Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

torn down   (derribado)

The park was sold shortly thereafter and torn down.

The chapel was torn down in the mid-19th-century.

In 2011 all buildings were completely torn down.

torn between

She is torn between her male and female identities.

Albert is torn between love and responsibility.

Sebastian is torn between those two positions.

torn apart   (destrozado)

A family is torn apart by the advent of World War I.

The council was torn apart and a few members threatened to leave.

The two men feared that the nation would be torn apart without his leadership.

suffered a torn

In November 2010, he suffered a torn tendon in his shoulder.

He played for the school's baseball team, but suffered a torn labrum in 2011, his senior year.

During 2015 spring training, Stroman suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

torn off

A nearby Comfort Inn had part of its roof torn off.

His tail was torn off by a dog or a car; he hates both.

Several roofs were torn off of homes and some flooding was reported.

torn up

The roads were not torn up before the valley was flooded.

John Stewart walks away, torn up inside by his failure at Xanshi.

The Ferrari was torn up in the accident and when rolling, Villeneuve was thrown from the car.

building was torn

Eventually by the mid 60's the building was torn down.

In 2007 the old building was torn down and rebuilt in 2009.

The building was torn down in 1965 and replaced by apartments.