İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

title track   (Başlık parçası)

The album's title track refers to a fashion style.

The title track was the band's first UK Top 20 hit.

This song became her second album's title track.

track and field   (Atletizm)

Lyght also lettered three times in track and field.

Atsushi Yamamoto is a track and field competitor.

Spain sent 24 track and field competitors to London.

bonus track   (Bonus parça)

Brian Eno produced the bonus track "Nobody But Me".

The song was included as a bonus track on the album.

The remix appears on "iii" as a digital bonus track.

track listing   (çalma listesi)

"Naught" album track listing adapted from Allmusic.

This is the main track listing as given by Allmusic.

The album's track listing was a source of criticism.

single track   (tek parça)

The route to Blaenau was single track throughout.

The line was single track and used the broad-gauge.

From Bray southbound the line becomes single track.

track down   (takip etmek)

Their purpose was to track down and destroy Venom.

Finally Surajit is able to track down the real culprit.

They track down his location, but he is nowhere to be found.

track record   (sicil kaydı)

The winning time of 2:29.4 was a new track record.

Their first run has a time of 57.26, a track record.

He's not exactly got the best track record."

opening track   (açılış yolu)

It is the opening track to her album "Preppie".

The song is the opening track to the double album "Out of the Blue".

The song became an opening track with Banyan Tree's Feel The Sunrise.

first track   (ilk parça)

A song of the same title is the album's first track.

The first track on the album, "LSD", was widely played.

The band covered the first track, "The End".

new track   (yeni yol)

The winning time of 2:29.4 was a new track record.

The other new track is called "Don't Shut Me Down".

In February 2019 a new track system was introduced.

track list   (parça listesi)

However the song did not make the final track list.

On February 28, the album's track list was revealed.

The track list was revealed online on 21 August 2012.

double track   (çift hat)

Trains still pass on the double track North Wales Coast Line.

The entire network has double track.

A total of 438 km of the network is double track and electrified.

race track   (yarış pisti)

Finishing in TOP 6 will unlock a new race track.

Every race consists of five laps around a race track.

Flying began at the Saugus race track in 1911.

second track   (ikinci parça)

Work began immediately on building a second track.

The second track was opened to traffic on 12 May 2000.

The second track is a remix of "The Purist" by Alien vs.

final track   (son yol)

However the song did not make the final track list.

The song is the final track on The Monsterican Dream.

Rice also contributed a voiceover as Santa on the final track.

keep track   (takip et)

The libraries use RFID to keep track of books.

You can also keep track on Twitter @WakeWBB.

cartoon, and thus keep track of the progress in the game.

short track   (kısa yol)

The event is traditionally one of New England's major short track races.

Davis wanted to be able to concentrate on both long track and short track.

Once there, he trained with 1998 short track gold medalist Derrick Campbell.

album track   (albüm parçası)

"Naught" album track listing adapted from Allmusic.

It included as B-side another album track called "Pour vous".

"Bloodline" is an album track from the 1976 "Bloodline" album.

track team   (İz takımı)

She joined the track team at Dalhousie University.

The Head coach of the track team is Scott Houle.

In high school, Watkins was captain of his track team.

track was released   (parça yayınlandı)

The track was released as a single on August 28.

The track was released Jan 19 2018, reaching No.

The track was released in support of MQ Mental Health.

track speed   (iz hızı)

In 2016, Alexandra competed for Romania in long track speed skating.

Finally, a couple of hours later, Tembin started picking up track speed.

Marcel Bosker Marcel Bosker (born 19 January 1997) is a Dutch long track speed skater.

track between   (arasında takip et)

A third track between Epping and Thornleigh was completed in June 2016.

On the track between the two grave areas is the Kennedy Memorial Monument.

Rome Road makes a short connection across the track between Noose Road and Old Hwy 40.

track cycling   (parça bisiklet)

is a multi race tournament over a track cycling.

She works with Olympic athletes and the UK track cycling team.

