tribal members   (部族のメンバー)

Charles A. Hobbs argued the case for the tribal members.

Iroquois tribal members, in certain circumstances, may use the full name.

According to some tribal members, use of the spelled-out name of the university can be offensive.

tribal leaders   (部族のリーダー)

He wrote biographical sketches of tribal leaders.

Players take the role of tribal leaders in 4000 B.C.

Shia and Sunni tribal leaders were also killed.

tribal groups   (部族グループ)

The Gaini were probably one of the tribal groups of the Mercians.

It also runs Youth Leadership Training Programmes aimed at tribal groups.

West Papua, a province of Indonesia, is home to an estimated 44 uncontacted tribal groups.

tribal lands   (部族の土地)

In addition, it proposed the end of communal, tribal lands.

Norman Tindale estimated their tribal lands as covering roughly .

In Tindale's estimation the Iwaidja possessed some of tribal lands.

tribal council   (部族評議会)

In 1978, the tribal council passed two taxing ordinances.

Mizoram has 3 autonomous tribal council:

The tribal council offices are located in the town of Winnebago.

tribal leader

He was the tribal leader of the Esakhail Sanerzai.

In 1323, tribal leader Demetrius owned Körösszeg fortress.

He cheats the daughter of the tribal leader Puli Dora (Mahankali Venkaiah).

tribal people

It was inhabited mostly by tribal people.

The majority are tribal people and agriculture is the main occupation.

It has organised several projects to help impoverished Indian tribal people.

tribal areas

TDSSM is active in tribal areas.

TPF is active in tribal areas.

The jirga holds the prestige of a court in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

tribal chief   (部族長)

The emir now serves as a tribal chief on a more local scale.

His grandmother was a tribal chief and member of the Order of Canada.

Alfred was the son of Michel Venne, an Ojibwa tribal chief and farmer.

tribal governments

To achieve this, tribal governments had to end and all residents accept state government.

Following completion of the land allotments, the US proposed to end tribal governments of the Five Civilized Tribes and admit the two territories jointly as a state.

Annual membership costs $40 for organizations (such as libraries, tribal governments, or other institutions), while individuals must pay $20 and students must pay $10.

tribal chiefs

Says negotiated with local tribal chiefs to purchase land.

The tribal chiefs, with 2,000 warriors each, joined him, swelling his ranks to 18,000.

They governed the land through tribal chiefs out of the village site at present day Alvarado Park

tribal land   (部族の土地)

Norman Tindale estimated their tribal land's extent at about .

In Norman Tindale's estimation, the Ngawait had approximately of tribal land.

In Norman Tindale's guesstimate, the Yindjilandji ranged over roughly of tribal land.

tribal communities

There are four tribal communities inhabiting this area: Mavilan, Malavettuva Kudiya and Marati.

The Doras collected taxes from the Gumang chiefs of the Savara tribal communities residing in different villages.

Perhaps, the "Mukkuvan" (fishermen) community and some tribal communities like "Ulladan" were the early settlers.

tribal government   (部族政府)

The tribal government is based in North Bend.

Two Navajo chapter tribal government organizations claim jurisdiction over the formation.

Iḷisaġvik College is sanctioned by the Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope (ICAS) tribal government.

tribal group

As of 2013, Bhils were the largest tribal group in India.

Even earlier, the army had resettled members of a Germanic tribal group allied with Rome, the Ubii, in Bonn.

Kwele people The Kwele people are a tribal group of eastern Gabon, Republic of the Congo, and Cameroons in West Africa.

tribal name

The origin of the tribal name is uncertain.

Arthur's zeal and capacity for work led to him being honoured by the Kikuyu with the tribal name "Rigitari" ("Doctor").

The Yazidis' own name for themselves is "Êzidî" or "Êzîdî" or, in some areas, "Dasinî" (the latter, strictly speaking, is a tribal name).

other tribal   (他の部族)

Instruction is mainly in English or Bengali, though Kokborok and other tribal languages are also used.

It was not affiliated with a single federally recognized tribe or reservation, as are numerous other tribal colleges.

Alongside the predominant Bengali population resides a small Bishnupriya Manipuri, Khasia and other tribal minorities.

local tribal

Says negotiated with local tribal chiefs to purchase land.

Mullah Salaam later returned to his home town of Musa Qala to become a member of the local tribal council.

The name Gurúè is said to be local tribal dialect (Lomwe) for "porco do mato" (peccary), or the name of a local tribal chief.

tribal confederation

Patuxet The Patuxet were a Native American band of the Wampanoag tribal confederation.

Soon after, from the 630s to 660s, the territory was taken by Samo's tribal confederation.

"Whole Mongol"") was a major Mongolic tribal confederation (khanlig) on the Mongolian Plateau in the 12th century.