Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first time   (primera vez)

This was their first time performing in a stadium.

This was the first time she won Green Wave Awards.

The following year he recorded for the first time.

same time   (Mismo tiempo)

Then they go off at the same time and even faster.

The pressure bottomed out at around the same time.

The church's bells were restored at the same time.

second time   (segunda vez)

The second time was when he changed it to Vratsian.

The movie was broadcast a second time circa 2005.

She was married a second time, to Alfred Prettyman.

time when   (tiempo cuando)

Foragers take less time when food is more abundant.

This time when McBride shows up, Laurel knocks him cold.

This is often the only time when it is used interactively.

long time   (largo tiempo)

Vaudroques delayed leaving France for a long time.

For long time the area could not be rehabilitated.

You should keep your mind stable for a long time.

all time   (todo el tiempo)

In 2017 it was the third longest throw of all time.

He is considered the best marionettist of all time.

4 all time in three-point field goals with 1,002.

short time   (poco tiempo)

He lived for a short time in Wilmington, Delaware.

That left him unable to compete for a short time.

He had two horses at the stable, only a short time.

during this time   (durante este tiempo)

It was during this time that he wrote his famous .

A housing movement began to form during this time.

They became even closer friends during this time.

period of time   (período de tiempo)

He served as state architect for a period of time.

pure nitrogen) for a period of time (hours to days).

The base may be used for an extended period of time.

last time   (ultima vez)

The last time in Olavarría, Buenos Aires Province.

The last time LSU played on Thanksgiving was 1973.

This was the last time the Ottomans invaded Mani.

time period   (periodo de tiempo)

This time period can be split into two main phases.

Several major rivalries date from this time period.

The series covers the time period from 1873 to 1921.

third time   (tercera vez)

William Allen married for the third time in 1827.

The hotel was renovated for a third time in 2015.

Domenico Mombelli married for a third time in 1819.

spent time   (pasar tiempo)

He also spent time with Qatari-based side Al Sadd.

however, Pinal never spent time the Pasquel family.

James spent time living with both of his parents.

more time

In 1975 Toluca won the championship one more time.

Van Curtis asked for more time to think about it.

From then on he could devote more time to research.

extra time   (tiempo extra)

If there's extra time at the end of the show, J.D.

They went on to lose the game 2–1 in extra time.

The score remained the same through extra time.

time between

The average journey time between levels is 1 minute.

The artist divides his time between Berlin and Tokyo.

She splits her time between Montreal and Los Angeles.

during which time   (durante que tiempo)

McGhee also worked as a teacher, during which time he taught Mike Ryan.

Three months have passed during which time René has been travelling with Armand.

The wettest month is May during which time Basel receives an average of of rain.

during his time

He was club captain during his time with the club.

Flanagan played well during his time with the Pirates.

Edington played well during his time with the Pirates.

time before

It took some time before peace was re-established.

The national party dissolved some time before 2013.

Its name in English means ""the time before Lent"".

each time

He tried again, but each time with the same results.

Sweet remarried twice, and divorced each time.

It is created each time the outer function is invoked.

amount of time   (cantidad de tiempo)

The team spending least amount of time wins.

Erica was Little Eric's nanny for a short amount of time.

The Germans made major advances in a short amount of time.

during the time

The story line begins during the time of British Raj.

The navy became significant during the time of the k.u.k.

They are preserved as they were during the time of Niyazi.

time trial   (contrarreloj)

Since 2012, the event also contains a time trial.

was the top favourite for the team time trial.

The next day, he won gold in the men's 1km time trial.

time to time

He is also the Lagoon's mayor from time to time.

Therefore, they may be re-evaluated from time to time.

Organizations are inducted from time to time.

playing time

The playing time of the sonata is about twenty minutes.

That injury would hinder his playing time for 12 months.

Adams earned more playing time in the first team at Bury.

only time   (única vez)

This was the first and only time Savarkar met him.

This was the only time it was listed on the census.

This was the only time Agassi ended the year at No.

time during

They were used for the first time during WWI.

