İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

title track   (Başlık parçası)

The album's title track refers to a fashion style.

The title track was the band's first UK Top 20 hit.

This song became her second album's title track.

won the title   (ünvanı kazandı)

Ethel won the title in 1906, 1911, 1912, and 1913.

Yanmar Diesel won the title for 2 years in a row.

Rijo Shukyu-Dan won the title for 2 years in a row.

title role   (başlık rolü)

Lesley Ann Warren, at age 18, played the title role.

Keke Palmer was a replacement in the title role.

At the , he held the title role of "Rigoletto".

league title   (lig başlığı)

Loughborough University won their 1st league title.

This was their second top division league title.

Lomas Athletic Club won its first league title.

same title   (aynı başlık)

She has also authored a book under the same title.

It was also dubbed in Telugu under the same title.

The album is the second of four with the same title.

title character   (başlık karakteri)

The title character is voiced by Burgess Meredith.

The title character is voiced by Wilmer Valderrama.

The film stars Nagesh as the title character.

first title   (ilk başlık)

The first title came in 1995, with the Russian Cup.

A year later, they won their first title in 2010.

It is the first title in the "Syndicate" series.

national title   (ulusal unvan)

The pair won the 2016 South Korean national title.

Sal-Rei has won their only national title in 2004.

Atlante never won a national title in El Salvador.

singles title   (single başlık)

Third-seeded Lleyton Hewitt won the singles title.

Third-seeded Balázs Taróczy won the singles title.

Sixth-seeded Lleyton Hewitt won the singles title.

world title   (dünya başlığı)

In 2002, he won the world title in BASE jumping.

Anne Woods won the women's world title 28 times.

This would be his 4th attempt at a world title.

awarded the title   (ünvanı aldı)

There she was awarded the title of Miss Congeniality.

The Jat rulers of Gohad were awarded the title of rana.

He was awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE in 2013.

title song   (başlık şarkısı)

The album's first radio single, the title song "Oh!

The title song was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

win the title   (unvanı kazan)

He would go on to win the title a further three times.

He is the youngest driver to win the title.

Suntory defeated Sanyo 47–28 in the final to win the title.

title against   (karşı başlık)

In January 2004, he retained his PABA title against Rud.

She won the title against Tanzee Daniel by Unanimous Decision.

On April 6, he would successfully defend the title against ACH.

championship title   (şampiyonluk şampiyonluğu)

Ouakam won their only championship title in 2011.

FK Rabotnichki won their 9th championship title.

She led the team to its 5th championship title.

working title   (çalışma başlığı)

The working title of this cartoon is 'Cracked Nut'.

The novel's working title was "A Better Way to Die".

The working title of this series was "Becoming Glen."

original title   (orjinal başlık)

The album's original title was "The Who Looks Back".

It was Gameloft's first 100% Japanese original title.

The race continued with its original title until 1884.

given the title   (başlık verildi)

In 1836 he was given the title of "Oberstudienrath".

He was given the title Athanasius like his ancestor.

It was given the title of basilica on 26 August 1967.

held the title   (ünvanı tuttu)

At the , he held the title role of "Rigoletto".

She held the title of Miss Earth Sweden 2012.

Hamilton held the title throughout the War.

new title   (yeni başlık)

district in Budapest, and with the new title sponsor, A-HÍD Zrt.

Horn added the new title of the studio's chief creative officer.

Thus, American distributor Strand Releasing asked for a new title.

title match   (başlık eşleşmesi)

However, he would go on to lose to Sanshiro Takagi in his title match on June 29.

Punk and Kane won a title match by disqualification, but they did not win the titles.

The title match was Ayumi's last match in CMLL as she returned to Japan a few days later.

doubles title   (başlığı iki katına çıkar)

In 1954 and 1955 he won the mixed doubles title.

He won the doubles title as well, with Michael Fancutt.