Later, Adair was the manager of the New Zealand track cycling team.

third track   (üçüncü yol)

The third track, "Remain," has yet to be released.

It is featured as the third track on the album.

The third track is a salsa version produced by DJ Nelson.

running track   (Koşu parkuru)

The bond issue also provided for a new running track.

The original grass field and running track were removed.

In 1958, the running track was removed, making space for a bigger field.

each track   (her parça)

The album art contains a visual element for each track.

Beside each track is the song's original album and release year:

A lyric sheet was also included with a description of each track.

indoor track   (kapalı alan)

That was his first experience on an indoor track.

The most recent one was by the boys' indoor track team in 2009.

The men's and women's indoor track championships were first held in 2004.

railway track   (Demiryolu hattı)

Mladenovac railway station consists of 6 railway track.

Once a model railway track existed here.

The Raxaul–Amlekhganj railway track was operational until 1965.

same track   (aynı yol)

It comes on orange 7" vinyl and has the same track on both sides.

Johan Lindqvist of "Göteborgs-Posten" continues on the same track.

The same track as "Sofa No.

track called   (parça aradı)

The vinyl release had a bonus track called "Dark & Ugly".

It included as B-side another album track called "Pour vous".

The First Press edition includes an extra track called "Mint".

off the track   (Pist dışında)

The safety car was sent off the track into the Armco safety barrier at great speed.

Schothorst and Auer battled for position, with Auer forcing his rival off the track.

The same effect can be achieved by picking up a certain power-up off the track and activating it.

outdoor track   (açık parça)

An outdoor track and baseball field are located east of both halls.

Indoor track is during the winter and outdoor track is in the spring.

He also won four Group AAA hurdles titles in indoor and outdoor track.

hidden track   (gizli parça)

The album features 11 new songs and a hidden track.

"She Said," a hidden track on the album, took its place instead.

Everything on this album is blood, sweat, and tears, even the hidden track.

racing track   (yarış pisti)

The forecourt had a large horse racing track.

This development would include hotels and a horse racing track.

Used as a motor racing track, it is also the venue for the Download Festival.

dirt track   (toprak izi)

Thereafter, the easiest route is a long dirt track.

At the end of the dirt track, the route turns left.

In 2006, a new 3/8 dirt track was built on the site.

back on track   (iz arkasında)

Michelle then proposes to Steve, getting the engagement back on track.

When the team finally obtained the Betacam technology, the development was back on track.

The principal agenda of the meeting was trying to get U.S. summit back on track and keep progressing the denuclearization talks.

track cyclist   (bisikletçi parça)

She is married to fellow track cyclist Fabián Puerta.

Park Seon-ho Park Seon-Ho is a South Korean track cyclist.

Jang Sun-jae Jang Sun-Jae is a South Korean track cyclist.

track titled   (başlıklı parça)

The track titled "Sad" was featured on the CW Network "One Tree Hill".

Trevor Hall makes a guest appearance on the track titled "Circumstances".

The group reportedly recruited the duo for a track titled "Push and Shove."

backing track   (arka parça)

This was complemented by sampled burps and belches over a backing track.

"Enough Said" is a hazy R&B song with a sparse electronic backing track.

For many songs Hendrix would record many takes before choosing a master backing track.

short track speed   (kısa yol hızı)

Bartosz Konopko Bartosz Konopko (born 6 June 1988) is a Polish short track speed skater.

Van Doorn was the first Dutch short track speed skater with a victory on a World Cup distance.

Jong Kwang-bom Jong Kwang-bom (born 29 July 2001) is a North Korean short track speed skater.

original track   (orijinal parça)

License it in, and let's have the original track'.

The following month, Jhn released another original track, "3 Below".

Since 1983 a narrow gauge railway has opened on part of the original track bed.

closing track   (kapanış yolu)

He also made an appearance on the closing track "Bring It On".

The song continues into the closing track "Inspirations Outro".

The closing track on Madvillain's Madvillainy is called Rhinestone Cowboy.

last track   (son parça)

Fittingly, the last track was "It's All Over Now."

