İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

against the touring   (tura karşı)

In 2002 he played for a Fiji XIII against the touring England A side.

He played for Auckland City in 1923 against the touring Great Britain Lions.

Jaavuo made his debut for France in 1994 against the touring Australian side.

began touring   (gezmeye başladı)

LeBlanc and Carr began touring with major acts.

The band released the album in March 2011 and began touring.

Zappa began touring again in late 1972.

touring car   (Turne arabası)

It produced a touring car, the Bay State Forty.

It still holds sports car, touring car and motorcycle races.

The 1990 Australian touring car season consisted of 12 events.

touring band

Marks left the touring band in 1999 because of his health.

Dobbyn recorded the album in London over three weeks with his touring band.

The name SJD also refers to Donnelly's touring band when not performing solo.

touring company   (turne şirketi)

He joined a D'Oyly Carte touring company in 1926.

His touring company also had several actors.

He has also been part of the UCB Theater's national touring company.

touring schedule   (tur programı)

Lenker maintains an active touring schedule.

She maintains an active touring schedule from coast to coast.

After the release of "Rebuild", Verse went on to a heavy touring schedule.

touring production

It can also include a first-class touring production.

In 1989, he played the role in a 30-city U.S. touring production.

Both the Broadway and touring production were directed by Michael Bennett.

touring and recording

Through touring and recording the Ergs!

This resulted in sporadic and intense touring and recording schedules.

By 2009, Goldston was also regularly touring and recording with Earth.

touring team   (tur takımı)

He was therefore named in the touring team.

This was the strongest touring team Hawke formed as it included C.B.

His first appearance of the season was for the MCC against the Australian touring team.

continued touring

In 2000 she continued touring for "Temas" in Argentina.

Thornley continued touring immediately.

This band has continued touring North America through 2016 and 2017.

extensive touring

2009 saw Bisi's first extensive touring, both in the US and Europe.

They released two records on Odin Records, In addition to extensive touring.

They have made extensive touring for North America, Europe and Latin America.

touring in support   (destek turu)

Rains will be touring in support of “Ghost” in early 2020.

The band reunited and began touring in support of the new releases.

Before touring in support of their debut, guitarist Trent Bell joined Chainsaw Kittens.

recording and touring

Throughout the 1990s, he continued recording and touring with the band.

The band disbanded in 2001 and reformed in 2009. they are still recording and touring.

He led and managed Walt Tucker Productions even while recording and touring with Pink Floyd.

started touring

The Quartet started touring around this time.

Líbido started touring all over the country.

In 2014, Brick By Brick started touring.

touring cars

In 1979 a cup for touring cars was added.

Langes later raced in touring cars.

There, he built touring cars and commercial vehicles of more conventional design.

national touring   (ulusal tur)

The theater hosts primarily national touring acts.

He has also competed in all three NASCAR national touring series.

He has also been part of the UCB Theater's national touring company.

touring member

Afterwards he joined Holy Fuck as a touring member.

In 2015, Bastille recruited a new touring member, Charlie Barnes.

In recent years Tom was a touring member of the Weavers tribute group "Weavermania."

touring car racing

The closest European equivalent to stock car racing is probably touring car racing.

It has competed in rallying and touring car racing, and also develops high performance versions of road cars.

Audi Sport's activities in rallying and touring car racing have been sponsored by Castrol, as well as its Le Mans Prototypes program since 2011.

international touring

as Tanya after appearing in the international touring production of the show.

Jones faced two more international touring teams as part of the Newport squad.

Complicite is currently more active as an international touring company than within the UK.

touring side

The touring side was represented by 20 New South Welshmen (N) and 8 Queenslanders (Q).

In total, 21 games were played, with the touring side winning 9, drawing 3 and losing 9.

Glen Read also played against the Sri Lankan A touring side in 2004 picking up three wickets.

touring exhibition   (gezici sergi)

Her influential early ventures into performance and photography are also featured in the current touring exhibition "WACK!

This touring exhibition visited capital cities and towns in all the states of Australia, including Queensland and Tasmania.

A touring exhibition organised by the Victor Batte-Lay Trust named "Eric Ravilious 1903 – 1942" was held at The Minories, Colchester in 1972.

touring the country   (ülkeyi gezmek)

The band spent 18 months touring the country, working with artists such as Marc Almond, Level 42, Altered Images and Kid Creole and the Coconuts.

