low tide   (干潮)

The island can be accessed on foot at low tide.

At low tide, there may be up to 50 m of beach.

The surrounding reef is exposed at low tide.

high tide   (満潮)

The surface of the bridge was to be above high tide.

Chandipur beach can be submerged at high tide.

The island is only accessible by boat during high tide.

rising tide   (満潮)

A rising tide cut off de Tany's men from the bridge.

These are indicated by the three “rising tide” levels in Figure 2.

To proceed upriver under sail from there required an east wind and a rising tide.

turn the tide   (流れを変える)

These officers helped turn the tide decisively against Eritrea in 2000.

Mateo Flores, couldn't turn the tide of corruption that engulfed the city.

Luckily, Clem Stephenson was on hand to turn the tide of failure back to success.

turned the tide   (流れを変えた)

This murder turned the tide of Chilean public opinion.

Strong French counterattacks turned the tide of the war.

This turned the tide to the home side's advantage and the game finished in a 3–3 draw.

when the tide   (潮のとき)

It is possible to walk from Passage to Woodstown when the tide is out.

In addition, when the tide is high enough, they will also feed on grasses and leaves.

One ship escaped, because Alfred's heavy ships became grounded when the tide went out.

stem the tide   (潮を止める)

The Federation hopes that this strike would stem the tide of the war.

It was not enough to stem the tide and Galway went on to win the game by 2–15 to 3–9.

In a desperate attempt to stem the tide, he promised to get tickets for Super Bowl XLV.