then transferred   (その後転送)

Paula is then transferred to an old people's home.

Caliph Mu`âwiyah then transferred him to Damascus.

She was then transferred to the United States Navy.

later transferred   (後で転送)

She was later transferred to TSR's Games Division.

It was later transferred to the genus "Boltenia".

She later transferred to the University of Illinois.

transferred back   (返送)

Anna is also safely transferred back in her time.

This was transferred back to the BRB on 1 August 1978.

In 2006, Ercan transferred back to Beşiktaş.

before being transferred

He lasted barely a month at Blackburn before being transferred again to Newton Heath.

The division fought in several engagements in the Sinai before being transferred to France.

He'd be sent to Jilava Prison, before being transferred to Văcărești Prison in Southern Bucharest.

transferred to other   (他に転送)

It was later transferred to other genera, including "Orchis" and "Amitostigma".

However, many of his "Crepidotus" taxa would later be transferred to other genera.

Fort Slocum's guns were dismounted and transferred to other uses beginning in 1917.

transferred to another   (別に転送)

A year later he was transferred to another Bundesliga team, 1.

Play restarts with the ball being transferred to another player.

He survived to be picked up and transferred to another English warship.

subsequently transferred

He was subsequently transferred to Altay in 2009.

He was subsequently transferred to Kocaelispor.

It was subsequently transferred to Longchamp and run over 3,000 metres.

eventually transferred

Personnel eventually transferred to incoming 512th Troop Carrier Wing.

She eventually transferred to the University of Florida to continue her studies in engineering.

Oton built the first Manila galleons before operations were eventually transferred to the Bicol and Cavite shipyards.

transferred ownership

The Hospitallers transferred ownership over Carfalet to the Templars in 1255.

In 1935, Bush transferred ownership of the yacht to his wife, Marian Spore Bush.

In 1519 Pope Leo X transferred ownership of the region to Theophilus Calcagnini.

transferred between

Energy can be transferred between systems in a variety of ways.

It has a complicated taxonomic history, having been transferred between genera several times.

During the 1993–94 season, many players were transferred between Premier League clubs for fees exceeding £1 million.

ship was transferred

In 1995 the ship was transferred to the Naval Reserve Force.

In August 1962, the ship was transferred to the Richard Schröder K.G.

In 1932 the ship was transferred to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

soon transferred

Her library grew quickly, and the books were soon transferred to a larger room.

He was soon transferred to the Western Theater to command the District of Western Kentucky.

Barbaro was soon transferred from the Olean City Jail to the Cattaraugus County Jail in Little Valley.

transferred out during

colspan=16 style=background:#dcdcdc; text-align:center| Players transferred out during the season

colspan=14 style=background:#dcdcdc; text-align:center| Players transferred out during the season

division was transferred

In December of that year, "S-42"’s division was transferred to Pearl Harbor.

In July the division was transferred to 80th Rifle Corps, still in 65th Army.

At the end of January the division was transferred to XXII Corps, which had taken over the sector.

transferred all

In 2007, his family transferred all of Creasey's copyrights and other legal rights to Owatonna Media.

"In the first half of 1940 the RAF transferred all Hurricane and Spitfire squadrons to 100 octane fuel."

In July 2017, Salem Media Group merged and transferred all content into

remains were transferred

In January 1980 his remains were transferred to El Escorial in Spain.

In 1782, her remains were transferred to St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.

Her remains were transferred to New Cathedral Cemetery on February 6, 1882.

when he transferred   (彼が転送したとき)

His active military career ended when he transferred to the Polish Army Reserve in 1924.

His state league career ended when he transferred in 1900 to Coolgardie to work in the post office.

The song was one of the first recorded by Frank Sinatra when he transferred to Capitol Records in 1953.

ownership was transferred

In 1916 ownership was transferred to brothers Rubin and John Clymer.

In 1999, the light's ownership was transferred to the State of Delaware.

In 1988 ownership was transferred back to the Irvine Ranch Water District.

officially transferred

Thus ownership was officially transferred to the club.

Ownership was officially transferred to Faulkner on January 22, 2004.

On 4 July 2014, he was officially transferred on loan to Trapani in Serie B.

transferred again

After the season, he transferred again to Auburn.

It was later transferred again to "Amitostigma".

On 21 October 1918, it was transferred again, to "18 Armee".

property was transferred

In May 2013, the property was transferred from his company, SCM, to himself.

The property was transferred to the Sioux Oil Company, which vacated the complex in 1990.

A new group, Serra Cross Conservancy, was formed, and the property was transferred to it.

transferred through

The prisoners were transferred through the Syrian outpost to Qaboun.

The rail is then powered, and power is transferred through the arm to the vehicle.

An example would be library books transferred through the interlibrary loan system.

transferred to command

While there Brigaut transferred to command of a captured Spanish galliot.

On 14 January 1944, Brigadier Kane was transferred to command 45 AA Bde and was replaced by Brig J.W.

Following his victory at Rich Mountain, McClellan was transferred to command the Army of the Potomac, leaving Brig.

again transferred

After six months SoVo, Olatuga again transferred, this time to HIFK.

On 1 July 1921 an area with 927 inhabitants was again transferred to Namsos.

Twenty days later the petition was again transferred, to the Committee on Commerce.

area was transferred

On April 1, 1921 the area was transferred into newly established Kustanay Governorate.

A sizeable part of the area was transferred to the new Brighouse and Spenborough seat.

In 931, the estate at Kusel along with the surrounding area was transferred to the Abbey of Saint-Remi in Reims.

production transferred

The production transferred to Los Angeles.

The Young Vic production transferred to Broadway with its British cast intact.

The production transferred to the Criterion Theatre, London, for 44 performances, with Michael Gough taking over as Nicky.

formally transferred

it was formally transferred in 2011.

It was formally transferred to "Eucomis" by Frederick James Chittenden in 1951.

On 18 February 1915, he was formally transferred to the British Army, and promoted to major general.

not transferred

The land was initially acquired by the city in 1848 but was not transferred to the Chicago Park District until 1959.

As the risk of their desertion was greater, soldiers from Alsace were not transferred back to the Western Front till 1918.

Unlike the other great icons of Russia, the "Feodorovskaya" was not transferred to a museum, because the image was impossible to discern.

transferred control   (移管されたコントロール)

Van 't Sant transferred control of the CID to Colonel Mattheus de Bruyne of the Dutch Marine Corps.

In 2011, the City of Des Moines transferred control from the city to the Des Moines Airport Authority.

They transferred control to the United States of all the land east of the Mississippi and north of Florida.

transferred onto

The walk along Walbrook Wharf is closed to pedestrians when waste is being transferred onto barges.

The footage was then transferred onto film and finally transferred back to videotape (see: Kinescope).

He was carrying detailed reports written by De Jonge that had been transferred onto three roles of microfilm.

functions were transferred

In 2000, some of these functions were transferred to Bispebjerg Hospital.

The college's functions were transferred to the Royal Naval College, Greenwich in 1914.

In 1993, the Baton Rouge forecast office was closed and its functions were transferred to the office in Slidell.