İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

bonus tracks   (ekstra şarkılar)

Australian Bonus Disc Japan bonus tracks B Sides

Each album in the set came with seven bonus tracks.

The 1996 CD reissue also contains five bonus tracks.

railroad tracks   (Demiryolu rayları)

After crossing the railroad tracks, the T.T.A.

KY 716 crosses the railroad tracks and continues north.

They were housed on the other side of the railroad tracks.

new tracks   (yeni parçalar)

The "+2" version is updated and includes two new tracks.

Kitty made visual components for each of the 4 new tracks.

At least 43 new tracks opened during 1932.

tracks written

All tracks written by Mike Rudd according to APRA.

All tracks written by Kurt Vile except where noted.

All tracks written by Dugmore/Harper/Hogarth/Woore.

other tracks   (diğer parçalar)

Many other tracks featured both Bill and Ian Nelson.

Several other tracks appeared on later albums ("Crisis?

Three other tracks on the album were co-written with Morley.

tracks composed

The album features 19 tracks composed for the game.

All tracks composed by Kieren Hebden and Steve Reid

All tracks composed by Browne except where noted.

several tracks

Of note is the prominent violin in several tracks.

This allowed several tracks to debut at number one.

A Native American feel is present on several tracks.

tracks recorded

When it was issued on CD, tracks recorded in 1991 were added.

Both CD and DVD contain the same tracks recorded live in Ottawa, Canada.

It is an extract of three tracks recorded at a concert in San Franscisco in 1983.

additional tracks

Two additional tracks were recorded in the same sessions.

The import version of the CD contains two additional tracks.

A version with additional tracks and a DVD was also released.

unreleased tracks   (yayınlanmamış parçalar)

The band performed three brand new unreleased tracks.

It includes six previously unreleased tracks.

It features the full albums with some unreleased tracks.

serving two tracks

Taşkent station has two side platforms serving two tracks.

Huzurkent station has two side platforms serving two tracks.

Karacailyas station has two side platforms serving two tracks.

railway tracks

The railway tracks are maintained by Banedanmark.

Kusadak railway station consists of four railway tracks.

It was located south of the railway tracks.

live tracks

The "Mega-Mix" is a remix of the album's live tracks.

album tracks

All of the album tracks were recorded in one take.

Tesla Production Art Album Singles and album tracks

This compilation omits the hits and focuses on lesser known album tracks.

tracks down   (izler)

Rydal arrives in Knossos and tracks down Chester.

He tracks down Jesse Coe to Abilene, Texas.

Jinda tracks down Jeeva, and he stops Jeeva killing Kiran.

tracks were recorded

All of the album tracks were recorded in one take.

Two additional tracks were recorded in the same sessions.

Five tracks were recorded by this line-up but never released.

tracks such   (böyle izler)

Their work resulted in tracks such as "Idiot" and "Bring your own BIOS".

Jimmy Page pioneered its application on tracks such as "Dazed and Confused".

The album featured tracks such as "Četri krasti", "Rudens" and "Pilots Tims".

all tracks

Ronald Isley sings lead on all tracks except:

John Balance is credited for participating on all tracks.

(all tracks except on "Summer Is Fading")

original tracks

The album features the original tracks plus remixes by Bronski.

The embankment has a temporary platform that overlaps one of the original tracks.

For the PSP re-release, Meguro composed new music alongside remixing original tracks.

ten tracks

It has ten tracks and is released under Warner Music in 2002.

"LoveLaws" contains ten tracks, nine of which were written by Wayman.

The ten tracks tell a story about the world Zaephyr and its destruction.

tracks including

It features five tracks including ‘Don’t Talk To Me I’m Dancing’.

15 album of 2015 on the strength of key tracks including "Carry Me Home".

"The film's soundtrack is made up of rare Northern Soul tracks including;"

rail tracks   (ray hatları)

There is only one platform and two meter gauge rail tracks.

The 23-km link was established using existing and new rail tracks.

Ward was the first to build rail tracks made out of Bessemer steel.

previously unreleased tracks   (önceden yayınlanmamış parçalar)

It includes six previously unreleased tracks.