Born in Maryport and son of an actress, he spent much of his early life touring the country with his mother and attending various elementary schools until the age of twelve.

Born and raised in South Africa (Krugersdorp, Transvaal Province), as a teenager Wallace featured against the Aberdeen side managed by Paddy Travers that was touring the country in 1937.

before touring

The band also performed a series of successful club shows in England before touring Europe.

In March the sixtet supported In Hearts Wake before touring Australia as headlining act for the first time.

In March 2009, they toured the US with the band Defeater, before touring in May with The Mongoloids and Ambush!.

touring companies

There are shows at least once a week from touring companies.

He began his creative career as an actor in touring companies.

She then landed a number of stage roles with touring companies.

touring throughout

From 1750 to 1789 he worked at Steinfurt, occasionally touring throughout Europe and Russia.

Reiss began his association with the Met touring throughout North America during October–December 1901.

The WIUO is one of New Zealand’s most popular live acts, touring throughout Australia, United Kingdom and the United States.

touring party

Lennon joined the touring party for the after show party at the Waldorf Astoria.

In 1910, he joined the English touring party and played in several representative games in South Africa.

Bass player Hal Strewe and singer/ukelele player Deanne Krieg stepped in to bring the touring party up to eight members.

touring extensively

They built up a large following by touring extensively all over the United States.

After touring extensively in 2007 with The Shins and Jimmy Eat World, Kevin and Anita of Viva Voce took a brief hiatus.

As a four piece, the group has been touring extensively and released "Thistled Spring" on Kill Rock Stars, on April 20, 2010.

years of touring

After years of touring fairly consistently, in 2009 Tullycraft stopped playing live.

After 19 years of touring, Alegria performed for the last time in Antwerp, BE on 29 December 2013.

After several years of touring, Alex Pennie departed from the band, leading to Paul Mullen from to join the band.

touring guitarist

Pat Smear joined the band as a touring guitarist in 1993.

Carl Whitbread (Lo!, Omeratá) came on board as their touring guitarist for this tour.

Klemm also briefly joined Big D and the Kids Table in 2009 as their touring guitarist until 2010.

well as touring   (turne gibi)

Salt the Wound achieved underground success in 2008 through their debut studio album, "Carnal Repercussions" which attracted radio airplay as well as touring requests.

As of late 2008, he is assisting Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard with a Hank Williams tribute CD, as well as touring with Gossard as part of Timberland's EarthKeeper project.

They played as a duo for two years before they were joined by bassist Heather Perkins of the band Slowcoaches, with whom they released a split single in 2015, as well as touring together.

touring productions

He liked to joke that he made all his money in the provinces, with touring productions of his West End hits.

Throughout the 1980s she starred in numerous productions both on and off Broadway, and in national touring productions.

Beginning with "The Warrens of Virginia" (1907), Blanche spent the next decade alternating between stock and touring productions.

years touring

They spent the next few years touring England, Germany, and Canada.

Soon after moving to Nashville, he began touring, spending the majority of his first two years touring.

The group spent the next few years touring Europe, until 2003, when they began recording 6 more demo tracks.

against a touring   (tura karşı)

Ward's club career started with his local Western Suburbs RUFC and he made his representative debut in 1908 for New South Wales against a touring Anglo-Welsh side.

A former Bermuda under-19s player, Clay Smith made his senior debut for Bermuda in 1991, playing against a touring team from India's Hyderabad Cricket Association.

Mullagh never appeared in inter-colonial cricket although he did represent Victoria against a touring England side in 1879, top scoring with 36 in the second innings.

touring around   (dolaşmak)

The Quartet started touring around this time.

Since then, Luna has been touring around the United States and Europe.

The band had spent much of 1986 touring around Europe and had performed two radio broadcasts for the BBC.

touring the world

She immediately began touring the world as their opening act alongside their younger brother Laza.

After her release of "Ornamental Egos", she became one of the top 5 female DJ/Producers touring the world.

At this juncture, Dickie no longer dreamed his adventures but experienced them while touring the world with "Dynamite Dan" Flynn.