İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

national titles   (ulusal başlıklar)

She won 14 European titles and 17 national titles.

They also won four national titles in four skating.

league titles   (lig başlıkları)

Most league titles (8) were won by HC Slovan Bratislava.

A year later, he won back-to-back league titles with them.

FC Sheriff won the next three league titles with no cup wins.

doubles titles   (başlıkları iki katına çıkar)

Oliveira has won 7 ATP Challenger doubles titles.

He won four Challenger doubles titles during his career.

He won five Challenger doubles titles during his career.

titles such

He held titles such as "Akalavarsha" and "Shubatunga".

Software, alongside titles such as "A.D.A.M.

Song titles such as “"Infinite Login"”, “"Anxiety Online!

other titles   (diğer başlıklar)

Music from the Belgian Congo", and other titles.

It has been published under other titles since 1985.

He works on the SpongeBob SquarePants comic, among other titles.

singles titles   (single başlıkları)

Rod Laver and Sharon Walsh won the singles titles.

Tom Okker and Betty Stöve won the singles titles.

Michaël Llodra and Mary Pierce won the singles titles.

championship titles

Desert Ridge also holds 2 baseball state championship titles.

So, after the three championship titles which he won with F.C.

Kemayoran Tigers are able to collect nine championship titles.

state titles   (eyalet başlıkları)

The Lions have won a few Virginia state titles.

The Green Bears have won multiple state titles.

He won 79 New South Wales state titles.

world titles   (dünya unvanları)

This broke Allen's record of 18 world titles.

She has won two world titles and three Commonwealth Games gold medals.

Through her career Brussig has won four world titles and six European titles.

consecutive titles

He won six consecutive titles from 1972 to 1977.

The girls track teams won four consecutive titles from 1986 to 1989.

He won his first title in before winning eight consecutive titles from to .

titles including

He has also contributed to titles including "Half-Life", "Pop!

Since then peter won many more titles including 6 time WDC in Formula 1.

Kitsap won several titles including the 2011 USL PDL national championship.

song titles

"Stuff" said that the song titles were predictably poker-faced.

The song titles and songwriters were revealed on 13 February 2009.

Some of the song titles were "The Final Spin" and "Peace And Love".

new titles

The DZB publishes about 250 new titles annually.

His major lords were granted new titles of the land.

would be the first of these new titles.

conference titles   (konferans başlıkları)

Men's golf won conference titles in 1999 and 2003.

CSU–Pueblo has won six conference titles.

FPU has won a total of 58 conference titles and 13 national titles.

major titles   (ana başlıklar)

", and fill-ins on most of Marvel's major titles.

Burton won major titles at the 1976 ABC Masters and the 1978 BPAA U.S. Open.

He went on to appear in more than 150 official games and win four major titles.

titles include

Similar titles include great king and king of kings.

Ethiopian ecclesiastical titles include:

Known titles include: His furniture designs were also notable.

team titles   (takım başlıkları)

In addition, she won three team titles, one each in the high jump, long jump, and shot put.

Stubbs won multiple versions of the areas singles and tag team titles as a member of the Stud Stable.

Swedes Fredrik Johansson and Isabellah Andersson won the races and led their nation to both team titles.

titles between

She won six Belgian titles between 1937 and 1952.

Nationally, he won three titles between 1956 and 1958.

Andy Murray won a record five titles between 2009 and 2016.

different titles   (farklı başlıklar)

"Some of the songs started life with different titles.

Post-war however every bit of Wales was covered in five different titles.

In the English language, this work is known under three different titles.

titles during

He won four Challenger doubles titles during his career.

He won five Challenger doubles titles during his career.

Tobin held several titles during his term with the Black Hawks.

titles won

One of the national titles won by the team was in 2011.

He is besides Axel Roos the most successful FCK player in terms of titles won.

They have been hurling county titles won all the way up from Schools to Junior.

both titles

During 2006, Renault and Alonso won both titles again.

Daley won via second-round knockout, therefore holding both titles.

Whiley then successfully defended both titles at the North West Challenge.

opening titles

One notable change in the film involved the opening titles.

The young woman riding the bicycle in the season 4 opening titles segment.

The opening titles were created with stop motion by award-winning animator Ken Clark.

several titles

Tobin held several titles during his term with the Black Hawks.

Ottoman rulers held several titles denoting their Imperial status.

Kitsap won several titles including the 2011 USL PDL national championship.

division titles

The team has also won four division titles.

Walthall earned four straight division titles from 2014-2017.

MSUM has won four division titles and six conference titles in the NSIC.

land titles   (arazi unvanları)

To this day some land titles in this area reference Roimata as their location.

Many land titles and hundreds of genealogies are based on the community records he kept.

In 1968 and 1969 alone, the INCORA issued more than 60,000 land titles to farmers and workers.

number of titles   (başlık sayısı)

A number of titles have been scheduled for such a release.

