Фразы и примеры предложений

connective tissue   (соединительная ткань)

'Payback' is a solid bit of connective tissue.

It is continuous with the loose connective tissue of the neck.

The entire corpuscle is wrapped by a layer of connective tissue.

soft tissue   (мягких тканей)

His cause of death was sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer.

The brains of vertebrates are made of very soft tissue.

The boss is a soft tissue structure characteristic of this genus.

adipose tissue   (жировая ткань)

The adipose tissue and milk glands also begin to wither.

In the females, this scrotum consists of soft adipose tissue.

Cytokines derived from adipose tissue serve as remote regulators such as hormones.

brain tissue   (ткани головного мозга)

This can also be seen macroscopically on brain tissue.

Brain injury may occur due to removal of brain tissue.

Edema is the build-up of fluid within the brain tissue.

muscle tissue   (мышечная ткань)

Macroscopically this reveals pale muscle tissue.

It is caused by infarcted muscle tissue, usually in the thigh.

In muscle tissue, it serves as a major component of the endomysium.

tissue damage   (повреждение ткани)

Its purpose is to stop bleeding and repair tissue damage.

Intravenous administration produces fever and local tissue damage.

and focal neurologic brain tissue damage (hemiparesis, aphasia etc.).

tissue culture   (культура тканей)

No tissue culture or foreign matrices are required.

In plants this is accomplished through tissue culture.

In plants this is accomplished through the use of tissue culture.

scar tissue   (рубцовая ткань)

Cheesewiring can also occur late as scar tissue forms around the tubing.

In June 2007, he had scar tissue removed as a result of the first surgery.

The lining of the vagina may also be thinner and drier and contain scar tissue.

tissue engineering   (тканевая инженерия)

Such nanofibrous formats are also useful for tissue engineering and drug delivery.

He is developing advanced biomimetic nanostructure for functional tissue engineering.

His research program integrates nanomaterials and stem cells for the development of functional tissue engineering.

tissue samples   (образцы тканей)

Together they worked to develop methods of culturing tissue samples.

Thymidine kinase has been determined in tissue samples after extraction of the tissue.

Warren gives Serba tissue samples of Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker, telling Serba they are rat cells.

plant tissue   (растительная ткань)

The female lays eggs in dead or dying plant tissue only.

Energy enters the system through photosynthesis and is incorporated into plant tissue.

Ants react to their infection by climbing up plants and sinking their mandibles into plant tissue.

breast tissue   (ткани молочной железы)

1538, Dense breast tissue notification (2012) S.B.

Around 70% of boys temporarily develop breast tissue during adolescence.

This is due in part to the reduction in estrogen, which affects all body tissues, including breast tissue.

human tissue   (человеческая ткань)

This counteracts the excessive sound-dampening properties of human tissue.

CYP2W1 is an interesting enzyme since it is mainly expressed in tumors and not in normal human tissue.

A death ray is a weapon that delivers heat ray electromagnetic energy at levels that injure human tissue.

lung tissue   (легочная ткань)

The exam allows for visualization of the echogenic tissue, ribs, and lung tissue.

Arterial gas embolism requires overextension of lung tissue which can occur on ascent.

Once inside, they can migrate to the lungs and further develop there, feeding on the lung tissue.

bone tissue   (костная ткань)

Neuman was an authority on the biochemistry of bone tissue.

Osteomyelitis (infection of the bone tissue) can also cause pain and limp.

These lacunae are the result of surrounding bone tissue that has been reabsorbed.

surrounding tissue   (окружающая ткань)

The laser is more accurate and typically results in less damage to the surrounding tissue.

As with any invasive surgical procedure, PPV introduces trauma to the vitreous and surrounding tissue.

Rifle bullets that strike a major bone (such as a femur) can expend their entire energy into the surrounding tissue.

tissue paper   (бумажные салфетки)

She then removes some of the paint with cloths or more tissue paper.

It is also used in tissue paper.

This membrane is called a "di mo", which is usually a thin tissue paper.