Climate remains pleasant most of the time during the year.

Spawning of some species may occur any time during the year.

during that time   (durante ese tiempo)

Brandon Kirsch then replaced him during that time.

(Wright had returned as organist during that time.)

He had no political positions during that time.

every time

The water seeped out every time, and Prunella cried.

I rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel.

"It was four hours every time they put on the makeup."

local time

The race began on 18 November at 15:35 local time.

Takeoff clearance was given at 11:11 local time.

The drone arrived at 11:10 p.m. local time (5:10 p.m.

real time   (tiempo real)

In combat, naval battle is now fought in real time.

The story of "Forever" develops in almost real time.

Unedited movie footage transcribes time in real time.

much time

At 3–2, Verdasco was warned for taking too much time.

when White loses too much time with the queen.

She kept the promise and spent much time in Bratislava.

prime time   (hora estelar)

It is commonly used for prime time games at home.

The event was distributed live in prime time by MTV2.

around this time   (sobre esta hora)

The bakehouse ceased to be used around this time.

Amina began performing in Paris around this time.

Also provided around this time was a crossing loop.

time later   (tiempo despues)

Some time later, cotton worms destroy Epps's crops.

Some time later, she attends Hercules' funeral.

But I came to that conclusion only a long time later.

around the time   (alrededor del tiempo)

All full moons rise around the time of sunset.

The play opens around the time Burke and Wills die in the desert.

Bernasconi retired as publisher around the time of the acquisition.

time slot   (intervalo de tiempo)

It had been later shifted to the 9:30 pm time slot.

It was aired on weekdays in the 10pm time slot.

The cabaret was eventually moved to a prime time slot.

periods of time   (períodos de tiempo)

Most, however, were imported for short periods of time.

Seraphina would look off dazed for long periods of time.

L'Wren Scott was married twice, for short periods of time.

no time

But then again, there's no time like the present."

There was no time limit to complete all the stages.

This is no time to concern ourselves with nostalgia.

all the time

We kept the tape rolling just about all the time.

One verse is about Don being pissed all the time.

It is an open almost all day and busy all the time.

final time

It was the second and final time the rig was used.

They separated for the final time in February 2015.

In 2010, the Nemesis line morphed one final time.

fourth time

2 in general election of 2017 for the fourth time.

Djokovic broke for the fourth time, gaining a 3–1 lead.

He won the election in 2013 for fourth time.

spare time   (tiempo libre)

In his spare time, Styler loved fishing and golf.

In his spare time he enjoys bike riding and tennis.

Ken is also a keen player of chess in his spare time.

time limit   (límite de tiempo)

In 2007, this time limit was lowered to one month.

There was no time limit to complete all the stages.

If the time limit reaches zero, Kirby loses a life.

time spent

I still think very fondly of my time spent there."

The average time spent on incubating shifts is 18 days.

Mention is also made of Tommy Chong's time spent in prison.

spent some time   (pasó algún tiempo)

He also spent some time in Cyprus in 1967 and 1968.

He then spent some time playing in South Africa.

In 1949, Ronald Easterbrook spent some time at Hewell Grange.

spending time   (pasando el tiempo)

Londoño however avoided spending time in prison.

However he grows to enjoy spending time in the choir.

starts spending time with the Peppers, plying them with gifts.

spend time   (pasar el tiempo)

However, Cobain did spend time under the bridge.

They succeed and continue to spend time at the reunion.

Mayuri and Sakurako often spend time together as friends.

given time

Only one of the panels is active at a given time.

Only one device can talk on the bus at any given time.

About 100 to 200 species may live in them at any given time.

best time

Hassan finished with a season best time of 11:23.50.

The best time to visit it is between December and March.

Her personal best time is 50.17 seconds, achieved in 1993.

time frame   (periodo de tiempo)

Filming coincided with the time frame of the story.

During this time frame, the emcee was Andi Matheny.

The time frame for closure proved optimistic.

half time

He set up another try before being rested at half time.

Clare were leading the game by 1-5 to 0-7 at half time.

