Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

traces its roots   (remonta sus raíces)

The university traces its roots back to 1938.

This system traces its roots back to the Mercedes CLS53.

It traces its roots back thousands of years.

traces its origins   (rastrea sus orígenes)

FPS traces its origins to the appointment of these six night watchmen.

Alta traces its origins to TA Associates, where Burr and Egan were formerly partners.

The Ma clique traces its origins to the officers of Qing dynasty General Dong Fuxiang.

traces its history   (rastrea su historia)

The brigade comprises: The brigade traces its history to 1950.

The Final Exit Network traces its history to the Hemlock Society.

This classification traces its history to the early history of blind sport.

traces back   (remonta)

The early origin of the name traces back to Styria.

The regiment's lineage traces back to the Kings County Militia of the Revolutionary War.

The regiment's lineage traces back to the 1st Regiment Rhode Island Militia of the Revolutionary War.

no traces

As a result, his wound heals completely, leaving no traces.

It was built on the site of a Carolingian cathedral, of which no traces remain.

He left his house on a Sunday morning to take a walk and bring in some wood, leaving no traces behind.

all traces

It explodes, seemingly erasing all traces of the brothers.

Since then, all traces of him have disappeared and the place of his death remaines unknown (...)”.

Virtually all traces of the station platforms, station building and goods shed have been swept away.

traces its origin

NDFB traces its origin to Bodo Security Force, a militant group formed in 1986.

Songs formed a major part of early Malayalam literature, which traces its origin to the 9th century CE.

His paternal family traces its origin to an Arab physician who settled in Toulouse during the 9th century.

traces its lineage   (traza su linaje)

The Indian Orthodox Church traces its lineage to the Apostle Thomas.

The Armenian Apostolic Church traces its lineage to the Apostle Bartholomew.

The Missouri Bar traces its lineage to a voluntary membership organization called the Missouri Bar Association.

few traces

There are a few traces of Taíno/Arawak presence in the parish.

Only a few traces survive.

traces of human

The first known traces of human arthritis date back as far as 4500 BC.

The dam shows traces of human pollution such as litter around and in the water.

Some paintings are also associated with traces of human burials and funerary rites, including ship burials.

traces the history

This 30-minute film traces the history of Esperanto.

Through framed pictures, it traces the history of Ponce firefighters and some its major fires.

The TCDD Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum is an open-air museum which traces the history of steam locomotives.