İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

concert tour   (konser turu)

The "Summer Tour" was a concert tour in 2006 by Badu.

Her first concert tour followed, as an opening act for NSYNC.

To date, the tour serves as Simpson's last major concert tour.

world tour   (Dünya Turu)

This show was later transformed into a world tour.

He also announced plans for a world tour in 2009.

This event was part of Night of the Jumps world tour.

national tour   (ulusal tur)

Felicia walks in, about to start a national tour.

He started racing on the national tour in 1985.

A national tour ensued, with 90 concerts in 6 months.

first tour   (ilk tur)

In 1878 Australia made their first tour to England.

The first tour by Japan of Great Britain was in 1973.

This was the first tour on which "Beth" was performed.

tour of duty   (görev turu)

He would serve a tour of duty during the Iraq War.

He ended his tour of duty in USA in December 2009.

This was to prove to be quite an eventful tour of duty.

tour dates   (tur tarihleri)

on April 23, with tour dates through summer 2010.

The African tour dates were announced on September 28, 2012.

Therefore, total tour dates numbered forty-seven instead of fifty.

tour in support   (destek turu)

Fotomaker did not tour in support of "Transfer Station".

He also launched a worldwide tour in support of the album.

went on tour

In October, the band went on tour with Lostprophets.

Santiago went on tour with the group to various countries.

He went on tour throughout France in 2000.

tour began

The tour began on August 25, 2018 in South Korea.

The tour began on 20 March 2018 and ended on 6 June.

The tour began on October 13 in Oslo, Norway.

continued to tour

Acid Mothers Temple SWR continued to tour as well.

"We continued to tour off that song for another year.

The band continued to tour with musician Nicholas Willes.

during the tour

Cale escapes to find Emily, separated during the tour.

Public critique of the Train continued during the tour.

Eminem was not present during the tour.

tour through

He accompanied Wieniawski on a tour through the United States.

He qualified again for the main tour through Q-School in late 2014.

The production was scheduled to tour through 2017, but was cancelled in 2016.

headlining tour   (tavan döşemesi turu)

The group played a headlining tour in Autumn 2012.

It was their biggest headlining tour to date.

She embarked on her first headlining tour in February 2012.

summer tour

In 2015 Biuso played on Doyle's summer tour of the US.

While on the summer tour, the Junior Pantherz broke up.

With the release came the announcement of a summer tour.

promotional tour   (tanıtım turu)

In Autumn, she embarked on a national promotional tour.

This was a promotional tour for Toto's album "Isolation".

He made a further promotional tour in 1815.

second tour

Culver had a second tour to Vietnam from 1971 to 1972.

A second tour of Brazil followed in 1888.

The show made a second tour of Italy and Paris the next year.

international tour

In July she went on an international tour with Snarky Puppy.

Bilson made the Australian squad for the 2001 international tour.

The group's first line-up reunited for an international tour in 2015.

union tour   (birlik turu)

1997 France rugby union tour of Romania and Australia

2002 France rugby union tour of Argentina and Australia

1996 France rugby union tour of Argentina

rugby union tour   (ragbi birliği turu)

1997 France rugby union tour of Romania and Australia

2002 France rugby union tour of Argentina and Australia

1996 France rugby union tour of Argentina

tour guide   (tur rehberi)

A San Francisco Chinatown tour guide gets mixed up with a murder.

Reverend Zombie is a tour guide.

Author of 28 books, Teller is also a tour guide in Jerusalem, Israel.

tour across   (genelinde tur)

Hunter continues to tour across the UK, Europe and North America.

They also announced a farewell tour across Canada beginning in May 2007.

That same year, she participated in a concert tour across North America, entitled "SLAM!

tour included

Her tour included over 18,000 fans in attendance.

The tour included three Tests, five ODIs and two T20Is.

The tour included a range of support acts.

tour de

"tour de force of audience-friendly post-hardcore".

The ordinary classical economist has no part in this "tour de force".

Seiderman's tour de force was the breakfast montage, shot all in one day.

reunion tour   (yeniden birleşme turu)

A proposed reunion tour in 2003 did not occur.

