İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

more traditional   (daha geleneksel)

This more traditional festival celebrates farming.

Aquavit’s café is distinctly more traditional in its roots.

The Concorde was given a more traditional image than the Vision.

traditional music   (Geleneksel müzik)

1941) a renowned Turkish traditional music singer.

Téada Téada, an Irish band, plays traditional music.

American traditional music is also called roots music.

traditional region   (geleneksel bölge)

It is part of the traditional region of Gudbrandsdal.

The area was part of the traditional region of Styria.

traditional folk   (geleneksel halk)

Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance of Bhil tribe.

Canada's traditional folk music is particularly diverse.

She authored books on traditional folk stories and legends.

traditional medicine   (Geleneksel tıp)

This is also a terminology in traditional medicine.

However, many species have long been used in traditional medicine.

Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital is a Thai traditional medicine center.

other traditional   (diğer geleneksel)

It is the other traditional Labour stronghold in Guildford.

Linen and other traditional materials are still used on traditional bows.

The other traditional waterways and ports of the province however declined.

traditional methods

Most livestock is done by families using traditional methods.

Operations are a mix of new technologies and traditional methods.

Penezic creates her pieces by hand, relying on traditional methods.

using traditional

Most livestock is done by families using traditional methods.

They are still making steam engines using traditional technology and methods.

It was a recreation of the original and was built using traditional techniques.

many traditional   (çok geleneksel)

There are many traditional ornaments of Bhils.

There are many traditional Bavarian sports disciplines, e.g.

The opera was notable in defying many traditional aspects of opera.

both traditional

It is playable in both traditional 2D and in 3D.

Henderson draws using both traditional and digital techniques.

Rudawal is a centre for both traditional and modern industries.

traditional songs

They have literally re-arranged Cape traditional songs and jazzed them up.

Tarija, Bolivia, has a few traditional songs which are accompanied by dances.

The mixture of traditional songs with hints of erotic humour continues to this day.

traditional way

They are a traditional way of painting in Asia.

The Mizos have a traditional way of classification of their folk songs.

His urs (death anniversary) is celebrated annually in a traditional way.

most traditional   (en geleneksel)

The most traditional method is bone scintigraphy.

The most traditional type of team is the manager-led team.

It is one of the most traditional theaters in the country.

used in traditional

ʻUlīʻulī are used in traditional hawaiian hula dances.

It is also very frequently used in traditional ("trad") jazz.

However, many species have long been used in traditional medicine.

traditional style

It is known for its bird observatory and a traditional style of knitting.

With CECA's prominence, the traditional style came to be called "Capoeira Angola".

The traditional style of these uniforms has been in place for nearly twenty years.

traditional forms

Repairs were not always sympathetic to the traditional forms.

One of the most traditional forms of dancing in Ecuador is Sanjuanito.

traditional values

All this must be achieved without sacrificing traditional values.

They face their families' traditional values as they consider what paths to take as adults.

Many of these works were parodies of militarism and the traditional values of Japanese culture.

traditional name

Zeta Eridani bore the traditional name of "Zibal".

Its traditional name has conflicting derivations.

In 2012, the club returned to its traditional name.

traditional culture

They started Culturama to reconnect people with their traditional culture.

This means that they have maintained a great part of their traditional culture.

The burials show that the traditional culture of the Kangju resembled characteristics of the Saka.

traditional method

The most traditional method is bone scintigraphy.

Kits of parts offer a shortcut to the traditional method of building.

Infinite descent is the traditional method, and has been pushed a long way.

traditional lands   (geleneksel topraklar)

The area is the traditional lands of the Wandjiwalgu

The parish is on the traditional lands of the Weilwan.

traditional form

Fen skating is a traditional form of skating in the Fenland.

Like communion, the baptism service maintained a traditional form.

In its traditional form it is served in a long dish called a boat.

traditional dance

Wari, a traditional dance of the Ancash Region.

Malang is a city that has various types of traditional dance.

The Mangalam Kali is a traditional dance performed by the tribe, as is the Theyyam.

traditional view

The more traditional view had been to see the two cities as economic rivals.

The traditional view (taught in schools) considers all of the above as diphthongs.

"Tears of Cold" and "Duel" were two films that have gone beyond the traditional view of war.

traditional owners

The traditional owners of the area are the Wiradjuri.

The traditional owners of the area are the Ngiyambaa.

The traditional owners of the area are the Yawuru peoples.

traditional religious

Jordan was raised with a traditional religious upbringing.

