İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

toward the end   (sona doğru)

Troubles multiplied toward the end of his reign.

However, his form improved toward the end of the season.

He...was to play a number toward the end of the program.

attitude toward   (karşı tutum)

Wesley's attitude toward Dryden deserves a moment's pause.

There is dispute about Wilson's attitude toward the movie.

The regime's attitude toward Lutherans was generally benign.

attitudes toward   (karşı tutumlar)

The Islamic attitudes toward celibacy have been complex as well.

Different cultures have different attitudes toward biscuit dunking.

Before the test, he measured each student’s attitudes toward cheating.

directed toward   (yönlendirilir)

It is directed toward those 'assholes' responsible."

Exports were mostly directed toward the North American market.

It's not directed toward any religious group or race of people.

step toward   (doğru adım at)

It was an important step toward citizenship for the freedmen.

Ørsted's discovery also represented a major step toward a unified concept of energy.

From Elstead his posting to dismal Borden Camp was a next step toward active combat.

geared toward   (yönelik)

It is mainly geared toward newly initiated members.

No property was confiscated, as the Wildlife Act was geared toward a different purpose.

Local financial support for the ARB is geared toward the families of its incarcerated members.

back toward   (geriye doğru)

On the 15th, she got underway back toward the Marianas.

On Thursdays and Fridays demand decreases back toward the Saturday low.

Coleman and Brown took their car and headed back toward Evanston, Illinois.

move toward   (yönelmek)

GAP was part of a larger move toward professionalization of the field.

In Methodism, the "new birth is necessary for salvation because it marks the move toward holiness.

By that time, the hurricane had turned sharply to the east, and later began to move toward the south.

moved toward   (doğru taşındı)

The low moved toward Hawaii and drew deep tropical moisture from the south.

For much of its duration, the storm moved toward the northwest, gradually intensifying.

That fall, forces under Union Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside moved toward the Cumberland Gap.

moving toward   (doğru ilerlemek)

A second black dot was moving toward the first one.

After 1950, people started moving toward outside the redline.

In 2011, SUSD was "moving toward making Algebra I available to all eighth-graders".

working toward   (doğru çalışmak)

We are still working toward better service on the Milton GO line."

Between 1985 and 1987, Aung San Suu Kyi was working toward an M.Phil.

A standard programmable thermostat would simply start working toward 21° at 7:00 AM.

work toward   (doğru çalışmak)

However, he turned his own work toward classicism, illustrating the patriotic and moral virtues.

Blanke made a study of Eugen Wüster's work toward common international terminology and international standardization.

Gregg attended the University of Alberta to work toward a medical degree, and playing hockey was a secondary priority.

north toward   (kuzeye doğru)

She remained off Okinawa until sailing north toward Japan on 14 August 1945.

Foster's men began destroying the tracks north toward the Goldsborough Bridge.

The Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) plans to extend MD 201 north toward Laurel.

trend toward   (eğilimi)

Since World War II, there has been a trend toward abolishing the death penalty.

Since World War II there has been a trend toward abolishing capital punishment.

This is why there has been a long term trend toward higher frequency oscillators in clocks.

south toward   (güneye doğru)

It is oriented facing south toward Kendall Street.

Once across, they headed south toward the Gauls.

The Krupá then goes south toward the town of Staré Město.

east toward   (doğuya doğru)

US-36 heads west toward Agra and east toward Athol.

The highway then turns further to the east toward Ahoskie.

The PAVN then proceeded east toward the provincial seat of Kon Tum.

oriented toward   (Yönelmiş)

Dynastic schools were oriented toward examination preparation.

Not all ´raego songs were oriented toward courtship activities.

He said: "The Austrian way must be oriented toward Berlin and not toward Athens."

policy toward   (doğru politika)

Would it regard U.S. policy toward Afghanistan any less critically?

The White House responded to the shift in policy toward the US as welcome.

Elizabeth's first policy toward Scotland was to oppose the French presence there.

progress toward   (doğru ilerleme)

However, progress toward military modernization went slowly.

In the 40 years since independence, the CAR has made slow progress toward economic development.

MTA’s teachings, in relevant part, reflect Mormonism’s tenets regarding bodily and spiritual progress toward theosis.

turned toward   (döndü)

Starting in the late 1980s, Alexander's work turned toward cultural sociology.

