Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

small town   (pequeño pueblo)

The small town of Bishop's Castle is to the south.

The family ran a small town store called The Hub.

Kiryakov was born in the small town of Lesicheri.

town centre   (centro de la ciudad)

Ubli consists of a town centre and a few villages.

The town centre is located on the Varatella banks.

It is located to the south of Panmure town centre.

town hall   (Ayuntamiento)

The building was used as the town hall until 1907.

The town hall is on Blackburn Road near The Arcade.

The previous town hall, built in 1871, was obsolete.

home town   (pueblo natal)

Shaken, Stanley returns to her home town with Roy.

He is buried in his home town next to his parents.

Vidor directed the scenes in Smith's home town.

near the town   (cerca del pueblo)

There are five major national parks near the town.

In 2002 Legoland built a theme park near the town.

It is located near the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

through the town   (por el pueblo)

After passing through the town, it enters the R.M.

The Captain Cook Highway passes through the town.

The Ancient Miao River () flows through the town.

new town   (nuevo pueblo)

The 1870s were boom years for this new town.

The new town is at the bottom of the hill, in the valley.

The new town was the first English settlement in the state.

town council   (Ayuntamiento de la ciudad)

Dauphinee served on the town council for Shelburne.

Naranjal established its first town council in 1814.

However, he can remain as member of the town council.

market town   (el mercado del pueblo)

In the Middle Ages it was a flourishing market town.

Until the Second World War it was a major market town.

It received the status of market town in 1810.

old town   (pueblo Viejo)

The neighbourhood is part of the historical old town.

Nanxun Town, an old town, is located in the district.

In 1707 a fire destroyed large parts of the old town.

ghost town   (ciudad muerta)

It also neighbors a small ghost town called Yukon.

By the 1990s Dalmianagar looked like a ghost town.

The complex became a ghost town throughout the 1980s.

town located   (pueblo ubicado)

The village is a medieval town located on a tuff hill.

Ņivņiki Ņivņiki is a town located in Ludza District, Latvia.

Atlit Atlit () is a coastal town located south of Haifa, Israel.

nearby town   (cerca del pueblo)

Metro links exist in the nearby town of Mislata.

She does make some wishes which improves a nearby town.

The first mention dates to the nearby town of Tapogliano.

town center   (centro de la ciudad)

The arena is located to the north of the town center.

The town center is situated around the port.

In 2018, the creation of a new town center has been decided.

around the town   (alrededor del pueblo)

There are many other side streets around the town.

Several quarters were built around the town centre.

Now touristic hotels are being built around the town.

within the town   (dentro de la ciudad)

The Inhul River Park partly falls within the town.

There were nine other private schools within the town.

Among the churches within the town limits are:

town and municipality   (ciudad y municipio)

Pukë Pukë () is a town and municipality in northern Albania.

The town and municipality are located in the Tulancingo Valley.

Kelheim Kelheim is a town and municipality in Bavaria, Germany.

town and commune   (ciudad y comuna)

Chorfa, Mascara Chorfa is a town and commune in Algeria.

Pavia (disambiguation) Pavia is a town and commune in Italy.

Souarekh Souarekh is a town and commune in El Taref Province, Algeria.

town is located   (el pueblo esta ubicado)

The town is located next to the Strait of Malacca.

The town is located on a hilly area, above sea level.

The town is located northwest of Papineauville.

largest town   (ciudad mas grande)

It is the second largest town of Aksu Prefecture.

Its capital is Marsabit and its largest town Moyale.

The largest town is Rønne, the seat, in the southwest.

town site   (sitio de la ciudad)

The Big Sandy River runs to the east of the town site.

Two years later, a town site was laid out.

Today ranches surround the town site.

mining town   (ciudad minera)

In 1345 Nová Baňa became a "free royal mining town".

David moves to a mining town in northwest Australia.

The community was once a prominent mining town.

coastal town   (ciudad costera)

The commune also include the coastal town of Iloca.

He was born in the coastal town of Karachi, Pakistan.

Atlit Atlit () is a coastal town located south of Haifa, Israel.

main town   (ciudad principal)

It is also the name of the main town in the parish.

Aberdare East includes the main town of Aberdare.

The scene shows the main town of the Island."

town was named   (la ciudad fue nombrada)

The town was named after Parkes' home.

The town was named for the family.

The town was named after Francis, who owned most of the land in the area.

center of town   (El centro de la ciudad)

The Torii River flows through the center of town.

Many bars are situated in the center of town.

Here, it briefly joins US 19 through the center of town.

town line   (línea de la ciudad)

The stadium itself sits just over the town line in neighboring Hadley.

The Genesee River defines the western town line, and Conesus Lake defines the eastern town line.

town became   (la ciudad se convirtió)

(In 1965, the town became part of Greater London.)