The history of the Bambara state's traditional religious practices are ambiguous.

In response, however, the traditional religious lenders began to express opposition.

traditional beliefs   (geleneksel inançlar)

Frog Woman is an important figure in Pomo traditional beliefs.

The traditional beliefs of Iranian rural people are also depicted.

The traditional beliefs of the Rotenese people centers on a creator known as Lamatuan or Lamatuak.

traditional family   (geleneksel aile)

Sour (cocktail) A sour is a traditional family of mixed drinks.

The traditional family run business is run by the third generation.

Viji is from a Telugu traditional family and is an ambitious and career-oriented girl.

traditional art

Anggun, who studied Balinese dance, uses the traditional art in her performances.

Funding for art installations by Alchemy does not follow the traditional art grant model.

In his work, he combines cultures of Far East and West, traditional art and virtual reality.

traditional media

The club also publishes a traditional media guide.

The epoxy held detail better than traditional media and rest of the miniature industry adopted its use.

Her curriculum was based in traditional media and practice, however Hester took the opportunity to break free from formal restraints.

traditional instruments

Using traditional instruments, you end up focusing on the notes and rhythm.

The new TTx model has no traditional instruments and instead employs the L-3 Trilogy as a back-up.

Each tribe has unique traditional instruments influenced by their customs and materials available.

traditional sense

Derrida states that deconstruction is not an analysis in the traditional sense.

Some serious games may even fail to qualify as a video game in the traditional sense of the term.

Some guitars have no frets—and others, like the Gittler guitar, have no neck in the traditional sense.

based on traditional

This look is based on traditional Italian theatres.

He created artwork based on traditional indigenous craft techniques.

Most rebetiko songs are based on traditional Greek or Anatolian dance rhythms.

traditional song

"Brightest and Best" is the only traditional song covered here.

The title track "Avocet" was inspired by the traditional song "The Cuckoo".

The song was adapted by Gaughan from a traditional song attributed to James Hogg.

traditional food

Kebebe Kebebe is a traditional food in Lenggong, Perak.

They wanted a sexy Mexican party with all the traditional food and drinks.

The traditional food of the United Arab Emirates uses a lot of meat, grain, and dairy.

well as traditional   (geleneksel olduğu kadar)

Students work in teams which are assessed by exhibition as well as traditional methods.

They include wrestling, schiltron jousting and stone-lifting, as well as traditional throws, such as the caber.

Classes at the Springfield Campus are delivered via live televideo conferencing as well as traditional lectures.

traditional home   (geleneksel ev)

Gawula is the traditional home of the Taroombal people.

The town is the traditional home of Salame di Felino, along with other cities in Parma.

England's traditional home colours are white shirts, navy blue shorts and white or black socks.

traditional role   (geleneksel rol)

A "Medikus" which takes the traditional role of a healer.

The traditional role of light in art as a conduit for the spiritual has been subverted.

Still, Tasker did make contributions at the more traditional role on offense and special teams.

traditional religion   (geleneksel din)

As a transhumanist group within a traditional religion, MTA is unusual.

Their traditional religion includes "Imana" deity as their supreme being and creator.

Many Acoma are Catholic, but blend aspects of Catholicism and their traditional religion.

traditional and modern

The processes are a mix of traditional and modern.

Rudawal is a centre for both traditional and modern industries.

Beit Ha'Chidush draws from traditional and modern Jewish sources.

between traditional

The medium offers a balance between traditional billboards and smaller, more mobile signage.

These changes were the portents of a radical shift between traditional style and new ones, i.e.

He suggests a crucial link between traditional practices and beliefs, and recent scientific advances.

traditional gender

In the short story "The Matter of Seggri", by Ursula Le Guin, traditional gender roles are completely swapped.

The book deals with a reversal of the traditional gender roles, and describes a society of "dominant women and submissive men."

); Meera Nanda further cautions that this may in fact trap women within "traditional gender roles and help justify patriarchy".

traditional territory   (geleneksel bölge)

The Savona area is the traditional territory of the Skeetchestn Indian Band.

The island's southern tip is also part of the traditional territory of the Sliammon people.

The land surrounding James Bay had been the traditional territory of Cree and Inuit people for thousands of years.

traditional dances   (geleneksel danslar)

Royal courts, such as the Korean one, also supported traditional dances.

This is unlike most traditional dances in which the men invite the women.

Unlike in other traditional dances, the dancers are not trained in this dance.

traditional country   (geleneksel ülke)

Many traditional country artists are present in eastern and western Canada.