In 2011, the band embarked on a reunion tour.

In 2005, the band embarked on a successful reunion tour.

tour to promote   (tanıtmak için tur)

The band embarked on their last world tour to promote the LP.

The UK tour to promote the album was put back from October 2017 to January 2018.

In addition to this, Blige will also embark on a U.S. tour to promote the album.

tour bus

(See pictures of tour bus and post vehicle below.)

In November 2008 a car crashed into the tour bus.

In 2004, the Heideroosjes tour bus was involved in a serious accident.

tour around   (etrafta gezinmek)

He continued to tour around the country during this time.

The release was supported by a headlining tour around England.

After the release, the band set out to tour around the country.

tour de force

"tour de force of audience-friendly post-hardcore".

The ordinary classical economist has no part in this "tour de force".

Seiderman's tour de force was the breakfast montage, shot all in one day.

short tour

The band played a short tour of Ireland.

In January 2020 the band went back to Japan for a short tour.

During the tour, Kubota also began a short tour known "Hall Tour 2010.

tour ended

They announced their split soon after the tour ended.

The tour ended after performing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The tour ended on 30 April 2001 at Kallang Theater, Singapore.

tour started

The tour started in San Francisco on January 24.

The tour started on 25 July 2010 in Arena Zagreb, Croatia.

The tour started in Manila, Philippines, on July 29, 2008.

final tour

In 1887–88 Shrewsbury made his final tour to Australia.

It is intended to be the final tour conducted by the band.

During this final tour, conflict among the band increased.

another tour   (başka tur)

But we are going to do another tour together."

Michelle leaves to do another tour with JD for six months.

Fleetwood Mac also planned to embark on another tour in 2018.

tour supporting

Brigade began 2006 with a UK tour supporting Fightstar.

"Sick of Life" was written during Godsmack's tour supporting their self-titled album.

She had open-heart surgery before the tour supporting the band's 1984 album "Talk Show".

tour throughout

She revived these roles on a tour throughout France.

He went on tour throughout France in 2000.

They planned to continue to tour throughout 2013 to support their new record.

farewell tour   (veda turu)

On March 21, 2016, The Go-Go's announced plans for a farewell tour.

In late 2008 they embarked upon a "farewell tour" of the Netherlands.

They disbanded in April 2012 after their farewell tour with The Hunters.

nationwide tour   (ülke çapında tur)

had their first nationwide tour for their first album, "1st Message".

Supreeme also went on a nationwide tour headlined by Murs in spring 2006.

The DVD and Blu-ray features their second nationwide tour, visiting eight venues for a total of 20 shows.

solo tour

In 2002, Ann Boleyn embarked on a solo tour of Japan.

The song was first performed during his first solo tour.

She made a second solo tour from December 1931 to April 1932.

last tour   (son tur)

The last tour of the amateur age took place in 1993.

Their last tour in 2014 covered five continents and over 33 countries.

The song was played live from 1980 until the last tour with Mercury in 1986.

arena tour   (arena turu)

Beastie Boys started an arena tour in 1998.

It also served as the closing song at Murs's 2013 arena tour.

The DVD was filmed during their first arena tour, "Wonderland".

lecture tour   (ders turu)

Mr. Belvedere is on a lecture tour on the topic "How to be young, though 80."

After America entered the war in April 1917, Stobart travelled to America for a lecture tour.

Arthur Lydiard died 11 December 2004 of a suspected heart attack, in Texas, while on a lecture tour.

professional tour   (profesyonel tur)

In 1991 the professional tour was opened for everyone.

Corsato began competing on the professional tour in 1984.

On the professional tour, she made her top 100 debut shortly after turning 17.

tour took

A cross-country book tour took place in the summer of 2009.

At the time, the tour took place in May.

A six-date North American tour took place in September 2018.

tour manager

He also served as tour manager for Doro's US tours.

He was the tour manager for Andrés Segovia and Arthur Rubinstein.

tour manager was D. G Clark.

headline tour   (manşet turu)

Following this, they went on their first headline tour in the UK.

In March 2015, 2:54 embarked upon a headline tour of North America.

