oral tradition   (口伝)

weiss also cites being inspired by the "oral tradition."

The unique feature of "Devi Māhātmyam" is the oral tradition.

Its last ruler, according to oral tradition, was named Nimi a Nzima.

long tradition   (長い伝統)

Germany has a long tradition of higher education.

Cuba had a long tradition of celebrating Christmas.

Sport in Italy Sport in Italy has a long tradition.

family tradition   (家族の伝統)

Going to church every Sunday as a family tradition.

Another theme in officer recruitment was family tradition.

Sankranti is, in a sense, a tribute to the family tradition.

local tradition   (地元の伝統)

By local tradition, a woman's first marriage requires parental consent.

Both stories would easily get accepted; for there was no local tradition.

It was placed at the site of an old marketplace, according to local tradition.

literary tradition   (文学の伝統)

The Celtic languages have a rich literary tradition.

Welsh has had a continuous literary tradition from the 6th century AD.

Celtic literary tradition begins with Old Irish texts around the 8th century AD.

according to tradition

Most tianguis operate more according to tradition than by formal rules.

The "Shiva Sutras" appeared to Vasugupta in a dream, according to tradition.

His proper name was Caolán and according to tradition he was appointed by St. Patrick.

musical tradition

Like other West African countries, Guinea has a rich musical tradition.

The Church has a strong musical tradition and is affiliated to the RSCM.

He is a cultural music singer in a popular Lesotho musical tradition called "famo".

strong tradition

The school has a strong tradition of sport.

Bahamians have a strong tradition in the sprints and jumps.

This began a strong tradition of animated films (Zdeněk Miler's "Mole" etc.).

religious tradition

It has also come under the influence of Irish religious tradition.

Letterman is a Presbyterian, a religious tradition he was originally brought up in by his mother.

It has special significance in Jewish religious tradition and parts of it have been declared a nature reserve.

ancient tradition

Cheesemaking is an ancient tradition in most Alpine countries.

61b), the Crœsus of his time, he was, according to ancient tradition (Meg.

An ancient tradition of making bere-based homebrew survives until this day on the island.

tradition holds

Tewa tradition holds that its pools provided access to the underworld.

Rabbinic tradition holds that he was an ordinary member of the priesthood.

The house is a "saddlebag house that tradition holds was constructed between 1810 and 1830."

annual tradition

The Bus Festival began as an annual tradition in 1994.

For many area residents, it has become an annual tradition.

This marked the beginning of an annual tradition that continues to grow.

folk tradition

The Freewill Folk Society at Bates College also continues the folk tradition.

Tina and Her Pony is contributing a unique sound to the American folk tradition.

This song is an example of the folk tradition of transmission with local variants.

old tradition

Wooden art is a very old tradition of West Bengal.

An old tradition existed in the region of exploitation of peatlands.

She has had the privilege of experiencing the old tradition of "Gurukulam".

continued the tradition

As president he continued the tradition, which he called his fireside chats.

This continued the tradition of presenting at least two generations of heirs.

He continued the tradition of Dhofar being the biggest club in Sultanate of Oman.

cultural tradition

This region has a very rich cultural tradition.

Unlike other Ijaw tribes, the Bassan do not have a cultural tradition of common origin.

In many countries, imbibing alcoholic drinks in a local bar or pub is a cultural tradition.

classical tradition

Zoar Chapel was built of two stories, in the classical tradition.

The larvae feed on "Onobrychis" species Named in the classical tradition for Iphigenia.

Niels Marthinsen Niels Marthinsen (born 1963) is a Danish composer in the classical tradition.

rich tradition

Kerala has a rich tradition in Carnatic music.

It has a long and rich tradition in the sport.

Medieval India has a very rich tradition of Insha writing.

music tradition

Opera is part of the Western classical music tradition.

Bristow was committed to developing an American classical music tradition.

It stands as an artifact to the development of a distinct American music tradition.

historical tradition

According to a different historical tradition, they produced a longish Franzbrot (German for 'French bread') which resembled the baguette.

At the Whit Monday holiday, an historical tradition of Pau Grand Prix, the headliner should have been the British Formula Three Championship.

Conservatism in Brazil originates from the cultural and historical tradition of Brazil, whose cultural roots are Luso-Iberian and Roman Catholic.

tradition states

Oral tradition states that the church was once a pilgrimage destination.

Oral tradition states that the Ndamba people were originally an offshoot of the Pogoro people.

According to George Coedes, tradition states Ramathibodi I founded Dvaravati Sri Ayudhya in 1350.

tradition continued

The Radical Rush tradition continued after WAAKE-UP!

The tradition continued until Russell's death in 2003.

This tradition continued in the 1980s with Area, Danceteria, and Limelight.

tradition of using

The name symbolises the African tradition of using a Calabash as a means of feeding people.

The tradition of using Welsh gold within the wedding rings of the royal family dates back to 1923.

It had a long tradition of using cheques and passed laws formalising cheque usage as early as 1881.

tradition began

The tradition began in the 1950s and was broken in 1987.

This dubious tradition began with Liu Xiang (79-8 BCE) describing the text as (tr.

This tradition began in 1890 by Charles Shaw Jr. who distributed binder twine to local farmers.

tradition says

Local tradition says that if Tepelenë exceeds 100 buildings it will be destroyed.

However, a more reliable Maldivian tradition says that he was a Persian saint from Tabriz called Yusuf Shamsuddin.

However, another tradition says that she was a daughter of the High Chief Kahokuohua of Molokai and a sister-wife of Kaulahea I of Maui.

culture and tradition

The Oron people have a unique culture and tradition.

His paintings depict the culture and tradition of Kannur, which has a resonant past with myths and legends.

Some of the ancient Amazigh beliefs still exist today subtly within the Amazigh popular culture and tradition.

military tradition

The Italics and the Etruscans had a significant military tradition.

The military tradition of the Netherlands has a distinct rudimental system.

This army was break from Ottoman military tradition and was based on western military principles.

tradition started

This tradition started on June 2002.

The tradition started back in 1766.

The tradition started in 1986 after a popular teacher died of cancer.

popular tradition

There is a similar spirit in the Cambodian folklore, as well as in the Lao popular tradition.

In Chittagong, "Mezban" feasts are a popular tradition featuring the serving of hot beef curry.

Acoustic guitar bands based on a Spanish model are the country's best-known indigenous popular tradition.

tradition dating

The Holbein and Lotto carpets may represent a design tradition dating back to the Timurid period.

French Colbertism is an old tradition dating back to the 17th century influenced at that time by the Chinese system.

Parades of horribles were a New England tradition dating back prior to the 1870s or earlier in various small towns across New England.