With Barbara Schett, she won the doubles title in Sydney.

album title   (Albüm başlığı)

In essence, that's where the album title came from.

is the debut studio album title from Alex Ubago.

The album title is a parody of The Beatles' album "Sgt.

title refers   (başlık)

The title refers to the town of Statesboro, Georgia.

The title refers to the Cave of the Patriarchs.

(The "Indorum" of the title refers to the East Indies.

division title   (bölüm başlığı)

However, the Patriots fell short of the division title.

In 1988, they won their first division title in 23 years.

East division title on September 20, 2013.

received the title   (ünvanı aldı)

She received the title "Empress Jiashun" instead.

In 1935, the theater received the title Academic.

Major-General Hazi Aslanov received the title twice.

lost the title   (unvanını kaybettim)

He lost the title to Mochizuki on January 23, 2008.

Steele lost the title to Mr. Wrestling in South Africa.

He lost the title in his first defense to Winky Wright.

title game   (başlık oyunu)

The title game was considered another "dream matchup."

2 seed and a trip to the C-USA title game.

However, the Big 12 title game ended after the 2010 edition.

second title   (ikinci başlık)

He won the 2020 New York Open, his second title.

The victory marked her second title in just three weeks.

Its second title in the regional tournament.

title became   (başlık oldu)

The title became extinct on his death in circa 1670.

the title became extinct on his death in 1682.

The title became extinct on his death in 1928.

state title   (eyalet başlığı)

It is Abbeville's first state title in basketball.

The boys' golf team won the 4A state title in 2008.

At the school, Macura won one MSHSL state title.

winning the title   (şampiyonluğu kazanmak)

By winning the title, Nadal retained the ATP no.

By winning the title, Nadal regained the ATP no.

Hanley partnered Jim Thomas, winning the title.

full title   (Tam ünvan)

The album's full title is "James Monroe H.S.

The full title was "Die Weißen Blätter.

His full title was: "Franciscus II.

title defense   (başlık savunması)

It was Klitschko's ninth successful title defense.

He would lose his first title defense to Karo Parisyan.

Nadal was the top seed during his title defense at the US Open.

official title   (resmi başlık)

The official title of the Safwa's chief is "Mwene".

It is not a public office nor an official title.

The official title was "Game Warden" prior to July 1, 2007.

honorary title   (fahri unvan)

He received the honorary title kunnallisneuvos in 1952.

For this, he received the honorary title of "Chief Sitting Bull."

Others, reading Arekha, consider it an honorary title, "Lecturer".

title after defeating   (yenilgiden sonra unvan)

China won the title after defeating Japan in the final.

AEK won the league title after defeating Monaco in the final.

Ebden won the title after defeating Pospisil 7–6, 6–1 in the final.

heavyweight title   (ağır başlık)

He challenged once for the WBO heavyweight title in 1998.

He held the British heavyweight title from August 1956 to June 1958.

She challenged twice for the WIBF heavyweight title in 2004 and 2009.

took the title   (ünvanı aldı)

Constantine took the title "Dacicus maximus" in 336.

Bob Jones III then took the title Chancellor.

Francesco subsequently took the title of Count of Pavia.

title sponsor   (başlık sponsoru)

Detroit-based Ally Financial is the title sponsor.

The title sponsor is an American bicycle brand.

State Farm Insurance became the title sponsor in 1993.

played the title   (başlığı oynadı)

Lesley Ann Warren, at age 18, played the title role.

In 2005, she played the title role in the horror "Naina".

He played the title role in "Der Zwerg" in Hamburg in 1981.

title page   (Giriş sayfası)

Most of the decorations were assigned to the title page of the book.

Unlike either English edition, this one bore his name on the title page.

The title page of the manuscript bears the name of Sir William Dunlop, 1699.

title became extinct   (unvanı yok oldu)

The title became extinct on his death in circa 1670.

the title became extinct on his death in 1682.

The title became extinct on his death in 1928.

title by defeating   (yenerek başlık)

Tony Meo won the title by defeating Les Dodd 9–5 in the final.

