levy family has controlled NCH throughout its history.

The line-up of the All-Stars changed throughout its history.

Over 13,000 women stayed in the club throughout its history.

throughout all

Lamprophyres occur throughout all geologic eras.

Their products are sold throughout all of Western Europe.

His Zaouia radiated throughout all Algeria.

located throughout

The other courts are located throughout the country.

Campuses are located throughout the state.

These are of varying sizes, and are located throughout the park.

throughout the film   (映画を通して)

Videos called "noisehead" appear throughout the film.

Walter Day is featured throughout the film.

The father-son relationship is a motif throughout the film.

throughout her career

Buxton's Judaism played a role throughout her career.

Aaliyah focused on her public image throughout her career.

Gallardo appeared in dozens of films throughout her career.

held throughout

This schedule is held throughout the 5-day week.

National conventions were held throughout the 1920s.

Other community events are also held throughout the year.

throughout the summer

Heavy monsoonal rain drenched Queensland throughout the summer.

A small community club who function throughout the summer months.

The team plays 72 games throughout the summer, 36 home and 36 away.

extensively throughout

Clark collected extensively throughout Great Britain.

The band toured extensively throughout Canada and the UK.

"Demons" performed extensively throughout Europe in 2003.

common throughout

and is widespread and common throughout its range.

Rubus chamaemorus are common throughout the mires.

It is common throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

throughout the whole

Jarir tried throughout the whole night but failed.

Downtown Nuevo Laredo runs throughout the whole avenue.

"A. nebulosa" is readily found throughout the whole year.

throughout the area

Education and development spread throughout the area.

Many other smaller schools are present throughout the area.

In addition, there are many thermal springs throughout the area.

throughout her life   (彼女の人生を通して)

She continued practising yoga throughout her life.

Mable was politically active throughout her life.

Bolden has suffered from asthma throughout her life.

schools throughout

Initially, schools throughout the county were to remain open.

Estelle attended Hartford public schools throughout her youth.

Applications for children would be made through schools throughout the country.

place throughout   (全体に配置)

Additional filming took place throughout May 2013.

Traditional parties take place throughout the year.

Educational school visits take place throughout the year.

cities throughout

In 1963 the program toured major cities throughout India.

Groups began to appear in cities throughout Japan in April 1970.

Annual trade fairs and congresses are held in cities throughout Germany.

throughout the first

Geoff Ramsey and Gus Sorola were the test subjects throughout the first season.

The song plays throughout the first set of end credits before the post-credit scene.

The game was made available in the major parts of Europe throughout the first half of 2002.

traveled throughout

He traveled throughout Holland, France, and Germany.

The tour traveled throughout Southeast Asia.

At other times he traveled throughout Burma.

throughout the course

They did so against selected targets throughout the course of the war.

Wrath of God is referenced in the books throughout the course of his life.

popular throughout

It remains popular throughout Turkey to this day.

It was popular throughout its run and gained high ratings.

This story remained popular throughout the fifteenth century.

throughout the night

One particular song was filmed throughout the night.

The fighting continued throughout the night.

Few families managed to stay together throughout the night.

toured throughout

She has toured throughout the UK and Australia.

He has toured throughout the United States and Europe.

The original Q65 reunited in 1980 and toured throughout that year.

all throughout

The movie "Spirit Of '76" was filmed all throughout Alameda.

Watkins struggled in school, earning very poor grades all throughout.

Slavery has existed all throughout Asia, and forms of slavery still exist today.

seen throughout

Photos of the band are seen throughout his house.

Chickadees and blue jays are seen throughout the year.

Tortoises can be seen throughout the island.

communities throughout

It also provides news to the media of the Portuguese communities throughout the world.

The Metro Police also had full jurisdiction with communities throughout Greater Boston.

OPPI members are committed to creating and fostering healthy communities throughout Ontario.

stations throughout

Many stations throughout New England and beyond carry the broadcasts.

Radio France Internationale (RFI) has relay stations throughout Gabon.

There are several affiliate stations throughout Michigan and Southwestern Ontario.

throughout the body

They are distributed throughout the body of the breast.

Blood oxygen is distributed effectively throughout the body.