Following their US tour dates, Hundred Waters began a European headline tour.

successful tour

In 2016, he enjoyed a successful tour of the US.

In 2004 the production also had a successful tour in Japan.

This allowed Flesh for Lulu to sustain a successful tour of the US.

during a tour

A music video was released, showing Vanessa performing in Chile during a tour of "High School Musical".

He played his first Stratocaster, a 1954 model, until it was stolen during a tour stop in Michigan in 1957.

The duo's haul of 27 Test wickets equalled the record for an Australian fast bowler during a tour of England.

tour match

He also represented Queensland in a tour match against New Zealand in 1987.

It was the only tour match before the Fourth Test, and Australia won by ten wickets.

Bradman brought Johnston into the team for the second tour match against Leicestershire.

guided tour

Access to the Royal Citadel is by guided tour only.

Entrance to the gallery is by guided tour only.

Inside the former mine there is a guided tour.

tour during

Badu resumed the tour during the fall with additional dates in America and Europe.

It was promoted with three singles and The Weeknd's concert tour during September to November 2012.

Rob was also part of "The Big 4" tour during 2010/2011 which featured Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica.

speaking tour

Kim continues his book and public speaking tour, while working on the book-to-movie project.

She held her first motivational speaking tour giving talks at over twenty universities across Malaysia.

This speaking tour ended after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the America First Committee was dissolved.

tour matches

Between the Fourth and Fifth Test, they played five tour matches.

While Tallon nursed a bruised finger, Saggers played in three successive tour matches.

He made a brief appearance as an All Black, playing 3 tour matches in Australia in 1992.

tour operators

This put Thomson ahead of other package tour operators.

Worksman bikes can also be found at boardwalk bike rental shops and bike tour operators.

The airline soley operates passenger charter services, e. g. on behalf of tour operators or other airlines.

continues to tour

Hunter continues to tour across the UK, Europe and North America.

People Show continues to tour nationally, having produced 127 productions.

Today, he continues to tour and perform throughout the United States and Europe.

worldwide tour

2014 saw a North American and worldwide tour.

on their worldwide tour which kicked off in January 1995.

He also launched a worldwide tour in support of the album.

tour to support   (destek turu)

Going out on tour to support the album is amazing too.

A tour to support the album kicked off on March 23, 2018.

The tour to support the album ran through September–November 2014.

subsequent tour

The song did not appear on any subsequent tour until their 2013 Tour.

Bachman–Turner Overdrive then re-formed for a 1984 album and subsequent tour.

The subsequent tour involved more than 100 gigs in Italy and other parts of Europe and even Australia.

live tour

Popotan" were also sung during their live tour.

The opening theme was re-released as part of Under17's "Best" complications and performed during their live tour.

To support their new album, Arashi performed a live tour "Arashi LIVE TOUR Popcorn" hitting all the major dome stadiums in Japan.

tour card

She missed out on getting a tour card by one point.

All players listed below received a tour card for two seasons.

In 2012, Howson won a PDC tour card on the first day of Q School.

extensive tour

An extensive tour in Belgium and abroad followed afterwards, from 2016 until 2018.

Anggun held an extensive tour to more than 15 countries in Europe to promote the song.

Collins sent the painting on an extensive tour of Britain, and it was wildly successful.

tour operator

Selwyns Travel Selwyns Travel is a coach tour operator based in Runcorn, England.

The house was later sold to tour operator Mario Perillo and was destroyed by fire in 2004.

Seaview Services Seaview Services is a coach and tour operator operating on the Isle of Wight.

go on tour

Additionally, they go on tour approximately bi-yearly.

The band plans to go on tour later this year.

In 1931, the band became the first Opry band to go on tour.

anniversary tour

Recording continued during breaks on The Who's 50th anniversary tour, The Who Hits 50!

Planned as a 40th anniversary tour, this outing was billed as the "Hardcore Devo" tour.

Alkaline Trio also dedicated their song "Goodbye Forever" to Dunn on their fifteen-year anniversary tour.

walking tour

The sculpture has been included in at least one published walking tour of Portland.

