Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

bell tower   (Tháp chuông)

A fire on April 30, 1970 destroyed the bell tower.

The rebuilt bell tower has a ring of eight bells.

The front facade features a 2 1/2-story bell tower.

clock tower   (tháp đồng hồ)

It is unknown when Bitola's clock tower was built.

The romanesque clock tower is from the 12th Century.

The clock tower was unveiled on 31 October 1888.

water tower   (Tháp nước)

The school was located opposite the water tower.

At the very top of the neighborhood is a water tower.

This was housed in a shed next to the former water tower.

control tower   (Tháp điều khiển)

The control tower from the airfield is maintained as a museum.

The fort's last fire control tower was demolished in late 2001.

The air traffic control tower was demolished in the fall of 2013.

conning tower   (tháp conning)

The forward conning tower had 9 in thick sides.

Her conning tower had 12-inch-thick sides.

tower was built

It is unknown when Bitola's clock tower was built.

The tower was built sometime between 1586 and 1617.

The tower was built at the end of the 16th century.

west tower

The west tower is built of slate and of two stages.

The west tower is above low water, with of masonry.

The church has a nave, a chancel, and a west tower.

central tower

The central tower rises to an open crown steeple.

The central tower has two Windows, and one side.

The central tower is decorated with gargoyles.

square tower

It was a short, square tower constructed of wood.

The 57-foot high square tower was added in 1912.

The structure is dominated by a central, square tower.

office tower

Upon opening, it was Las Vegas' only Class A green office tower.

Radio Network House was a 14-storey office tower constructed in 1986.

The building was razed in 1972 to make way for a 33-story office tower.

tower house

Derryhiveny Castle is a tower house of four storeys.

"Peel tower": A small fortified keep or tower house.

Daniel then set about building himself a tower house.

observation tower

A spur trail connects to an observation tower atop Great Hill.

An observation tower is located on the forest's Prospect Hill Tract.

It features a restaurant, outdoor playground and an observation tower.

church tower

Yet this is no church tower, but a free-standing keep tower".

The church tower has a peal of eight bells in the key of E flat.

It was originally intended for the church tower to have a spire.

new tower

The new tower was opened in 2012 with 38 floors.

The new tower was inaugurated on April 9, 1935.

A new tower was activated in September 2009.

round tower   (tháp tròn)

The large round tower was in height and in diameter.

It is similar to the round tower at neighbouring Little Saxham.

It is asymmetric in plan and has a round tower with a conical roof.

tower was added

In 1892 a tower was added and a reredos installed.

The 57-foot high square tower was added in 1912.

The tower was added in the years after 1500.

tower blocks

These tower blocks were 19, 19 and 16 storeys high respectively.

Two of the tower blocks have 14 storeys while the other two have 12.

Some tower blocks were demolished and replaced by small-scale, low-rise residential areas.

main tower   (tháp chính)

At the center of the castle stands the main tower.

Its main tower is featured in the town's emblem.

According to Foekema, it looks like the "nose" of the main tower.

tower built

It replaced an octagonal granite tower built in 1839.

The Funkturm Berlin is a -tall lattice radio tower built between 1924 and 1926.

On the west side of the church there is an adjacent quadrangular tower built in 1806.

tower located

It is a truss tower located in the summit of Poppenberg.

There is a clock tower located in the Edmonton Court of Portage Place.

Torre Rossa The Torre Rossa (Italian for "Red Tower") is a Romanesque tower located in Asti, Italy.

residential tower

On its site a new tall residential tower was built.

In 1996, Vi purchased its first residential tower of La Jolla Village in San Diego, California.

In 1918 they acquired a corn tower near Regen, which they refurbished into a residential tower.

corner tower

The exterior features Flemish-style gables and a corner tower.

This range incorporated an earlier corner tower and the 14th-century chapel.

This castle was destroyed by fire in 1755, with the exception of the corner tower.

tower block

Embassy Court was Brighton's first tower block.

