İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

close ties   (yakın bağlar)

The club maintains close ties with the university.

Levy has close ties with Israeli political leaders.

He maintained close ties with Romanian orientalists.

ties between   (arasındaki bağlar)

Commercial ties between Corinth and Taras were tight-knit.

The ties between forestry and farming were mutually beneficial.

In 2015, Pinchuk promoted closer ties between Ukraine and the EU.

strong ties   (güçlü bağları)

Many of Simmons' works have strong ties with classic literature.

It has strong ties to nearby U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The community maintains strong ties with Mishkeegogamang First Nation.

family ties   (aile bağları)

Sarmatists strongly valued social and family ties.

Steele had long-time family ties to the Woodstock area.

He qualifies to represent the nation through family ties.

diplomatic ties   (diplomatik ilişkiler)

After the handshakes, Ortega said he would re-establish diplomatic ties with Colombia.

Eventually, the diplomatic ties between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Mauro-Roman Kingdom would break down.

On 1 June 2007, Costa Rica broke diplomatic ties with Taiwan, switching recognition to the People's Republic of China.

all ties

Heartbroken, Natalie severs all ties with her mother.

Shyne severed all ties with Sean Combs and Bad Boy Records.

It all ties in together.

economic ties   (ekonomik bağlar)

Mutual benefit has been seen in keen economic ties.

Albania is also working to develop socio-political and economic ties with Israel.

Bavaria has strong economic ties with Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Northern Italy.

cut ties   (bağları kesmek)

On 19 July, he cut ties with Sporting and moved to 1.

Frances decides to cut ties with Greta.

on a phone interview, Dr. Dre requested that Royce cut ties with Kino.

closer ties   (daha yakın bağlar)

In 2015, Pinchuk promoted closer ties between Ukraine and the EU.

Subsequently, both countries sought closer ties with the United States.

The camp is part of an effort to forge closer ties between Malaysian football and German football.

cultural ties

Some of these cultural ties continued also in the Middle Bronze Age.

Conversely, cultural ties between New York and Puerto Rico are strong.

New York and Tampa), both due to cultural ties and the migration patterns.

severed ties   (kopmuş bağlar)

Once the emails were made public Hamilton and ODU immediately severed ties.

He then severed ties with Rayon by October before returning to the club in mid-2017.

However, due to political opposition, Monaco severed ties with the organization in 2010.

political ties   (politik bağlar)

Some diaspora communities maintain strong political ties with their homeland.

Prior to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Cuba maintained strong economic and political ties to the United States.

But the government in 2011 often favored individuals on the basis of racial and tribal affiliation, social status, and political ties.

round ties   (yuvarlak bağlar)

The second round ties are due to be played on or around 23 September 2012.

Thomas Davis, Parnells, O'Tooles, Garda, Na Fianna, Naomh Olaf, St Marys and St Annes progressed to the third round as they won their respective second round ties.

Due to appearances in Tottenham's third and fourth round ties, Defoe found himself cup-tied for all the subsequent matches of Pompey's successful 2007–08 FA Cup campaign.

historical ties   (tarihsel bağlar)

Other nations use a particular colour to indicate common political or historical ties.

India and Malaysia are also connected by various cultural and historical ties that date back to antiquity.

In Sassari, Sardinia, due to the historical ties with Genoa, la fainé genovese ("genoese fainé"), is a typical dish.

railroad ties

An outbuilding is built of railroad ties covered with corrugated roofing.

By 2010, only bleached railroad ties marked the route of the once-pioneering line.

The Mecca Lumber company produced a large quantity of railroad ties using the hardwood on the land.

break ties   (bağları koparmak)

The top six shooters advanced to the final, with shoot-offs held to break ties if required.

The Soviets usually would break ties for the title of Soviet Champion with a multi-game match and 1977 was no exception.

ties were played

The ties were played on 25–27 September 2012.

The semi-final ties were played on 5 and 12 April 2018.

Both ties were played on 6 August 2018.

no ties

He added, "He has no ties with the former regime.

All pool games must be decided by a win, there are no ties.

This league has no ties with the modern National Football League.

social ties   (sosyal bağlar)

Tönnies proposed the "Gemeinschaft–Gesellschaft" dichotomy as a way to think about social ties.

The project aims at promoting bookstores as cultural centres and places where social ties begin.

Chak shares strong economic and social ties with Sukkur because of the natural geographic and trade route proximity.