İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

tried to get   (almaya çalıştı)

which tried to get her fired from wherever she worked.

They also tried to get a reserve of their own.

The ASEA team tried to get her to delete her criticisms.

tried to make   (yapmaya çalıştı)

Joey Logano tried to make it three-wide in turn one.

He tried to make love with Igna, but the latter refused.

At first, the researchers tried to make a fluorinated derivative.

then tried   (sonra denedi)

Feller then tried to pick off Masi at second base.

He then tried to hand the tooth to coach Randy Bennett.

Sasuke then tried to dive off the ropes but slipped down.

tried to take   (almaya çalıştı)

The Ottomans had tried to take over Mani in 1770.

bondik tried to take down Twistzz, but he fell.

In 1817, tried to take the plaza of Guanajuato.

tried to kill   (öldürmeye çalıştı)

The doctor states that someone tried to kill him.

He often tried to kill heroes and even holy men.

Rival gangs tried to kill him there a number of times.

tried to persuade   (ikna etmeye çalıştı)

Chaerea tried to persuade the military to support the Senate.

He unsuccessfully tried to persuade Tehal and the Jatha to return.

He unsuccessfully tried to persuade Claire to write a biography of him.

tried to escape

Those who tried to escape were caught and killed.

In July 1913, she tried to escape jail but was caught.

In March 1868, 238 prisoners tried to escape.

tried to convince   (ikna etmeye çalıştı)

I tried to convince them we weren't Jewish."

Baley has tried to convince both robots to change their stories.

He tried to convince Wolverine to kill him, but Wolverine refused.

tried unsuccessfully

Trump tried unsuccessfully to regain his residency.

Fresnel tried unsuccessfully to recover the manuscript.

McEnroe tried unsuccessfully to persuade Borg to continue.

unsuccessfully tried

In 2001, 2003 and 2005 he unsuccessfully tried to climb the K2.

Conrad unsuccessfully tried to sue to recover the lands in 1258.

He unsuccessfully tried to persuade Tehal and the Jatha to return.

tried to stop   (durmaya çalıştı)

There another Indian agent tried to stop them.

He tried to stop her but in vain.

They tried to stop the cult by themselves but was trapped by the leader.

when he tried   (denediğinde)

However, when he tried to do so, Eska engaged herself to him.

I thought he had a couple runs when he tried to bounce it outside.

the policeman/detective was blinded when he tried to open the refrigerator.

tried to find   (Bulmaya çalıştı)

Many tried to find ways to escape the obligation.

Portuguese navigators tried to find a sea way to Asia.

According to Clinton, he tried to find the guitarist without success.

tried to keep   (tutmaya çalıştı)

He then tried to keep the county and annex it to his Archbishopric.

I tried to keep silent.

Báthory did not like Petki, so that he tried to keep him away from Gyulafehérvár.

tried again

He tried again, but each time with the same results.

When Linda tried again, Aimee stung her again.

Tipton was tried again in 2017 and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

tried to use

Pardo then tried to use Aman's tailhook to push the plane.

They fought until Orton tried to use a steel chair, and Triple H fled.

Director of photography Peter Deming tried to use realistic lighting in the film.

tried to prevent   (önlemeye çalıştı)

Beier tried to prevent it.

Colonists tried to prevent the spread of smallpox by isolation and inoculation.

In recent years the Académie has tried to prevent the Anglicisation of the French language.

tried and convicted   (yargılandı ve mahkum edildi)

His accomplices were also tried and convicted.

Papon was tried and convicted for crimes against humanity in 1998.

Francis was tried and convicted for murder, and sentenced to death.

tried his hand

Alfred also tried his hand at naval design.

Cenizal also tried his hand at directing.

He tried his hand as a lawyer in Sonora.

tried to help   (yardım etmeye çalıştı)

In several cases Jews tried to help support the Sasanian advance.

As 10 students followed him, Mr. Shen tried to help them finish their study.

He was a traitor to the Winter Court and tried to help Lady Aurora kill Lily.

first tried

The legend goes that they first tried to poison his drink.

