million tons

It receives 34 million tons of sediment per year.

National wheat production in 2015 was 5 million tons.

Cargo transportation reached 795 million tons in 2005.

metric tons   (メートルトン)

This rock has an estimated mass of 700 metric tons.

It had a maximum load rating of about 24 metric tons.

In 2010, reported American hauls totaled 2,100 metric tons.

tons per

In the 1890s, the mines produced a thousand tons per day.

The production capacity is more than 20,000 tons per year.

The rate of erosion is around 2 metric tons per square kilometre.

tons of coal   (石炭のトン)

The plant consumes about 20,000 tons of coal a day.

The boat averaged 5–6 tons of coal on each trip.

The tender carried 7 tons of water and 3 tons of coal.

tons of cargo   (トンの貨物)

She could carry approximately 1,500 tons of cargo.

A Boeing 727 can carry up to 10 tons of cargo.

"Prince George" could carry 350 tons of cargo.

tons per year

The production capacity is more than 20,000 tons per year.

It produced 30–35 tons per year.

Between 2004 and 2006, the Port of Caen transported (in tons per year):

million metric tons

Approximately 100 million metric tons of oxygen are produced yearly.

The global production of aluminium in 2016 was 58.8 million metric tons.

It exceeded that of any other metal except iron (1,231 million metric tons).

tons of bombs

They dropped 3,984 tons of bombs.

In total, 41,653 "Linebacker" missions dropped 155,548 tons of bombs.

The ground around the site was churned up by over 5,000 tons of bombs.

short tons

These locomotives weighed 375 short tons (340 t) fully loaded.

As it is today, the sculpture weighs 21.8 tonnes (24 short tons).

The plant burns in excess of seven million short tons of coal a year.

billion tons

Malawi has coal reserves estimated at 22 billion tons.

Bulgaria possesses significant reserves of coal estimated at 4,8 billion tons.

It contains more than 13 billion tons of coal in the area of 62 square kilometers.

thousand tons

In the 1890s, the mines produced a thousand tons per day.

The annual seafood production is more than 200 thousand tons.

In 2014, Rosneft exported 47 thousand tons of oil products to Abkhazia.

gross tons

Her carrying capacity is 12,200 gross tons at draft.

Total interior volume is 2,700 gross tons.

The vessel measured 276.87 gross tons and 183.05 net tons.

tons of oil

Up to 515 tons of oil fuel could be carried, giving a range of at .

In 2014, Rosneft exported 47 thousand tons of oil products to Abkhazia.

The bombing lasted an hour, and it caused the loss of 13,000 tons of oil.

tons of steel

In 1913 it produced 349,200 tons of cast-iron and 316,400 tons of steel.

It originally covered an area 160 hectares and produced 250 000 tons of steel in 1938.

He was not successful, though he did manage to purchase 50,000 tons of steel rails at a bargain price.

tons burthen

She was 1051 tons burthen in size and displaced .

The ship's tonnage was 1,751 tons burthen.

The ship's tonnage was 1,186 tons burthen.

tons of iron

Over 100,000 tons of iron per year were produced.

Dufaud bought 15,000-20,000 tons of iron.

The ship was allegedly heading to China, from Canada transporting 77,000 tons of iron ore.

tons of ore

Eighty tons of ore were handled by each train.

Ore was shipped to La Goulette in wagons holding 30 tons of ore.

As of 1911 the Djerissa mine was shipping almost 1,000 tons of ore a day.

tons of supplies

In some months as much as 1000 tons of supplies were dropped.

They flew 1,240 missions and delivered 4,133 tons of supplies.

Supplying the 270,000 men trapped in the "cauldron" required 700 tons of supplies a day.

thousands of tons

Special oil wells, into which were pumped hundreds of thousands of tons of topped oil, were allocated.

In contrast, 8–7 kya-old shell middens in Portugal, Denmark, and Brazil generated thousands of tons of debris and artefacts.

Globally, since 1940 till end 70s the production of coals Ombilin declined, and returned only tens of thousands of tons per year.

tons of food

It was stocked with 400 tons of food and 1.1m rounds of ammunition.

Before the Second World War started, Britain imported 55 million tons of food a year.

Approximately 500,000 tons of food items are irradiated per year worldwide in over 40 countries.

tons of freight

In 2003, over 75 thousand metric tons of freight passed through the terminal.

In 2017, the airport handled 25,822,936 passengers and 374,214.9 tons of freight.

In 2014 the Bulgarian railways carried 14,225,000 tons of freight and 21,433,000 people.

million tons per

In the Eastern Central Atlantic small pelagic fishes constitute about 50% of landings with sardine reaching 0.6–1.0 million tons per year.

Metallurgical products movement are more than one million tons per year and maize exports to Spain vary between 800,000 and 1 million tons.

Production at the Mont Wright mine was planned at 19 million tons per year, requiring additional railway equipment to handle the additional volume.