Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

tickets sold   (entradas vendidas)

There is a limit of 2,000 tickets sold for each day.

The tickets sold out within two hours of being on sale.

tickets were sold   (los boletos fueron vendidos)

Concert tickets were sold there for a time as well.

Approximately 69,000 tickets were sold for each day.

Over 140,000 tickets were sold and $5 million raised.

season tickets   (boletos de temporada)

Ahead of the 2012–13 season, the Oilers sold 3,000 season tickets.

As of 15 April 2017, around 48,500 season tickets had been reserved by the club fans.

with Hartlepool United selling season tickets for £100, the lowest price in Football League One.

million tickets

This comedy was successful, with more than one million tickets sold.

The 2015 World Cup Sold over 1.1 million tickets which was a Record .

By July 2010, a total of more than 1.6 million tickets had been sold.

buy tickets

Long waits for the chance to buy tickets were common.

With e-ticketing, customers are able to buy tickets online using debit and credit cards.

The pass allowed people to buy tickets before they were available to the general public.

lottery tickets   (Boletos de lotería)

To entice purchasers he sold lottery tickets with first option on choice lots as one set of prizes.

The employee, who worked in Camelot's fraud department, found a way to forge lottery tickets bearing winning numbers.

It also prints and provides document reading systems for identification cards, lottery tickets, stamps, and bank notes.

free tickets   (billetes gratuitos)

In 2016 YPT was one of a number of theatres offering free tickets to newly arrived Syrian refugees.

In the story, he is kidnapped by Ricky and held as punishment for his inability (or refusal) to provide the main characters with free tickets to a Rush concert.

This campaign eventually led Canadian managing editors to agree among themselves that their newspapers would not accept free tickets from travel agencies, resorts, and hotels.

purchase tickets allowed consumers to purchase tickets at their website.

International fans were able to purchase tickets starting August 27, 2016.

Passengers travelling from the station must purchase tickets on board the train.