towards the end   (終わりに向かって)

He signed for Morton towards the end of July 2012.

The splits became most evident towards the end.

I'm moving towards the end of "Fantastic Four".

attitude towards   (対する態度)

Spike now rethinks his attitude towards the Autobots.

What would be their attitude towards England?

It was an attitude towards life that Barks would adopt.

directed towards   (に向けて)

Mona" and that is directed towards teenage girls.

These advertisements are directed towards men.

From a young age grew up in a very directed towards art.

move towards   (向かって移動)

Rustam Zaman was planning to move towards Panhala fort.

That's feeding this move towards the tribal.

Consequently, anions will tend to move towards the anode.

step towards   (歩む)

This was their first step towards a record deal.

AICs are a big step towards AP interoperability.

It was the first step towards the Neolithic Revolution.

moved towards

They moved towards Tabriz and Lake Urmia.

In the 1940s his art moved towards ever-increasing simplification.

In 1250 Caramagna moved towards an organization of municipal type.

attitudes towards   (態度)

Chilean attitudes towards Peruvian immigration are mixed.

Motorists tend to exhibit hostile attitudes towards bicycle riders.

His work sheds light on the attitudes towards the sea of the early European explorers.

back towards   (に向かって戻る)

They looted the armory and moved back towards Béziers.

The fleet sailed back towards Genoa, with Clement unable to pay it.

One final frame shows Elton with his back towards the camera as he bows.

work towards   (向けて努力)

No work towards these plans was ever carried out.

Students may also work towards a joint J.D.

Graduate students can work towards a M.A.

geared towards   (に向けて)

HaChayol is geared towards children from the Chabad community.

As a spa town, Bad Pyrmont's economy is heavily geared towards tourism.

There are a number of programs geared towards encouraging youth shooting.

working towards

His sister is working towards a PhD in education at CUNY.

McNutt spent a lot of time working towards the field of pediatrics.

Very often another, working towards the same goal, has arrived there first.

moving towards

I'm moving towards the end of "Fantastic Four".

He starts moving towards the basement.

The European Union has been moving towards a common divorce law.

heading towards   (に向かって)

Apparently the family business is heading towards bankruptcy.

The episode starts with the roadies heading towards Gandhinagar.

The partners split up to search the area, Craig heading towards Willows House.

oriented towards   (に向けて)

This program is oriented towards Business Law.

Its business is primarily oriented towards the services sector.

Like most Khmer temples, Muang Tam is oriented towards the east.

south towards

He then continued south towards the Peloponnese.

One of its corridors extends south towards the Casa Nobre de Jequitaia.

The shrine of Lord Chandikeswarar is facing south towards the sanctum sanctorum.

north towards

The XV Corps then turned north towards the Seine and Paris.

Beles, and continued its advance to the north towards Sofia.

West of Pittsburg US 421/SR 39 heads due north towards Monticello.

count towards   (カウントする)

The courses count towards earning a college degree.

† Race did not count towards the World Championship.

AS grades no longer count towards the final A-level.

policy towards

His policy towards the Phagmodrupa was one of confrontation.

It was not limited to the Nazi policy towards Poland's artistic heritage.

It also advocates what it calls a more balanced US policy towards the Middle East.

more towards

He was a state champion but as he says, his inclination was more towards studies.

For their last album, the group decided to move more towards a soft rock approach.

As the 19th century wore on, Lowland Scotland turned more and more towards heavy industry.

towards the base

The stem is long by thick, enlarging towards the base.

The stipe bears blunt spines and scales towards the base.

The stipe measures long by wide, and thickens towards the base.

shift towards   (にシフト)

There is also some intergenerational shift towards Catalan.

It marked a shift towards measurements based on energy rather than charge.

The shift towards 'budget' airlines on shorter routes has been significant.

east towards

From there the posse went east towards Padre Canyon.

At N-133, I-680 turns to the east towards Iowa.

Both roads run east towards the rest of the Rockaways.

towards a more

These two steered the collective towards a more modern sound.

KKFR began shifting towards a more rhythmic/dance direction in the late 1980s.