In 1795 the town became part of the Russian Empire.

That town became Wasko's new home for over 15 years.

nearest town   (ciudad más cercana)

The nearest town is Whitecliffs 2 km to the south.

The nearest town is Whitecliffs 2 km to the north.

town square   (plaza de la ciudad)

It's the largest town square in the country.

The district includes the town square.

In 2010 the town square was renovated.

town near   (ciudad cerca)

He is also mayor of Allauch, a town near Marseille.

Thompson grew up in a small town near Vancouver.

He also founded a walled town near the castle.

census town   (ciudad del censo)

The three blocks contain 33 gram panchayats and one census town.

The only census town under this block is Bhangri Pratham Khanda.

Urban area under this block comprises one census town: Khagrabari.

outside the town   (fuera de la ciudad)

There is a raised ring fort at Dunwiley, outside the town.

It lay just outside the town of Nykøbing.

A signpost outside the town lists the town's population at 9.

county town   (ciudad del condado)

It is about south of Chelmsford, the county town.

The village of Leeds is from the county town.

The concept of a county town is ill-defined and unofficial.

town status   (estado de la ciudad)

Bobowa regained its town status on January 1, 2009.

It obtained the town status in the 15th century.

The settlement holding town status is Kurbnesh.

town itself   (pueblo en sí)

The town itself is at 785 metres above sea level.

The town itself is about 4 km from the coast.

The town itself was incorporated in 1985.

town lies   (mentiras de la ciudad)

The town lies on the east bank of the Taro River.

The town lies 536 km north-north-east of Bangkok.

The town lies within the Piedmont region of Virginia.

town called   (pueblo llamado)

It also neighbors a small ghost town called Yukon.

Levač comprises 32 villages and one town called Rekovac:

Felicity lives in a fictional town called Little Blossoming.

fictional town   (pueblo ficticio)

Felicity lives in a fictional town called Little Blossoming.

Jeff Daggett is a mechanic in the fictional town of Rockett, Arizona.

In the first film, Gizmo's offspring rampaged through a small fictional town.

through town   (a través de la ciudad)

Gila refused and chased him through town with his gun.

The river Hron flows through town.

From there it follows Water, Bridge, Mill and State streets through town.

border town   (pueblo fronterizo)

Bojonegoro than became important border town.

Born in the border town of Didymoteicho, she grew up in Thessaloniki.

It is over the Khunjerab Pass from Sust, which is the Pakistani border town.

town was founded   (la ciudad fue fundada)

The town was founded by the Elk Horn Coal Company.

The town was founded by the commune of Asti in 1275.

The town was founded by Makhdoom Mir Muhammad.

native town   (ciudad nativa)

It is filmed in Ferlito's native town of Burgio.

He died in 1894 in his native town of Aarau.

He died in his native town Châtillon-lès-Dombes on 1 July 1828.

former town   (antigua ciudad)

Bardowiek Bardowiek () is a former town in Germany.

Bonzo A hired worker, former town drunk.

Frog A hired worker, former town drunk.

rural town   (pueblo rural)

Abdelwahab was born in the rural town of Faiyum.

Dunn grew up in the then rural town of Hartland, Michigan.

Walters grew up poor in the rural town of Munfordville, Kentucky.

first town   (primer pueblo)

On 28 June 1976, the first town area was proclaimed.

Naranjal established its first town council in 1814.

The first town meeting was held the next year on April 26, 1972.

resort town   (ciudad de vacaciones)

It is a popular resort town and a gateway to the Angkor region.

Wormhout is twinned with the resort town of Llandudno, Conwy, Wales.

The resort town of La Mazzanta is also included in the municipality.

modern town   (ciudad moderna)

It is approximately from the modern town of Hershey.

It lies about 4km east of the modern town of Svishtov.

The closest modern town is Beech Island, South Carolina.

original town   (pueblo original)

Church Hill was named for the churches near the original town site.

The community was named for the white hills near the original town site.

The community was named for a tract of forest near the original town site.

when the town   (cuando el pueblo)

It was until 1690 when the town was officially established.

It dates from 1828, when the town of Columbus was founded, or before.

The opera was revived in Weimar in 1999, when the town was European Capital of Culture.

leave town   (dejar la ciudad)

Weeks later, Wallace and Esther leave town.

He requests that Vincente attempt to get her to leave town.

They share information and decide that Nest should leave town.

around town   (alrededor del pueblo)

He frequently directs Dan’s routes around town.

He then goes around town shouting "murder".

As Santos, Cabo and Peyote evade them, they wander around town.

company town   (ciudad de la empresa)

West Pullman is not a part of the historic Pullman company town.

The Grass Creek Fuel Company established its own company town at Grass Creek.

