training camp   (训练营)

Another training camp was held the next year in 1911.

This set Ben back for training camp and the Preseason.

Stark later joined the Timberwolves for training camp.

spring training   (春季培训)

He also received an invitation to spring training.

The deal included an invitation to spring training.

The Reds invited him to spring training in 2018.

military training   (军事训练)

Some were sent to Singapore for military training.

He received basic military training, in Scotland.

Dostum received his basic military training in Jalalabad.

training program   (培训计划)

The training program was expanded to three years in 1951.

His training program is known as Marinovich Training Systems.

's young instructors' training program.

began training   (开始训练)

He began training with the Wyverns in August 2018.

On October 17, 2011, the 80th RTT began training.

But at the age of 16 he began training wrestling.

teacher training   (教师培训)

In 1925, the teacher training school was closed.

In 1864, Granitz finished teacher training college in Győr.

It is a teacher training college.

training programs

They shared ideas about youth training programs.

The club also established local nurses' training programs.

SERE SERE may refer to two related military training programs:

training ship   (训练船)

In 1980, "Vampire" was reclassified as a training ship.

Employed as a training ship for the Peruvian Naval Academy.

"Stein" served almost her entire career as a training ship.

flight training   (飞行训练)

Punch also managed six flight training schools.

World War I ended while Eielson was in flight training.

It operates T-38 Talon aircraft conducting flight training.

training facility   (培训设施)

It was used for storage and as a training facility.

as a training facility for gymnastics, fistball, and handball.

He will report to the Angels' spring training facility in Arizona.

training school

IntelliTec College is a technical training school.

In 1925, the teacher training school was closed.

By 1930, an official training school was established.

training center

This building now houses the training center and offices.

It had Kalari (training center for martial arts) at Kallooppara.

As of now, the closest training center of this type is in Norway.

education and training

He began with the construction of warships and naval education and training.

Hardy also built large member education and training divisions in many locals.

He served as the Liberal spokesperson for education and training during his term.

training exercises

The destroyer was primarily involved in training exercises during 1978 and 1979.

The day after her training exercises ended, she left Wilhelmshaven on 2 October.

Trained for tactical airlift missions, participating in joint training exercises.

training ground

Chelsea's training ground is located in Cobham, Surrey.

In response, SPW relocated to a new training ground in Joo Seng.

The guilds served as a training ground for those within the industry.

basic training   (基础训练)

She taught seven basic training courses each year.

After completing Navy basic training and the U.S.

Presley commenced basic training at Fort Hood, Texas.

pilot training   (飞行员训练)

He received a pilot training at AOK 10 between 9.5.

He later moved for pilot training to Austin, Texas.

While living in Lithuania he completed pilot training.

vocational training   (职业培训)

The school offers vocational training courses.

Graduated from vocational training school No.

Young Offenders are usually placed in education and vocational training.

training courses   (训练课程)

She taught seven basic training courses each year.

The institute offers 3 training courses as full-time.

The school offers vocational training courses.

training centre

Berlin is the largest Olympic training centre in Germany.

It is a training centre of many international ski jumpers.

Ghislain Printant was the first director of the training centre.

during training

He died during training with his club El Ahly on 31 August 2006.

My hands were going numb during training camp for weeks at a time.

Chealey was cut from the roster on October 13, 2019 during training camp.

training course   (训练课程)

The first training course graduated in April 1959.

Its initial training course was Radiology Technician.

A total of 117 recruits began the basic training course.

formal training   (正规训练)

Landas is an amateur artist with no formal training.

There is also no formal training for estate liquidators.

His parents enrolled him in formal training.

training sessions   (培训课程)

Fifteen professional training sessions had been completed.

With his point made, the students return to Tuvok's training sessions.

The six training sessions are followed by two project planning workshops.

training facilities

The new training facilities in Cobham were completed in 2007.

CEAA was also responsible for all schools and training facilities.

As such it has enhanced the scope of training facilities to a great extent.

training camps   (训练营)

US drones target two al-Shabaab training camps.

The line also served Army training camps in the valley.

Many younger players have attended Paul Sculthorpe's training camps.

started training

He started training with Shaqiri at age eleven.

McPhail started training in shooting in 1996.

Manachai started training and fighting at the age of 8.

further training

However, some programmes may require further training.

Between 1986 and 1987, Waltz did further training in New York.

She begged her parents to send her to England for further training.

professional training

He performed professional training with Anton Hoffmann.

