hiking trail   (ハイキングコース)

It is therefore about longer than the hiking trail.

A portion has been preserved as a hiking trail.

There is also a 1.3 km hiking trail through the forest.

rail trail   (レールトレイル)

About 14,000 people used the rail trail in 2004.

A rail trail may still include rails, such as light rail or streetcar.

The longest developed rail trail is currently the Katy Trail in Missouri.

along the trail   (トレイルに沿って)

It was a fantastic place to camp while along the trail.

Much of the island's natural features are found along the trail.

Elevation along the trail varies from to , and total acreage is .

trail system   (トレイルシステム)

The trail system includes a number of bridges.

These funds go towards the expansion of the trail system.

It forms a key part of Thunder Bay's recreation trail system.

walking trail   (ウォーキングトレイル)

2) in the Harzer Wandernadel walking trail network.

The park contains a playground, picnic area, and walking trail.

Today, the water channel of the aqueduct serves as a public walking trail.

nature trail

The site also contains a mesquite nature trail through of brush.

The park has a nature trail at Oued Souss and a visitor centre at Oued Massa.

There are several benches, picnic areas, grills, side trails, and a nature trail.

campaign trail   (キャンペーントレイル)

During the campaign trail, Ardern expressed her support for decriminalising abortion by removing it from the 1961 Crimes Act.

The chronic condition proved incapacitating, forcing Hanford off the campaign trail and limiting his contributions to the written word.

Pence's recent graduation gave her time to travel the country and she joked that her role on the campaign trail was to "babysit her parents".

trail runs

A mountain trail runs through the ancient forest here.

The first segment of the trail runs downhill for 0.9 mile.

The trail runs and is maintained by Three Rivers Park District.

trail leads

A trail leads to its summit via the western ridge.

This trail leads to the Observation Tower.

An offshoot trail leads to an overlook on neighboring Raleigh Lake.

trail passes

The Collings Mountain hiking trail passes by the Bigfoot trap.

The trail passes by several lakes.

The unimproved dirt hiking trail passes the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

trail along

It forms part of the Framland church trail along with 14 other churches in the 'Framland area'.

Careful observers will see some wildlife along the trail along with a variety of plant species.

It is a wheelchair accessible paved trail along with adjacent unpaved or soft trails in certain areas.

trail through

There is also a 1.3 km hiking trail through the forest.

The site also contains a mesquite nature trail through of brush.

Originally, the coffee was brought to port in oxcarts via a trail through the mountains.

bike trail

An 8 km mountain bike trail has been newly laid out.

The Iron Belle Trail cross-state bike trail uses the North Central State Trail as one of its segments.

This designated high-grade hiking and bike trail runs along the ridge of the Thuringian Central Uplands.

trail follows

A hiking trail follows the East Favel River.

Tjilbruke's trail follows the coastline through Carrickalinga.

A loop trail follows Cottonwood Creek, which has beaver ponds.

trail running

It was a three-day race featuring skiing, trail running and kayaking.

East Jefferson Avenue was originally an Indian trail running along the Detroit River.

Mountain biking and trail running are also popular activities on the Massanutten Trail.

trail continues

To the west the trail continues to the Gokyo Lakes, crossing the Ngozumpa glacier on the way.

At Garnet Canyon, the Tonto Trail officially ends, but a trail continues along the Colorado River to Elves Chasm.

After this, the trail continues uphill and southbound for about 0.6 miles where it comes to its end, reaching Trail #1.