It is the last track on the album "Waking Hours".

The song is the last track of the "ELO 2" LP.

different track   (farklı parça)

The album contained a different track list than the Canadian version.

It also contained a completely different track order from the original LP.

Other countries saw different album titles with slightly different track lengths.

track features   (parça özellikleri)

The track features vocals from rapper Sammy Adams.

The track features 28 metres of elevation change.

The track features additional vocals from Sweet Rush.

gauge track   (ölçer parça)

From 1995, it was a standard gauge track only.

Most such trains run on the local standard gauge track.

A group of railway enthusiasts bought the old trackbed at Henllan and, in 1983, laid a gauge track.

instrumental track   (enstrümantal parça)

The song was a cover of ABBA's 1976 instrumental track "Arrival".

The instrumental track "Y.R.O."

The Calrad mics that I used on the instrumental track were model DM-21"".

railroad track   (Demiryolu hattı)

In 2003, the railroad track was abandoned.

In 1860, there were only 100 miles of railroad track laid in Russia.

They lay explosives under a railroad track and blow up a German ammunition train.

lead track   (kurşun izi)

The Korean version was listed as the lead track.

The lead track was co-written by Cave, Forster and McLennan.

The album was named after its lead track, "Independent Woman."

track listings   (parça listeleri)

All track listings taken from the original album cover.

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Flower".

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Samantha".

section of track   (parça bölümü)

This section of track was the CPR's Big Hill.

This section of track was the Big Hill.

The section of track running along 7th Avenue is shared with the Blue Line.

football and track   (futbol ve pist)

He was a two-sport star in football and track.

He was a two-sport standout in both football and track.

He made the all-county teams for both football and track his senior year.

track speed skating   (pist hız pateni)

In 2016, Alexandra competed for Romania in long track speed skating.

Schulting started with short track speed skating when he was 8 years old, in Thialf, Heerenveen.

In the 1994 Winter Olympics at Lillehammer; he came 27th in the 1000m short track speed skating.

ran track   (parça koştu)

In addition to football, he also ran track and field.

Cloudman ran track at Bowdoin before graduating in 1901.

Echols ran track collegiately at Louisiana State University.

fourth track   (dördüncü parça)

It's the fourth track off his debut album "Intro".

The fourth track was Ghost Muzik, featuring Lil Jon.

2)" ultimately took up the spot of fourth track.

test track   (test yolu)

The report recommends building a test track of 5 km in Flevoland.

It was bought by Ford in 1955 for use as a development test track.

TransPod is preparing to build a test track for the pod vehicles in Canada.

fast track   (hızlı parça)

Belinostat has been granted orphan drug and fast track designation by the FDA.

It was built on a fast track basis starting in June 2005 and opened 6 months later.

The album features the fast track "Fire & Forgive," which was also released as a single.

track gauge   (hat göstergesi)

The tramway with a track gauge of was used in the 1910s.

See also track gauge in Canada.

Back then, the FOTG used a track gauge of 1000 mm ("Metre-gauge railway").

every track   (her parça)

She even played fiddle on nearly every track for them.

They followed this with video's for every track on the E.P.

Both Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy appear on every track.

dance track   (dans pisti)

The title track, "Pandora", is a synthpop dance track.

Contestants sang a dance track from Power Hit Radio's playlist.

The track which was a dance track, entered the U.S. charts in 2000.

audio track   (müzik parçası)

Its audio track, with its dialogues was also high in demand.

An additional audio track was included on the cassette tape.

The audio track was uploaded to Panic!

former track   (eski parça)

A former track has been upgraded to a tourist route with paving.

In 1982, when she was 12 years old, she met former track runner Wilma Rudolph.

Emīlija Sonka Emīlija Sonka (born in Kuldīga, Latvia) is a former track and road cyclist from Latvia.

track was written   (parça yazıldı)

The title track was written with Don Bowman in 1963.

The track was written about eccentric jazz musician Sun Ra.