Tony Meo won the title by defeating Neal Foulds 9–7 in the final.

Steve Davis won the title by defeating Tony Meo 9–3 in the final.

title sequence   (başlık dizisi)

"Puny Express" marks a change in the opening title sequence.

The title sequence would stay constant for the next six years.

The title sequence for series one also exists but in poor quality.

title shot   (başlık çekimi)

Bernstein fought from 1902-8 without another title shot.

Sheppard never received a world title shot.

Parker fought Hughie Fury, who I know didn’t deserve a title shot.

defend his title   (unvanını savun)

1 singles ranking as Nadal failed to defend his title.

Last year's champion Robert Wrenn did not defend his title.

Last year's champion Oliver Campbell did not defend his title.

title was changed   (başlık değiştirildi)

In April the title was changed to "My Lucky Star".

In September the album title was changed to "Bossaura".

The award title was changed to simply "The Booker Prize".

tennis title   (tenis başlığı)

Jérémy Chardy defeated Robin Haase in the final, 6–4, 6–3 to win the Boys' Singles tennis title at the 2005 Wimbledon Championships.

Nicolas Mahut defeated Mario Ančić in the final, 3–6, 6–3, 7–5 to win the Boys' Singles tennis title at the 2000 Wimbledon Championships.

Agnieszka Radwańska defeated Tamira Paszek in the final, 6–3, 6–4 to win the Girls' Singles tennis title at the 2005 Wimbledon Championships.

conference title   (konferans başlığı)

Duke won 79–69 for their 8th conference title in 11 years.

It was the fourth AAC conference title in six years for the Knights.

However, it would be until 2003 before the Rams claimed another conference title.

retained the title   (unvanı korudu)

The club retained the title the following season.

Hallback retained the title by a ten round unanimous decision.

They retained the title a year later.

granted the title   (ünvanı verdi)

Same year he was granted the title of Count.

Maria Luisa was also granted the title "Infanta of Spain".

For this victory, Foch was granted the title Marshal of France.

retain the title   (başlığı koru)

Aries performed a brainbuster to retain the title.

Hardy performed a Swanton Bomb on Mahal to retain the title.

and Trish Stratus in a Fatal Four-Way Match to retain the title.

third title   (üçüncü başlık)

obtained their third title after beating 2–1 Real C.D.

Its third title in the regional tournament.

The third title in the series is "The Northern Girl" (1980).

defended his title   (unvanını savundu)

Lasserre successfully defended his title in 2010.

He again defended his title over the distance.

He defended his title the following year, again against Anand.

middleweight title   (orta ağırlık)

He held the WBC middleweight title from 1998 to 1998.

He held the WBO junior middleweight title from 2018 to 2019.

In 1997 he took on Bernard Hopkins for the IBF middleweight title.

defended the title   (başlığı savundu)

He also defended the title overseas in both Ireland and in the UK.

He defended the title a division-record of sixteen consecutive times.

On September 21 he successfully defended the title against Jay Lethal.

major title   (ana başlık)

Anthony, however, did not win a major title in 1976.

This was to be Johnston's last shot at a major title.

Knoetze never fought for a major title again.

team title   (takım unvanı)

In the senior division, US once again won the team title.

His victory that day led St. Munchin’s to win the team title.

* " = School dropped the program <nowiki>*</nowiki> Tie for team title

season title   (sezon başlığı)

Clark led Cincinnati to an AAC regular season title.

He bested Sabich in the slalom final, and went on to win the season title.

They finished the season 31–5, 16–2 in Pac-12 play to win Pac-12 regular season title.

welterweight title   (karşı ağırlık başlığı)

Additionally, he held the WBA interim light welterweight title in 2002.

In 1991 he defeated Glenwood Brown to capture the vacant IBF welterweight title.

She held the IBO middleweight title in 2018, and the IBF welterweight title in 2014.

title comes   (başlık geliyor)

The title comes from a soliloquy given by Macbeth.