She is also the holder of a number of titles at the youth levels.

The state with the highest number of titles is São Paulo , with 9.

many titles

There are a number of textual variants, and the song has many titles.

It was the best success in AFA history, besides that "AFA" won many titles.

He held many titles throughout his career in parliament and was a very active member.

such titles

The previous record holder was Bold Ruler with six such titles.

A number of such titles have been published as attempts at satire or polemic, to some commercial success.

Their lineup still includes such titles as "The Fitzhenry and Whiteside Book of Canadian Facts and Dates."

various titles

This word is also widely used in various titles to express growling when written.

He subsequently worked with the World Wrestling Council, winning various titles there.

In different seasons it ran under various titles such as "Launch", "In They Go" and "The Secret".

previous titles

At the league, the club broke the triumph's sequence of the three previous titles.

Like previous titles, "The Room: Old Sins" was developed using the Unity game engine.

The multiplayer mode present in previous titles, however, was scrapped during development.

most titles   (çoğu başlık)

Of those, Lewis Hamilton has won the most titles, with six.

Ajax Amsterdam has won most titles, 25 (34 national titles).

Shelbourne have won the most titles.

titles against   (karşı başlıklar)

At Final Battle, Kaz and Sky lost the titles against the Briscoe Brothers in a Ladder War.

On October 18, 2014, at Insurrection, Los Mamitos lost the titles against Thunder and Lightning.

On October 28, Nakajima and Bolshoi successfully defended their titles against Nakamori and Morii.

titles became

He died in 1503, and all his titles became extinct.

The family titles became defunct as he died without heir.

The titles became significantly successful as budget games.

tag team titles   (etiketi takım başlıkları)

Stubbs won multiple versions of the areas singles and tag team titles as a member of the Stud Stable.

The two began teaming more frequently and this time they clicked, collecting several tag team titles along the way.

It is currently one of two tag team titles in Noah, along with the typically heavyweight GHC Tag Team Championship.

lost the titles

They lost the titles back to them the following day.

He lost the titles to Takuya Sugawara on November 3.

However, they lost the titles to The Coalition on April 3, 2013.

more titles

Since then peter won many more titles including 6 time WDC in Formula 1.

McAnally would add two more titles with driver Eric Holmes in 2008 and 2010.

John Lyons led the Green to two more titles and another 22-game unbeaten streak.

tournament titles   (turnuva başlıkları)

In their history as a CICL team, the Dans won nine tournament titles.

Whiley then successfully defended her Cardiff wheelchair tennis tournament titles.

The Cavaliers finished the 2017–18 season 31–3, and 17–1 in ACC play to win both ACC Regular Season and tournament titles.

titles became extinct

He died in 1503, and all his titles became extinct.

He died without issue in 1798 and his titles became extinct.

Both titles became extinct on Lord Templewood's death in 1959.

book titles

More than 300 book titles in Afrikaans are published annually.

Some book titles use both terms.

In 2016, DC Comics relaunched its entire line of comic book titles with DC Rebirth.

titles passed

His titles passed to his cousin's son George William Finch-Hatton.

When he died the titles passed to his eldest son, the fourth Marquess.

On his death the titles passed to his eldest son from his second marriage, the third Earl.

titles included

Other tentative titles included "The Chronic 2001" and "Dr. Dre".

User's official titles included mayor of the city, vizier, and prince.

Other titles included Sayles' PASSION FISH and Haas' THE MUSIC OF CHANCE.

working titles

The working titles for this story included "The Harbinger" and "Nemesis".

The postcode for the area, E8, was one of the working titles for the series.

Earlier working titles were "Cats and Dogs" and "More Songs About Fucking and Fighting".

individual titles

He won eight individual titles in his career at the Italian Athletics Championships.

Under his direction, Bart and Cos were the staff Editors who handled the individual titles.

Bengt-Göran Fernström was the only man to win two individual titles, taking the 200 m and 400 metres races.

following titles

The book has 9 chapters with the following titles: 1.

Lord Holland Lord Holland may refer any of the holders of the following titles:

The following titles from Mellen's 2016 catalog illustrate the topical breadth of its list.

international titles

He won many national and international titles.

Sourabh Verma won back-to-back international titles in 2013 and 2014.

At the 1965 Congress in Wiesbaden FIDE raised the standards required for international titles.

titles published

On its 30th anniversary the collection exceeds the 130 titles published.

Deedy is the author of nine children’s books written in English, with two titles published in Spanish.

CPDOC has also released more than 1.2 thousand titles published as books, articles, essays and other works.

noble titles   (asil başlıklar)

The monarchs of Denmark have a long history of royal and noble titles.

As a typical Hanseat, he rejected noble titles and any form of awards.

Since 1919, noble titles have legally been considered parts of the family name.

held the titles

They held the titles until ECW declared bankruptcy on April 4, 2001.

