İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

titular character   (titiz karakter)

It stars Paulina Gaitán as the titular character.

It stars Gastón Salgado as the titular character.

Yū Aoi starred in the film as the titular character.

titular see   (Titular görmek)

The bishopric remains a vacant and titular see.

It is also a titular see in the Roman Catholic Church.

Its name is given to the Catholic titular see of Casius.

titular bishop   (titiz piskopos)

Today Tiges survives as a titular bishop's seat.

He has been a titular bishop of "Sinidado" in Warmia since 1958.

Since December 2, 1982 he was named the titular bishop of Vatarba.

titular church   (kutsal kilise)

He died before receiving the red hat or a titular church.

On 2 June 1568 he opted for the titular church of San Marco.

He was buried in his titular church of San Marcello al Corso.

titular role   (titiz rol)

The film stars Nicole Kidman in the titular role as Grace Kelly.

She played the titular role, who has been sexually abused by her father and brother.

In 1982 he starred in the titular role in a BBC adaptation of the Bertolt Brecht play "Baal".

titular bishopric   (titiz piskoposluk)

), existing as a Latin Catholic titular bishopric alongside the residential Clamecy until its suppression in 1603(?).

Anbar is listed by the Catholic Church as a titular see of the Chaldean Catholic Church, established as titular bishopric in 1980.

It is vacant for decades, having had a single incumbent : In 1933 the diocese was nominally restored as a Latin Catholic titular bishopric.

titular archbishop   (başpiskopos)

In 1980 he was named titular archbishop of Giufi in present-day Tunisia.

He was elected titular archbishop of Damascus and sent as apostolic nuncio to France in 1696.

On 25 March 2014, Pope Francis named Zalewski titular archbishop of Africa and Apostolic Nuncio to Zimbabwe.

titular head   (başlık)

The Vice President serves as titular head of the combined Assembly.

As the eldest son, Henri Menier became the titular head of the company.

Colonel Rydalch assumed additional duties as the titular head of the P&D Section.