Squadron Leader D. Parry and Flight Lieutenant W. Blessing turned toward them.

Later, the company turned toward compact disc technology to release its games.

west toward   (batıya doğru)

US-36 heads west toward Agra and east toward Athol.

west toward downtown Lynchburg.

I-664 is used to access US 13, US 58, and US 460, which all head west toward Suffolk.

tendency toward   (eğilimi)

The Plains tribes had a tendency toward matriarchal society.

With a tendency toward matriarchy, female had a higher status in the clan system.

Gay men showed a tendency toward more feminine self-concepts than heterosexual men.

more toward   (daha doğru)

On January 20 while near peak intensity, Dina slowed its movement further and moved more toward the west.

The three records have been a projection more toward the pop-rock form – this one more than the other two."

McNear could be effective in such authoritative roles, but he gravitated more toward character roles, often comic.

northeast toward   (kuzeydoğu yönünde)

The two routes turn northeast toward Rockport, where they enter Wood County and turn north toward Parkersburg.

VT 17 continues east from Addison, crossing over the Otter Creek and intersecting VT 23 near Weybridge prior to curving to the northeast toward Waltham.

SR 24 (Old Courthouse Road) splits northeast toward Appomattox Court House National Historical Park and US 60; SR 131 heads southwest toward the center of town in the opposite direction.

headed toward   (yönelmek)

For her second foray, "U-516" headed toward South Africa.

In September 1217, King Ferdinand left Burgos and headed toward Palencia.

For her second foray, "U-541" headed toward the eastern seaboard of North America.

shift toward   (doğru kayması)

With the shift toward NTAE, there has also been an increase in field labor for women.

By July, the summer project's focus began to shift toward preparations for the convention.

He emphasized that polls showed a significant shift toward voter support of same-sex marriage.

heading toward   (yönelmek)

Erzhu therefore started heading toward Luoyang.

Sixteen days later he was recaptured on a train heading toward Warsaw.

Maney Bhanjyang is the base camp for trekkers heading toward Sandakphu and Phalut.

way toward   (doğru yol)

At about 15:15 the Marines managed to make their way toward the MACV Compound.

The children make their way toward the Emerald City along the yellow brick road.

62nd Division remained in the front line, pushing its way toward the fortress of Maubeuge.

movement toward   (doğru hareket)

It marks Ginsberg's movement toward a more complete spontaneous style of expression.

Pawns of appropriated armies do not change their direction of movement toward promotion.

This would begin a movement toward opportunities for women to have successful solo careers.

toward a more   (daha fazlasına doğru)

It marks Ginsberg's movement toward a more complete spontaneous style of expression.

The merits of this move toward a more standardized rule book, however, are debated in amateur hockey circles.

The paper, known for its conservatism, under Suburg's influence moved politically toward a more radical position.

toward the center   (merkeze doğru)

The density of stars increases toward the center in most galaxies.

Eggs are typically oviposited on leaves toward the center of the host plant.

The perianth is very strongly curved toward the center of the flower head, in long.

feelings toward   (karşı duygular)

They were then asked to rate their feelings toward the neutral image.

In no place could we discover any but the friendliest feelings toward him.

Her crush on the hare captain remained, and she made her feelings toward him quite obvious.

steps toward   (doğru adımlar)

This was one of the first steps toward ethnic cleansing in Poland.

With 'New Captain,' the show has taken big steps toward doing so yet again."

Córdova led the initial steps toward establishing the UC Riverside School of Medicine.

toward more   (daha fazlasına doğru)

Some reforms toward more equal marketplace have been made in 2007-2008.

Gay men showed a tendency toward more feminine self-concepts than heterosexual men.

In many cases, "worst television series ever" lists are slanted toward more contemporary shows, in recent memory.

hostility toward   (karşı düşmanlık)

Frustrated by his inability to have his own children with Annabelle, Erich directs his hostility toward Christie.

He also denounced what he deemed to be the transitional government's hostility toward the goals of the revolution.

One standard dictionary definition is "hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group."

first step toward   (doğru ilk adım)

It was the first step toward unifying a collection of disparate themes into an integrated brand.

Like other French university groups, this group is a first step toward a merger of the relevant universities.

Rohit invites Ravi to sing at the inauguration of a temple - and this is Ravi's first step toward stardom and fame.

points toward   (işaret ediyor)

Skaters earned points toward qualifying for the 2018–19 Grand Prix Final.

