İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

traditionally used   (geleneksel olarak kullanılır)

In botany, the term lusus was traditionally used.

"A. fumosa") are traditionally used locally as firewoods.

It is also the colour traditionally used to represent the Virgin Mary.

traditionally made   (geleneksel olarak yapılmış)

They were traditionally made from salvaged rum barrels.

"Suzu" were traditionally made by metal craft artisans.

Flat belts were traditionally made of leather or fabric.

traditionally held   (geleneksel olarak düzenlenen)

It is traditionally held over Easter weekend each year.

It is traditionally held in the capital city of Topeka.

His term as bishop is traditionally held to be 347 to 359.

traditionally associated

This detail is traditionally associated with the goddess Tara or Mateswari.

The name is traditionally associated with pureness of heart and soul, and honesty.

The Chhau mask is traditionally associated with the age-old dance forms in Purulia.

traditionally considered

The party is traditionally considered centre-right.

Jazz is not traditionally considered chamber music.

The Chakras are traditionally considered meditation aids.

traditionally part

The area was traditionally part of Lower Carniola.

The area was traditionally part of the Styria region.

The race, traditionally part of the Royal Ascot meeting, was run at Newmarket from 1941 to 1944.

area was traditionally

The area was traditionally part of Lower Carniola.

The area was traditionally part of the Styria region.

The Pasvik area was traditionally located in a common Norwegian and Russian area without a defined national border.

traditionally known

the region traditionally known as Galicia).

The manor house is traditionally known as the Frustberg House.

The city is traditionally known for pure Desi Ghee, though it is rare now.

traditionally served

Colcannon is traditionally served on Halloween.

It is traditionally served at Somali weddings.

It is traditionally served at Christmas time in Madeira.

not traditionally   (geleneksel olarak değil)

Jazz is not traditionally considered chamber music.

Bulgarian rugby has not traditionally enjoyed a high reputation.

This has not traditionally been counted among the "Strengleikar", however.

traditionally attributed   (geleneksel olarak atfedilen)

These shots were traditionally attributed to Toland for years.

Its reconstruction around 1080 is traditionally attributed to Matilda of Tuscany.

The work is traditionally attributed to Symeon of Durham, the precentor of Durham Cathedral.

traditionally called

Such behavior is traditionally called "outgroup meta-prejudice".

In Slovene, February is traditionally called "svečan", related to icicles or Candlemas.

The sitter herself remains unknown, though it and its pendant have been traditionally called "Bodolphe".

traditionally played

Sevens is traditionally played in a two-day tournament format.

The Final is traditionally played on Easter Monday at Ravenhill.

A Big Blue match is traditionally played on Australia Day each year.

traditionally believed

It is traditionally believed to have been revealed after at-Talaq and before al-Hashr.

The "scoglio di Santa Rita" ("Rock of St. Rita") is traditionally believed to be the place where she prayed.

In Christianity it is traditionally believed that Elijah's appearance during the transfiguration of Jesus fulfilled this prophecy.

more traditionally

Southern Libyan cuisine is more traditionally Arab and Berber.

A more traditionally 2D animated follow up, titled "Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco", is set to release in 2020.

The rite of passage of ‘lebolla’ commonly occurs in rural areas where the Basotho are more traditionally oriented.

area traditionally

The area traditionally belonged to the region of Styria.

It covers the western half of the area traditionally known as the Midlands.

The area traditionally belonged to the Styria region and is now included in the Drava Statistical Region.

traditionally worn

Founded in 2007, the club has traditionally worn a blue kit since inception.

The niqab was traditionally worn in Southern Iran from the arrival of Islam until the end of the Qajar era.

Uttariya is still worn throughout Indian subcontinent and is traditionally worn over kurta, achkan or sherwani since classical age.

traditionally regarded

Copper was traditionally regarded as sacred by many historic period Eastern tribes.

The eloquence of this surah is traditionally regarded as representative of the miraculous nature of the Qur'an.

This system allows for better traction in snow and ice, conditions traditionally regarded as challenging for rear-wheel drive cars.

traditionally been used

APP has traditionally been used for a number of specific typesetting tasks.

Culm soils have traditionally been used for grazing as they are heavy to work and acidic.

The meat, blubber and oil of cetaceans have traditionally been used by indigenous peoples of the Arctic.

traditionally eaten

Dairy foods are traditionally eaten on Shavuot.

It is traditionally eaten at Christmas.

Bannock cakes made of oatmeal are traditionally eaten at Christmas.

traditionally thought

This includes rivers traditionally thought to have healing powers, including India's Ganges River.

The mechanism of action of carmofur prodrug is traditionally thought to be the generation of 5–FU.

This taxon was traditionally thought to be a primitive lineage, from which all the larger-bodied platyrrhines evolved.