national treasure   (国宝)

The site is adjacent to the Ōmi Shrine and protected as a national treasure.

Catchy without being cliche and fun without being dumb, Neutron is a national treasure.

He has been called "one of the greatest of Irish story-tellers" and "a national treasure".

treasure trove   (宝庫)

His books are a treasure trove of scholarship and a great joy to read.

In the Kingston District in 1901 he held 201 inquests: 121 males and 79 females with one case of treasure trove.

The Eden Sinfonia also aims to introduce British audience to the treasure trove of Israeli and Middle-Eastern classical music.

treasure hunt   (宝探し)

And so Hind resolves to reverse the treasure hunt of clues.

Ronald then begins his treasure hunt with his part of the map.

Crime Alley: A college wide treasure hunt organised by Rotaract Club, MANIT.

treasure hunters   (トレジャーハンター)

However, the treasure hunters turned up empty handed.

For years, people and treasure hunters have tried to locate "Quedagh Merchant".

It is not well known or travelled but several treasure hunters have visited the site.

buried treasure   (埋蔵金)

Ó Séaghdha describes Irish as "the amazing buried treasure".

Popular belief says the island is the site of Captain Kidd's buried treasure.

(An account of this may have given rise to subsequent stories of pirates and buried treasure).

hidden treasure

Hamm's script had the Penguin and Catwoman going after hidden treasure.

A group of hunters come into a dense forest to recover a hidden treasure.

It is said that there is still somewhere in the mountains a hidden treasure.

treasure fleet   (宝艦隊)

In 1628 a Dutch fleet led by Admiral Piet Hein had captured a Spanish treasure fleet.

Instead, while Columbus's ships sheltered at the mouth of the Rio Jaina, the first Spanish treasure fleet sailed into the hurricane.

For generations, Englishmen had contemplated capturing the Spanish treasure fleet, a feat that had only been accomplished once, in 1628, by the Dutch.

treasure chest   (宝箱)

In the corners of each such cave is a treasure chest.

At the strike of 12 noon, the White Lady appears with a treasure chest.

He dove in and swam into a large cave where a woman with one eye handed him a treasure chest.