İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

used to describe   (tanımlamak için kullanılır)

Metaclasses are often used to describe frameworks.

The name was used to describe Palmerston North also.

Ambulatory is also an adjective used to describe

sentenced to death   (ölüme mahkum edildi)

He was sentenced to death by Judge Ernesto Madero.

Nineteen of his associates were sentenced to death.

Act, 1925 found them guilty and sentenced to death.

continued to work   (çalışmaya devam)

Großer continued to work for the ARD for 10 years.

There she continued to work on gravitational waves.

He continued to work full time at Seattle Center.

due to lack   (yokluk sebebiyle)

NB: Results are incomplete due to lack of sources.

Dates are approximate due to lack of documentation.

In 2005 the event was suspended due to lack of funds.

used to make   (yapmak için kullanılan)

In Vietnam, it is called and is used to make soup.

The fruits are also used to make fruit preserves.

In China the plants are used to make fragrant oils.

used to refer   (atıfta bulunurdu)

The same word is also used to refer to a speed bump.

In French, "bœuf" is used to refer to both concepts.

The term "anaconda" has been used to refer to:

failed to make   (yapamadı)

She failed to make the top 10 and was placed 60th.

The Crocodiles again failed to make the playoffs.

They came in 12th and failed to make the finals.

order to make   (sipariş etmek)

This was done in order to make them submit easily.

in order to make a deal to take down Andrew Forson.

Sesame oil or perilla oil is added in order to make namul.

time to time   (zaman zaman)

He is also the Lagoon's mayor from time to time.

Therefore, they may be re-evaluated from time to time.

Organizations are inducted from time to time.

compared to other   (diğerlerine kıyasla)

The ribcage was deep compared to other sauropods.

Muslims are very rare compared to other nearby places.

Prize money is relatively low compared to other sports.

failed to win   (kazanamadı)

In the long run atheism failed to win many souls.

Khan's Movement for Justice failed to win any seats.

He failed to win a seat at the 1922 general election.

failed to qualify   (hak kazanamadı)

Oman failed to qualify for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup.

However, they failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Neither occurred, and England failed to qualify.

order to avoid   (kaçınmak için sipariş)

The younger fish stay near the bottom in order to avoid predators.

The women killed both themselves and their children in order to avoid slavery.

The Genji charge directly into the Heishi fleet in order to avoid direct fire.

north to south   (kuzeyden güneye)

Water ports of Alabama, listed from north to south:

37 alen (23.23 meters) from north to south, and ca.

Pennsylvania is north to south and east to west.

ceased to exist   (varlığına son verildi)

Delta Sigma ceased to exist as a separate entity.

At this point the Huaxinghui had ceased to exist.

Dana Design ceased to exist as a name brand in 2006.

due to injury   (yaralanma nedeniyle)

However, Mir was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Clarke was forced to retire due to injury in 2001.

One month later, Riza left Newmarket due to injury.

expanded to include   (içerecek şekilde genişletildi)

The business expanded to include three studios.

She expanded to include calling cards and landscapes.

The program was expanded to include non-government jobs.

continued to play   (oynamaya devam et)

However, he may have continued to play in Mexico.

He continued to play for the Patriots until 1999.

Gilligan continued to play for Sussex until 1932.

decided to leave   (ayrılmaya karar verdi)

He decided to leave the club for personal reasons.

decided to leave Death Row and headed to Atlanta.

In the mid-season, Vučić decided to leave the club.

play to finish   (bitirmek için oyna)

5–3 in Great West play to finish in second place.

they finished the season 2–8, 1–7 in PFL play to finish in last place.

They finished the season 3–8, 1–7 in CAA play to finish in last place.

continued to serve   (hizmet vermeye devam etti)

Morse continued to serve in the Senate until 1968.

It continued to serve as an OTU until October 1943.

The squadron continued to serve until the war's end.

used to determine   (belirlemek için kullanılır)

they are used to determine Singles Chart positions).

Dice are usually used to determine the outcome of events.

Only the phone is used to determine distance, not the APs.

able to get   (alabilir)

And he may be able to get along without the money."

They were not able to get the right to compete.

They were able to get the half-key from Nancy.

used to create   (oluşturmak için kullanılır)

The same fibers can be used to create fiber lasers.

DrawPlus can also be used to create GIF animations.

It is also used to create the Parachicos masks.

went to work   (işe gitti)

Nasution immediately went to work in his new role.

Teams from the MSFC went to work on the problems.

Caroline also went to work for the family business.

continued to grow   (büyümeye devam etti)

The empire continued to grow with no end in sight.