Fifteen professional training sessions had been completed.

Theses students receive professional training during senior years.

medical training

Joseph Barsalou received no formal medical training.

It conducts medical training for the Air Force.

He did not complete his medical training.

training session

and complete a training session.

The arena was inaugurated with an Oilers training session on 1 October.

At the end of August 1996, he broke his ankle during a training session.

advanced training   (高级培训)

In 2014 MITI was upgraded to an advanced training institute.

Many have advanced training in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy.

They receive advanced training and wear regular police uniforms.

received training

Winter received training in dance as a child.

He received training at the hands of Taliban in Afghanistan.

She received training as a counselor at Catholic AIDS Action.

training base

His secondary training base is in Canberra, Australia.

Tutton's primary training base was in Doetinchem, Netherlands.

His training base is Vigo.

officer training

On 28 December, Pakistan postponed all officer training courses.

Some special branches carry out their own reserve officer training.

musical training

He gave Matthew, the sixth son, his early musical training.

When he was 4, his mother arranged for his musical training.

He also pursued musical training and eventually formed his own orchestra.

physical training

Daily activities include physical training and classroom instruction.

Afterwards, she went through physical training to prepare for the role.

Schwarzenegger and Gabriel Luna also underwent physical training for the film.

technical training

IntelliTec College is a technical training school.

It offers technical training in a variety of fields.

He received post-school technical training at ITI, Surat.

flying training

It was reactivated in 1988 as a flying training unit.

It operates the Northrop T-38 Talon conducting flying training.

It operates the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II conducting flying training.

training college

In 1864, Granitz finished teacher training college in Győr.

It is a teacher training college.

It remained a training college for the communications industry until 1993.

training area

On 12 December 1911, John was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in training area 69B.

It was situated on the south side of Portsmouth Road, near a military training area.

Strone Camp, Argyll and Bute – accommodation to Company strength and FIBUA training area.

provides training

It provides training in primarily industrial fields.

It also provides training to school personnel.

It also provides training for leaders of the United Reformed Church.

training unit

It was reactivated in 1988 as a flying training unit.

It became a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk replacement training unit (RTU).

The division did not deploy overseas and served as a training unit.

training exercise   (训练练习)

Finally in 1959 the shell was blown up as a training exercise by the Territorial Army.

In 2000, the LST was taking part in a training exercise off Chile when the vessel ran aground.

In May 1959 the wing transferred for a month-long training exercise to Bandirma air Base in Turkey.

provide training

It may also provide training for Fiji doctors.

Two-year programs provide training prior to entry into a career.

The main aim was to highlight the urgent need to provide training for women.

initial training

Its initial training course was Radiology Technician.

His initial training was in Sanskrit.

He received his initial training in the Jamaican Defense Force.

additional training

This was so they could do additional training.

No additional training is required.

Already a skilled fighter, Diggle receives additional training from Oliver.

first training

The first training course graduated in April 1959.

The first training flight was made in December 2010.

The Texas Maritime Academy acquired its first training ship in 1965.

refresher training   (进修培训)

She was overhauled and for the rest of the year engaged in refresher training and ASW operations.

After refresher training, she departed Long Beach, California on 7 June 1962 for duty with the 7th Fleet.

After leaving New York Naval Shipyard she commenced six weeks of refresher training at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

used for training

April and May were used for training with the invasion fleet.

The ship is also used for training RAN divers in hull clearance.

She was raised on 8 April 1943 and after repairs, used for training.

job training

A key one would be a stable labor market with good job training.

She served on the committee specializing in women's job training.

In 1945, she finished her job training as gymnastics coach in Stuttgart.

combat training

Here Urdiales completed combat training, which he then used to kill women.

They used valuable training days that could have been used for collective combat training.

The Navy had revitalized its air combat training, while the Air Force had stayed stagnant.

intensive training   (强化训练)

With intensive training, this will take 2–4 years.

It moved to Siena and began intensive training.

It moved to England for more intensive training in September 1915.

training programme

At Buffalo, Scott instituted a major training programme.

For the specific weight training programme, his strength coach was Master Paolo Tassetto.

It offers teaching and learning materials, a training programme and a practitioner toolkit.

training purposes

It continued to defend the harbour and was also used for training purposes.

There many different types of simulations that are used for training purposes.

For training purposes, he traveled from 1840 to two years to Leipzig, Vienna and Pest.

training aircraft

The Joker is intended as a training aircraft.