His work under the Marx moniker leaned towards a more aggressive rock/grunge sound.

way towards

The ship soon continued on its way towards Oslo.

Uchagaon Last village on the way towards maharastra.

The Wolf proceeds to swim his way towards New York City.

trend towards   (傾向)

There is also a trend towards a combination of the two disciplines, "e.g.

This is the reason behind the trend towards outsourcing in the financial sector.

The trend towards the Democratic Party is most obvious in presidential elections.

feelings towards   (への気持ち)

She developed romantic feelings towards her cousin.

Now my feelings towards that gentleman are directly the reverse.

She also used to spend time to understand Durga's feelings towards Nilkantha.

towards the south

Koyna project is around 30 km towards the south of Kaas Lake.

It has spurred suburban growth towards the south of Birmingham.

There are old silver birch, alder and willow towards the south of the bog.

turned towards

Ktulu has also since turned towards industrial-style music.

He then turned towards three children.

British attention soon turned towards Asia, Africa, and the Pacific.

advance towards   (に向かって進む)

Romanian forces continued their advance towards Budapest.

The year 1955 was a milestone for Malaya's advance towards self-governance.

The Allied armies would then swing left to advance towards the River Seine.

towards the east

– August 23 to 26 1870 – March towards the east.

- August 23 to 26 1870 - March towards the east.

The sanctum sanctorum faces towards the east direction.

advanced towards

Afterwards, the VRS advanced towards Modriča and captured the town on 28 June.

As he was led in, Caroline rose and advanced towards him, flinging back her veil.

Chaytor's Force advanced towards Amman which was attacked and captured on 25 September.

towards the north

The general slope of the city is towards the north.

The slab has a slight lean towards the north.

It is the last village of Jamkhandi taluk towards the north east.

headed towards

Gan Ning headed towards Guan Yu's position at night.

So he rallied 6,000 soldiers and headed towards Egypt.

For her seventh effort, the boat headed towards Africa.

progress towards   (への進歩)

In the years since its independence, India has made immense progress towards food security.

Goals and progress towards goals are often facilitated by subjective measuring and scaling.

Thus the book is a manual on how to make progress towards what is necessary and sufficient for happiness.

towards the west

Originally, the storm moved slowly towards the west.

In 1871, the nave was lengthened some 4 metres towards the west.

Early on August 23, Tembin slowed down even further, to under towards the west.

towards more

It also pushed progressive folk towards more traditional material.

They abandoned rotoscopy and moved away from realistic art style towards more experimental forms.

Because of global warming there has been a marked trend towards more variable and anomalous weather.

towards the rear

The kitchen block was towards the rear of the site.

Pairs have a fin towards the rear, to help prevent roll and yaw.

Their spine also curves high towards the rear when fleeing from predators.

hostility towards   (への敵意)

Menard has a pronounced hostility towards organized labor.

Nasution soon began developing an attitude of hostility towards Yani.

There was great hostility towards the Volunteers in some parts of the city.

west towards

Ballia District Maniar is west towards this place.

Saran District Sonpur is west towards this place.

Its western wall conventionally faces west towards Mecca.

towards women

"Ye" also includes West expressing his thoughts towards women.

His mother's failure to request his return was a factor in his dissatisfied attitude towards women.

Because of the WLM, the attitude of men towards women in pubs in Wales changed, becoming less taboo.

towards each

Dolphins engage in acts of aggression towards each other.

Team members display high levels of mutual trust towards each other.

Both these gangs have great enmity towards each other and are always seen fighting.

steps towards   (へのステップ)

It was one of the major steps towards the modernization and Europeanization of Lithuania.

They also made the first steps towards comedy film with the slapstick of "L'Arroseur Arrosé".

One of the earliest steps towards atomic physics was the recognition that matter was composed of "atoms".

tendency towards   (傾向)

Sagan warned against humans' tendency towards anthropocentrism.

There is a tendency towards [ɔw], but in MØJy [ow] can be found instead.

Some of them also describe a marked increase in anger and a tendency towards violence."

first step towards   (への第一歩)

This was their first step towards a record deal.

It was the first step towards the Neolithic Revolution.

