Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

traveled through   (đi qua)

He has traveled through space, but he is not an astronaut.

The sangha traveled through the subcontinent, expounding the Dharma.

In the years 1907-1913 he traveled through Europe to study painting.

then traveled   (sau đó đi du lịch)

It then traveled to venues in California and Texas.

They then traveled eastward, both by land and by water.

The production then traveled to New Orleans.

traveled extensively   (đi du lịch rộng rãi)

Both Junge and Surprenant had also traveled extensively.

He also traveled extensively in German and Italian lands.

Carey has traveled extensively to remote places to paint.

traveled around   (đi du lịch khắp nơi)

From 1843 to 1846, he traveled around Europe.

He traveled around, visiting various monasteries of Dominican nuns.

I've traveled around the world.

traveled throughout   (đi khắp nơi)

He traveled throughout Holland, France, and Germany.

The tour traveled throughout Southeast Asia.

At other times he traveled throughout Burma.

traveled across   (đi qua)

By 1893, Joseph's reputation had traveled across the Atlantic.

Subsequently, Kino traveled across northern Mexico, and to present day California and Arizona.

RAIN has cumulated more than 980 performances and traveled across 179 cities and 20 countries.

traveled back   (du lịch trở lại)

After the war, Acevedo traveled back to Mexico.

In 1788 Thulemeyer traveled back to Berlin.

He and his crew traveled back to Norway by commercial ship.

traveled widely   (đi du lịch rộng rãi)

He read and traveled widely and wrote for six decades.

Looking for inspiration outside Denmark, he traveled widely.

He spoke on the lecture circuit and traveled widely in Asia and Europe.

traveled the world

The song was written in 2011, after Kesha traveled the world.

They made records, traveled the world and played at all Ford's events.

He traveled the world and learned about different customs and cultures.

distance traveled   (khoảng cách đi du lịch)

The total distance traveled was 2300 km.

The fares for Demand Response vary based on distance traveled.

However, a Riemann sum only gives an approximation of the distance traveled.

traveled along

Prior to 1963, US 51 traveled along IL 351's path.

", which traveled along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, towing a theater.

I-985 had not been built in this area, so US 23 still traveled along surface streets.

later traveled

He later traveled out of Pakistan to take his PhD degree in Economics.

He later traveled to the Middle East where he met architect Robert Landsman.

He was promoted to confidential clerk in 1832 and later traveled to Naples, Paris and Rome.

traveled abroad

Salieri traveled abroad to fulfill an important commission.

Between 1954 and 1958, Odogwu traveled abroad for further studies.

Her father traveled abroad often and left his daughters to fend for themselves.

traveled north

Mallow traveled north and played this historic match at Windsor Park.

Franz Boas traveled north to gather ethnographic material for the Exposition.

He traveled north to Mexico City, where he worked with other exiles and communist supporters against the Machado government.

traveled all

He traveled all over the world with Infantes band.

We had a great time and traveled all over the world.

Together with her watcher, she traveled all over Japan slaying vampires.

traveled up

General Early then traveled up the Shenandoah Valley and entered Maryland at Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

The first documented Europeans to visit the area were Spanish explorer Gaspar Castaño de Sosa and his men, who traveled up the Pecos River in 1590.

In the final game of the regular season, Stony Brook traveled up to Albany to face a Great Danes team that was winless in CAA play for the Empire Clash.

traveled between

He traveled between the Amikwa, Odawa, and Saginaw.

The men had traveled between , a march that probably took them seven to ten hours.

For the next two years, he traveled between Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

team traveled   (nhóm đi du lịch)

In 2010 the team traveled to New Orleans to participate in a National Tournament.

A week later, the Rutgers team traveled to Princeton for a rematch, which Princeton won 8–0.

When Bilbao fell to the falange, the team traveled to the Americas touring Cuba, Mexico and Argentina.

often traveled   (thường xuyên đi du lịch)

Carl Sandburg often traveled the U.S. as a writer and a poet.

A good friend of Leo Durocher, he often traveled with the team.

Agabala Guliyev was one of the monarchs of Baku who often traveled to Western Europe.

traveled west

As a young man, Joseph Knowland traveled west to seek his fortune in the California gold fields.

He traveled west in 1870 and found greater success in a series of positions in the railroad business.

She was born in Boaz, Alabama, and traveled west at the age of seven with her family, who had been sharecroppers.

family traveled   (gia đình đi du lịch)

Her mother's side of the family traveled and sang in churches.

After Egypt, the family traveled to Palestine and visited Jerusalem.

In the winter of 1919-1920, the family traveled via train to Harbin, Manchuria.

traveled together

The three of them traveled together.

They traveled together in Karelia, looking for oral poets and portraiting them.

They shared several studios and traveled together, and Wilke often photographed him.

traveled south

However, Madero traveled south to meet with Zapata at Cuernavaca and Cuautla, Morelos.

From Seattle, Washington, the tour then traveled south along the Pacific coast to southern California.

Starting in Ringe, the route traveled south to Faaborg on the south coast, before passing north to Odense.

heavily traveled

It may be heavily traveled in the summer months.

Built in 1862, the station was on a heavily traveled stage and emigration route.

having traveled

Qin was arrested in 1908, soon after having traveled to China.

On arriving in France, after having traveled for eight years, he prepared in Hebrew his impressions of travel, and had the book translated into French.

Assyrians at first did very well under Mongol rule, as the Shamanist Mongols were sympathetic to them, with Assyrian priests having traveled to Mongolia centuries before.