Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

thus making   (haciendo así)

Bruegel is thus making fun of noisy, aggressive women.

The left breast of Sati fell at this spot, thus making it a Shakti Peetha.

F was developed as a modern Fortran, thus making it a subset of Fortran 95.

thus far   (hasta ahora)

Reviews collated thus far have been mostly positive.

Each project has thus far been independently funded.

Jonny and Colin are the only members remaining thus far.

thus became   (así se convirtió)

A conflict with the Trịnh thus became unavoidable.

Kunigunde thus became her daughter's sister-in-law.

The 1995 election thus became the last election.

thus becoming   (convirtiéndose así)

32 in the charts, thus becoming the band's first top 40 single.

Botvinnik won, thus becoming world champion, ending the "interregnum".

Italy returned to the contest in 2011, thus becoming part of a "Big Five".

thus allowing   (permitiendo así)

Or, any eligible person can be nominated through a process; thus allowing him or her to be listed.

This rule was dropped in 2007 thus allowing already experienced singers and bands in the competition.

Gazpromneft declined to place any offer, thus allowing Baikalfinansgrup to acquire Yuganskneftegaz on its first bid.

thus not

The Sunday liturgy is thus not totally omitted.

They thus not only sell but also provide advice and support.

Widutzky was thus not converted and entered Rabbinical college.

thus creating

The agreement came into force on March 12, 1994, thus creating the IAI.

In this they were successful, thus creating the first non-Euclidean geometry.

Second, there was only one road leading to and from the stadium, thus creating a traffic nightmare.

thus giving

1,000 motor, thus giving each car horizontal tractive pull.

Little is known about this period, thus giving room for speculation.

Narrow aisles were made in the building thus giving a total internal width of about 56 feet.

thus ending

They share a kiss, thus ending the series.

Ibrahim Lodi died during the battle, thus ending the Lodi dynasty.

Westerlo, thus ending a remarkable 4-year run with Ergotelis in Crete.

thus reducing   (reduciendo así)

Data that cannot be read is worthless, thus reducing the incentive for theft.

The contest galvanizes the community, thus reducing street violence and crime.

In some snacks, the food may be baked instead of fried thus reducing the food energy.

thus providing

As live fuels cure and dead fuels dry, the ERC values get higher, thus providing a good reflection of drought conditions.

To devise the saxtubas Sax merely added valves to these natural instruments, thus providing them with chromatic compasses.

The shape of its geographical surroundings shielded the village and its inhabitants from view, thus providing a safe place to dwell.

thus increasing

He scored 11½/13 (+10–0=3), thus increasing his rating to 2702.

The V-groove transmits torque through a wedging action, thus increasing friction.

It exerts effects by blocking the breakdown of dopamine, thus increasing its activity.

described thus

In Seitz it is described thus "nivescens" Kef.

It has been described thus: "With extraordinary force and subtlety, Gestures conducts the 'funeral rite over an entire way of life.

The town's arms might in English heraldic language be described thus: Vert issuant from base a bishop's staff Or surmounted by a bend sinister wavy argent.

thus preventing   (evitando así)

Instead all trades are offset in a subsequent market thus preventing physical delivery.

Bart ended up preventing Max's and Helen's death, thus preventing this reality from happening.

Any wounds received while wearing the scabbard would not bleed at all, thus preventing the death of the wearer.

thus more

A bigger brick makes for a thicker (and thus more insulating) wall.

It is thus more pejoratively classified as one of the types of gobbledygook.

By Elizabethan times there was more prosperity, and thus more room to grow flowers.

thus leaving

They rejected the track, thus leaving the band free to negotiate with other interested parties.

On the 14 December 2007 he crossed over to the opposition benches thus leaving his ministerial posts.

The problem is the oldest of them, Winthrop, refuses to return to the past thus leaving all of them trapped.

thus enabling   (Permitiendo así)

In order to increase easy of use Košava 1 is launched from container thus enabling easy refiling of launcher.

In 1963 he introduced the gastrocamera to Britain, thus enabling the development of endoscopy in that country.

These articles are usually selected from responses to an open call for papers, thus enabling the participation of emergent authors.

thus no

"Sigyn" was thus no longer fit for the oceans.

But a warrant for each target would thus no longer be required.

Their origin is thus no longer recognizable for most speakers (e.g.

thus forming

Most of the songs on the CD were "bootlegged", thus forming the title of the CD.

Gnostic Catholic Church as a child of l'Église Gnostique de France, thus forming the E.G.C.