The album also features four previously unreleased tracks.

Instead it contained 3 previously unreleased tracks by Distinctive.

train tracks   (tren rayları)

The CD backcover shows the group on some train tracks.

Originally the area was an industrial zone lying beside the train tracks.

In Bad Oldesloe, Ahrensburg and Rahlstedt, train tracks and streets were blockaded.

extra tracks

The CD and cassette reissues include four extra tracks: with:

It featured two extra tracks, "It Don't Bother Me" and "My Lover".

The Victorian Government has plans to add extra tracks on the service.

number of tracks   (parça sayısı)

A number of tracks and sidings were removed at the station in 1991.

A number of tracks throughout the country provide regular racing programs and sanctioned racing series.

M.I made braggadocios assertions on a number of tracks, including "Kososhi", "One Code" and "Your Father".

all the tracks

William Reid and Jim Reid were the producers for all the tracks.

And we know which beats [we want] because we’ve picked all the tracks.

tracks between

The line has three tracks between Leipzig-Engelsdorf and Borsdorf.

The tracks between DeWitt and Eldridge Junction were abandoned 1931.

CP owns the tracks between the Desjardins Canal and the Hamilton GO Centre.

music tracks

Mitch Brink composed several of the game's music tracks.

The games were remade with added features and music tracks.

The music tracks can be listened to on Frank Klepacki's website.

instrumental tracks

These instrumental tracks include "Rad Dudeski" and "Don't Call Me Ashley".

"Apocryphon" is the first album by The Sword to feature no instrumental tracks.

Afterward, the members only performed the instrumental tracks to certain recordings.

race tracks   (yarış pistleri)

The race tracks are unconventionally themed.

Along the 405 m-long race tracks, 4716 solar modules were installed.

Overall, the game contains 45 race tracks, 32 ship models, and 26 weapons.

audio tracks

Kevin Shirley produced and mixed the audio tracks.

It is in fullscreen format with audio tracks in English and Spanish.

It is available with two audio tracks in Italian and original language.

vocal tracks

The game additionally features three vocal tracks.

Some vocal tracks were redone with different lyrics.

They recorded vocal tracks throughout this period but often released the tunes as instrumentals on albums.

few tracks

In a 2008 listening session, a few tracks were revealed.

The album features a few tracks written by Nick and Jordan.

""I sang on quite a few tracks; I sang on Rock 'N' Roll Is King.

tracks produced

All tracks produced by Ugly God, expect where noted.

All tracks produced by The Czar-Keys & Esoteric

All tracks produced by Elof Loelv, except where noted.

best tracks

", and "One God" were the album's three best tracks.

Among the best tracks he mentioned "Qui peut vivre sans amour? selected the title track for their annual collection of the best tracks of 2016.

twelve tracks

All twelve tracks appear on the first disc of 1996's "".

Brooks produced the album and co-wrote nine of its twelve tracks.

The album contains twelve tracks; it opens with "Make Me Know It".

studio tracks

It includes 12 tracks from the 3-hour-long concert and 2 brand new studio tracks.

First disc contains previously unreleased studio tracks recorded between 1969-1973.

The band's first live album, it features twelve live tracks and three new studio tracks.

both tracks

Witzberger had both tracks paved before the 1967 season.

He won hobby stock track championships both tracks in 1995.

Film clips for both tracks aired on "Rage", MTV Australia and CH[V].

tracks through

At West Ryde the line again expands out to four tracks through to Epping.

There are a number of walking tracks through the bush and a perimeter track.

The tracks through the station are gauntlet tracks which permit the passage of freight trains.

tracks included

Four of the tracks included on this album reached No.

Five of the tracks included on this album reached No.

Seven of the tracks included on this album reached No.

platform tracks

Grävenwiesbach station has three platform tracks.

Beienheim station has three platform tracks.

The station has five main tracks, of which three are platform tracks.

backing tracks

The songs with complete backing tracks were marked with crosses.

By December 1966, Wilson had completed much of the "Smile" backing tracks.