The surrounding town was named after Redfield Proctor and became a company town.

part of town   (parte de la ciudad)

There is a part of town still called Kottar, so the old name remains.

The three highways begin a concurrency into the northern part of town.

The ancient part of town is still partly surrounded by medieval walls.

side of town   (lado de la ciudad)

The land was one acre on the north side of town sold to Stephen Deane.

In another side of town, the widowed Guan Chunlong has a pawn shop business.

US 460 continues along the east side of town before it collects the other end of US 460 Bus.

serving the town   (sirviendo a la ciudad)

It is measured from via and is one of three stations serving the town (the others are and ).

Chard branch line The Chard branch lines were two lines serving the town of Chard in Somerset, England.

It is situated on the Saint-Cyr to Surdon line, serving the town of Nonancourt, in the Eure department of Normandy.

town planning   (Urbanismo)

(1896–1966) was an architect and town planning consultant.

Both councils are involved in town planning and road maintenance.

Surunga, Kankai is famous for nice town planning, clean road and bus stand.


It is housed in the town’s old primary school.

Some Jews were shot dead near the town’s railway station.

Botocan Falls and the town’s scenery were uniquely famous.

town grew   (la ciudad creció)

By 2011, the town grew to a population of 7084.

The plans to build a town grew slowly as the place become crowded.

The town grew enough to justify the building of a new school in 1910.

ancient town   (pueblo antiguo)

Zhangjiang was an ancient town with a long history.

Nearby is the site of the ancient town of Cantanus.

Awbube is an ancient town in the Awbare district.

entire town   (pueblo entero)

A fire in 1884 almost destroyed the entire town.

In 1842, the entire town burned down and did not recover.

A second fire in 1869 destroyed practically the entire town.

town meeting   (reunión de la ciudad)

The first town meeting was held the next year on April 26, 1972.

It is the site of the Town of Newfane's first town meeting, April 6, 1824.

lodge / town meeting hall (1868), Morgantown Garage (1920), and fire hall (1921).

town is situated   (la ciudad está situada)

The town is situated in the Nileshwar-Konnakkad Road.

The majority of the town is situated on Tyrrel's Bay.

The town is situated in the Hron river valley.

town s   (el pueblo)

It is housed in the town’s old primary school.

Some Jews were shot dead near the town’s railway station.

Botocan Falls and the town’s scenery were uniquely famous.

town limits   (límites de la ciudad)

Among the churches within the town limits are:

Route 146A is completely within the town limits of Uxbridge.

Pleasant Road, and therefore, not in "corporate" town limits.

port town   (ciudad portuaria)

Mehta was in born in Mahuva, a port town in Gujarat.

It is an important port town on the Baltic Sea.

It was a thriving port town from the 1870s to the 1930s.

serves the town   (sirve a la ciudad)

It serves the town of Maryborough opening in 1874.

The church today serves the town of Baillieston.

It serves the town of Junee in the Junee Shire.

town is named   (la ciudad se llama)

The town is named after the Abbey of the same name.

The town is named for its asbestos industry.

Loxton, whom the town is named after.

town during   (ciudad durante)

The list includes all fatalities in the town during the Troubles:

It was a mining town during the Socialist era, but the mines have been closed.

FC Shinarar was the football club who represented the town during the Soviet years.

neighboring town   (pueblo vecino)

The neighboring town of Uchihara was annexed in 2005.

They lived in the neighboring town of Sonoma.

town of ancient   (ciudad de la antigua)

Nonacris Nonacris or Nonakris () was a town of ancient Arcadia in the region of Pheneatis northwest of Pheneus, situated in what is now Achaea, southern Greece.

town clerk   (secretario del Ayuntamiento)

Furthermore, she is town clerk of Wijk bij Duurstede.

From 1929 to 1936, he served as town clerk.

Ruth Holmes was the town clerk, Margaret Gage the treasurer.

seaside town   (pueblo costero)

Misano is a seaside town with a few resorts.

A sleepy seaside town, in winter.

"A Clockwork Orange" was written in Hove, then a senescent seaside town.

historic town   (pueblo historico)

It is close to the historic town of Banská Štiavnica.

The historic town is a member of the Cittaslow movement.

Hlukhiv Hlukhiv (originally ), (), () is a small historic town on the Esman River.

town is served   (el pueblo esta servido)

The town is served by the Velikiye Luki Airport.

The town is served by the Staraya Russa Airport.

The town is served by four different rail lines.

industrial town   (ciudad industrial)

Holzminden is now a largely industrial town.

Abovyan was founded by the Soviets as an industrial town.

Rourkela in Sundargarh district is a major industrial town.

left town   (ciudad abandonada)

The next day, he was fired, and left town for good.

On October 1941, 300 out of the 445 left town.

