towns and villages   (町や村)

It contains a number of "frazioni" (towns and villages).

and then sell products to towns and villages requiring them.

They form music bands and parade through towns and villages.

cities and towns

The percentage is greater in northern cities and towns.

The following cities and towns share a border with Lahr.

It passes through most major cities and towns in Kalimantan.

towns and cities

The company expanded to major towns and cities.

List of towns and cities with 100,000 or more inhabitants

A number of towns and cities have rapid transit networks.

other towns   (他の町)

Several minor expeditions took other towns on the sounds.

Several other towns have also small ports.

The only other towns it borders are Schaumburg and Roselle.

small towns

Construction may be done by local contractors in small towns.

Wills and the Playboys also played small towns on the West Coast.

Mestizos lived in small towns scattered throughout the countryside.

nearby towns

Crime is very low in Accrington compared to nearby towns.

The nearby towns surrendered voluntarily.

The village is connected by roads and by rail to nearby towns.

between the towns

It is located halfway between the towns of Hoddesdon and Ware.

The bay is located between the towns of Gouldsboro and Steuben.

The bay is located between the towns of Roque Bluffs and Jonesport.

towns such

However, towns such as Crewe and Winsford have significant deprivation.

It is a panchayath and it has minor towns such as Nakapuzha, and Kaloor.

The road continued through present-day towns such as Leura, Katoomba, and Blackheath.

major towns   (主要な町)

This place connects almost all the other major towns.

The company expanded to major towns and cities.

Nearby major towns are Atholi and Koyilandy.

surrounding towns

Also, there are several state routes that run to surrounding towns.

Middle school students also attend schools in the surrounding towns.

The Miyakoh Bus Company operates buses through Miyazaki City and surrounding towns.

several towns

Vezzano Vezzano refers to several towns in Italy:

The north–south route connected several towns on its route northward from Burlington.

The conflict soon spread to the Idlib Governorate and the SLF captured several towns from HTS.

many towns

), with many towns quickly growing into cities.puntland

It is a custom in many towns and cities.

The route was about 60 miles long and it passed through many towns.

coastal towns   (沿岸の町)

surfing is popular at some coastal towns.

They were Port Captains in coastal towns.

Most coastal towns on the peninsula have substantial jetties.

census towns

The census towns are: Islampur and Harharia Chak.

The census towns are: Khadalgobra and Basantia.

The census towns are: Gopalpur and Harirampur.

towns along

The school started with 400 children from towns along the Laguna Bay.

Later they extended their preaching to various towns along the north shore of Lake Erie.

They likely headed west to one of the growing towns along the Kansas-Iowa-Missouri border area.

smaller towns

In smaller towns, there are mostly hiaces and/or taxis.

The firm was based in Coolgardie and also had branches in various smaller towns.

There were also some 3-star hotels in smaller towns, such as "Hotel Elephant" in Weimar.

villages and towns

Andoni villages and towns are situated on islands.

There are also primary schools in many villages and towns: e.g.

People from surrounding villages and towns come to Allapalli to sell their wares.

larger towns

In the larger towns, the justices are almost always lawyers.

Kaunians are herded into ghettos in Forthweg's cities and larger towns.

The larger towns on the island are located on the coast and have harbours.

neighboring towns   (隣町)

Witnessed by spectators from the municipality and neighboring towns.

The two closest neighboring towns are Arrowbear and Running Springs.

They tried neighboring towns of Rudolstadt, Saalfeld, and Jena without success.

new towns

Several new towns were created in the years following its passing.

The fortified new towns had succeeded the gards as strongholds for the country's defense.

On the other hand, Apollo also encouraged founding new towns and establishment of civil constitution.

through the towns

It passes through the towns of Pedong in northern West Bengal, Rhenok, and Kupup.

The Amblève flows through the towns of Amel, Stavelot, Trois-Ponts, Remouchamps, and Aywaille.

The Werre flows generally north through the towns Detmold, Lage, Bad Salzuflen, Herford and Löhne.

neighbouring towns

Starting in 1935, mergers of neighbouring towns began.

The VVMT bus routes are spread town-wide and also to neighbouring towns and cities.

Bad Schandau was badly hit by the floods, along with neighbouring towns Schona and Pirna.

main towns   (主な町)

The main towns in Thuringia are Suhl and Meiningen.

The main towns on Vanua Levu are Labasa and Savusavu.

The main towns are Elliott and Marlinja.

mining towns

Sawahlunto is one of the mining towns in West Sumatra.

Throughout the Shield there are many mining towns extracting these minerals.

towns include

Today the primary towns include Port Appin and Portnacroish.

Nearby towns include: Inglewood, Wedderburn, St Arnaud and Dunolly.

Nearby towns include Boigbeat (about north west and Culgoa south east.

various towns

Since its conception in 2008, BOSinc has visited various towns.

Later they extended their preaching to various towns along the north shore of Lake Erie.

Lorries also ferry tonnes of cabbage from Kinale location daily to various towns in Kenya.

market towns   (マーケットタウン)

Most of the old market towns have line parish churches.

These settlements served as market towns as well as anchorages.

The district contained 4 market towns and 22 rural municipalities.

following towns

Rossville Rossville is the name of the following towns:

The following towns of Burkina Faso are served by the country's railways:

The telegraph network rapidly expanded from Bathurst to the following towns.

large towns

The nearest large towns are Cheltenham and Swindon.

The EJ&E connects the following cities and large towns:

The term city is still used informally for all large towns.

ghost towns   (ゴーストタウン)

To this end, local authorities have penalized businesses that respected "ghost towns" declared by the separatists.

Many of the towns were far larger during the Gold Rush than they are now, and there are some examples of ghost towns in the region.