Mammals still continued to grow larger and larger.

The number of professional groups continued to grow.

forced to leave   (ayrılmaya zorlanmak)

After beating Fugai, Helü was forced to leave Chu.

He was forced to leave his job by the Taliban.

Kirito wins and Kuradeel is forced to leave.

able to make   (yapılabilir)

Because I should have been able to make it happen.

He was also able to make the All-SEC freshman team.

But, Lilith was able to make a bargain with Elijah.

continued to operate   (çalışmaya devam etti)

The street's brothels continued to operate until WW2.

The mill continued to operate until the 1970s.

McCurdy's continued to operate both stores until 1994.

order to prevent   (önlemek için sipariş)

The process is done in this order to prevent statelessness.

He razed his castle in order to prevent in falling into enemy hands.

In addition, they spread information in order to prevent further assaults.

managed to escape   (Kaçmayı başardı)

However, he managed to escape from the young hero.

In 1959, Lama Gönpo managed to escape from Tibet.

The only exception was Su Yu, who managed to escape.

order to get   (almak için sipariş)

People had to go up the ranks in order to get promoted.

She kills a butterfly in order to get Natasha to cry on cue.

In this way, plants can identify where to go in order to get water.

due to financial   (finansal nedeniyle)

In 2008 they were disbanded due to financial crisis.

In 1873 the factory closed due to financial reasons.

The club was disbanded in 1998 due to financial strain.

only to find   (sadece bulmak için)

They return to their office, only to find that Dr.

The narrator answers only to find a group of men.

War Machine goes to Dolores' mansion, only to find him dead.

selected to play   (oynamak için seçildi)

Alex Hewett was selected to play the "middle April".

Thomas was also selected to play in the 2002 Pro Bowl.

Meena was selected to play a leading role in the film.

decided to move   (taşınmaya karar verdi)

In 1953 he needed more space, and decided to move.

It was decided to move "U-382" from France to Norway.

He decided to move to New York City soon after.

decided to take   (almaya karar verdi)

Eighteen nobles decided to take matters into their hands.

On one visit he decided to take the revolver home with him.

He decided to take up writing once again.

used to treat   (tedavi ederdi)

Pink noise can also be used to treat hyperacusis.

The drug was used to treat depression until the 1950s.

Nimodipine is not regularly used to treat head injury.

right to vote   (oy kullanma hakkı)

Women had the right to vote and stand for elections.

In addition, women still did not have the right to vote.

By 1900 they also lost the right to vote.

able to use   (kullanılabilir)

As Poitrine, she is able to use magic and use the .

Anup is able to use his Sonic Stunner and escape.

They are able to use a sliding seat in their boats."

east to west

The length lay east to west or parallel to a river.

Pennsylvania is north to south and east to west.

from east to west and from north to south, i.e.

able to take   (alabilir)

He was later able to take some law school classes.

And he’s able to take anyone on with just one hand!"

Despite the hardship, he was able to take art lessons.

home to many   (birçok kişiye ev sahipliği)

Vesuvius and was home to many villas and farmhouses.

The town is home to many wineries and vineyards.

The island is home to many bird cliff nesting areas.

trying to get   (almaya çalışmak)

While trying to get out of town, Alvin gets them lost.

We were really just trying to get back to fun.

Ogie stays with Emma while trying to get home.

due to poor   (fakirlerden dolayı)

He was sacked in January 2013 due to poor results.

It was axed on 1 April 2013 due to poor ratings.

In 1999 the school was closed due to poor performance.

wanted to make   (yapmak istemek)

Copenhagen wanted to make the loan move permanent.

We wanted to make a record you could pass down.

"I wanted to make the storyline contemporary.

managed to get   (elde etmeyi başarmak)

The submarines managed to get 127 out of the water.

His team managed to get in bronze medal position.

They never managed to get into the Asian market.

order to provide   (sağlamak için sipariş)

Currently, Harrison trades stocks in order to provide for his family.

In order to provide this service, Everway teamed up with AffinityPath LLC.

This required the addition of booster stages in order to provide more takeoff thrust.

promoted to lieutenant   (teğmen terfi etti)

He was promoted to lieutenant on 17 December 1793.

He was promoted to lieutenant on 28 January 1969.

He was promoted to lieutenant on 2 February 1912.

came to power

In 846 CE, King Pyinbya (r. 846–886) came to power.

His eldest son, Govinda II came to power after him.

They came to power only once, between 1906 and 1910.

decided to make   (yapmaya karar verdim)

She decided to make a dash to the capital and back.

For 2002, Callaway decided to make Commemorative C8s.

