Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

trading post   (puesto comercial)

The trading post was built in 1954 by Claude Bowlin.

He established there a trading post and a plantation.

(The Russians had a small trading post there.)

trading posts   (puestos comerciales)

By 1943, there were over 140 trading posts on the reservation.

Meares intended to establish permanent fur trading posts on the Pacific Northwest coast.

The name Fort Qu'Appelle was given to a number of trading posts in the Qu'Appelle valley.

trading company   (empresa comercial)

trading company) of Crawford, Colvin and Company.

They held power for 200 years as the largest trading company.

By 1970s, it had become Pakistan's largest cotton trading company.

trading partner   (socio comercial)

Germany is Slovakia's largest trading partner.

The European Union is Israel’s biggest trading partner.

Spain is Andorra's largest trading partner.

insider trading   (información privilegiada)

The firm closed in 2010 following allegations of insider trading.

In 1988 he was indicted for insider trading, convicted in 1990, and in 1994 jailed for a year.

The fallout resulted in both Lay and Skilling being convicted of conspiracy, fraud, and insider trading.

fur trading   (comercio de pieles)

Later fur trading companies held annual rendezvous here.

Illegal fur trading may have led to further unofficial contact.

The area was attractive in the first instance because of the fur trading.

began trading   (comenzó a comerciar)

BREL began trading in 1970 under managing director A.E.

The company began trading on NASDAQ (symbol DBRN) in 1982.

In 1972 Family Dollar's common stock began trading on the AMEX.

trading center   (Centro de intercambios)

The port has also long been a trading center within Shikoku.

(Washington was a slave trading center.)

Siam was a major trading center attracting Europeans merchants.

trading partners   (socios comerciales)

It grants at least MFN treatment to all its trading partners.

Bangladesh and India are South Asia's largest trading partners.

The Netherlands and Italy were Chile's main European trading partners.

ceased trading   (cesó el comercio)

Locks Brasserie ceased trading on 18 July 2015.

A fourth, the Three Postboys, ceased trading in 2009.

SABMiller then ceased trading on global stock markets.

trading card   (de cartas coleccionables)

"The Devil's Level" is a trading card game based on da share z0ne.

Leviathan is a creature type (as well as a specific card) in trading card game "".

In 2008, he became the first video game player on a Topps Allen & Ginter trading card.

trading cards   (tarjetas comerciales)

The player can also collect digital trading cards.

Bubsy collects trading cards which he can use to buy various items.

Many characters are also featured on posters, wallpapers, and trading cards.

important trading   (comercio importante)

Lake Tanganyika remains an important trading point.

The European Union is Croatia's most important trading partner.

Since the Middle Ages, Hamburg was an important trading center in Europe.

trading name   (nombre comercial)

The company changed its trading name to "BT" on 2 April 1991.

North Sea Boats was founded in 2003 by John and Lizza Lundin as a trading name for PT.

They may still have an active presence on the high street (or online) as a trading name or as a distinct brand.

major trading   (comercio principal)

Pentos is a major trading port on a bay of the western coast.

Siam was a major trading center attracting Europeans merchants.

The Kingdom of Bonny was a major trading center from the 16th century onwards.

trading centre   (centro de Cambio)

The first mention of the village is from 1126 as a local trading centre.

He reached Vettikkal which was a trading centre between Kochi and Travancore.

In Bengal region, the Portuguese made the principal trading centre in Hooghly.

largest trading   (mayor comercio)

Germany is Slovakia's largest trading partner.

Spain is Andorra's largest trading partner.

Colombia is Mexico's ninth largest trading partner globally.

trading companies   (companías comerciales)

Later fur trading companies held annual rendezvous here.

She conducted business with trading companies principally in England and the Netherlands.

Sephardic Jews remained in Saint-Domingue as leading officials in French trading companies.

trading system   (sistema de comercio)

In 2005, the EU formed its own carbon trading system.

Prices are taken from the electronic Xetra trading system.

rather than establishing a new fairer, fully autonomous trading system.

slave trading   (comercio de esclavos)

The jallaba were also known to be slave trading tribes.

(Washington was a slave trading center.)

He began a career in slave trading.

trading port   (Puerto comercial)

Thus, Hankou became an open trading port.

Pentos is a major trading port on a bay of the western coast.

