İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

thrown off   (fırlatıldı)

After Johnny was thrown off the roof, he passes away.

He was defeated by Sinbad and thrown off a balcony by Rongar.

It was rumoured that Robledo was thrown off the tanker and drowned.

thrown away   (atılmış)

The dead were not "thrown away", Sangu-style.

Certain objects can also be held as well as thrown away.

He had thus thrown away almost every tactical advantage available to him.

thrown back   (geri atıldı)

So, yet again, they are thrown back out on to the streets.

May 19, the battle finally ended with Grant being thrown back.

About three divorced men who get thrown back into the bachelor life.

thrown overboard   (denize atılmış)

All were all thrown overboard by a wave.

It was believed that he had been killed and his body thrown overboard.

As a result of this Ossory died from exhaustion and was thrown overboard.

thrown up   (kusulmuş)

tanks were thrown up on the roofs of French farmhouses.

In "S. stellatus", the gleba may be thrown up to 6 meters horizontally.

"The stem of a schooner had been thrown up on the end of Point Abbaye."

thrown down   (atılmış)

The wagers are made in cash, never in chips, and are usually thrown down onto the ground or floor by the players.

After that, they give a jump to avoid being eaten by the house while the police car is thrown down into the stomach.

In Athens, however, the ambassadors were put on trial and then executed; in Sparta, they were simply thrown down a well.

then thrown

However, Sparta was then thrown into disarray by internal machinations.

I was then thrown forward by a wall of water, the whole boat filled with water instantly ...

He was brought under armed guard by train from Cork to Dublin and then thrown into Mountjoy Gaol.

thrown into prison   (hapse atıldı)

Muñoz was recalled to Spain and thrown into prison.

His main priority was to see Ray Gardner thrown into prison for raping Ruth.

Abu Muhammad was thrown into prison in Damascus along with al-Walid II's sons.

thrown together

By a simple twist of fate, the two are thrown together on an errand.

The medical team on topside is thrown together, with Ann and Doc rekindling their previous romance.

Naveh described it as an "ad hoc solution" to operational dangers, thrown together at the last moment.

thrown onto   (üzerine atılmış)

Refuse was thrown onto the altar.

A schooner, "Albert Treat", encountered the storm and was thrown onto its beam ends.

Yet another has acid thrown onto his face, quickly presenting a mask of the Phantom of the Opera.

thrown through   (atılmış)

Supposedly, he could shoot a tin can thrown through the air.

There were people - babies - thrown through the window and covered with blood.

There they were burnt alive while hand grenades were thrown through the windows.