guided tours

The visitors centre gives guided tours of the area.

The cave reopened for guided tours the following year.

The mill is open year-round for guided tours.

concert tours

It also furnishes online security for concert tours.

Today, virtually all major concert tours follow this model.

The band embarked on two concert tours to promote the album.

tours of duty   (義務のツアー)

She also served four tours of duty in support of United Nations forces during the Korean War.

His tours of duty included: Security Officer, Mogadishu, Somalia (3rd Battalion, 11th Marines).

Strickland served 28.9 years in the U.S. Army, including two two combat tours of duty in Vietnam.

international tours

He has made national and international tours.

She then joined full international tours.

There were also a Broadway production in 1903 and international tours.

national tours   (全国ツアー)

and the national tours of "Mamma Mia!"

They have several national tours under the auspices of Rikskonsertene.

Logan continued to work in the theatre both in the West End and in national tours.

several tours

He was Lou Reed's guitar tech on several tours.

They went on several tours with Blac Rabbit throughout 2018.

He was the official photographer for the Rolling Stones on several tours in the 1970s.

world tours

In 1972-73, and 1974-76 he went on world tours.

Especially during world tours and concerts."

In 1888, Inoue departed on his first of three world tours.

tours throughout

During her youth she went on concert tours throughout Europe.

The distillery offers public tours throughout the year with hours on a seasonal schedule.

In 1981-87 he made many concert tours throughout the Soviet Union as piano soloist and with various ensembles.

tours around   (周りのツアー)

This was followed by tours around the country and free concerts.

Between 1987 and 1995, the company realized many tours around the world.

Kadim Al Sahir tours around the world where he performs for his Arab fans.

public tours   (公開ツアー)

On some days the stadium offers public tours for a fee.

The distillery offers public tours throughout the year with hours on a seasonal schedule.

The NPS also offers guided public tours of the south side as part of the "Hard Hat Tour".

walking tours

The NJHS offers occasional Newark walking tours.

Park rangers provide guided walking tours of the ranch from October through May.

City Liquidators has been included in published guides and walking tours of Portland.

open for tours   (ツアーのために開いています)

The Mystery Spot is open for tours 365 days a year.

The manor house is open for tours and special events.

It is open for tours in the summer season.

tours through

The museum offers guided tours through its exhibition spaces.

The title includes three guided tours through the content, based on different themes.

In spring 2009, the band tours through Europe with guitarist CChhris 'The sound' Smet.

lecture tours

She also gave lecture tours about her travel experiences.

Lydia Folger and Lorenzo Fowler would attend conferences and lecture tours together.

Guest lectures as well as study and lecture tours took her to numerous Islamic countries.