His parents left town on the night of 3 December 2008.

granted town   (ciudad concedida)

In 1997, Måløy was granted town status by the municipality.

It was granted town status in 1991.

It was granted town status in 1948.

town is home   (la ciudad es hogar)

The town is home to a wooden church, built in 1718.

The town is home to a futsal team, the Luparense.

The town is home to the 'ndrina of Teodoro Crea.

spa town   (ciudad balneario)

Salice is the most populated hamlet and a spa town.

the "Bridge of Love") in the spa town of Vrnjačka Banja.

Kováčová neighbors the spa town of Sliač.

large town   (pueblo grande)

The nearest large town and airport is Pescara.

The nearest large town is Chichawatni about to the north.

The nearest large town is Canton, Illinois.

town house   (casa de pueblo)

Robinson died at his town house in Park Terrace on 9 September 1889.

Such houses were often owned by individuals who also owned a town house.

Its first town house, essentially an oversized district school, was built in 1831.

present town   (ciudad actual)

The present town is on the site of Ségou-Sikoro.

Population: The exact origin of the present town of Saky is unknown.

"Lan-stefan-ton") (the name did not then belong to Dunheved the present town).

town walls   (murallas de la ciudad)

In 1886, the town walls and gates were demolished.

The friary was established on a site within Leicester's town walls.

Members of the clergy left the city, and in 1263 the town walls were demolished.

town include   (ciudad incluye)

Activities in the town include processing of copper.

Notable past and present residents of the town include:

The main sources of income for the town include fishing and tourism.

leaves town   (deja la ciudad)

Brenda leaves town, and Skye again pursues Jax.

He then leaves town for his required military service.

Both groups quickly run out of money and McBean leaves town.

town was incorporated   (la ciudad fue incorporada)

of Ritchot was founded in 1890, the town was incorporated into it.

The town was incorporated in 1887.

The town was incorporated in 1858.

little town   (pequeña ciudad)

Described as a ″a picture perfect little town,″ works have included

This little town has the biggest market for ornaments in the whole state.

Ucluelet began to grow along with the sealing industry and became a bustling little town.

between the town   (entre el pueblo)

It runs between the town of Cupids and the city of St. John's.

The park lies between the town of Saratoga and the ridgetop road, Skyline Boulevard.

It lies between the town of Newark-on-Trent and the city and county town of Lincoln.

major town   (ciudad principal)

The nearest major town is Coatbridge, to the east.

Kallissery is the major town in Thiruvanvandoor.

The only major town on the lake is Meningie.

only town   (único pueblo)

The only town of Nandi Parish is Coonabarrabran.

The only town on the island is also named San Marcos.

The only town of the parish is Tilpa, New South Wales.

fortified town   (pueblo fortificado)

White Cairn is located near the Shinriggie fortified town.

Thus, Günzburg refers to a "fortified town by the river Günz".

A fortified town was located at Shinraggie or Shinriggie at the head of Beoch Glen.

town is known   (el pueblo es conocido)

In the California ride, the town is known as Rainbow Ridge.

This small town is known for its traditional fishing industry.

In the "Bordeaux Itinerary", the town is known in Latin as Certa.

founded the town   (fundó la ciudad)

In 1891, he founded the town of Barlow on that land.

He founded the town of Franceville, and was later colonial governor.

He founded the town of Ansonia, and built a dam across the Naugatuck River.

town named   (pueblo llamado)

Another small town named Mortlake was established in 1865.

A town named Tacboan was established by Franciscan priests in 1581.

There is a Knanaya Catholic Church in the town named St. Anne's Church.

captured the town   (capturado el pueblo)

Drake and his men captured the town and its treasure.

ISIS captured the town in 2014.

On 16 October 2016, Turkish-backed rebels captured the town from ISIL.

above the town   (sobre la ciudad)

Ruins of the castle Modrý Kameň stand on a rock pinnacle above the town.

Its twin spires are 96.1 metres tall, and tower above the town's rooftops.

"Burg Sonnenberg" (Sonnenberg Castle) is situated on a mountain spur above the town.

same town   (Mismo pueblo)

Sporting's only rival today is with Académica of the same town.

I knew him well; for he lived and was taught in the same town where I dwell.

Annapurna (Jamuna) is the daughter of Veeraiah, a rich man of the same town.

town and rural   (pueblo y rural)

Ayourou Ayourou (or Ayorou or Ayerou) is a town and rural commune in the Tillabéri Region, in western Niger.

Apart from the Dinhata municipality, the subdivision contains one census town and rural areas of 33 gram panchayats under three community development blocks: Dinhata–I, Dinhata–II and Sitai.

whole town   (toda la ciudad)

The whole town leaves for the clambake.

The whole town is mountainous due to the Sierra Madre Mountains.

In the whole town, the waterways has a total length of 4.5 kilometers.