The number of players that take part in the sport simultaneously, thus forming the team are:

thus causing

Paper money was issued to pay for expensive wars, thus causing inflation.

There is then an added deposition upstream, thus causing the river to bifurcate.

The gesture is very similar to the "ask for money" gesture, thus causing misinterpretations.

thus avoiding   (evitando de esta manera)

", thus avoiding another query to the root name servers.

He resigned before the end of the 40 day period, thus avoiding disbarment.

Architects design some pylons to be pretty, thus avoiding visual pollution.

thus leading

The French agreed to withdraw in 1946, thus leading to the full independence of Syria.

An alternative to this exposed look was in high demand, thus leading to the creation of the midi skirt.

Males and females differ in the following general components of fitness, thus leading to sexual conflict.

thus did

He placed sixth in his heat and thus did not qualify for the semi-finals of the event.

They finished fourth in the Norris Division, thus did not qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

This paper, however, excluded all other birds and thus did not sample their character distributions.

thus able   (así capaz)

Gibbon's father was thus able to inherit a substantial estate.

Some Athenians were thus able to return to their burnt-out city for the winter.

Marwan was thus able to enter Damascus peacefully in December 744, and was declared caliph.

thus ensuring   (asegurando así)

They protect her from the virus, thus ensuring the survival of the human race 102,000 years later.

Multi-zone tends to bias its exposure towards the autofocus point, thus ensuring that the point of interest has been exposed for properly.

He also married the daughter of his ally Soga no Kurayamada, thus ensuring that a significant portion of the Soga clan's power was on his side.

thus eliminating

It passes under Mount Vrmac, thus eliminating the journey along the old curvy road that passes over the mountain.

Helen and Tara vote to eliminate Kristin, while Mike, Ron, and Filipe vote for Laura, thus eliminating Laura from The Biggest Loser.

The shot took place while a commercial advert for "Café Pilón" was running, thus eliminating the planned effect of "his grand finale".

thus did not

He placed sixth in his heat and thus did not qualify for the semi-finals of the event.

They finished fourth in the Norris Division, thus did not qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

This paper, however, excluded all other birds and thus did not sample their character distributions.

thus began

Support thus began to coalesce around these two states.

Xu Zhigao thus began palace construction projects at Jinling.

Generals Li Dui and Gongzi Cheng thus began besieging the palace.

thus earning

While driving, Alex tells Leslie her dad is their boss, thus earning her trust.

At the end of the 2009–10 season Leeds finished second thus earning promotion to the Championship.

Pandro Berman replaced Henry Hobart as supervising producer in mid-production, thus earning Berman his first screen credit.

thus bringing

Yoga awakens the deep mind, thus bringing forth positive attributes, inherent gestalts, and virtuous qualities.

When the Jin invasion forces reached the Wu capital Jianye, the last Wu emperor Sun Hao surrendered, thus bringing an end to the conquest of Wu.

She tells this secret to her grandmother, who confronts the man and reveals it to the rest of their neighbours, thus bringing shame to Gwendolen.

thus made

The chamber is thus made of 15 flagstones and two wedging stones.

The treatment of aneurysms was thus made more accessible and safe.

He was thus made the prefect of Chu Prefecture (滁洲, in modern Chuzhou, Anhui).

thus saving   (ahorrando así)

Counter-Strike), thus saving companies a significant amount of money.

Instead, he destroyed the community records, thus saving the lives of thousands of Athenian Jews.

And this path he opened to all who choose to follow him in time yet to come, thus saving the human race.

thus resulting

Prior to 1984, most Godzilla suits were made from scratch, thus resulting in slight design changes in each film appearance.

These lines may have a metric caesura after the first five syllables, with the remaining line thus resulting in a lekythion group.

For these disciplines, the original master's degree abbreviation is combined with the dr. abbreviation thus resulting in for example "dr. ir.

thus establishing

In 1529 Mạc Đăng Dung abdicated in favor of his son, Mạc Đăng Doanh, thus establishing his dynasty.

He presented his treasures to a select public, thus establishing the Green Vault as one of Europe's oldest museums.

Bodhidharma is said to have been a disciple of Prajñātāra, thus establishing the latter as the 27th patriarch in India.

thus considered

German is thus considered a pluricentric language.

It is thus considered a classic on spiritual warfare.

It is thus considered the son of Pulastya, son of Brahma.

thus become   (convertirse así)

The main function has thus become banking and financial supervision.

"He had thus become a free man."