All vocals must be sung live; no voices are permitted on the backing tracks.

more tracks

As the player wins more races, more tracks on multiple worlds become available.

The station consists of a side platform serving one track, with two more tracks as sidings.

many tracks

The song was talked for its similarity with many tracks performed by Govinda.

The game's soundtrack is localized for different countries, though the versions share many tracks.

The album featured many tracks that would later be recorded by other artists, particularly Meat Loaf.

eleven tracks

Joe Walsh produced the album and played on ten of the eleven tracks.

The album consists of eleven tracks, including the title track, "Candyland".

Five of the album's eleven tracks are from Nesmith's career with The Monkees.

demo tracks

The band added now three new demo tracks to the previous ones.

The DualDisc release does not contain the additional B-sides and demo tracks.

The re-release includes three demo tracks taken from the "Nearer from Death" demo.

express tracks   (parçaları ifade et)

Some of the columns between the express tracks have black "42" signs on a white background.

B and D trains stop at the inner express tracks while F and M trains stop at the outer local tracks.

As the outside express tracks had not been in service since 1963 they were removed and island platforms widened, converting them to side platforms.

drum tracks

Another feature of the style is the complex syncopation of the drum tracks' breakbeat.

The drum tracks were recorded in "two and half days... three days", according to Thrower.

Drummer Steve Asheim recorded drum tracks and Benton started recording vocals in December.

tracks with lyrics

It features five tracks with lyrics written by Na.

It features five tracks with lyrics penned by Na.

It features 6 tracks with lyrics written by Na.

recorded tracks

In early 2016, Elis recorded tracks for her double EP "Black" & "White".

Other recorded tracks

He wrote a significant number of songs and also recorded tracks for the English down-tempo band Sundae Club.

tracks were written

All tracks were written and performed by I Am.

All tracks were written and performed by Frank Klepacki.

tracks include

Four tracks include backing vocals by Angie Hart of Frente!.

These instrumental tracks include "Rad Dudeski" and "Don't Call Me Ashley".

Downloadable tracks include Tweedy's conversations with audience, not only songs.

tracks were released

The following Misfits tracks were released on compilation albums.

All three tracks were released on the 12" vinyl single "Welcome to Europe".

The soundtrack album consisting four tracks were released on 20 September 2018.

different tracks

East Berlin trains passed the same station but on different tracks.

The schedule was announced on December 24, 2008 with eleven races at ten different tracks.

There are 8 different tracks, although some of them are reused meaning there are a total of 15 races.

walking tracks

There are walking tracks to for visitors to view the park itself.

There are a number of walking tracks through the bush and a perimeter track.

Both parks offer walking tracks, and access to the river for swimming and rafting.

tracks along

Parallel to these tracks along their southwest side, is the Galt Subdivision which carries the Milton line.

Urban Umpires released the uncut vocal and unreleased tracks along with a personal artist interview with Opio.

The SP tracks along Monterey Avenue as far as Colusa had been acquired by the Key System in 1933 for the H-train, but were abandoned in 1941.

featuring tracks

WFMU’s Liz Berg featuring tracks on her show called it "just a great record".

Their second single was a 'double-A' side, featuring tracks The Itch and Debussetti.

Starbucks at the time was also featuring tracks from 'Life Is Beautiful' on their in-store compilation.

tracks featured

Many other tracks featured both Bill and Ian Nelson.

The majority of tracks featured on "Wasp" were cover songs.

Three tracks featured on soundtrack.

following tracks

Deluxe Edition also includes the following tracks from "Kjerringvikdemoen" :

Daniel holds official lap records at the following tracks in the listed classes.

tracks as well   (parçalar da)

On a website called "" four tracks as well as the album title were confirmed.

The new station will have an island platform with two tracks as well as a third track for express trains.

various tracks

Paul and Frost also provide synthesizers on various tracks, as well as backing vocals.

She left to Los Angeles, California to record various tracks for her album, to be titled "Planeta Azul".

Reviewers praised the singing and instrumentation of the album, but criticized the lack of variety among the various tracks.

same tracks

The train uses the same tracks as the long-distance "Texas Eagle".