That peninsula points toward Asia Minor, to which Cyprus belongs geologically.

Ironically, this observation points toward one of the major weaknesses of her poetry.

toward women   (kadınlara doğru)

By the 1930s Taussig had also changed his attitude toward women.

In March 2018, Ko remarked that customs deemed discriminatory toward women should be phased out.

Finally, scholars have discussed the attitudes toward women in Confucian texts such as Analects.

advance toward   (doğru ilerlemek)

By then, news came of the Romanian advance toward Sofia and its imminent fall.

Near it lay a wadi crater stretching west and allowing a convenient advance toward the farmstead from the north.

At 01:30, Regimental Commander, Colonel Frederick A. Daugherty, ordered Clark to advance toward the hill and retake the hill.

efforts toward   (doğru çabalar)

During the same period, efforts toward saving the historical heritage of the Narrows increased.

An attempt was made to show that Blaine's efforts toward mediation between Chile and Peru were from interested motives.

All of California's indigenous languages are endangered, although there are now efforts toward language revitalization.

advanced toward   (ileri doğru)

Khmelnytsky advanced toward Lviv and Zamość.

In 259 BC they advanced toward Thermae on the north coast.

A few of them advanced toward the outpost to provide cover.

toward each   (her birine doğru)

The children’s behavior toward each other changed markedly.

Both stations use directional antennas to reduce their signals toward each other.

moves toward   (doğru hareket eder)

While being led out of the station, Ángela moves toward the tracks to see the man's remains.

The camera slowly moves toward the jack-o'-lantern's left eye as the main title theme plays.

NAFTA continues the FTA's moves toward reducing trade barriers and establishing agreed-upon trade rules.

million toward   (milyonlarca)

In 2011, he pledged an additional $5 million toward the effort.

Ratner, Ph.B.,’35, J.D.,’37, contributed $15 million toward the $51 million cost.

349 donors contributed more than $3.2 million toward the total cost of the project.

worked toward   (doğru çalıştı)

They worked toward legislation for improved working conditions and urban housing.

For 20 painful months Croly and his wife worked toward his recovery, but it was too much to overcome.

Euren restored the band’s pre-war numbers and worked toward expanding its persona beyond its military role.

shifted toward   (yön değiştirdi)

More and more, the purpose of posters shifted toward political and decorative uses.

Over two decades, the focus of the school gradually shifted toward post-secondary programs.

In 1957 the launch activities were shifted toward Cuxhaven, since the available area became too small.

toward each other   (birbirine doğru)

The children’s behavior toward each other changed markedly.

Both stations use directional antennas to reduce their signals toward each other.

count toward   (e dogru say)

Only bases attained from hits count toward this total.

The prize money does not count toward Order of Merit earnings.

Players must hit the established point in order for it to count toward the fire bet.

heads toward   (yönelmek)

Then, it heads southwest, passing through Camak, and heads toward Warrenton.

The highway becomes a two–lane road again as it heads toward the New York boundary.

As they are sailing, Godzilla surfaces and heads toward the newly hatched Mothra larva.

toward the east   (doğuya doğru)

NC 42 also turns toward the east to run through the heart of Duncan.

It has a long oval shape, spreading to north and south, and leaning slightly toward the east.

The first recorded El Niño that originated in the central Pacific and moved toward the east was in 1986.

eye toward   (doğru göz)

Every song they wrote was written with an eye toward giving it "deep hidden meaning" or D.H.M.

The show was one of two pilots that TNT ordered with an eye toward a new programming block it is prepping, TNT Mystery, along with "Deep Mad Dark".

In February 1967, with an eye toward producing films and finding a way to invest his clients' money, Klein attempted to acquire Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

turn toward   (yönelmek)

They kiss and then turn toward the falls.

They now turn toward the Gillikin Country to look for Planetty, the Silver Princess.

At the top of the exit ramp, turn toward the mountains and continue for one half mile.

go toward   (doğru gitmek)

$1.1 billion of that would go toward purchasing 63 new train sets.

This project will go toward feeding vulnerable adults and children in different hospitals and providing them with essential medicines.

The charity Candle Night Bar, whose proceeds go toward the non-profit organization Mudef, raised funds of 441,401 yen for the two shows combined.