At half time, Maryland trailed Miami, 31–0.

just in time   (justo a tiempo)

Joe, arrived just in time to avoid the bombing.

He discovers the identity of the killer just in time.

However, he recovered just in time to remain in the squad.

running time   (tiempo de ejecución)

The move added 15 to 20 minutes to running time.

short running time, little cleanup, low maintenance).

At the time, running time on the line was 28 minutes.

time off

Penn requested more time off after his fight with GSP.

D.H. also left the band to "take some personal time off".

Mendez was subsequently granted time off.

back in time   (atrás en el tiempo)

Connors wonders if they've somehow gone back in time.

Their romance goes back in time more than thirty years.

Meanwhile, Jim travels back in time and poses as a statue.

time ever   (tiempo siempre)

For the first time ever, the league features 14 teams.

For the first time ever, an F-Sport variant will be offered.

Will the time ever come when we can say Hitler's shadow is gone?

point in time   (punto en el tiempo)

This total was measured at a single point in time.

It could have literally fallen over at any point in time."

At a point in time, he was a co- host to the Upside Down Show.

enough time

But enough time remained for Texas to win.

This gave her and Toshihiko enough time to escape together.

They've spent enough time in jail.

free time   (tiempo libre)

The creators of the game worked in their free time.

Soon, he was spending all of his free time painting.

In her free time, she wrote poetry in German.

little time   (poco tiempo)

These familial commitments left her little time to paint.

What did he want to get across in as little time as possible?

MIBR wasted little time and started a play to the A bombsite.

length of time   (período de tiempo)

This length of time the construction required.

Minimizing the length of time spent in this phase is essential.

The enrichment must be varied to remain effective for any length of time.

spend more time   (toma más tiempo)

He retired in order to spend more time with his family.

So, he sought to stop working and spend more time on things he enjoyed.

Bozetta quit the role in late 1998 to spend more time with her daughter.

present time   (tiempo presente)

The daughter's name is Angela, in the present time.

At the present time I don't know when I'll play again.

He's been working there since then and till present time.

record time   (tiempo record)

South Africa won with a world record time of 41.78 seconds.

Nan Gao set a new Asian record time of one minute 15.05 seconds.

The event sold out in under an hour, a record time for the festival.

time travel   (viaje en el tiempo)

In 2063 AD, time travel is commonplace.

Later stories saw them develop time travel and a space empire.

They contribute to the album's overarching theme of time travel.

first time ever

For the first time ever, the league features 14 teams.

For the first time ever, an F-Sport variant will be offered.

The event attracted over 1,000 participants for the first time ever.

fastest time   (el tiempo mas rapido)

The fastest time is 59 minutes and 51 seconds.

It was the third fastest time over 10 km ever.

The team doing that in the fastest time won.

travel time   (tiempo de viaje)

There are also a number of travel time benchmarks.

The travel time to Stuttgart is about 25 minutes.

The travel time between the two termini is roughly 45 minutes.

time periods   (períodos de tiempo)

They may have developed during different time periods.

"Yo-kai Watch 4" is set in three distinct time periods.

Most Czech loanwords originated in one of two time periods.

time around   (tiempo alrededor)

All record of him ends some time around 1636.

Maxim prevailed this time around, by a ten-round decision.

This time around, we explore the concept of romantic comedy.

through time

The second became his vessel forward through time.

Eil also has the ability to pass through time.

Information always moves through time and space in the same form.

brief time   (tiempo breve)

For a brief time, she had a crush on Tucker Carlson.

She said she would use her brief time in Congress, "For tax cuts.

He had his own band for a brief time after that before being drafted.

time due

These TLM-properties may vary over time due to aging effects.

Shagrath had free time due to Dimmu Borgir taking a break after Ozzfest.

He was on Social Security Disability Insurance at the time due to his palsy.

full time

He continued to work full time at Seattle Center.

He played full time in all 3 matches as center back.

The match had tied 0-0 at the end of full time.

time together

She agrees and they have a great time together.