First settled in 1634, Smithfield became an important Hampton Roads trading port.

trading business   (comercio)

It's originally purpose was for trading business.

At this time Louis was running a wine trading business in Worms.

Eventually, Matilda began to join her father in his organ trading business.

trading platform   (plataforma de negocios)

In 2016, the platform was voted the best online trading platform.

In 2012, The SET successfully launched its new trading platform, SET CONNECT.

The company launched the first Online stock trading platform in Nigeria, MeriTrade.

trading standards   (normas comerciales)

Viagogo is no longer under investigation by trading standards after complying with the ASA ruling.

Tonbridge & Malling District Borough Council is responsible for running local services, such as recreation, refuse collection and council housing; while Kent County Council is responsible for education, social services and trading standards.

Somerset County Council is responsible for running the largest and most expensive local services such as education, social services, libraries, main roads, public transport, policing and fire services, trading standards, waste disposal and strategic planning.

emissions trading   (comercio de emisiones)

The Boltzmann distribution can be introduced to allocate permits in emissions trading.

He also sought to include companies operating aircraft under the emissions trading regime.

The EU has adopted an emissions trading system to incorporate carbon emissions into the economy.

trading activities   (actividades comerciales)

He admitted to false trading activities masked by foreign transfers and false SEC filings.

The service sector is heavily concentrated on trading activities and catering-related services.

Hallaur bazaar, a weekly shopping market, is the backbone of all trading activities of the area.

trading house   (casa comercial)

His son continued his trading house after his death.

He was later educated in Niels Ryberg's trading house.

In 1756 he established his own trading house.

established a trading   (estableció un comercio)

They established a trading settlement and engaged in the betelnut industry.

In 1878, August Trabing established a trading post at the Crazy Woman Crossing.

Englishman George Hoffman established a trading post at the location of present-day Napaimute in 1906.

largest trading partner   (mayor socio comercial)

Germany is Slovakia's largest trading partner.

Spain is Andorra's largest trading partner.

Colombia is Mexico's ninth largest trading partner globally.

trading routes   (rutas comerciales)

Its migration followed the sea and land trading routes of the medieval world.

He followed ancient trading routes established millennia prior by the natives.

The trading routes with Persia and India were carried through the Volga river, Astrakhan and the Caspian Sea.

trading firm   (empresa comercial)

His father set up a London branch for his trading firm in c.1815.

These districts contained trading firm offices, warehouses, and docking facilities.

He established and is head of C-Green Aggregators, an agricultural carbon credit trading firm.

started trading   (comenzó a comerciar)

He started trading in 1902 when he was 24.

From around 1821 "Tiger" started trading with India and Australia.

Comturist started trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in 2004.

trading route   (ruta comercial)

The famous trading route crossed Alay Mountains to reach Kashgar to the east.

It is a major trading route between China's southwestern Yunnan Province and the countries of Southeast Asia.

Routes connecting the amber finding locations in northern Spain and in the Pyrenees were a trading route to the Mediterranean Sea.

electronic trading   (comercio electrónico)

This continues despite plans to implement electronic trading.

Natural gas prices rose considerably in New York Mercantile Exchange electronic trading on August 2.

Enron opened EnronOnline, an electronic trading platform for energy commodities, on November 29, 1999.

main trading   (comercio principal)

From 1763 to 1781, Britain was the Choctaw main trading partner.

At that time, it had become one of the main trading centres in Southern Jutland.

Tuna products are the main exports, and the main trading partner is the United States.

trading floor   (piso de operaciones)

The trading floor is now open six hours a week.

The video is set on a trading floor in what is to be the Swiss Re building (Gherkin Building).

Peterffy created a major stir among traders by introducing handheld computers onto the trading floor in the early 1980s.

trading card game   (juego de cambio de cartas)

"The Devil's Level" is a trading card game based on da share z0ne.

Leviathan is a creature type (as well as a specific card) in trading card game "".

A trading card game named the "Final Fantasy trading card game" is produced by Square Enix and Hobby Japan, first released Japan in 2012 with an English version in 2016.

trading between   (comercio entre)

By 1837 "Portsea" had returned to trading between London and Bombay.

In practice, however, trading between constraints is not always possible.

She came into British hands in 1804 as a West Indiaman, trading between Liverpool and Barbados.