They decided to make this a vocal tic for her.

began to take   (almaya başladı)

At the other end, Morris began to take control.

Disease began to take its toll and scores of men died.

He consciously began to take pictures at the age of 17.

continued to use

The Van range continued to use the previous body.

Ma Bufang continued to use this standard in battle.

However, they continued to use New Jersey magnetite.

sentenced to life   (ömür boyu hapis cezası)

He was sentenced to life imprisonment in Missouri.

Sergei Dovzhenko was sentenced to life imprisonment.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

began to work   (çalışmaya başladı)

Upon graduating, he began to work for the BBC.

In 1961 Koppel also began to work for Bing & Grøndahl.

During his studies, he began to work in cinema and TV.

open to all   (Herkese açık)

Membership is open to all technology user groups.

It is open to all USASA-affiliated women's teams.

It is open to all Toledo Public Schools students.

failed to reach   (ulaşılamadı)

Years of wrangling failed to reach a compromise.

They failed to reach the final after losing to France.

Because of this, she failed to reach to the semifinals.

order to protect   (korumak için sipariş)

In order to protect his army's left flank, he dispatched Brig.

This is effective in order to protect the infant from predators.

Citigroup had obtained an exclusive agreement in order to protect itself.

merged to form   (oluşturmak için birleştirildi)

In 1925 all film organizations merged to form "Sovkino".

In 1985, and SunBanks merged to form SunTrust Banks, Inc.

and Scouting Ireland (CSI) merged to form Scouting Ireland.

order to keep   (tutmak için sipariş)

This was required in order to keep up with the demanding schedule.

Such songs were also very rhythmic in order to keep the rowers together.

The gifts are carefully cared for in order to keep the "tendi" satisfied.

decided to go   (gitmeyi kararlaştırdı)

Shortly afterwards however, he decided to go solo.

In 2004, he decided to go back to Muay Thai again.

By the 1890s, Maling had decided to go up market.

unable to find   (bulunamadı)

Township youths were unable to find jobs easily.

Sally disappears and the group is unable to find her.

Despite their efforts, they are unable to find the house.

west to east

They are listed below in order from west to east.

It is a crescent-shaped reservoir running west to east.

The Leeward Antilles comprise (roughly from west to east):

team to win   (kazanacak takım)

The first team to win three games wins the series.

They are also the first Canadian team to win the Cup.

The first team to win two rounds won the game.

due to low   (düşük nedeniyle)

It was cancelled after its first season due to low ratings.

Hongey Judaa Na Hum ended on 20 March 2013 due to low TRP's.

The station closed on September 2, 1973, due to low ridership.

used to produce   (eskiden üretti)

Many printing techniques are used to produce posters.

This is sometimes used to produce chronograms.

The dams would be used to produce hydroelectric power.

began to develop   (gelişmeye başladı)

There he began to develop real estate activities.

Huyck and Katz began to develop ideas for the film.

New malls opened and local industry began to develop.

order to create   (yaratmak için sipariş)

She was chosen in order to create a game that was about women.

A user must have a Helios account in order to create an election.

He chose this technique in order to create layers for his painting.

continued to write   (yazmaya devam et)

Anna Maria kept her health and continued to write.

Even as a centenarian, he continued to write books.

He continued to write for both theatre and film.

later to become   (sonra olmak)

Fournier was later to become Pope Benedict XII.

W. Scott, later to become Master of the Supreme Court.

Dr. Joseph Ratzinger, later to become Pope Benedict XVI.

forced to resign   (istifaya zorlanmak)

Nxc6 but was forced to resign on his 53rd move.

On Jun 16, 1957, Gardner was forced to resign.

He was forced to resign after the 2004 season.

refused to accept   (kabul etmeyi reddetti)

Philippines, but RMN refused to accept their offers.

Dankwardt refused to accept bribes from Dernath.

Erzhu Zhao, in anger, refused to accept Gao's advice.

decided to build   (inşa etmeye karar verdim)

Finally, the Andorrans decided to build a chapel there.

In 1902 they decided to build the church.

In 1898 the Duquesnes decided to build an even better team.

plans to build   (inşa etmeyi planlıyor)

In 1900 there were plans to build a synagogue.

In 1977, John initiated plans to build a new restaurant.

3 has plans to build a new Ultrafast mast.

forced to flee   (kaçmaya zorlandı)

He was forced to flee to British-controlled New York.

Because of this, Dostum was forced to flee to Turkey.

came to prominence   (ön plana çıktı)

The fort came to prominence during the Chandela rule.

Jazz came to prominence in Cleveland during this period.