A first step towards a new popular government was made.

towards each other   (お互いに向かって)

Dolphins engage in acts of aggression towards each other.

Team members display high levels of mutual trust towards each other.

Both these gangs have great enmity towards each other and are always seen fighting.

shifted towards   (にシフト)

His political views shifted towards Whiggery, especially anti-Jackson.

Between the late 1890s and 1905, the party shifted towards De Leonism.

Recently the spotlight has shifted towards point-based volumetric capture.

marched towards

The troops marched towards Ornontowice, then Mikołów.

Charles meanwhile wheeled about and marched towards London.

He left Adrianople with 15,000 soldiers and marched towards Albania.

counted towards   (にカウント)

Sales of "Fire" counted towards the EP's chart placement.

All races counted towards the final championship standings.

These medals are not counted towards the individual NOC medal tally.

movement towards

In addition, there has been a movement towards examining children's L2 acquisition.

Effective altruism is part of the larger movement towards evidence-based practices.

The evidence-based education movement has its roots in the larger movement towards evidence-based-practices.

hostile towards   (敵対する)

After the war, most people distrusted and became hostile towards Mageborn.

She also likes Daniel's chubby body, while cold to hostile towards his beautiful one.

They denied he was hostile towards Jews or that his actions had been motivated by anti-Semitism.

worked towards

Subsequently, he worked towards a master's in chemistry at the same institution.

He was a considered to be a gentleman of liberal views and worked towards the advancement of women.

During this time, he actively worked towards the creation of Les Creux Country Park, near Beauport bay.

approach towards   (へのアプローチ)

Mystory is Ulmer's new approach towards learning in general.

The Berkeley Mafia's liberal approach towards economics was not supported by all.

When Thomas died, he left the New World with a new rational approach towards thought.

go towards

These funds go towards the expansion of the trail system.

The connector was modified to only go towards the Circle.

= Fought as an alternate bout, does not go towards team record.

towards the apex

shell has 4-5 whorls and the spire tapers towards the apex.

'Foxtail' develops broad pale blue panicles which taper rapidly towards the apex.

Male upperside: purplish blue with in certain lights a refulgent (resplendent) silvery iridescence, most conspicuous along the costa of the forewing, forewings and hindwings: a very narrow black edging to the terminal margins narrower on the hindwing than on the forewing, not dilated towards the apex of the latter.

towards other   (他の方へ)

This fish can be aggressive towards other cardinal fish.

The fish has not shown any aggression towards other fish in the tank.

Occasionally, dolphins behave sexually towards other animals, including humans.

targeted towards   (に向けて)

These books were targeted towards younger readers.

Sefaira is targeted towards architects, engineers, consultants and building designers.

"Pwera Usog" was targeted towards a young demographic particularly the "urban millennial".

efforts towards

As the dean, he made many efforts towards securing adequate funds for the institute.

Despite his efforts towards international peace, Carnegie faced many dilemmas on his quest.

He made special efforts towards the development of the University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

going towards

The platform was on the right of trains going towards Launceston.

It is down a short street off the road going towards Florence Falls.

Monsoon, 1971 of helpless people was going towards the liberated zone.

points towards

But one day Victoria gets murdered and all the evidences points towards Shashank.

This evidence points towards the first known case of eusociality in a marine animal.

When she wakes up in the emergency room she points towards Karan's brother, Vimal who is arrested.

towards the city

45 and travels east then northeast towards the city of Nazas.

It heads north on a rural two-lane highway towards the city of Dixon.

Here, the route continues as city route s101 towards the city centre.

down towards   (に向かって)

"Indiaglitz" wrote "Thee begins brisk but doused down towards the climax.

A Pratt truss has vertical members and diagonals that slope down towards the center.

aimed towards   (向けた)

It is aimed towards 3D designers who want to create realistic images using a CAD programme.

The airline's on board cuisine was aimed towards the Italian market, with Italian foods and drinks.

He named it Family Dollar for the affordability of its products and the demographic that it was aimed towards.

turn towards

At the top of the ramp, turn towards the mountains.

In Latin, "advertere" means "to turn towards".

