Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

then travelled   (sau đó đi du lịch)

He then travelled to New York in early summer.

Old Vic then travelled to France for the Prix du Jockey Club.

They then travelled the to Rishikesh by taxi, a six-hour journey.

travelled through   (đi qua)

From 1775 to 1780 he travelled through Europe.

He travelled through Semirechiy in 1899-1902.

In 1777, he travelled through Switzerland.

travelled extensively   (đi du lịch rộng rãi)

In this work Howard himself travelled extensively.

He has travelled extensively on six continents.

From the age of 16, Schmalzigaug travelled extensively.

travelled widely   (đi du lịch rộng rãi)

From early on Bozaci travelled widely in Europe.

Raman has travelled widely in and out of India.

It also indicates that he travelled widely.

travelled around   (đi du lịch khắp nơi)

which travelled around the world for seven years.

The French probably travelled around the Boura Mountains in 1899.

He travelled around Europe and performed with various orchestras.

travelled across   (đi qua)

This band has travelled across much of the world.

In 1858, he travelled across the Alps to Milan, Geneva, Florence and Rome.

He travelled across India and did all kinds of jobs in different parts of the country.

travelled throughout

He travelled throughout Karnataka to collect them for the museum.

During his itinerant period, Shivananda travelled throughout northern India.

With Miss Riboet, Young travelled throughout South East Asia, including in Malaya.

travelled back   (du lịch trở lại)

In 1649 Froberger travelled back to Austria.

He then travelled back to Nigeria and continued playing for Nasarawa United.

On August 4, 2011, Lindhout travelled back to Somalia for the first time since her captivity.

travelled abroad

They then travelled abroad, visiting Lyon and Geneva, residing for a time at Augsburg.

Advised to try a southern climate, he travelled abroad, and died at Rome 3 March 1845.

He was educated at Bury St. Edmunds Grammar School in 1656 and travelled abroad from 1663 to 1666.

distance travelled   (quãng đường đi)

The costs is based on the distance travelled.

The longest known distance travelled by an individual is .

Only about 1% of all distance travelled was by plane in 2002.

travelled the world

After retiring as a player, Ainsley travelled the world as a coach.

He travelled the world studying sports medicine and set up a private practice in the 1980s.

Later in life he travelled the world and his jobs included sheep farming and gold prospecting in Canada.

later travelled

He later travelled to Oklahoma, US, to do his M.Sc.

As a medical student, Hardie studied with Oliver R. Avison, who also later travelled to Korea as an evangelist.

He later travelled to the Court of Session to be sworn in by the Lord President and receive the Great Seal of Scotland.

travelled north

The Burys travelled north as second-class passengers on the steamer "Cambria".

Æthelstan's army began gathering at Winchester by 934, and travelled north to Nottingham by .

The first section of Highway 25, designated in 1925, travelled north from Highway 5 to Milton.