The track was written by Cynthia Biggs and Dexter Wansel in 1980.

track coach   (koç)

He was the head track coach at Indiana University Bloomington from 1944 to 1961.

Raymond Pitts, the track coach at Fort Valley, encouraged her to look into track.

He is also an assistant track coach at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

another track   (başka bir iz)

", another track recorded around the same time."

I'm just super excited that we get to release another track together."

The single featured two mixes by X-Cabs and another track "Bliss", which became a big hit.

long track   (uzun yol)

Like many of his albums, this one has one long track on each side.

In 2016, Alexandra competed for Romania in long track speed skating.

Davis wanted to be able to concentrate on both long track and short track.

described the track   (parçayı tanımladı)

Timberlake described the track as "a rock-techno ballad".

Gil Kaufman of "Billboard" described the track as "a towering empowerment anthem".

Vangelis described the track as conveying "the pain of birth and the joy of intercourse."

track speed skater   (parça hız patenci)

Marcel Bosker Marcel Bosker (born 19 January 1997) is a Dutch long track speed skater.

Bartosz Konopko Bartosz Konopko (born 6 June 1988) is a Polish short track speed skater.

Annita van Doorn Annita van Doorn (born 26 April 1983) is a Dutch Short track speed skater.

track became   (parça oldu)

Later the track became a road and then highway.

The title track became a big hit and is one of their best known songs.

In 1980 the track became the B-side to the hit single "Don't Walk Away".

used to track   (izlemek için kullanılır)

It can also be used to track suspect vehicles after crimes.

Networks, or groups, of satellites are used to track animals.

An energy balance can be used to track energy through a system.

performed the track   (pisti icra etti)

They also performed the track on "" on 26 October 2012.

The following day they performed the track on "Sunrise".

Minaj performed the track on her (2012).

unreleased track   (yayınlanmamış parça)

<nowiki>*</nowiki> Previously unreleased track

It features the previously unreleased track, "Frame of Mind".

The first disc included a previously unreleased track entitled "Why Do It?

basketball and track   (basketbol ve atletizm)

Fisher also coached basketball and track at North Central.

He also lettered in basketball and track.

Francois also excelled on GDA's basketball and track teams.

track entitled   (parça başlıklı)

Proof also recorded a diss track entitled "Many Men".

The first single, a hip hop and rock infused track entitled "M.B.T.

The next day, Marv dissed Philthy in a track entitled "I'm Right Here".

track racing   (pist yarışı)

Johnson was a master of dirt track racing.

He was a touring enthusiast rather than interested in track racing.

This Ford also formed the basis for a style of dirt track racing car.

oval track   (oval iz)

The course is a right-handed oval track of about .

There were 500 laps in this event which took place on a paved oval track.

A 2004 proposal included a oval track that would be constructed on a largely unused site.

miles of track   (mil izi)

Operating 303 miles of track at that time, BRI was still owned by CRIP and C&S.

Some of the old infrastructure is still in place: six of the 21 miles of track remained in 2009.

Some of the old infrastructure is still in place - six of the 21 miles of track remained in 2009.

track events   (pist Yarışları)

In his youth Munro also excelled in track events as a runner.

She previously specialized in the 3000 and 5000 metres track events.

The FXX is not road legal and is therefore only used for track events.

keeping track   (takip etmek)

Ryan Williams isn't keeping track of his records.

The second person was responsible for keeping track of system performance as well as labeling data on a laptop computer.

For over a hundred years, biologists have been keeping track of populations of different species with population models.

along the track   (pist boyunca)

The Drag Note, a continuous track of notes, requires dragging along the track.

There are two launch points along the track that utilize linear synchronous motors (LSM).

The MOM reported that passengers had abandoned 2M50 and walking along the track to Lewisham station.

athletics track   (Atletizm parkuru)

An athletics track surrounds the pitch.

An athletics track (1992), and the Bellville Velodrome for cycling (1997) was built.

fifth track   (beşinci parça)

The song is the fifth track on the CD and was performed and written by Faze.