Altai people would turn towards the sunrise when praying.

road towards   (への道)

Not far along the road towards Ruthven Barracks is the small privately owned Speyside Distillery.

Soon afterwards, a trap pulls out of the stable yard and goes along the road towards Chesterfield.

Expansion of the road towards Cameroon through Pala and Léré is reportedly in the preparatory stages.

moves towards

The panel's granularity of detail recedes as the viewers's eye moves towards the background.

The American Revolution began with rejection of Parliamentary authority and moves towards self-government.

Meghanada arrests Indra moves towards Lanka along with Sulochana and throws Indra at the feet of his father.

up towards

I swarm up towards the sunlight, gasping for air.

By then, the system sped up towards landmass.

The terrain then rises up towards Mount Polovnik (1,480 m).

line towards

A planned extension of the line towards was never built.

The next station on the line towards Carlisle was Carlisle and the preceding station was Wreay.

The next station on the line towards Carlisle was Wreay and the preceding station was Calthwaite.

attention towards   (に注意)

Kilpatrick then turned his attention towards the Snicker's Gap Turnpike.

Through the success of the single, Baby attracted much attention towards his mixtape.

Ex Nihilo then turns her attention towards Manteau's H-Dial wanting to know how it works.

contribution towards   (への貢献)

Another contribution towards his political downfall was the fact he was a great critic of Woodrow Wilson.

Another characteristic of the new cybernetics is its contribution towards bridging the "micro-macro gap".

He also made a contribution towards the soundtrack to the video games "", released 2014 and "", released 2017.

towards the front   (前に向かって)

They first walked towards the rear of the train and then towards the front.

Geroux stated that he wanted to be towards the front early but Restoring Hope became rank.

Here they attach to the host with their front sucker oriented towards the front of the fish.

head towards   (に向かって)

In this episode the roadies head towards Mount Abu.

They head towards a large pillar structure where Dr.

After that it turns south to head towards Alexandria.

contributed towards

This style may have contributed towards Athenian realism.

He has significantly contributed towards the Agni series of surface-to-surface missiles.

He contributed towards the construction of Chilean houses and the introduction of a "Chilean Mass".

march towards   (行進する)

Dramali rejected this plan and decided to carry out his march towards Nafplion.

Formations march towards the bottom by moving to the side of the screen and then downward.

Soon afterwards he gathered approximately 2000 men and began a fast march towards the seat of the starost of Cherkasy.

went towards

A few men went towards north and arrived to Vágur, where they got help.

Vladimir took his severed head and went towards the site of his future church.

All proceeds went towards the memorial fund for the victims and their families.

advancing towards

Development of the Platreef and Kipushi projects also are advancing towards production.

The 10th R.B advancing towards the canal between Marcoing and Les Rues Vertes, and the 10th R.B.

In 1683, a new war broke out between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottomans, with a large Ottoman army advancing towards Vienna.

hatred towards   (憎悪)

As Zelena disappears, Hansel's hatred towards witches begins.

Grouchy Smurf refuses to join the party, expressing his hatred towards Christmas.

They do not trust the father, George Spitalny, and Maggie develops a hatred towards him.

towards the center

The members walk in sync towards the center stage.

The view is from the , looking towards the center of the plaza.

A Pratt truss has vertical members and diagonals that slope down towards the center.

bias towards   (に偏る)

This bias towards shape increases with age.

Criticism was also leveled at MediaCorp's bias towards Jeanette Aw.

However, accusations of bias towards acts who offer exclusive access persist.

heads towards   (に向かって)

Turning westward, the canal heads towards Stockton locks.

Now the road heads towards Goshen passing through Benton on the way.

At this point, the road takes a sharp turn northwest and heads towards Lower Jemseg.

direction towards

The entrance is located at the "qibla" (indicator of direction towards Mecca) wall.

From there Highway 387 heads in a more northeasterly direction towards its east end.

From the inner slopes of the plateau numerous wadis take a direction towards the Sahara.

million towards

The Wellcome Trust donated £2 million towards the DRC outbreak.

As of 2011, the organization has raised more than $72 million towards these goals.