The reserve is situated on traditional country of the indigenous Arakwal people.

An upright bass was the standard bass instrument in traditional country western music.

traditional practices

Kuriakose seeks to achieve sustainable architecture through vernacular and traditional practices.

Despite this, most Muslims on the island still adhere to the traditional practices of Sunni Islam.

He suggests a crucial link between traditional practices and beliefs, and recent scientific advances.

traditional clothing

Today many Choctaw wear such traditional clothing mainly for special events.

Some elderly people continue to wear traditional clothing in their daily lives.

There is a wide variety of traditional clothing that players wear during taiko performance.

traditional dress

The traditional dress of the women is the shalwar kameez in Pahari style.

The most traditional dress is now seen only on certain occasions and dances.

Miner's habit A miner's habit ( or "Bergmannshabit") is the traditional dress of miners in Europe.

use of traditional

Often, these replace the use of traditional wooden pallets.

Da Silva's clothes have been described as groundbreaking in their use of traditional African prints.

In 1959, Hong Kong had researched the use of traditional Chinese medicine to replace Western medicine.

traditional arts   (geleneksel sanatlar)

This dependency would cause traditional arts such as weaving and pottery making to decline.

Towards the end of his time with Perfini, Djajakusuma again became active in traditional arts.

Jatin has built a large personal collection of traditional arts and crafts over the last 35 years.

traditional ways   (geleneksel yollar)

Such a soul must be acquired, and in certain traditional ways.

He grew up in traditional ways.

In a concrete sense, this means fractals cannot be measured in traditional ways.

traditional musical

He has 3 sisters and 1 brother, and they all play traditional musical instruments.

Numerous experimental controllers exist which abandon traditional musical interfaces entirely.

As most of the songs are in the form of Ovee, Ranade decided to use the traditional musical format.

traditional and contemporary

There are many traditional and contemporary versions of the song's melody.

She is known for her interpretations of both traditional and contemporary music.

These shows include several types of performances inspired by traditional and contemporary circus.

traditional approach   (geleneksel yaklaşım)

Consequently, under the traditional approach there is only one language of first-order logic.

Moreover, this traditional approach is meant to train the mind, promote reasoning, and ensure a common culture.

It’s said that using a traditional approach of network upgrading/reinforcement would be costly and time consuming.

traditional knowledge

Since then, there has been great loss of Lampung traditional knowledge.

Wangoo Baji was a maichou, a learned man well versed in the Meitei traditional knowledge.

George wanted to pass his traditional knowledge on to younger people, and actively did so.

addition to traditional

In addition to traditional flatwound strings, choices now include various windings and materials.

In addition to traditional agricultural products, Wolfberries have begun to be cultivated in recent years.

Commodore began selling the VIC-20 and C64 through mass-market retailers such as K-Mart, in addition to traditional computer stores.

traditional jazz

Ruffins founded the Barbecue Swingers in 1992, a traditional jazz quintet.

Band was a concept within Norwegian traditional jazz in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

She taught traditional jazz ensemble workshops for Jane Ira Bloom's class at the New School of Music.

use traditional

The courses normally use traditional Scottish recipes.

Most men do not use traditional attire.

Instinctive aiming is used by many archers who use traditional bows.

traditional practice   (geleneksel uygulama)

Mamea brought an end to the traditional practice of cannibalism on her islands.

Breast ironing, a traditional practice that is prevalent in Cameroon, may affect girls' health.

This is a traditional practice that ensures that variety is retained within the traditional landraces.

very traditional

When it began, its products were very traditional and conservative.

The main plot chronicles a day of life in a very traditional Iranian family.

At the start of the 19th century, metallurgy in British India was very traditional, localised and artisanal.

traditional architecture

onwards and it is considered the pinnacle of Japanese traditional architecture.

Again, the outcome was in direct contrast to the traditional architecture of the period.

Some very interesting buildings representative of traditional architecture can be seen here.

compared to traditional

Selective COX-2 inhibitors show less activity on COX-1 compared to traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID).

Nevertheless, the powers of the Methodist episcopacy can be relatively strong and wide-reaching compared to traditional conceptions of episcopal polity.

The MSIP process permitted the quick introduction of new capabilities, at lower costs and with reduced risks compared to traditional independent upgrade programs.

alternative to traditional

Braide offered an African alternative to traditional evangelism.

Electrospinning is an alternative to traditional nanoemulsions and nanolipo­somes.