Many systems include myriad minor chakras throughout the body.

people throughout

Trukai employs over 1,000 people throughout the country.

"Most people throughout history have lived under imperial rule."

Tropical Storm Debby killed nine people throughout its path in September.

widespread throughout   (全体に広がる)

Fear of subversion was widespread throughout the state.

Competition is widespread throughout the market process.

This species is widespread throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

throughout the early

Q65's line-up changed throughout the early 1970s.

The Grateful Dead played it twenty times throughout the early 1990s.

As a consequence, Australia supported South Vietnam throughout the early 1960s.

performed throughout

Nevertheless, "Mindia" went on be performed throughout the Soviet Union.

As a soloist, Brun had performed throughout Yugoslavia as well as abroad.

At the age of 17, and while still a student, he performed throughout the USSR.

throughout the history

The donkey burials took place throughout the history of Tell el Dab’a.

Two other major themes can be seen throughout the history of the programme.

Symbols have been used to tell these stories throughout the history of the Church.

throughout the nation

Minority languages are spoken throughout the nation.

There are hundreds of local and regional racetracks throughout the nation.

ILAN spread throughout the nation and by 1988 was operating in 70 locations.

present throughout   (全体に存在する)

It is present throughout former Yugoslavia.

Many other smaller schools are present throughout the area.

Free entertainment for all is also present throughout the entire weekend.

shows throughout

It presents many public shows throughout the year.

It does not represent all shows throughout the tour.

Playing 15 shows throughout the United Kingdom and Spain.

throughout the book

Many additional hints and "confirmers" are scattered throughout the book.

Other interlocking threads in various typefaces start throughout the book.

A list of sources mentioned throughout the book can be found on pages 159 and 160.

throughout the show   (ショー全体)

Angie admitted to secretly dating Michael throughout the show.

The snail seen growing larger throughout the show is called Alice.

Đông Nhi was praised for her consistent performances throughout the show.

throughout the late

They declined throughout the late 1970s.

Many new discoveries followed throughout the late 19th century.

Chippenham United entered the FA Cup throughout the late 1940s and 1950s.

throughout the remainder   (残りを通して)

Shortly afterwards, the band toured throughout the remainder of December.

Jones continued to do freelance artwork throughout the remainder of her life.

He remained a threat rushing and receiving throughout the remainder of the season.

throughout the school   (学校中)

The equipment throughout the school was the latest and most modern.

These differences emerge early in childhood, and continue to grow throughout the school years.

Get Schooled also offers scholarships and grants to schools and students throughout the school year.

throughout the island

Tortoises can be seen throughout the island.

The species lives throughout the island.

English is widely used throughout the island, as a common language.

throughout its existence

The remained in opposition throughout its existence.

The castle has been privately owned throughout its existence.

The team played in the New York–Penn League throughout its existence.

throughout the album

Progressive elements are prevalent throughout the album.

Piano and an orchestra are featured prominently throughout the album.

Music critics identified several musical genres throughout the album.

available throughout   (全体で利用可能)

Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the campus.

Internet facility is available throughout the college.

Full power of 250 kW is available throughout.

throughout the song

Morris Day also squawks throughout the song.

A common theme throughout the song is the desire to strive for a united Africa.

Statements about women being drafted were brought up as well throughout the song.

throughout the province   (州全体)

Herbivorous animals are found throughout the province.

In New Brunswick, flooding also occurred throughout the province.

He was ordained in 1871 and began intensively missionizing throughout the province.

countries throughout

He lectured in different countries throughout the world.

Students come from throughout the United States and from countries throughout the world.

Today, the sport is played at an amateur level in various countries throughout the world.

tour throughout

She revived these roles on a tour throughout France.

He went on tour throughout France in 2000.

They planned to continue to tour throughout 2013 to support their new record.

venues throughout

Nations without dedicated buildings create pavilions in venues throughout the city.

Fado performers play at local venues throughout Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.

Today, the annual season consists of many performances in many venues throughout New Jersey.

services throughout

It operated scheduled and charter services throughout Mexico and the USA.

These two stations broadcast relayed services throughout regional Victoria.