A map and info of the walking tour is available at the website of the city of Akaa.

As part of his walking tour, he explored the then already famous Font-de-Gaume cave.

tour followed

Her first concert tour followed, as an opening act for NSYNC.

The tour followed England's tour of New Zealand two months earlier.

A world tour followed in 2014.

tour was announced

A 6-date tour was announced in July 2016.

The official Egomaniac tour was announced in June 2016 commencing in September.

The tour was announced on July 15, with tickets going on sale the following day.

tour featured

The tour featured a unique internet promotion.

The second leg of the tour featured four different acts.

Some early dates of the tour featured Divinyls as the opening act.

tour took place   (tur gerçekleşti)

A cross-country book tour took place in the summer of 2009.

At the time, the tour took place in May.

A six-date North American tour took place in September 2018.

tour called

Daft Punk then announced a world tour called "Alive 2007".

He headlined his own concert tour called "I Need Your Funky Thang!"

In 2008 the band did a 100 shows counting comedy tour called "Manie Manie".

tour consisted

The tour consisted of 40 sold-out shows all over Japan.

The tour consisted of eight tournaments in both genders.

The tour consisted of three Test matches.

main tour   (ana tur)

It only lists official money events on the main tour.

On May 12, Tommy Hilfiger was announced as the main tour sponsor.

Lyu ended his debut season on the main tour ranked world number 93.

brief tour

In the interim, Rawlinson spent a brief tour of duty in Afghanistan, returning to the site in 1843.

On 7 May 1968, after a brief tour of exercises in the Caribbean, DD-764 entered Boston for overhaul.

A return season was announced shortly after to play in August 2010, following a brief tour to regional city Frankston.

supporting tour

On the supporting tour for this album Dio went on the road with Fireball Ministry and Anthrax opening.

In 1993 they released the album "Trauma Rouge", followed by a supporting tour called "The Trauma over Europe".

The band embarked on a supporting tour for the fourth album, starting in Australia in the Soundwave Festival in February.

grand tour

This marked his first grand tour victory.

Chaves is a two-time grand tour podium finisher, and a monument winner.

After making a grand tour in 1775–1776, he settled on his estates at Badger.

tour guides   (tur rehberleri)

To support claims that Washington surveyed the area, tour guides claim the initials "G.W."

Park Managers were often brought up on stage to perform (as in posing with a beach ball) with the tour guides.

Walking tours through Aokigahara Forest can be arranged with the Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi-approved tour guides.

new tour

In summer 2018 they begin a new tour (2018–2020).

Colombian Jesus Rivas teed the first shot on the new tour.

In 2005 the album is re-released on CD and the band starts the new tour.

made a tour

Faith also went east and made a tour in Finland.

Ireland made a tour of South Africa, losing their 2-0.

During his tenure as president, the club made a tour of England.

book tour

A cross-country book tour took place in the summer of 2009.

Sharma is doing a book tour with this ""Islam Trilogy"" in 2017 and 2018.

In July and August 2009 Gnade joined the Van's Warped Tour for a book tour.

first national tour   (ilk ulusal tur)

In the fall of 1997, MAX went on their first national tour dubbed "J-Pop Gig Tour".

Tyler followed that release with his first national tour, traveling solo in an old Volkswagen Golf.

Block, who was set to play Elphaba on the show's first national tour became injured, Cates stepped in.

overseas tour   (denizaşırı tur)

The conjunto made its first overseas tour in 1955.

The band went on a large overseas tour, beginning on June 1, 2007.

King's contract with Federal expired in 1966, and his first overseas tour followed in 1967.

during their tour

Before the beginning of the 2013–14 season, Kayara was on trial with Sheffield United during their tour of Scotland.

It also served as one of the venues used for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic during their tour of China in 2007.

Musgraves joined Katy Perry on the North American leg of her Prismatic World Tour as well as Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss on select dates during their tour.

during his tour

The band then opened for Neil Young during his tour in July 2015.

1988 – Sergey Bermeniev accompanies Dizzy Gillespie during his tour in Russia.