The title comes from St. Paul's epistle to the Romans (6:9).

The album title comes from a line in the song "Radio Silence".

title overall   (genel başlık)

It was the US team's 27th Davis Cup title overall.

It was their eighth league title overall.

Spain won the tournament and took its seventeenth title overall.

assumed the title   (ünvanı aldı)

Boswell assumed the title of laird from that date.

During his rule Franco assumed the title "Caudillo".

He had assumed the title of "Maharajadhiraja".

courtesy title   (Nezaket unvanı)

In 1658, he gained the additional courtesy title of chamberlain.

The courtesy title ‘Lady’ was given to Grisell by Queen Victoria.

Date Yoshikuni During his tenure he was also known by his courtesy title, .

use the title   (başlığı kullan)

Mayors of major cities use the title "primátor".

He continued to use the title of "Senapati" (general).

Only full and retired members of OPPI may use the title of RPP.

consecutive title   (ardışık başlık)

Singapore Armed Forces won their second consecutive title.

It was McClure's third consecutive title.

Lomas won the tournament achieving its 3rd consecutive title.

title fight   (başlık dövüşü)

Frankie is finally willing to arrange a title fight.

The Florian-Penn title fight was scheduled for "UFC 99", but B.J.

Miller believed he should be next in line for a world title fight.

regular season title   (normal sezon başlığı)

Clark led Cincinnati to an AAC regular season title.

They finished the season 31–5, 16–2 in Pac-12 play to win Pac-12 regular season title.

They finished the season 24–10, 16–3 in Big South play win the Big South regular season title.

current title   (Mevcut başlık)

It was renamed again to its current title in 2008.

The name was changed again in 1995 to the current title.

It obtained its current title in 1971.

holds the title   (unvanını elinde tutuyor)

From 1815 the King holds the title of "protector".

She holds the title of Lady of Life and Light.

Konow now holds the title Miss International Sweden 2012.

title given   (başlık verildi)

The title given by Tsukasue Tsuyuka, , became the established title.

Osheaga is a title given to the particular region of Canada now known as Montreal.

In fact the title given to the Materialist series (2001-2005) is not contradictory.

title holder   (unvan sahibi)

He was also title holder of the West Indies.

His sights were then set on Denis Shafikov, the EBU title holder.

He won via unanimous decision and became the TPF flyweight title holder.

claimed the title   (ünvanı talep etti)

His side claimed the title following a 1-15 to 1-14 victory.

Simpson claimed the title after stopping Morris in the 5th round.

Danielle claimed the title of Miss Bikini World Australia in Manly.

featherweight title   (tüy siklet başlık)

He later won the IBF super featherweight title.

Lopez held the interim WBA Super featherweight title in 2015.

Ubon at Lumpinee Stadium for the vacant title of WPMF World featherweight title.

title when   (ne zaman başlık)

Marcelo Ríos won the title when Álbert Costa withdrew from the final.

title when defeating Ferbane 1-14 to 0-9 in the final at O'Connor Park.

Lawyers do not generally use the title when practicing outside of Malta.

song title   (ŞARKI ADI)

The song title would be censored as "F*** Your Enemy".

The category must be based on a song title.

Another song title was confirmed as "Spinning Over the Island".

title came   (başlık geldi)

The first title came in 1995, with the Russian Cup.

In essence, that's where the album title came from.

Their biggest title came when they won the 2009 Japan Open.

honorific title   (onur unvanı)

The King also holds the honorific title of sheikh.

The Hakim also held the honorific title of sheikh.

The Emir also held the honorific title of sheikh.

lightweight title   (hafif başlık)

Campbell retained his WBC silver lightweight title.

He held the WBO NABO lightweight title.

In December 1983 he fought George Feeney for his British lightweight title.

defend their title   (unvanlarını savun)

Syracuse was offered a chance to defend their title but declined.