The song first appeared on the band's LP, "Face the Music" as the fifth track.

A combination of the two songs made the fifth track of the album, Rabbits in Boxes.

sound track   (film müziği)

The film's official sound track contains six tracks.

Matthews in the projection of moving films with a sound track.

The exposition is clumsy, the sound track corny, the denouement silly.

only track   (sadece parça)

The only track title shown is that of "Bad!"

The only track not to ban him was at the Northampton Fair.

An English only track is included for more advanced ESL students.

main track   (ana yol)

This is the main track listing as given by Allmusic.

The marathon events were held in April, prior to the main track and field competitions.

The game's main track played throughout the menu is "More Human than Human" by White Zombie.

track reached   (parçaya ulaşıldı)

The track reached number 68 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1994.

After the title track reached No.

The track reached number 68 in the UK Singles Chart in December 1984.

laugh track   (gülme izi)

There is also a laugh track option as the special uses stock audience cheers.

Like most children's television shows of the era, "Lidsville" contained a laugh track.

aired in the evening during prime time, had a laugh track, and had somewhat adult themes.

walking track   (yürüyüş parkuru)

Access is via a walking track off Craigieburn Road.

It is followed by a walking track known as 'The Ponds Walk'.

At that time there was only a walking track to the top of Vøringsfossen.

able to track   (takip edebilme)

The caller seems to be able to track her whereabouts.

Finally Surajit is able to track down the real culprit.

They were only able to track five stars, with six needed for accurate measurements.

around the track   (pistin etrafında)

They both held the flame and made a lap around the track.

Ride signage was changed around the track to reflect the name change.

Mick the Miller was paraded around the track prior to the fourth race.

best track   (en iyi parça)

It was the best track and it paid the most money."

I think he outsang me on it, but I had the best track.

He's not exactly got the best track record."

keeps track   (takip eder)

A referee keeps track of the game on the central board.

Alonso is the one who advises and keeps track of all the cases his lawyers have.

The Xbox's internal clock keeps track of time, which affects gameplay in various ways.

commentary track   (yorum pisti)

It adds a prequel level, two items, a costume and a commentary track.

It contains two previously unreleased songs and an audio commentary track by Pinnick.

Briggs would later contribute a commentary track to the DVD release in which he describes it as a feminist film.

track was recorded   (parça kaydedildi)

The vocal track was recorded at the Hit Factory in New York City.

The track was recorded at Jack's Tracks in Nashville on October 27, 1976.

Only one album track was recorded towards the end of these sessions ("Hymie's Him").

onto the track   (piste)

The cars are then released onto the track.

Sliding back onto the track, it was hit from the side by a BMW Z3.

This partly resulted in Johnson's car losing control and spinning onto the track apron.

diss track   (diss parça)

Proof also recorded a diss track entitled "Many Men".

"Malcolm X" was the second diss track, which featured Tré Little.

In response, Shady Nate & Philthy released a diss track entitled "Fuck Lavish D".

track through   (takip etmek)

The Grand Trunk Railway laid track through the area in 1856 and the Toronto and Nipissing Railway arrived in 1873.

The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway abandoned its track through the community in 1959, accelerating the rate of decline.

However, a subsequent Hurricane Hunters flight reported a more westerly motion, which would bring its track through the central Lesser Antilles.

track layout   (parça düzeni)

The ride's track layout was designed by Alan Schilke.

The track layout and buildings show several changes over the years.

The track layout is being shortened as part of a redesign of the station site.

rail track   (demiryolu hattı)

There are some applications where Oval holes or key slots as to be made in the rail track.

Baana is an old cargo rail track in Helsinki converted into a pedestrian and bicycle trail.

The bridge was designed for rail track gauge though in actuality, only gauge trains ever used it.

called the track   (parkuru aradı)

"Gay Times"' Nick Levine called the track "super-catchy".

Club" called the track scaled-back and criticized Gaga's vocal abilities in the song.

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has called the track "probably the most evil song ever written".