She had been a music teacher at Rupertswood, where her future husband had stayed during his tour of Australia.

tour schedule

The tour schedule twenty-eight performance dates.

A long non-theatre period followed due to her tour schedule in Europe.

tour schedule in the United States expanded rapidly, supporting Attack Attack!

upcoming tour   (yaklaşan tur)

It contained a short clip of a song and a list of upcoming tour dates in the USA.

The original LP release on New Alliance contained an insert with lyrics and upcoming tour dates.

As a result of this incident, Dance Gavin Dance cancelled their upcoming tour and went on hiatus.

before the tour

To support him financially, the Lancashire committee had given him £100 before the tour.

She had open-heart surgery before the tour supporting the band's 1984 album "Talk Show".

Bassist Dave Spitz left the band shortly before the tour, and was replaced by Jo Burt, formerly of Virginia Wolf.

first headlining tour   (ilk tavan döşemesi turu)

She embarked on her first headlining tour in February 2012.

On the same day, she announced her first headlining tour to support the album.

On March 5, 1999, it was reported that Spears was planning her first headlining tour.

tour due

Sonia elected to leave the tour due to stress, but then decided to return to face the vote.

Jason Evans, the current vocalist of Ingested couldn't make it to the tour due to personal reasons, his fill in was Jason Keyser of the technical death metal band Origin.

Before the tour, there were fears that a number of New Zealand players might have been unavailable for the start of the tour due to a schedule overlap with the 2013 Indian Premier League.

tour continued

Their Gentlemen of the Road tour continued through 2013.

This tour continued in 2013.

The tour continued in 2009 starting in Latin America with Kraftwerk as guests.

headlining concert tour   (tavan konseri turu)

Lali en Vivo Lali en Vivo was a headlining concert tour by Argentine singer Lali Espósito.

Swift performed "White Horse" on all venues in 2009 and 2010 of her first headlining concert tour, the Fearless Tour.

To promote the album, Little Mix embarked on their first headlining concert tour, the DNA Tour between January and February 2013.

study tour

In 1869 he made a study tour to the United States to look at recent technological improvements.

In 1960, she returned to Europe on a study tour throughout France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

In 1859, he received a scholarship and went on study tour to Germany, where he spent most time in Leipzig.

throughout the tour

It does not represent all shows throughout the tour.

It does not represent all dates throughout the tour.

tour titled

The group later went on a tour titled "The Work Tour".

The group later went on a UK tour titled "The Work Tour".

On April 9, 2015, Hart embarked on a comedy world tour titled the What Now?

tour was cancelled

The band dissolved and the remainder of the tour was cancelled.

But the planned tour was cancelled.

However, the tour was cancelled due to funding issues from Zimbabwe Cricket.

tour before

This was the band's final tour before they permanently went their separate ways.

Consequently, the band decided to play the album's new songs on tour before it was released.

Heksenketel was originally the name of the Another Roadside Attraction tour before it was changed.

during this tour   (bu tur sırasında)

Rock band Weathers served as support during this tour.

The Korean War ended during this tour, on 27 July 1953.

He was assigned to the 200th Military Police Command during this tour.

tour against   (karşı tur)

He also failed to get off the bench in the third game of the tour against Wigan.

The MCC fixture was followed by Australia's first non-victory of the tour against Lancashire.

The England selectors were sufficiently impressed by Ellcock's form to call him up for the winter tour against West Indies.

third tour

In 2009 the show embarked on its third tour of Europe.

In April 1953 Thomas returned alone for a third tour of America.

He returned to the Washington Navy Yard for a third tour there in December 1895.

not tour

It did not tour, and the script was not published.

Fotomaker did not tour in support of "Transfer Station".

It would not tour again until the 1999–2000 Reunion Tour.

team to tour   (tur takımı)

being the last team to tour.

In 1977, the club was the first Southern team to tour England and Wales.

In the winter of 1892–93, Hawke formed his own all-amateur team to tour Ceylon and India.

began to tour

The group began to tour overseas in 1998.

Following World War II, Mordasova began to tour the Soviet Union.

Ortega left politics, and in 2002, began to tour as a singer again.