Fiji defeated New Zealand 32–14 in the final to successfully defend their title.

The Chinese team were unable to defend their title because of the Cultural Revolution.

used the title   (başlığı kullandı)

Some editions used the title Two Against the North.

Since then Aimone has used the title Duke of Aosta.

He used the title of "Paramamaheshwara", thus Shaiva.

title holders   (unvan sahipleri)

Independiente, the title holders, had a bye to the next round.

The first three title holders were all heads of Berenberg Bank.

Brazil are the title holders, having won their ninth title in 2019.

successful title   (başarılı başlık)

It was Klitschko's ninth successful title defense.

The most successful title during the Jaguar's first year was "Alien vs.

On August 28, Kudo defeated Keisuke Ishii for his first successful title defense.

title was won   (unvan kazanıldı)

Her third World Champion title was won in 2019.

The world title was won by Ivan Mauger of New Zealand.

The singles title was won by first-seeded Pete Sampras.

inherited the title   (başlığı miras aldı)

His son Kisshomaru Ueshiba inherited the title of Doshu.

small god,), died here and his grandson inherited the title.

On his father's death he inherited the title of "Comte du Chaffaut".

hold the title   (başlığı tut)

He continued to hold the title in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

He was the first Nizari Iman to hold the title Aga Khan.

They will hold the title "City Ambassadors" for two years.

including the title   (başlık dahil)

It consists of six tracks, including the title track, "Rush".

It consists of six songs, including the title track "La La La".

The album consists of six tracks, including the title track, "Roar".

main title   (ana başlık)

The original main title theme to "Thunderball" was titled "Mr.

There it was used as part of the actual gun barrel and main title sequence.

Like the previous films, the original film's logo is used for the main title.

title suggests   (başlık önerileri)

As the title suggests it contains songs big in Ibizan DJ sets.

Again, the title suggests powerful creatures that strike by surprise.

The contents of the "Stromata", as its title suggests, are miscellaneous.

defended their title   (unvanlarını savundu)

The team successfully defended their title, winning Gold again.

Bayern Munich defended their title by defeating Alba Berlin in the finals.

Team Europe successfully defended their title, winning the tournament 13–8.

another title   (başka bir başlık)

Holden would not win another title until 1994.

He fought until 2001 but never fought for another title.

Bernstein fought from 1902-8 without another title shot.

title used   (kullanılan başlık)

Another title used by this dynasty was .

"Libera Me" was edited and renamed "He Did Not Die" (a title used previously for remixes of this track).

However, it was also a title used by the other great contemporary Muslim ruler, Nur al-Din Zengi of Syria.

take the title   (unvanı al)

Ahmed Bey of Constantine fearing rivalry, will take the title of Pasha.

The 2008 season was MSV's first in charge, and saw Shane Byrne take the title.

Their pair overscored Rob Bell by ten points in the GT Series to take the title.

fourth title   (dördüncü başlık)

This would be Kotelnik's fourth title defence.

Audax Italiano won their fourth title.

Colo-Colo was the tournament’s champion, winning its fourth title.

royal title   (kraliyet unvanı)

During this time the family also earned the royal title of 'Rajah Sahib'.

Hugh retired to Provence, but continued to carry the royal title until 947.

first league title   (ilk lig şampiyonluğu)

Lomas Athletic Club won its first league title.

In 2011–12, Agrária won their first league title in six seasons.

It was their first league title.

bantamweight title   (ufak başlık)

He challenged once for the IBF bantamweight title in 2018.

He also challenged for the WBA bantamweight title in 2010.

Domestically he also won the Soviet bantamweight title in freestyle wrestling.

first national title   (ilk ulusal unvan)

The first national title was won by Emelec.

She won her first national title in 1951.

Galloway's first national title was won when he was still at school.

title again   (tekrar başlık)

Then, in 1956 she and Welch won the title again.

Paget went on to retain the league title again in 1961.

Knoetze never fought for a major title again.