Multi-jackbolt tensioner Multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJT) are an alternative to traditional bolted joints.

including traditional

He had researched traditional African culture, including traditional African medicine.

Nnabo presently is used for several purposes including traditional ceremonies and spiritual protection.

The centre works to retain and develop regional cultural resources, including traditional and tribal arts.

traditional religions

It has been considered as taking the place of the old traditional religions.

Ostriker highlights how there is a lack of feminist spirituality in traditional religions.

By now few Angolans retain African traditional religions following different ethnic faiths.

traditional techniques

It was a recreation of the original and was built using traditional techniques.

Many traditional techniques and materials are now experiencing a resurgence of popularity.

Throughout the medieval period these technical innovations, and the traditional techniques, coexisted.

traditional system

Finally, no option had a majority, and the traditional system remained.

However, developing an ERP system differs from traditional system development.

The traditional system of governance came to an end c.1905 with the end of the resistance struggle.

traditional gender roles

In the short story "The Matter of Seggri", by Ursula Le Guin, traditional gender roles are completely swapped.

The book deals with a reversal of the traditional gender roles, and describes a society of "dominant women and submissive men."

); Meera Nanda further cautions that this may in fact trap women within "traditional gender roles and help justify patriarchy".

traditional language

The traditional language of Puntaru is Western Pantar, though all adult residents also speak Indonesian.

She had vast knowledge of the songs, customs, rites and traditional language of her people regardless of having never learnt to read or write.

For example, a descendant of plains indigenous peoples in Hualien, Chieh Wan-lai, still insists on teaching the traditional language and culture of his ethnic group.

traditional high

TTA began as a two-year program within a traditional high school.

Town Meeting largely replaces Student Council at traditional high schools.

Central Valley High School is one of two traditional high schools in the district.

through traditional

Agents connect to the vendor's equipment through traditional PSTN telephone lines, or over voice over IP.

Note that the kernels contain carcinogens, and are not recommended for human consumption, even prepared through traditional methods.

However, "Dragon Dice" did not catch on through the book trade, and sales of the expansion sets through traditional games stores sold poorly.

traditional social   (geleneksel sosyal)

These are still an important traditional social occasion in country areas; the stirring must be maintained around the clock.

Conservatism Conservatism is a political and social philosophy promoting traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization.

Some social conservatives see traditional social values threatened by secularism, so they support school prayer and oppose abortion and homosexuality.

traditional animation

Although the series employs mostly traditional animation it uses CGI for the Guardians.

It will utilize traditional animation previously implemented in "Nahuala" and "Chupacabras".

The sequel was animated using the same animation style (traditional animation) as the TV show was.

traditional dish

One traditional dish is turkey with chestnuts.

It is a traditional dish in Armenia.

traditional village

The Pace Egg plays are traditional village plays, with a rebirth theme.

Each of the major Polynesian cultures has its own section, centered on a traditional village.

The economy encompasses traditional village farming, small scale business and the foreign money.

traditional local

The construction of the tower was deliberately planned as a bringing together of modern design and traditional local materials.

In this context, the scientific aspect of agroecology began to engage in dialogue with traditional local farming practices and experimentation in many regions.

German dialects, traditional local varieties traced back to the Germanic tribes, are distinguished from varieties of standard German by their lexicon, phonology, and syntax.

traditional design

The interior is of traditional design.

A traditional design, the grapnel is merely a shank with four or more tines.

Additionally, the sleeveless jersey was abandoned for a more traditional design.

number of traditional   (geleneksel sayısı)

Irish martial arts There are a number of traditional martial arts native to Ireland.

A number of traditional harvest festivals are celebrated on the date of the equinoxes.

She added, "A number of traditional and well-respected Times journalists disliked his work."

traditional occupation

The traditional occupation of Idiga people was that of toddy tapping.

The traditional occupation of the Batak was agriculture, hunting and farming.

Tailoring has been the traditional occupation of the Shimpi community in Dhawade.

traditional folk music

Canada's traditional folk music is particularly diverse.

Some of these genres are considered to be traditional folk music.

Narrative verse looms large in the traditional folk music of many cultures.

traditional sources

According to traditional sources, Yamato Takeru died in the .

Some of Olle's final recordings were taken from more traditional sources.

The bulk of traditional sources date the book to the reign of the Roman emperor Domitian (AD 81–96), and the evidence tends to confirm this.

traditional manner

Other meals are still served in a traditional manner on carved wooden plates.

Accepting the Three Refuges and Five Precepts in the traditional manner, he completed his conversion.

