İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not treated   (tedavi edilmedi)

If not treated within minutes, death usually occurs.

The disease is highly lethal if not treated properly.

If not treated, these can both lead to a heart attack.

often treated   (sıklıkla tedavi edilir)

Neurapraxia is often treated and cured by non-operative means.

There are two subspecies, often treated in the past as separate species.

The species is often treated as a subspecies of "Pseudochazara anthelea".

patients were treated   (hastalar tedavi edildi)

112 patients were treated in the Infirmary during the year.

In 2007, 293 patients were treated via drugs from TopoTarget's pipeline.

It opened its doors on June 28, 1905; more than 70 patients were treated by the end of that first day.

patients treated   (tedavi edilen hastalar)

In 1959, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) again reviewed cases of patients treated by Gerson.

Diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting are common among patients treated with idarubicin.

Large amounts of orotidine are excreted in the urine of cancer patients treated with 6-azauridine.

sometimes treated

Patients are also sometimes treated pharmacologically.

It is sometimes treated as a subfamily of the Notodontidae.

It is sometimes treated as a variety of "Atriplex parishii".

not be treated

Pregnant women should not be treated within their first trimester.

Health does not regenerate and injuries cannot be treated mid-mission.

People with disabilities cannot be treated as "less than" other customers.

treated differently   (farklı davranılmış)

He dislikes being left out and being treated differently.

Tomas was used to being treated differently from an early age.

They are treated differently to reflect the meaning of the text.

successfully treated   (başarıyla tedavi edildi)

Spies successfully treated numerous pellagra patients.

He was successfully treated and resumed his guitar duties in 2015.

Often, degenerative disc disease can be successfully treated without surgery.

usually treated

Female captives, however, were usually treated better.

FH is usually treated with statins.

(The genus is now usually treated as "Lotus" section "Pedrosia".)

treated well   (Iyi tedavi edilmiş)

The intermediate case is not treated well analytically.

She and her accompany were treated well and offered wine, beer and tobacco.

He is treated well because Shub-Niggurath fears he may revive his creator, her enemy, the god Nehahra.

treated equally

All versions thus existed at the same time and should be treated equally.

Hollander wanted to create a place to live where everybody would be treated equally.

The designers built the Kuraza on the idea that all luxury passengers should be treated equally.

generally treated

Children with acute otitis media who are younger than 6 months of age are generally treated with amoxicillin or other antibiotic.

Uber services are generally treated as black-car services from a legal standpoint and are not generally regulated under Taxi laws.

The spell-casting monsters are generally treated as primitive or unsophisticated clerics or clerics of uncivilized or inhuman deities.

treated more

Some of the enemies are larger and treated more like bosses.

The isolation conditions were probably very difficult, as the unwell were treated more like prisoners than patients.

Myra and Nora were probably treated more favorably by their parents, while Iris and Hester were treated more harshly.

treated the same   (aynı muamele)

APPENDIX I seeds are treated the same as the plants.

Same-sex couples are treated the same as opposite-sex couples.

But the players were treated the same as all Fordham students.

treated water

It discharges treated water into the Snohomish River.

The WUC supplies bulk treated water to the Department of Water Affairs.

The treated water is then released into the lake to improve the quality of water.

now treated

Duchesne died of tuberculosis, a disease now treated by antibiotics.

'Urban' was crossed with the Wilson's Elm (now treated as Japanese Elm "U. davidiana" var.

Two former subfamilies of the Corinnidae are now treated as separate families, Phrurolithidae and Trachelidae.