Mayuri and Sakurako often spend time together as friends.

She and Naoto develop a bond and often spend time together.

time working

Bender also spends time working at the UFC gym.

Vijay spends all his time working and Vicky is a flirt.

She spent time working in New York City later in her career.

lot of time   (mucho tiempo)

But it was post-production that took a lot of time.

The Royal Family spent a lot of time at Sandringham.

Frankly, I'm spending a lot of time playing it".

during a time

during a time that half of all life is still dead.

Galois lived during a time of political turmoil in France.

Confucius lived during a time of war between Chinese states.

time and space

This suggests they belonged in the same time and space.

Information always moves through time and space in the same form.

Her sculptures and installations focus on the subjectivity of time and space.

hard time   (dificultades)

This theory has a hard time explaining diplacusis.

I have a hard time squaring that with my own experience.

Beard had a hard time publishing "Dear Zoe".

time in history

Mixed team was also introduced for the 1st time in history.

At that time in history it was initially known as "provincialism".

It was the first time in history Juventus lost on their home debut.

limited time

All three were only available for a limited time.

They were chosen not for a limited time, but for life.

It was available for a limited time on the iTunes Store.

own time

Aeschylus's works were influential beyond his own time.

Upon his return, Ash demands to be returned to his own time.

The Devon historial Polwhele stated it to have been ruinous in his own time.

good time   (buen tiempo)

Everyone seemed to have a good time at the circus".

She later commented, "He "deserved" a good time.

We play music and we like to have a good time."

fifth time

On April 26, 2006, Rove testified for a fifth time.

Duels are to cease after the bell rings for the fifth time.

In 2016, Andy Murray won the singles title for a record fifth time.

time included

Classifications in use at the time included B1, B2 and B3.

Associate Directors during this time included Chris White.

Other prominent researchers in the field at this time included H.L.

difficult time

Honey, like Kyoya, has a difficult time waking up.

This was a difficult time for the Russian Church.

The ARVN 3rd Regiment had an even more difficult time.

next time

The narrator would then say, "See ya next time!"

The next time it was recommissioned on 14 December 1956, Cdr.

If he misses, he'll be there the next time looking for a goal.

time against   (tiempo contra)

Kerry reached an All-Ireland final, this time against Tyrone.

On 11 May 2013, he made the first eleven for the first time against 1.

Khan successfully defended his title for the third time against Maidana.

time and place   (tiempo y lugar)

Both time and place were inauspicious.

Sulla was determined to dictate the time and place of the battle.

Thanks to the GPS module, the time and place of the event is also known.

less time   (menos tiempo)

We used machinery, which is why it took less time.

Foragers take less time when food is more abundant.

The alliance completing the task in less time will win 2 immunities.

time because   (tiempo porque)

North America was avoided this time because of the Civil War.

In 1940 boys slept in the basement for a time because of air raids.

This made wealth for him and he had a lot of leisure time because of this.

short time later

Mrs. Stromquist died there a short time later.

A short time later the prefecture was renamed Fukatsu.

Rogers met Charles Pratt a short time later.

time went

As time went by, they began to see more of each other.

However, as time went on, millennialism lost its appeal.

As time went on, this re-marketing of the mall did not help.

space and time

representations, existing in space and time) and our will.

Here x and t are the space and time coordinates, respectively.

Her work plays with space and time.

same time period   (mismo periodo de tiempo)

During the same time period, the VNAF lost ten aircraft.

Over the same time period the amount of forested land has increased by .

time in office

During his time in office the British invaded Java.

His time in office was marked by a dispute with the Parsis.

Hawke wrote that he had very few regrets over his time in office.

time required

Assume that the time required for goal passing (i.e.

The time required to reach Mandalika island is about 30 minutes.

The time required to produce 50 such statuettes is roughly three months.


In "The Man Who Played God" – for the "first" time – I really looked like myself.

The workers had to travel – out of their own money and time – to the bank to get change there.

All sinusoidal and many non-sinusoidal waveforms repeat exactly over time – they are periodic.