The first tower block, named Hoogoord, was completed in 1968.

The nearby Bedford Hotel provided a model of a mixed-use tower block with hotel accommodation below residential flats.

tower is located

The KRDK-TV tower is located just from the KVLY tower.

Maasthiyar's memorial tower is located in the village.

A water tower is located on the hill.

stone tower

The stone tower mill was built in 1822 with four floors and a thatched "cap".

Scheffer, for reasons of cost, planned a small wooden bell tower instead of a stone tower.

The lighthouse is a small, square, stone keeper's cottage with a cylindrical stone tower, high.

octagonal tower

The new octagonal tower was completed in 1934.

The octagonal tower is crowned by a crenellated battlement.

The house features an octagonal tower on its northeast corner.

tower contains

The tower contains three bells which are hung dead.

The small, squat tower contains a set of 8 tubular bells.

The 21-story tower contains 90 residences.

lookout tower   (tháp canh)

Warwick Fire Tower is a fire lookout tower on the summit of the mountain.

After the wooden tower burnt down, a modern fire lookout tower was built in 1960.

A wooden fire lookout tower was constructed on Bear Swamp Hill (elevation ) in 1915.

radio tower

A fire tower originally stood where the WJMJ radio tower now stands.

The flagpole in North Korea actually is a radio tower with a flag on top.

The Aufi is a radio tower in steel and concrete, with a diameter of 6 metres.

tower was completed

The new octagonal tower was completed in 1934.

The broadcast tower was completed by 1953.

Construction began in 2007 and the tower was completed 2009.

tower houses

The tower houses the theater entrance and box office.

The Martello tower houses the RMC Museum.

The tower houses a ring of four bells.

tower was constructed

The tower was constructed shortly after 1532.

A photo finish tower was constructed in 1952.

The tower was constructed in limestone.

transmitter tower

KQED's transmitter tower was originally on San Bruno Mountain.

The KNTV transmitter tower is now located on San Bruno Mountain.

The transmitter tower is off Park Hamilton Boulevard in Pine Hills.

tower and spire   (tháp và ngọn tháp)

In 1869 the tower and spire were added.

In 1971 the church was demolished except for the tower and spire.

In 1998 the tower and spire were also demolished to make way for a shopping complex.

tower mill

About south of Lower Tysoe is an 18th-century tower mill.

The stone tower mill was built in 1822 with four floors and a thatched "cap".

Stembridge Mill is a tower mill, a type of windmill which consists of a brick or stone tower, on top of which sits a roof or cap which can be turned to bring the sails into the wind.

north tower

The north tower has a gabled roof.

The rope mechanism of the north tower can be seen as visitors exit the lift.

The north tower contains four bells, the largest of which weighs 3000 pounds.

tall tower

The antennas for both systems rotate atop a tall tower.

The fire rose through the 168-foot tall tower sending ashes across the city.

They plan to bring down Vetvix's ship using the antenna on top of a tall tower nearby.

transmission tower   (tháp truyền)

In 2003, a new transmission tower was erected.

At its summit there is a television transmission tower.

The transmitter has an old and a new transmission tower.

tower stands

Finished in 2008, the tower stands 269 metres tall.

Its tower stands on the west side of the church.

The bell tower stands alone, quite separate from the church.

brick tower

The lighthouse is a tall white brick tower on a granite foundation.

The four-storey tarred red brick tower had walls, was high and had a base.

The light was in a brick tower, built by the Colony of South Carolina in 1767.

tower rises

The central tower rises to an open crown steeple.

A square bell tower rises to the church's left.

The tower rises 20 floors and in height.

broadcast tower

The broadcast tower was completed by 1953.

A KREM broadcast tower was also attacked in 1992 at Baldy Beacon in the Cayo District.

