İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

tied up   (bağlanmış)

He had them handcuffed and tied up with a rope.

This tied up the main force of Roman infantry.

Jane and Dr. James Porter are tied up and left to die.

tied the game   (oyunu bağladı)

Joe Harris's home run in the fourth tied the game.

Bill Salkeld's home run in the sixth tied the game.

Portland tied the game in the bottom of the 1st.

tied for second   (ikinci kez bağlı)

He tied for second on the team with 8 tackles.

In 1963, he tied for second place in Málaga.

Alaska, Coca-Cola and Talk ‘N Text were tied for second spot.

closely tied   (yakından bağlı)

Canadian identity is closely tied to its literature.

This is closely tied to port scanning and some tools (e.g.

Pakistan was closely tied to the United States in Cold War.

tied for first

In 2005, he tied for first in the Aeroflot Open.

In August 1949, he tied for first place in Grossröhrsdorf.

In 1949, he tied for first place with Efim Bogoljubow in Oldenburg.

finished tied

He finished tied for sixth with Ossip Bernstein (France).

He finished tied for 32nd at 3-under-par.

Moran had four steady rounds and finished tied for 15th place.

still tied   (hala bağlı)

With the game still tied entering the eighth, Arizona struck.

If the players are still tied, they are listed alphabetically.

If the score is still tied after extra time, the game will be replayed.

tied together   (birbirine bağlı)

The two cycles are tied together by the unification process.

She felt strongly that voting and freedom were tied together.

The palms of the hand are tied together and betel placed between them.

tied for third

In 1979, he tied for third place in Lugano.

They also tied for third in the NFL with 26 interceptions.

He also tied for third in victories.

not tied

These programs for the elderly were not tied to economic need.

His style reflected impressionist concepts, but he was not tied to any school.

In other words, the "tendi" is not tied to the body; it can also live for a time outside the body.

tied on points

Sporting Cristal and Juan Aurich were tied on points at the end of the season.

If tied on points, the following criteria were used to determine the ranking: 1.

If two or more teams were tied on points, places were determined by goal difference.

tied down   (bağlı)

Papa Smurf (as Gargamel) allows himself to be subdued and tied down.

On the first day, Australia won the toss but was tied down completely by the English bowlers.

She is angry as she feels she has only just escaped her husband and now she must be tied down again.

tied for fourth

He tied for fourth in the ABL with 21 appearances.

In 1961, he tied for fourth place in Zürich.

1 among public institutions and tied for fourth overall.

tied around   (bağlı)

Many hieroglyphs depict males with bags tied around their waist.

For the cattle to win, it shall not loose the copra garland tied around its neck.

The most common modern system uses colored ropes, called "corda" or "cordão", tied around the waist.

score tied

The Reds went quietly in the bottom of the inning, the score tied at 2–2.

In the fourth, with the score tied 1–1, he shocked everyone by bunting and beating it out.

In the bottom of the ninth inning with one out and the score tied 1–1, Charlie Keller tripled.

tied for fifth

Moran was tied for fifth after a second round 88.

In 2010, Gillis finished tied for fifth at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

The Rams finished the 2017–18 season 18–15, 9–9 in A-10 play to finish tied for fifth place.

score was tied

After regulation, the score was tied 1-1.

The score was tied up at five later on heading to the eleventh round.

If the score was tied at the end of regulation, the penalty shoot-out was used to determine the winner (no extra time was played).

game was tied

chants while the game was tied in the 9th inning.

The game was tied, 7–7, at halftime.

Eventually, the game was tied 10-10.

tied the record   (rekoru bağladı)

With his win on finale night, he tied the record of the most HoHs in a season: four.

This tied the record for the largest comeback win in college football history at the time.

Tyesha tied the record for most points scored in a single game by a single player in Lander history.

game tied

With the game tied, 10-10, the Michigan fans began chants of "We Want Wangler."

In the first game tied at home 1:1, 0:0 in the second tied, and in penalty kicks lose 7:6.

A pitching duel between Chris Capuano and Tony Cingrani kept the game tied heading into extra innings.

tied the score

Three singles in the first tied the score.

Michigan tied the score soon after with a 51-yard field goal.

Michigan tied the score with a 29-yard TD run by Brandon Minor.

then tied

The game was then tied at four as David Wright scored.

A string is then tied from the head assembly to another stationary object.

Trump then tied the match at 4–4 by compiling the fourth century of the session.

teams were tied

If the teams were tied, the Away goals rule applied.

Replays were held if teams were tied after ninety minutes.

finishing tied

Moran played on the second day of qualifying, finishing tied for second place.

The team competed as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, finishing tied for third.

The team competed as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, finishing tied for sixth.

season tied

His 102 receptions during the 2000 season tied for the NFL lead.

He ended the season tied for fourth in points behind chief rival Kenny Coolbeth.

The Indians finished the season tied for last in their division, with a record of 65–97.

remained tied

The score remained tied at the half after a scoreless second quarter.

Matches that remained tied at the end of extra time were settled by a penalty shoot-out.

If the score remained tied, the match went to extra time with the silver goal rule being enforced.

teams are tied

If teams are tied, then a single sudden-death puzzle is given to the captains of each team.

In all rounds, if two teams are tied after both legs the team with the most away goals is the winner.

If teams are tied in points, the standing is determined by the result of the game between the tied teams.

hands tied

He was gagged with a strip of cloth, his hands tied with plastic ratchet ties to a plastic refuse sack holder.

The 151 accused were led to the wall one at a time, stripped naked and with their hands tied behind their backs.

The bodies of "datuk" and those who have died from lightning are buried sitting up with their hands tied together.