In February 2019 he had promised $5 million towards gun control legislation lobbying.

leaning towards   (寄りかかる)

Paasikivi cabinet had been leaning towards Imperial Germany.

Decisions were leaning towards a bicameral style government.

Reception towards "Dandara" was generally mixed, leaning towards positive.

towards the top

The eyes are small and placed towards the top of the head.

Thighs were green towards the top and yellow towards the feet.

Tapering towards the top the fort is plastered with clay masonry.

inclined towards   (に傾いた)

Most were Jewish and politically inclined towards leftwing politics.

People grow more materialistic and less inclined towards spirituality.

Aurangzeb specifically was inclined towards a highly fundamentalist approach.

stance towards   (への姿勢)

During the Russian Civil War, Yang had a friendly stance towards the new Soviet state.

He tries to explain the reversal of his stance towards Philip after the siege of Olynthus.

Perić has the same stance towards the alleged Marian apparitions of Medjugorje as his predecessor Pavao Žanić.

towards the town   (町に向かって)

It runs northeast towards the town center and interchanges with I-89 at Exit 4.

Two Iranian regiments began to move towards the town of Nir to confront the invaders.

Route 21 runs through the rural areas of Putnam as it heads north towards the town of Thompson.

path towards

The group must help Maki avoid Kandori's path towards isolation and his current actions.

Board-riding stages put Klonoa on a fixed, continuously-moving path towards the end goal.

This purpose is an Islamic obligation, as science must be the basis for the path towards God.

contribute towards   (に貢献する)

A wide range of physiological factors may trigger or contribute towards a diving accident.

The exhibitions help promote the work of members and contribute towards a professional code of ethics.

Throughout 1921 he worked alongside his maternal uncle Luigi so as to contribute towards keeping himself in school.

towards the middle

Vein 2 of the forewing towards the middle of the cell.

Domitia was born sometime towards the middle of the first century.

It is wider at the top and, towards the middle, has five to nine petals.

biased towards   (偏った)

The waltzing fly sex ratio is strongly biased towards females.

Analysis shows this type of game is biased towards the don't pass and don't come bets.

Currency converters usually display a value that is not biased towards buying or selling.

towards the centre

There is a spring which feeds a pond towards the centre of the site.

This made the Poles retreat towards the centre of Praga and then towards Vistula.

Hutton Moor End is set in an open area with wide views towards the centre of the north Lakes.

policies towards

The insignia was inspired by Joseph Stalin and his policies towards Germany.

This prompted Peraza's push to pursue generous and reconciliation policies towards Venezuelan exiles from the war.

They also carry out evidence based policy work to try to influence and improve government policies towards their clients.

pointing towards

On the left side of the painting a monkey is seen pointing towards the pair from a window.

Many native residents remember the ruins of the monument which was pointing towards the Rand House.

Further, the dissent cited the Reconstruction Era legislative history pointing towards a narrower interpretation.

made towards

This concert saw large donations being made towards this campaign.

Donations were made towards the altar, altar cross, vestments, font, pulpit, and communion plate.

This argument made towards school vouchers reflect the way the organization values public education.

not count towards

† Race did not count towards the World Championship.

These WCT events did not count towards the standings.

Solo appearances by either of the two would not count towards the duet count.

towards west

It is located 75 KM towards west from District head quarters Palakkad.

It is located 14 KM towards west from District head quarters Thrissur.

The area around Simba is hilly towards west, but flat towards the east.

towards high

The courses count towards high school graduation requirements and towards earning a college degree.

resentment towards   (への恨み)

This resulted in more suspicion and resentment towards the church.

Hagnauer implemented a strict regime, creating resentment towards the new lords.

A late essay, "On University Philosophy", expressed his resentment towards the work conducted in academies.

animosity towards   (敵意)

However, there was a growing animosity towards these practices.

Prior to the American Revolution, Washington never displayed any animosity towards slavery.

Skinner has been repeatedly criticized for his supposed animosity towards Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis, and psychodynamic psychology.

positive towards   (に向かってポジティブ)

Critics were generally positive towards "Black & Blue".

Reviewers were generally positive towards the music video.

However, some critics were positive towards its catchiness and club-nature.