It was planned to manufacture combat and training aircraft.

The Air Force has L-29 and L-39 advanced training aircraft in store.

training programmes   (培训课程)

SRC also offers apprenticeship training programmes.

But some training programmes stretch for a month.

To date we have conducted 19 training programmes for 346 participants.

training and education

They often require high levels of training and education.

The prison offered workshops, training and education to all prisoners.

The requisite skills are acquired by training and education, and honed by practice.

training squad

He was named in the Fiji training squad for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup.

Piutau joined the All Blacks training squad during the 2013 Super Rugby season.

He was named in the Ireland training squad for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup.

training mission

During a training mission, the ZECTrooper trainees, , are revealed.

Performed training mission for pilots to transition to single-seat, subsonic F-117.

On 13 February 2012, one MiG-27 crashed while on a training mission, the pilot ejected.

training schools

Punch also managed six flight training schools.

Several training schools are located here.

Some training schools located here are

skills training

It has MoU with several industries and entities to impart skills training.

Our vocational skills training provides courses such as sewing, hairdressing and cooking."

The BET Award is a certificated programme of transferable skills training and practical learning.

training operations

She conducted patrols and training operations out of Panama until June 1946.

After repairs, "Trippe" resumed training operations off the northeastern coast.

"Mississippi" served with the Atlantic Fleet from 1909 to 1912, which consisted primarily of routine training operations.

sent into training

The colt was sent into training with Todd Pletcher.

The colt was sent into training with Horace A.

She was sent into training with Joseph Lieux.

special training

Tina also received special training from ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan.

In 2009, Vusal Huseynov became participant of two special training programs.

The members of the MiTaKp can participate in numerous special training courses beyond that.

practical training

This six-month program included practical training, readings and discussion.

It has a central computer center and a central workshop for practical training.

SGU offers courses which combine both theoretical and practical training (internship).

leadership training

Additional leadership training is available for instructors, organizational leaders, and more.

Boys can participate in local or district leadership training as well as the Trail of the Saber.

UNB also houses Renaissance College, which is a leading leadership training institution in New Brunswick.

training before

WARDs would have two weeks of training before starting.

Mohanlal; Bob Hoskins; for example, had no formal training before becoming an actor.

B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator units underwent advanced training before going overseas.

training centers

It was supported by 750 training centers worldwide in 1994.

Ada's Hoeve was one of the first Wood Badge training centers outside the British Empire.

The program is a year-round training system with training centers across the United States.

weight training   (重量训练)

He then took up weight training, becoming an instructor at his local gym.

He does ten hours of weight training and five hours of aerobic exercise each week.

The middle level has a gym with boxing ring, punching bag, and weight training room.

specialized training   (专业训练)

An enlisted sailors rating refers to their specialized training.

Those who excelled were provided specialized training in the courses they did well in.

The specialized training it allowed was a milestone in the state normal school system.

years of training

Students graduate with a diploma after three years of training.

They graduate of several universities after three years of training.

Most professional artisans go through six to seven years of training.

training period

The training period is 59 days.

She joined TBS Television in April 2014, and entered the training period.

RSH and RSN groups were tested before and after a 4-week training period.

during spring training

He became ill while there, and suffered relapses during spring training.

He tried to earn a spot with the Indians during spring training but was unable to.

In 2008, Reed recalled having pitched to Barry Bonds during spring training in Tucson, Arizona.

training to become

Seacoast programs include training to become a professional medical assistant.

It is also where new agents are sent for training to become FBI Special Agents.

She moved to London and was training to become a registrar at a GP surgery in east London.

during training camp

My hands were going numb during training camp for weeks at a time.

Chealey was cut from the roster on October 13, 2019 during training camp.

Each club is subject to team-wide, no-notice testing once during training camp.

training cruise

While on a training cruise, she stopped outside Málaga to conduct gunnery training on 16 December 1900.

She took on a contingent of midshipmen from the US Naval Academy for a training cruise that began on 7 June.

The ships left for an overseas training cruise shortly thereafter, entering the Mediterranean Sea on 29 September.

new training

The new training facilities in Cobham were completed in 2007.

In response, SPW relocated to a new training ground in Joo Seng.

A new training scheme for Cub Scouts was launched in September 1990.

summer training

The school has been the summer training camp for the Kansas City Chiefs since 2010.