A complete conceptual change of the Landolt-Börnstein had thus become necessary.

thus only   (así solo)

Plancius had thus only created a duplicate Spitsbergen.

Berry only wanted the best, thus only the best vellum would have been used.

The village lies outside of main roads, and is thus only serviced by local intercity buses.

thus winning

Nauman did it in 10 seconds, thus winning the task and the advantage.

In 2006, she won the overall and heavyweight at the USA Championships, thus winning her pro card.

1870 Young Tom Morris wins his third consecutive Open Championship, thus winning permanent possession of the Belt.


Bulgaria has a coastline of about 354 kilometers – thus, naval warfare is not considered a priority.

I tried to get them to re-master from the original – but to no avail – thus the apparent poor quality.

Lekking is a demanding strategy, as the males often have to bear injuries – thus it is a tactic typically adopted by strong, dominant males.

thus the name

It lasted a week, thus the name, "Big Week".

It was a parliament and law court for all, thus the name.

The area around the town has been very flat and muddy, thus the name.

thus helping

The pact also reaffirms Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, thus helping to prevent Japanese superpower status.

In the first Test at Ahmedabad, Astle scored 103, when New Zealand were struggling thus helping them save the match.

The fruit is a dry achene with sharp barbs that adhere to fur and clothing, thus helping the plant with seed dispersal.

thus beginning

Takahashi accepts this offer thus beginning the second generation of Mini-Moni.

In September 1935, Thomas met Vernon Watkins, thus beginning a lifelong friendship.

They were sent to Guayana and then to Angostura, thus beginning the campaign in the Apure.

thus forcing   (forzando así)

The player then returns to the playground and defeats General, thus forcing The Hyena Gang to retreat from the town.

Gig scolds her, since by destroying the world, she ended his story thus forcing him to start the game all over again.

He ordered his men to avoid Charybdis, thus forcing them to pass near Scylla, which resulted in the deaths of six of his men.

thus the first

Sumner was thus the first new Union general created by the secession crisis.

Snuppy, nonetheless, was a genuine clone, and thus the first cloned dog in history.

The Act was thus the first federal law enacted specifically to protect whistleblowers.

thus qualifying

The team ended the season in second spot thus qualifying for the Final Four.

She ranked in the top 12 of her year, thus qualifying her to be a valet of an elite swordsman.

thus completing

Barcelona went on to win the final 2–0, thus completing the Treble.

Ligase works to fill these nicks in, thus completing the newly replicated DNA molecule.

Realizing that Rogerson was being honest in how to escape, Alex kills Jennifer thus completing the film.

thus having

They had relatively small horse herds, thus having less impact on their ecosystem.

The antennae are generally moniliform in structure, thus having an appearance similar to a string of beads.

thus created

The Kgalagadi Relief Trust (KRT) was thus created.

The decision thus created controversy.

Krampouz was thus created in 1949.

thus requiring

All these effects contribute a rise in tolerance thus requiring a larger dosage to achieve the same effect.

The "new legal order" did not depend on the Constitution, thus requiring a "reappointment" of the Head of State.

Conversely, a column with a low reflux ratio must have a large number of stages, thus requiring a taller column.

thus gaining

Liga season, thus gaining direct return to the 2.

TI Group owners of the British Cycle Corporation bought Raleigh in 1960 thus gaining access to the BSA brand.

On 4 December, Positive Slovenia won the election with 28.51% of votes, thus gaining 28 seats out of 90 in the Assembly.

thus named

That place was thus named 'Guan Yu's Shallows' (關羽瀨).

"Rolling Stone" magazine thus named him the second highest-paid artist of the year.

Bluewater Michigan Chapter was originally intended to exist in the Port Huron, Michigan area and thus named "Bluewater."

thus often   (así a menudo)

This plant prefers cooler southerly aspects and well-drained soils, thus often occurring on ridges.

Silver bromide is very insoluble in water and is thus often used as a qualitative test for bromine.

The Namsen is a wide river and is thus often fished from small boats using a method called "harling".

thus can not

It thus cannot be obtained pure.

However, the BGIT has its limitations, and thus cannot always predict the precise heat of formation.

Dante is horrified to realize that he actually died and thus cannot leave Hell, which is forbidden by God.

thus effectively

Throughout 2017 Trump contemplated not re-certifying, and thus effectively pulling out of the deal.

Frederiksberg is thus effectively a municipal island within the country's capital – a unique phenomenon in present-day Europe.

