classically trained   (古典的に訓練された)

Greg Hirte is a classically trained violinist and actor.

1968), two classically trained tenors Swiss Urs Bühler (b.

Bertin is a classically trained opera singer with a bass voice.

highly trained   (よく訓練された)

He is a highly trained fencer and plays the cello.

This group is highly trained in counter-terrorism missions.

This frees highly trained professional responders for more technical tasks.

then trained   (その後訓練された)

He then trained at HB Studio with Salem Ludwig.

Sylyvestre then trained the Balan family.

She then trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

specially trained   (特別に訓練された)

This would normally be permitted only to a very experienced and specially trained surveyor.

These volunteers are specially trained to help others without putting themselves in harm’s way.

54th (DLI) was one of six S/L regiments specially trained for this work under 31 and 50 AA Bdes.

well trained   (よく訓練された)

It now has a sufficiently well trained staff strength.

These priests were organized and well trained in religious studies.

Therefore, one must be well trained in order to identify kosher fat.

initially trained

He was initially trained in the sarangi by his father.

He initially trained as a goldsmith.

She initially trained as a nurse, and has worked as a family therapist.

trained and equipped

Overall the military is poorly trained and equipped.

These units employ personnel that are trained and equipped for their task.

This incident ended with the victory of Japan’s well trained and equipped military force.

poorly trained

Overall the military is poorly trained and equipped.

However many of the Kuruc soldiers were poorly trained.

Spain had a large army but it was poorly trained and poorly equipped.

trained many

As a seminary, the college trained many priests for ministry in Ireland and abroad.

Mike Holmgren trained many of his assistants to become head coaches, including Jon Gruden and Andy Reid.

Peter has trained many amateur and professional world champions as well as numerous well-known celebrities.

not trained

Twins was not trained by German artists in Oshogbo.

Unlike in other traditional dances, the dancers are not trained in this dance.

Most were not trained for ground combat, and the act was an ad hoc emergency measure.

first trained

Klee was first trained as a sanitary and heating technician.

He first trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Gurevich first trained in gymnastics and later took up wrestling in 1948.

originally trained

Slezkine originally trained as an interpreter in Moscow State University.

Servais was originally trained as a violinist before switching to the cello.

Obata was originally trained by Kaientai Dojo and left the promotion in 2006.

later trained

She was later trained in the Escuela Diplomática of Spain.

He later trained as a lithographer under Charles Lorilleux in Paris.

He was educated at Cambridge and later trained at St George’s Hospital.

trained to become   (になるように訓練された)

He trained to become a silversmith at the Zeichenakademie Hanau from 1919 to 1922.

In 1940, he trained to become a police officer, giving flying lessons in his spare time.

He did not leave Ljungbyhed but stayed another couple of years and trained to become a flight instructor.

trained personnel   (訓練を受けた人員)

Provided trained personnel to augment active force in emergencies.

The Signal Corps also trained personnel and signal units for service with forces in the field.

The rapid growth of the electricity sector in India has generated high demand for trained personnel.

professionally trained

A professionally trained team of challenge course facilitators runs all of the elements.

Not all people working as actors in film; television; or theatre are professionally trained.

He is professionally trained in Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet (Indian classical) for 7 years.

fully trained

An annual rate of 1,500 fully trained pilots was reached by January 1941.

Dr MacLaren was the first to introduce a fully trained nurse to the SDLA in 1882.

By the end of 1942, 51 RTR was fully trained and fully equipped with Churchill tanks.

trained more

CJP has educated and trained more than 3,000 people from 124 countries.

Over a sixty years period trained more than one thousand firefighters each year.

These institutions have trained more than 75 medical teams from over 35 countries.

having trained

We are suing Take-Two, Sony, Wal-Mart, and GameStop for having trained Devin Moore to kill.

However given Sarah's admission to having trained to resist such drugs it's possible Casey has as well.

I’ve always heard good things about him within boxing but having trained under him for a few weeks now I can vouch for just how good he is.

properly trained

A Bidan and a GP, who are not always properly trained for BEOC/PONED, staff these centres.

Forming an alliance, the Black Cat properly trained the lost Tejano in martial arts and stealth.

A properly trained and equipped diver will be able to correct this either by BC inflation or weight shedding.

formally trained

A formally trained dancer, she studied dance for some years.

This period between the mid-19th and early 20th centuries shows a remarkable growth of formally trained women artists.

Born in England, but raised in Hong Kong, Soo is currently residing in Canada and was formally trained as an engineer.