He held the titles of Baron of Châteauneuf-sur-Cher, Lord of Culant and Ainay-le-Vieil.

His son Chamunda-raya held the titles "maha-pradhana" and "maha-matya" since around 1250.

won titles

At club level he won titles with St. George Budapest.

Ethel also won titles in doubles and mixed doubles events.

In 1984 and 1986, Morristown–Beard School's softball team won titles.

game titles

Campbell is featured as a voice actor in several video game titles.

Longano ran the publishing for the company's core video game titles and online multiplayer games.

In 2019 Microsoft announced the arrival of DirectX 12 to Windows 7 but only as plug-in for certain game titles.

cup titles

Boavista Praia won their last of two cup titles.

With Medveščak he won four cup titles.

With the club he won 8 league titles and four cup titles dominating in Yugoslavia during the decade.

subsidiary titles

As a descendant of the first Earl of Abercorn he was also in remainder to this peerage and its subsidiary titles, including the Hamilton Baronetcy of Donalong and Neneagh.

His grandson, the second Baronet, succeeded as sixth Earl of Abercorn in 1701 and from there on the title became one of the many subsidiary titles of the earls and later marquesses and dukes of Abercorn.

On 20 October 1883, at the age of 84, Lord Edward finally succeeded his brother as Marquess of Donegall, together with several subsidiary titles, and George Chichester gained the courtesy title of Earl of Belfast.

season titles

They have also won or shared 20 ACC regular season titles since 1987.

The 2006 and 2013 Rhode Island teams won Atlantic 10 Conference regular season titles.

The 1954–55 season ended a run of seven straight regular season titles, an NHL record.

regional titles   (bölgesel başlıklar)

Váci SE has won two regional titles in 1913 and 1924.

The club won a few regional titles with their last in 2017.

Clemson has also won seven regional titles since the NCAA adopted the regional tournament format in 1989.

episode titles

"The episode titles are given in story chronological order."

The musical style was emphasized in many of the episode titles.

The episode titles of "Haganai NEXT" are references to these light novel series:

titles before

The club won eight titles before closing in 1987.

Clemson also won two Southern Conference titles before joining the ACC.

She won five world titles before the end of her professional athletic career.

titles of chapters

The text is divided according to the ("chapters"), whose numerals are given at the margin, the ("titles of chapters") at the top of the pages.

The text is divided according to the ("chapters") whose numbers are given at the margin, and the ("titles of chapters") at the top of the pages.

The text is divided according to the ("chapters"), whose numbers are given at the margin, and the ("titles of chapters") at the top of the pages.

original titles

Instead, they were re-released with their original titles.

Some original titles were also produced.

The regions of East Anglia and Northumbria are still known by their original titles.

titles as well   (başlıklar da)

There are many cultural references in the track titles as well.

He contributed to the company's westerns and romance titles as well.

Steaua won two EHF Champions League titles as well as reaching two further finals.

titles of nobility

It granted no new titles of nobility.

He narrowly escaped undergoing degradation, which would have stripped him of his titles of nobility.

With increased fame, Leon can complete tasks for the King of Portugal and gain higher titles of nobility.

all titles

ISBN is a global standard used for all titles worldwide.

However, in October 2012, he was stripped of all titles by the UCI for his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

After the death of the UK WBU founder, the organization became dormant, which causes all titles to be vacated.

titles are held

the titles are held by his only son, the seventh Marquess, who succeeded in 2002.

first titles

"F-Zero: Maximum Velocity" is one of the first titles to have been developed by NDcube.

This double winner achievement was also its first titles since the foundation of the club.

Albert Meyong, was a decisive player in Kabuscorp's first titles being the club's top scorer.

official titles

User's official titles included mayor of the city, vizier, and prince.

Al Masry has won 5 official titles and 17 local ones throughout its history.

When Władysław became king in 1634, he was showered with gifts and new official titles.

titles in both

She also won the Brazilian youth titles in both the discus and shot.

He campaigned at the flyweight and super flyweight divisions, winning world titles in both.

The store specialized in LGBT literature and feminist literature, stocking titles in both English and French.

royal titles   (kraliyet başlıkları)

Some local leaders even started using royal titles for themselves.

Babur bore the royal titles "Badshah" and "al-ṣultānu 'l-ʿazam wa 'l-ḫāqān al-mukkarram pādshāh-e ġāzī".

By this time the trappings of office, the costumes, the humor and the royal titles were long gone, so was the newspaper and the mottoes.

honorary titles

She bestows honorary titles on the band members as part of the Fairy Empire.

For their aid, the Tang sent 20,000 rolls of silk and bestowed them with honorary titles.

Generally speaking, function, or the exercise of office, has precedence over purely honorary titles.

track titles   (parça başlıkları)

All track titles and durations taken from Bandcamp.

There are many cultural references in the track titles as well.

Also, some track titles differ from the versions on Frank Klepacki's website.