They claimed that the project would have hiked water tariffs ten-fold, thus effectively cutting off the water supply to the city's poor.

thus came

The school thus came to an end around 1840.

The region thus came under Confederate control from 1861 to 1863.

The four societies thus came together to reinvigorate the Athenaeum.

thus removing

The following day, the Macedonian troops entered Aracinovo, thus removing the strategic threat to the capital.

Due to this, the Spirit of Capricorn became the only train operating directly between Rockhampton and Brisbane thus removing all competition.

Miltefosine acts by inhibiting the PI3K/Akt pathway, thus removing the infected macrophages from circulation, without affecting healthy cells.

thus rendering

The rocks here are very irregular and soft in texture thus rendering commercial exploitation impossible.

This time diverges as the window shrinks, thus rendering the calculation a singular perturbation problem.

A theoretical polynomial algorithm may have extremely large constant factors or exponents thus rendering it impractical.

thus does

It thus does not form the closed garden usual for cloisters.

It is weaker than the proven theorems, and thus does not encapsulate them.

The APG III system of 2009 thus does place Columelliaceae in the Bruniales.

thus failing

Romania lost 0–2, thus failing to advance further from the Group Stages.

Romania drew in the final match against Ukraine, thus failing to qualify for the play-off.

AZ also finished third in their Europa League group, thus failing to qualifying for the competition's knockout round.

thus formed

It thus formed part of the British Mandate of Palestine.

When attached to each other, the vehicle thus formed was dubbed the "Ridek".

Solidarity Youth Movement, Kerala was thus formed on 13 May 2003 at Muthalakulam Grounds, Calicut.

thus turning

The point where the axes meet is taken as the origin for both, thus turning each axis into a number line.

He spreads the tape throughout the forest, thus turning the tables on the termites, saving the day and winning the battle.

Harvesters would pass their routes and clients down to their children, thus turning custom combining into family tradition.

thus could not

Salvatore, the eldest son, wants to go into the church (to become pope) and thus could not marry.

The Court further held that the bank had not been negligent, and thus could not be liable as constructive trustee.

Realizing that the teeth had fillings and thus could not be an archeological finding, the men contacted the police.

thus securing

Hugh IX's son, Hugh X, married Isabelle of Angoulême, thus securing Angoulême (1220).

The CDP won four of the available seats in Kadiogo, thus securing Compaoré a parliamentary seat.

The League ruled Bees at fault, fined the club and awarded the win to Kwara United, thus securing the promotion.

thus all

It has disappeared from Norway and Sweden (thus all of Europe).

They were thus all withdrawn between June 1929 and March 1933, and none have survived in preservation.

But all nullary constructors, thus all monomorphic types, have the same, simplest kind; namely formula_1.

thus putting

and came back at 4p.m., thus putting in sixteen hours on that last day.

In July 1941, United Press fired him for 'nonperformance', thus putting him in financial difficulties.

He was swearing the loyalty of the Polish Legions with it, thus putting them under direct German command.

thus called

This operator is thus called the parallel or.

They were thus called "Graeci" by the people whom they met.

The umpires thus called off play after Yardley appealed against the light.

thus contributing

Mid-to-high-latitude forests have a much lower albedo during snow seasons than flat ground, thus contributing to warming.

Either way, enraged, he had the boy tortured and dismembered, thus contributing to the Christian perception of Muslim brutality.

In addition the purchasing power of workers was at a historic low, thus contributing to growing frustrations among salaried workers.

thus do not

Complex carbohydrates are long chains and thus do not have the sweet taste.

These coatings contain fewer solid ingredients, and thus do not last as long as semi-permanent coatings.

These corals do not contain zooxanthellae in their tissues and thus do not need to live in sunlit places.

thus keeping   (manteniendo así)

Elijah prayed that the wall be restored thus keeping the treasure away from the miser.

Khan later died on 16 September 1998 due to kidney failure, thus keeping the production work on hold.

Paul was nearly taken by Kim, but used his glasses before he was tagged, thus keeping him in the game.

thus does not

It thus does not form the closed garden usual for cloisters.

It is weaker than the proven theorems, and thus does not encapsulate them.

The idea of an Interpreted language thus does not apply for interactive Common Lisp.

thus limiting   (limitando así)

They should be wrapped around the wrist, above and below the joint, thus limiting movement of the joint.

Soft woods, like spruce, may be split rather than sawn into boards so the board surface follows the grain as much as possible, thus limiting run-out.

