tracking down   (追踪)

His partner is Tang Siwei, whom the CID has been tracking down.

The Soft Master arrived in Springfield, tracking down his brother's killer.

It does not follow the traditional suspense or mystery novel's convention of tracking down the murderer.

tracking system   (跟踪系统)

The main tracking system is placed before and after the dipole magnet.

The tracker consists of three subdetectors: Following the tracking system is RICH-2.

They have designed a Humvee to be equipped to contain a gun with an automated tracking system.

tracking device   (跟踪装置)

In 1975, she discovered that a tracking device had been placed on her car.

As the tracking device goes off, Thomas finds the Code Keys in Kagura's pockets.

Rome escapes in Van Buren's car, but abandons it due to a police tracking device.

began tracking

On March 17, the JTWC also began tracking the system.

Peter escaped, changed into Spider-Man, and began tracking Rattler.

1 on the "Billboard" 200 since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking in 1991.

tracking systems

The service began in 1986 as one of the country's first on-line legislative bill tracking systems.

Common uses are to trigger builds with continuous integration systems or to notify bug tracking systems.

It involves the physical warehouse infrastructure, tracking systems, and communication between product stations.