Two musicians performed on a piano, one in the traditional manner, the other playing on the strings, frame, and case.

traditional use

Chip pans are named for their traditional use in frying chips.

It chronicles the traditional use of ritual gang rape as a method of social control.

This was a departure from the Board's traditional use of white and green on its trams.

away from traditional   (geleneksel olmaktan uzak)

In 1980, Steeleye Span's "Sails of Silver" took a decisive move away from traditional songs.

The 1970s saw Coatbridge College move away from traditional heavy industries and it changed its focus to commerce.

There is a growing shift away from traditional higher education institutions to massive open online courses (MOOC).

traditional public   (geleneksel halk)

This alternative education comes at lower costs than traditional public schooling.

there were 30,000 excess openings in Detroit traditional public and charter schools, bearing in mind the number of K-12-aged children in the city.

Circa 2009 and 2011, while Detroit traditional public schools scored a record low on national tests, the publicly funded charter schools did even worse than the traditional public schools.

traditional ruler

Their traditional ruler is the Emir of Bade.

The seat of the traditional ruler is in Guyuk, Adamawa State.

As a traditional ruler he had extensive powers under the British colonial authority.

traditional elements

It advocated centralisation, respect for traditional elements, and close ties with Belgium.

Resistant culture also incorporates traditional elements like flute, drum, and gourd rattle.

The band's music mixes traditional elements of Balkan music with modern dub and drum 'n' bass elements.

traditional costumes   (geleneksel kıyafetler)

Their traditional costumes are stored in the Old Town Hall.

Many parts of the Netherlands have their own traditional costumes.

On these journeys, Mrazović collected and classified traditional costumes.

using the traditional

That's how it was built using the traditional way with local stones and lime.

It displays song difficulties using the traditional foot-rating system and the Groove Radar in tandem.

He had a habit of using the scissor kick technique to win competitions before using the traditional flop technique.

traditional land   (geleneksel arazi)

The parish is on the traditional land of the Barindji people.

The parish is on the traditional land of the Karrengappa people.

traditional styles

Known for its creative takes on traditional styles.

Bagpipe making was once a craft that produced instruments in many distinctive local traditional styles.

Chimako Tada Tada wrote in traditional styles, such as tanka and haiku, as well as contemporary prose poetry.

traditional roles

Still, the traditional roles of the tribes remain important socially in these areas.

A proper education for women was one that reinforced traditional roles for women of being a homemaker and mother.

By accepting traditional roles, Japanese motherhood is glorified and a one-size-fits-all approach is used to address issues.

traditional customs

Tobacco is smoked in hookahs in many villages as per traditional customs.

Some traditional customs are observed, usually around Christmas and Easter.

Roberts became known for his interest in, and support for, traditional customs.

several traditional

Okayama has several traditional dishes.

Nothing certain is known of Taus Coir other than that he is listed in several traditional genealogies.

It contains over 5000 exhibits and is notable for the reconstruction of the interiors of several traditional houses.

elements of traditional

The new style used elements of traditional folk theatre from indigenous Bihari culture.

The Kuraza team aimed to fuse the elements of traditional Japanese heritage and luxury with modern technology.

Later, more progressive bands like Folque incorporated elements of traditional Norwegian folk music in their recordings.

traditional crafts   (geleneksel el Sanatları)

Sweden is known for traditional crafts including glass and Sami handicrafts.

Previously known for their supply of metals, they are now known for their wine and traditional crafts.

Subjects covered include labor history, folklore, music, farming, religion, traditional crafts, food, and politics.

traditional school   (geleneksel okul)

However, the traditional school also has its validity.

The ELC does not have traditional school classrooms, or bells.

The college is an alternative to the traditional school setting.

traditional cultural

Chhau mask The Chhau mask is a traditional cultural heritage of Purulia in the Indian state of West Bengal.

The artistic spirit, based on historical and traditional cultural evolution, within the movement has continued into the present millennium.

In China, the popularity of acupuncture rebounded in 1949 when Mao Zedong took power and sought to unite China behind traditional cultural values.

traditional black

The kit retained old traditional black & gold colours but with a new modern variation.

The bottle-green blazers were highly distinctive but were later replaced by more traditional black ones.

That same year, a second collection was inspired by the Mediterranean, in its use of oceanic blues and the traditional black clothing worn there.

traditional rivals

The club's traditional rivals are Darlington RFC.

Bristol City's traditional rivals are Bristol Rovers.

He initially allied himself with the Cakchiquel nation to fight against their traditional rivals the K'iche'.