These disks cannot operate reliably at ATA/100 on RCC/ServerWorks IDE controllers, as their drivers blacklist the disks, thus limiting their operation to ATA/66.

thus taking

This caused him not to place in round 3, thus taking him out of the games.

The foundation also focus on paying school fees for orphans and street kids thus taking them back to school for a better future.

The Jackal would be responsible for convincing Peter that was sent back in time that he was a clone, thus taking on the ID of Ben.

thus setting

Khan won the poll, thus setting up the fight.

When reserves acquired by AEMO are dispatched they are bid in at the MPC thus setting the spot price at the maximum level.

In 1995 Mathis retained his USBA belt with a point win over contender Alex Garcia, thus setting up a fight with Mike Tyson.

thus becomes

Boaz thus becomes Ruth and Naomi's "kinsman-redeemer."

Turtle thus becomes a millionaire.

Chaturanga thus becomes, after a point, a psychodrama of unbelievable cruelty.

thus unable   (por lo tanto incapaz)

Story of a 699-year-old fairy who has lived since the Koryeo dynasty, but has lost her wings and thus unable to ascend to heaven.

Lori has gone into labor, but is bleeding profusely during her contractions, thus unable to give birth properly in the boiler room.

The remaining parties combined received under 3% of the vote and are thus unable to field either a joint candidate or a candidate in their own right.

thus breaking

Philip deliberately commanded his troops to retreat, counting on the untested Athenian hoplites to follow, thus breaking their line.

They have subsequently won the title 5 time since the turn of the millennium thus breaking the dominance of Loughmore-Castleiney GAA.

The G-Shock was conceptualised in 1981 by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe when he accidentally dropped a pocket watch gifted to him by his father thus breaking it.

thus losing

On 15 July 2008, Gavilán signed a four-year deal with Getafe, thus losing all ties to Valencia.

The bout ended with Trevino being out pointed by Riley and thus losing her current IFBA title by decision.

Historians have seldom praised the Directory; it was a government of self-interest rather than virtue, thus losing any claim on idealism.

thus starting

After defeating jobbers, Jacob Duncan beat him by disqualification thus starting a feud between the two.

On July 27 North Korea handed over 55 boxes of human remains, thus starting to fulfill their pledge in the Singapore declaration.

Once the screen has been cleared of all asteroids and flying saucers, a new set of large asteroids appears, thus starting the next level.

thus producing

In 1812, Davy chose "aluminum", thus producing the modern name.

The new shield was displayed on the Red Ensign, thus producing a new version of the Canadian Red Ensign in 1922.

For example, to send the bit pattern "1011", the four-bit block can be repeated three times, thus producing "1011 1011 1011".

thus took

The London election thus took place in a single day.

Glückert thus took over the house and paid for its completion.

Gloucester thus took the post of Lord Protector of the Realm in order to rule England while Bedford was absent.

thus established

The themes of combat, bloodshed, and mercy are thus established from the start.

Edmund thus established a policy of safe borders and peaceful relationships with Scotland.

Baker was thus established as one of the five original colleges at Rice in the fall of 1957.

thus less   (por lo tanto menos)

Roads and wide forest tracks are thus less often used than hitherto.

The Interahamwe in Butare were thus less numerous and less organized than their counterparts in the rest of country.

Nevertheless, the upper layer remained suspended above the lower layer because its waters were warmer and thus less dense.

thus marking

Following the battle, he fled to Thrace, whose prince gave him up to Rome, thus marking the end to Andriscus' reign of Macedonia.

Whiton taught for ten years and under his leadership, enrollment climbed to more than 100 students, thus marking the end of "the fallow years."

Gothel appears to Drizella, telling her that she has been accepted into the Coven of Eight, thus marking the events leading up to the Dark Curse.

thus improving

This project aims to turn Angola into a continental hub, thus improving Internet connections both nationally and internationally.

Calls to toll area exchanges were connected on-demand whilst the originating subscriber waited thus improving service and reducing operator costs.

Like the Brenneke, these ribs impart a rotation on the slug to correct for manufacturing irregularities, thus improving precision (i.e., group size.)

thus lost

Samarkand, his lifelong obsession, was thus lost again.

Ottla thus lost her protection against the persecution of Jews.

Bamberg thus lost its independence in 1802, becoming part of Bavaria in 1803.

thus decided

He thus decided to offer Rommel the chance to take his own life.

Skylum thus decided to develop the same photography applications for MacOS.

Prince Peter and Irene Ovtchinnikova thus decided to move from Egypt to Denmark.