touch screen   (タッチスクリーン)

The DS touch screen was a primary point of interest.

The game is controlled entirely through touch screen input.

This brings touch screen technology to those who were previously unable to use it.

not touch   (触れない)

A. did not touch alcohol, preferring milk instead.

On their wedding night he did not touch her.

The lady's hands should not touch the man during the catch.

get in touch   (連絡する)

Stuart can’t get in touch with Chrissie.

Mrs. Gandhi asked her to get in touch with actress, Nargis Dutt.

At the second lap Ickx managed to get in touch with the Porsches.

kept in touch   (連絡を取り合った)

We had an unwise click and kept in touch."

She and Meyer kept in touch during this five-month period.

He met Morris and kept in touch with him.

keep in touch   (連絡を取り合う)

Despite this statement, the two keep in touch outside of the game.

They make plans to keep in touch.

His father now lives in Moscow, Russia and doesn't keep in touch with Max.

got in touch   (連絡を取りました)

She got in touch with salsa through the record collection of her father.

Ritz got in touch with Wallenda after his Niagara walk to pitch the idea.

Bernard was adopted by the Weiss family and later in life got in touch with Corbin.

lost touch

Since he had studied and worked abroad, Selvam had lost touch with his family.

They had lost touch over the years but renewed a friendship at the end of 1975.

However, once the vessels reached the Atlantic they lost touch with each other.

first touch

With his first touch, he scored a free kick.

Eder is a strong, hard-working and well-rounded striker, with a solid first touch.

With his first touch, he saved a penalty kick taken by Alan Shearer and Birmingham went on to win 2–0.

touch the ground

The feet could not touch the ground or any part of the pull-up bar at any time.

The flag should never be allowed to touch the ground and, if flown at night, must be illuminated.

In some species (such as cattle) the dewclaws are much smaller than the hoofs and never touch the ground.

stay in touch   (連絡を取り合う)

They part with a promise to stay in touch.

He started by meeting up with Simone Manz, a dentist in Rudolstadt: they agreed to stay in touch.

It is a good way for the company to stay in touch with a loyal following of snowboarders and skaters.

touch down   (タッチダウン)

Nose Gear touch down occurred at 5:57:20 am EDT.

When they finally touch down, Neelix (Ethan Phillips) is attacked by a hawk and must be transported back to the ship.

When the tornado entered Westchester County, it was the eighth known tornado to either touch down or enter the county since 1950.