Both CD and DVD contain the same tracks recorded live in Ottawa, Canada.

The London Overground and London Underground services share the same tracks.

local tracks

It merges with the two local tracks on its southern end.

B and D trains stop at the inner express tracks while F and M trains stop at the outer local tracks.

The semi-completed platform under 59th Street was then converted to an underpass between the north and southbound platforms of the Lexington Avenue Line local tracks.

released tracks

Mehndi has released tracks such as "Bolo Ta Ra Ra" and "Ho Jayegee Balle Balle".

Pepler and White had previously released tracks under the name Champaigne Charlie.

He has released tracks under ElectroZilla Records, Ring Mode Records, Midijum Records

dance tracks

The album also reintroduces Garbi to the Dance genre since 2006, comprising two dance tracks "Kardia Alitissa" and "Kaneis San Esena".

She also commented that "some tracks have a real R&B vibe to them, others are proper dance tracks and some are typical poppier tracks.

Naming it "absolutely jaw-dropping", Sawdey went on to appoint it as "one of the best dance tracks that's not being played right now".

tracks used

The station yard consists of six tracks used by both passenger and freight services.

The tracks used by Western and Eastern trains were sealed off from each other by a tall fence.

Multiple tracks used "Blinded by Light", a recurring theme in the "XIII" games, as a leitmotif.

tracks were removed

The tracks were removed in the 1960s.

In the 1950s, the tracks were removed and replaced by the Queensway.

The last train ran on October 11, 1937, and tracks were removed by summer 1938.

gauge tracks

The following four lines are currently under construction: There are also plans to convert entire all metre gauge tracks to standard gauge.

The line was designed with two broad gauge tracks, high speed alignments cutting through the landscape, substantial bridges and railway stations built of bluestone, and double-headed rail.

remaining tracks

Sequencing of remaining tracks was also affected by the change.

The remaining tracks instrumentals.

All of the remaining tracks, save "How Much Can a Man Really Take?

tram tracks

This was followed by new tram tracks in 1930.

The length of tram tracks in the city is .

Roadworks near the Bridge Road cross in late 2009 uncovered a section of the original tram tracks.

guitar tracks

Reznor sampled excerpts from guitar tracks and processed them to the point of randomness and expression.

William Perry left in November 2011, and Riley came aboard to finish the guitar tracks and stayed on as permanent guitarist.

Worley described the dual electric guitar tracks, with Dan Dugmore on the right channel and Dann Huff on the left, as "amazing".

includes tracks

The album also includes tracks from Damian Marley, Cheb i Sabbah, and others.

It includes tracks from "I Wish My Brother George Was Here" and "No Need for Alarm", as well as B-side tracks and remixes.

The album includes tracks released by the group since their debut in Japan in 2010, all singles, some b-sides and album tracks.

tracks were produced

All tracks were produced by This Kid Named Miles.

All tracks were produced by Bill Laswell and Material.

All tracks were produced by Regine Velasquez.

tracks not

Tracks marked by * are bonus tracks not available on the original album.

The only tracks not released on any other albums would be "See Right Through You" and "Sold Me Out".

The missing numbers are, or were, allocated to operating tracks not used by scheduled passenger services.

tracks taken

The 1998 compact disc edition of the album included tracks taken from splits.

Some versions also include two tracks taken from the "Where Dead Angels Lie" EP.

The re-release includes three demo tracks taken from the "Nearer from Death" demo.

serving three tracks

Goshogawara Station has a single side platform and an island platform serving three tracks.

The station consists of one ground-level side platform and one island platform serving three tracks.

The station consists of a side platform and an island platform serving three tracks on a side hill cutting.

short tracks

He returned to racing at Wisconsin short tracks.

He performed best on short tracks.

It is regarded as one of the fastest and highest banked short tracks in the nation.

most tracks   (çoğu parça)

Natasha Atlas sings and plays instruments on most tracks.

One interesting aspect of the band is its use of two drummers on most tracks.

There are sanctioning bodies that control the rules for this class at most tracks.