The ghost towns of Laquin and Barclay are in close proximity to one another, but Laquin came into existence after Barclay, Pennsylvania.

towns across   (向かいの町)

The practice continued to work on commissions in small towns across Maine.

The project has prompted hundreds of Favorite Poem readings in cities and towns across the country.

It extends the festival's reach by screening its programs in various cities and towns across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

both towns

There are other access points in both towns, some with parking.

Either way, both towns were at the time part of the German Empire.

important towns

This road connects many important towns, expressways and highways.

Other important towns were Porkhov, Koporye, Yama, Oreshek and Korela.

The most important towns are:

number of towns   (町の数)

A number of towns and cities have rapid transit networks.

Later in the war he liberated a number of towns from the French.

Kabanga, Kagera Region Kabanga is one of a number of towns in Tanzania with this name.

includes the towns

Jinghe County includes the towns of Jinghe () and Daheyanzi ().

Monash includes the towns of Warragul, Moe, Wonthaggi, Leongatha and Foster.

Halton (which includes the towns of Runcorn and Widnes) and Warrington became unitary authorities in 1998.

largest towns

The largest towns in the area are Czersk and Tuchola.

The largest towns are Nitra, Komárno, Nové Zámky and Levice.

The largest towns are Döbeln and Grimma.

towns around   (周りの町)

Notable towns around Kashan are Qamsar and Abyaneh, which attract tourists all year around.

The Roman camps surrounding Masada were built by Jewish slaves receiving water from the towns around the lake.

Khan Yunis is located northeast of Rafah, and several towns around Deir el-Balah are located along the coast between it and Gaza City.

rural towns   (田舎町)

Leigh Bale was raised in small rural towns throughout the Western United States.

Groark's support was heaviest in suburban and rural towns in northern Connecticut.

The train stopped occasionally and a few hundred people were forced off at rural towns.

towns throughout

Leigh Bale was raised in small rural towns throughout the Western United States.

Men from villages and towns throughout Zaire spontaneously joined the AFDL's advance.

Double Dutch Girl jumped rope in St. Louis, Chicago, Washington and several small towns throughout the Midwest.

twin towns

Cape Town has nine twin towns and sister cities:

Besides that, Sumgayit and Aktau are twin towns.

Dunaivtsi has two twin towns — Turek () and Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav ().

towns including

Phraya Lawaek, the Khmer king, conscripted Thais from several towns including Chachoengsao to be in his work force.

State Route 161 passes through Columbus, Ohio's capital, and a variety of towns including Plain City, Dublin, and New Albany.

Arab militants were in control of large areas of the countryside and controlled several towns including the Old City, Jerusalem.

towns within

Blahová visited bigger towns within the district.

By November 1987 the Indian Army was in nominal control of all major towns within the Jaffna Peninsula.

The old Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester and Trottier Mill were two former small towns within this municipality.

nearest towns

The nearest towns are Munshirhat, Bargachia and Pantihal.

The nearest towns are Piravom, Kuravilangad and Koothattukulam.

The nearest towns are Campbeltown ( south) and Tarbert ( north).

different towns

While lecturing in different towns, he met R. Hiyya bar Abba, who was lecturing on intricate "halakhic" themes.

A number of rich Portuguese "fidalgos" living in the different towns were attracted to Bassein's climate and location.

Each of these Hoa sub-groups tend to congregate in different towns and one dialect group may predominate over the others.

border towns   (国境の町)

In 1864 the Confederate government tried to use Canada as a base to attack American border towns.

He expanded his business into Coke County, and into the border towns of Laredo and Presidio del Norte.

The operation was launched on 9 October when the Turkish Air Force launched airstrikes on border towns.

near the towns   (町の近く)

It occurs near the towns of Heidelberg and Riversdale.

The worst damage and most casualties were in villages near the towns of Ahar, Varzaghan and Heris.

It lies at the junction of Naugaon-Purola Rd and National Highway 507 near the towns Barkot, Purola and Damta.

most towns   (ほとんどの町)

Councils elected by universal suffrage govern most towns.

However, most towns remained small.

Fares in most towns just outside Melbourne were also aligned to Zone 2 prices.

industrial towns

Dalmianagar Dalmianagar is one of the oldest and biggest industrial towns in India.

After cutting through rural Mercer and Venango counties, US 62 reaches the twin industrial towns of Franklin and Oil City.

In particular the crafts and industry sector grew and Randers became one of the most important industrial towns in Denmark.

local towns

The RAF also bombed several local towns and dropped leaflets urging surrender.

Other locations in Eastern Kentucky have post offices with names different than that of the local towns.

The latter facility provided power for irrigation wells, local towns, rural users, and mining operations.

including the towns

It covered rural territory north of Melbourne, including the towns of Alexandra, Healesville, Kinglake, Marysville, Seymour and Yea.

On 19 April, the rebel unified command agreed to hand over weapons and surrender the entire eastern Qalamoun pocket, including the towns of Dumayr, Jayrud, and al-Naseriyah.

King Casimir IV Jagiellon of Poland annexed the territory and established the voivodeship of Marienburg, including the towns of Elbing (Elbląg), Stuhm (Sztum) and Christburg (Dzierzgoń).

fortified towns

It lists the "hidage" for each of the fortified towns contained in the document.

The most widely accepted theory is that refers to the seven principal fortified towns of the Transylvanian Saxons.

After the capture and destruction of the main fortified towns of Koroivatuma, Bukutia and Matanavatu, the Qalimari surrendered "en masse".

all towns

Local bus services are also available, serving almost all towns in Kedah.

Usually four pages in length, the "Mornington Standard" covered news from all towns on the Mornington Peninsula.

The operation targeted sites in Rafah, Arish, and Sheikh Zuweid, all towns in the northern areas of the peninsula.