NPA built health centers and occupational health services throughout the country.

throughout the building

They hung in offices throughout the building.

The flooring throughout the building is random-width pine.

932 throughout the building, such as antique chairs and tables.

occurred throughout

Later additions occurred throughout the 20th Century.

In New Brunswick, flooding also occurred throughout the province.

Activity occurred throughout the day in late winter and early spring.

use throughout

By 1829, post boxes were in use throughout France.

Cell phones are in increasing use throughout the country.

A compile time flag controls the selection of which ADF type to use throughout the system.

widely throughout   (広く)

He also toured widely throughout South America.

Norethisterone is marketed widely throughout the world.

Dydrogesterone is available widely throughout the world.

played throughout

It is played throughout the territory of the former USSR.

They have also played throughout the United States and tour Europe annually.

There are wide variations on how the dunun is played throughout West Africa.

work throughout   (全体で働く)

Jonathan Smith Green, with whom he would work throughout much of his life.

Other artists have covered and sampled DiFranco's work throughout the years.

His collections inspired much of his work throughout his thirty-odd year career.

throughout the period   (期間中)

The mint continued at Chichester throughout the period.

Federal debt throughout the period continued to be paid in gold.

Traditional religious beliefs, for example, persisted throughout the period of Inca rule.

throughout the week

It fell in ranking throughout the week, landing it at No.

The second edition in 2005 had events throughout the week.

The temple hosts multiple Buddhism and meditation classes throughout the week.

performances throughout

Đông Nhi was praised for her consistent performances throughout the show.

Xcaret has different performances throughout the day in different areas of the park.

The performances throughout suggest that the cast never really knew what it was all about."

occur throughout

Lamprophyres occur throughout all geologic eras.

More Kurdish rebellions would occur throughout the region.

Determinants occur throughout mathematics.

throughout the county   (郡全体)

Initially, schools throughout the county were to remain open.

Highland's music programs are well known throughout the county and state.

About 150 people throughout the county fled their homes due to rising water.

throughout the campaign   (キャンペーン中)

Rounds was widely seen as the front runner throughout the campaign.

Past comments came back to haunt Goldwater throughout the campaign.

Different-sized allied forces thus appeared throughout the campaign.

festivals throughout

There are many kite festivals throughout Japan.

The city also offers several festivals throughout the year.

Harris organized a series of music festivals throughout Canada.

throughout the novel   (小説を通して)

Also present throughout the novel is a more gentle humour furnished by Li Han.

This interweaving between K. and the court system increasingly intensifies throughout the novel.

His treachery is slowly unveiled throughout the novel in the encounters he has with the protagonists.

appearances throughout

Many other opera appearances throughout Europe followed.

He has also made guest appearances throughout the season.

He made four further appearances throughout 2009–10 for Central Español.

served throughout

The SB-29 served throughout the Korean War and into the mid-1950s.

He served throughout the Peninsular War and later in the Waterloo Campaign of 1815.

It is said to be modelled on a Sergeant Cox, who served throughout the First World War.

throughout this period   (この期間中)

City expansion has continued throughout this period.

It was held by the Conservative Party throughout this period.

The MTT throughout this period introduced a variety of bus services.

heard throughout

Guitar, piano, and violin can be heard throughout the record.

The signal is directional and can be heard throughout mid-Oakland County.

His performance can also be heard throughout the 1984 film "The Karate Kid".

throughout the town   (町中)

There are numerous guest houses throughout the town and on the main street is Stranorlar's only hotel.

As the bells begin to ring throughout the town, Billie Jean tells Miss Dove that school was dismissed.

People can be often be seen riding horses or bicycles or walking the trails that spread throughout the town.

areas throughout

Rees has worked in diverse areas throughout his career.

Study carrels and lounge seating areas throughout the branch.

Health can be replenished in designated areas throughout the game.

occurs throughout

Fruiting occurs throughout the mushroom season.

The species occurs throughout Europe except in the north.

Flowering occurs throughout the year and fruiting twice per year.

throughout the park

These are of varying sizes, and are located throughout the park.

Picnic tables are available throughout the park as is one pavilion.

There are old-fashioned carnival games and snack booths throughout the park.