He came to prominence, however, on Supertramp's 1983 ...

rose to prominence   (şöhret oldu)

Doja Cat rose to prominence in 2018 with her single "Mooo!

He quickly rose to prominence in the Turkish film industry.

Lin rose to prominence and became a household name overnight.

failed to chart   (grafik çizilemedi)

It gained much radio attention, but failed to chart.

The album failed to chart in the United States.

The album and single failed to chart in the UK.

agreed to pay   (ödemeyi kabul etti)

The sponsor agreed to pay for weekly travel to New York.

MTY agreed to pay about US$300 million to acquire Kahala.

agreed to pay Legia €400,000 to sign Cafú.

invited to join   (katılmaya davet edildi)

The Khalkhas were invited to join, but they refused.

All are invited to join their shipmates in "Subvets".

The CCF was invited to join the coalition but refused.

up to long   (çok uzun)

They can accommodate a vessel up to long and wide.

These are up to long and wide, with a wavy margin.

They can vary in size up to long and in diameter.

trying to find   (bulmaya çalışmak)

Its characters that are lost trying to find themselves.

While trying to find an exit, he is chased by a female ghost.

Graeme, an alien disguised as a human, is trying to find Cameron.

order to help   (yardım emri)

Surgery can be done in order to help the nerve heal.

She also studied Braille in order to help a blind friend.

Materials were donated in order to help build the new clinic.

forced to withdraw   (geri çekilmek zorunda)

However, Mir was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Svyatoslavich and his allies were forced to withdraw.

The British were forced to withdraw to Tilly-sur-Seulles.

selected to represent   (temsil etmek için seçildi)

In 1996, Gartner was selected to represent Australia.

A sequence of colors has to be selected to represent the data.

Forstner was selected to represent Austria again in Rome in 1991.

order to achieve   (ulaşmak için sipariş)

In order to achieve this effect in "Primitive Crétin!"

Hines' early retirement was in order to achieve his other career, law.

The components interact with one another in order to achieve a common goal.

continued to live   (yaşamaya devam etti)

She continued to live in Provence from 1469 to 1480.

Moffat continued to live and work at Fitzroy Square.

His widow continued to live in the house until 1972.

back to back   (arka arkaya)

Jamie Sadlowski had back to back wins in 2008–09.

He posted back to back shutouts during that stretch.

They also won the Paul Cusack cup back to back.

tries to get   (almaya çalışır)

They walk away as Therese tries to get them to stay.

She tries to get him to dance with her on the street.

She tries to get away from him but he overpowers her.

shown to interact   (etkileşimde bulunduğu gösterildi)

Protein kinase R has been shown to interact with:

Protein S has been shown to interact with Factor V.

Alpha 2-antiplasmin has been shown to interact with:

began to appear   (görünmeye başladı)

VR began to appear in rehabilitation in the 2000s.

Stage versions began to appear in U.S. theatres by 1961.

Early in development, rifts in the team began to appear.

continued to perform   (gerçekleştirmeye devam et)

After she retired to , she continued to perform.

Cryptic Fate continued to perform at concerts.

He continued to perform at the Met for the next 40 years.

home to several   (birkaç eve)

The North End is home to several historic churches.

The Finger Lakes region is home to several museums.

Aquarius is also home to several planetary nebulae.

order to gain   (kazanmak için sipariş)

Massoud had resigned in order to gain peace.

In order to gain more experience, he spent the 2005–06 season on loan to FC Den Bosch.

The city purchased of land in the Owens Valley in order to gain access to water rights.

refer to several   (birkaçına bakın)

Șasa Șasa may refer to several places in Romania:

Ulmi Ulmi may refer to several places in Romania:

Măru Măru may refer to several places in Romania:

little to no   (çok az ya da hayır)

They also have little to no presence in television.

Narrow road was of little to no help at this point.

The Refaluwasch have little to no presence in films.

able to play   (oynayabilir)

She was able to play pennant bowls with sighted bowlers.

He is also able to play in central midfield.

Visitors were able to play smaller drums.

important to note   (not etmek önemlidir)

It is important to note the difference between bridging and adhesion.

It is important to note that the idea of a downvote is not a novel concept.

It is important to note that this representation does have certain limitations.

decided to use

In 2014 she decided to use her real name Elena Mirolioubova.

To achieve this, they decided to use market-based mechanisms.

She decided to use that as her nickname for the rest of her life.

order to ensure   (sağlamak için sipariş)

Hunter sends the police in order to ensure Callan is caught red-handed.

In order to ensure this, Stan decides to teach Arthur how to drive a bus.

It was coated in a clear wax in order to ensure that the natural finish remained.