Studios are located in Newton and its broadcast tower is located east of Lincolnton, North Carolina at ().

fire tower   (tháp lửa)

Another fire tower was soon opened in Barakula State Forest.

A fire tower addition was built in 1936.

In spring of 2010, the fire tower was completely rehabilitated.

watch tower

During the War of 1812, the observatory was used as a watch tower.

A stone observation tower patterned after a medieval watch tower stands at the summit.

The brick watch tower at the intersection of the two streets is now a protected structure.

south tower

The south tower was built in the 16th century and at the top bears a 17th-century "flèche".

As the south tower burned, she asked the operator, ""Can you stay on the line with me, please?

The building was completely buried by the collapse of the south tower of the World Trade Center.

tower above

Its twin spires are 96.1 metres tall, and tower above the town's rooftops.

There are eight braced sections to the tower above an unbraced bottom section.

There were many Greek philosophers, but three names tower above the rest: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

wooden tower

In 1864 a wooden tower was built that lasted until 1873.

To the west, it had a small wooden tower.

In 1864 the wooden tower and dormer window were both swept away.

second tower

It was opened in connection with the second tower.

In 1870, a second tower was built in its east side.

This second tower greatly increased the available office space.

tower dates

The current tower dates from the 16th century.

The tower dates from the late 15th century.

The bell tower dates to the 16th century.

cooling tower

A large cooling tower was added in 1954 and was the largest in Europe at the time.

The station used a single hyperboloid induced draft cooling tower, which stood tall.

The "chaudron", the plant's old cooling tower is the only remnant of the plant's presence.

original tower

The original tower was replaced with the present lighthouse in 1857.

The original tower was replaced in 1824 by Smith's stepson Robert Stevenson.

Carman’s original tower was replaced with the current structure in the early 1980s.

hotel tower

The island's hotel tower doubled for the film's "Starliner Tower" apartment building.

The second hotel tower opened in 1984 along with the showroom, and the third tower was opened in 1989.

By April 1999, there were plans to add a 19-story hotel tower to the property, adding an additional 507 rooms.

tower near   (tháp gần)

The slide tower near the entrance contains the park's main thrill slides.

On August 13, 1963, channel 11 moved to its current tower near Blanchard.

In 1918 they acquired a corn tower near Regen, which they refurbished into a residential tower.

old tower

The old tower was built between 1936 and 1937.

The old tower was demolished by Reginald Earl of Cornwall.

It seems that the old tower lasted till 1602 when it blew down.

tower was erected

In 2003, a new transmission tower was erected.

The clock tower was erected around 1800–50.

The tower was erected in 1956, it is tall and made of reinforced concrete.

high tower

The house was originally an Elizabethan red brick house with an 80 foot high tower.

Also known as the Torre del Homenaje, it contains the Gallery and the 25-meter high tower.

Torre dei Lamberti The Torre dei Lamberti is an 84 m high tower in Verona, northern Italy.

western tower   (tháp phía tây)

From 1473 to 1521, the western tower was built around the Romanesque tower.

The eastern tower dates from 1067–68, and the western tower dates from 1093.

The church had a large western tower, with a clockface, and had a graveyard.

first tower

Embassy Court was Brighton's first tower block.

The first tower was built of stones found on the island.

The first tower was built in 1984, and the second in 2001.

traffic control tower   (tháp kiểm soát giao thông)

The air traffic control tower was demolished in the fall of 2013.

Improvements over the years include runway lights in 1935 to the new air traffic control tower in 2005.

In 1930, the airport was the site of the first airfield lighting system and the first air traffic control tower.

tower collapsed

In 1968, the right tower collapsed after a storm.

He and 36 other officers died when the tower collapsed.

The bell tower collapsed in 1405 and was rebuilt in 1425.

tallest tower

The tallest tower was topped-out in September 2007.

The largest and tallest tower is the Crown Tower on the southwest corner.

The CN Tower was the tallest tower by this definition until 2010 (see below).