The 2006 movie "Invincible" depicts the campus during the Eagles' 1976 summer training camp.

He missed the first third of the 2011–12 season after suffering a back injury in summer training.

shakedown training   (训练)

After fitting out at New York, she conducted shakedown training out of Norfolk.

With her conversion complete, "PGM-18" returned to the Naval Training Center to undergo shakedown training.

"Holder" conducted her shakedown training in the Caribbean and returned to Norfolk, Virginia on 28 August 1946.

extensive training

Cammaerts began extensive training with SOE in October 1942.

The vast majority of professional actors have undergone extensive training.

Before she reached middle school, she received extensive training with the classical piano.

providing training

Jeliński was actively involved in providing training to Ghanaian and Iraqi beekeepers.

In August 2004 the ICAN began providing training on Information Technology for its members.

Portugal has been providing training through its Technical Military Cooperation (CTM) programme.

during a training

At the end of August 1996, he broke his ankle during a training session.

Two F-16s from the wing collided during a training flight on 15 October 2009.

Anne Diamond, who was team captain, walked off during a training session in week 4.

gunnery training

"Mississippi" returned to Guantanamo Bay on 8 March for gunnery training there in April.

About 20 additional hours of flight practice concentrated on aerial and gunnery training.

"Saetta" was frequently placed in reserve, and in 1897 she became a gunnery training ship.

training methods

The players though, said they were very happy with Chola's training methods.

His training methods are based on a strong endurance base and periodisation.

He was not able to adapt with new environment, conditions and training methods.

conducted training

Between 17 December 1941 and 29 July 1942, "U-335" conducted training with the 8th U-boat Flotilla.

"Tiru" conducted training and trials off the West Coast before heading for Hawaii on 10 February 1949.

The ship conducted training for her aircraft in the Inland Sea until 11 May, when she sailed for Tawi-Tawi in the Philippines.

training institute

Industrial training institute was opened in 2007.

There is also an Industrial training institute.

In 2014 MITI was upgraded to an advanced training institute.

receive training

Volunteers receive training according to the role they fulfill.

Players range from 8-years old and receive training in all aspects of the sport.

Volunteers can receive training in the full range of St John Ambulance qualifications.

recruit training   (招募培训)

The recruit training program was effectively shut down, with the next class not graduating until 2012.

He completed his recruit training, but was classified for limited service in the United States Army during World War II.

After recruit training, he attended Marine Combat Training, followed by the Basic MAGTF Intelligence Analyst Course at Virginia Beach, Virginia.

training opportunities

Initially, the CUDTC provided professional training opportunities only for elementary school teachers.

Royal Rangers has a variety of different training opportunities for boys, or Junior Leaders, and adult leaders.

Students must be provided with training opportunities (if needed) on each tool that is used throughout the program.

early training

Afonso's early training is described by Diogo Barbosa Machado: "“D.

Her early training was as a teacher in middle and senior girls' schools.

He received his early training from his grandfather and then from his father.

training vessel

The U-boat spent her career as a training vessel.

The U-boat spent most of her career as a training vessel.

It was later used as a training vessel and was stricken in 1919.

responsible for training

He was responsible for training the division and drawing up battle plans.

He was responsible for training most of the men serving in the 65th Infantry.

They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports.

crew training

It was used for crew training at Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

The squadron served as the ADC combat crew training squadron for the F-104.

Conducted tactical fighter combat crew training for the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing.

provided training

Huston provided training for the Mercury astronauts in celestial navigation.

There, she provided training services for the West Coast Sound School through the end of World War II.

Chinese instructors provided training to the presidential guard and other internal security forces in 2018.

research and training

The society fosters a commitment to research and training in diversity.

The institute provides a common platform for fashion education, research and training.

Dr. Motevalli has conducted sponsored research and training programs exceeding $13 million since 1988.

training activities

These training activities continued through November 1953.

through training

It often carries those activities out through training programs, workshops and seminars.

Singleton did not make it through training camp and was cut after the first few workouts.

They support this work through training, research, advocacy, evaluations and capacity building.

months of training

After eight months of training he joined the .

After three months of training, the 106th sailed for France on 29 June 1944.

After 3 months of training, she competed on stage for the Miss Hong Kong 2004 title.

clinical training

He completed his clinical training in 1953.

He did his clinical training at The London Hospital and qualified in 1933.

The medical students of Army Medical College are imparted clinical training by the concerned specialists and the professors.