Torben Oxe was first tried and acquitted by the State Council.

Clarke first tried archery as a member of the Girl Guides in 1998.

tried to sell   (satmaya çalıştı)

I was the first one who tried to sell the story.

One seller has reportedly tried to sell them at $6,660.

Although he tried to sell the castle in 1899, no buyer could be found.

tried to avoid   (kaçınmaya çalıştı)

He tried to avoid these two generals and surpassed their troops.

Both ships tried to avoid a collision, but it was already too late.

He tried to avoid the assault by slamming his car against the bandits.

tried to break   (kırmaya çalıştı)

As soon as she did, she tried to break it off with Kevin.

Solow tried to break their contract and buy the place himself.

She tried to break out of the exploitation field, but struggled.

government tried   (hükümet denedi)

The government tried reviving the project in 2014, but to no avail.

On 13 April 2011, the government tried its first case under the antislavery law.

In 1864 the Confederate government tried to use Canada as a base to attack American border towns.

tried to establish   (kurmaya çalıştı)

The English, led by Stamford Raffles, then tried to establish an intervention in Sambas but failed.

In other ports, they tried to establish permanent warehouses or sell their goods in open-air markets.

During World War II, he cooperated with the Nazis and tried to establish a Ukrainian section in the Wehrmacht.

tried to force

Jardine twice tried to force the issue.

Their actions tried to force administration to deal with the issue.

General Concha followed and tried to force them to face him in Azcapotzalco.

later tried

The couple later tried to reconcile but without success.

Industrial ergonomics later tried to minimize physical trauma.

Toombs was later tried for assault.

tried to bring   (getirmeye çalıştı)

In 2010, Chiam tried to bring the Reform Party into the SDA.

He tried to bring important new works native and strange artists on the stage.

They tried to bring him to his monastery many times but people would not see him.

tried to create   (yaratmaya çalıştı)

They tried to create a light two-engine bomber.

Many of the healers tried to create cures for these diseases.

The social engineers of apartheid tried to create a suburb for the white working class.

tried before

Means was indicted for perjury and tried before a jury.

It was something that hadn't been tried before or proved."

Most cases are tried before District Courts (Bezirksgerichte, abbrev.

tried to save   (kurtarmaya çalıştı)

John Law's successor, the new Tarantula, tried to save him, but arrived too late.

Thomas tried to save Victor, but accidentally struck him in the face with a hatchet.

At the 2000 Camp David Summit, the US tried to save the Accords by reviving the negotiations.

never tried

He never tried to appeal to popular opinion in cases.

Graziani was never tried for his war crimes in Africa.

Konstantin never tried to secure the throne.

tried to flee   (kaçmaya çalıştı)

Ventura tried to flee but was shot down.

Etxebarrieta was chased down and killed as he tried to flee.

The villagers tried to flee or hide.

tried in vain   (boşuna çalıştı)

Jackson tried in vain to rally his troops.

Many tried in vain to prove the fifth postulate from the first four.

Chief "Beardy" tried in vain to stop the massacre, but did not succeed.

tried to enter   (girmeye çalıştı)

It was during this period that Babbage tried to enter politics.

Conflict between the protesters and the police started when the former tried to enter the US Consulate.

Robey often gambled at nearby Louisiana Downs, carried a gun, and once tried to enter a racehorse in the Kentucky Derby.

tried and failed

Wiles tried and failed for over a year to repair his proof.

The Soviet Union tried and failed in an attempt to make the Hui hostile to China.

Talisman of Alpha Flight tried and failed to teleport her back to their headquarters.

arrested and tried

He was arrested and tried but later freed.

In 2005, Makky was arrested and tried.

King was arrested and tried for Keys' murder but acquitted in 2000.

tried to capture   (yakalamaya çalıştı)

In 1643 La Tour tried to capture Port-Royal again.

The British never again tried to capture Santa Cruz.

Several times during the night the Arabs tried to capture the hill.

tried to attack

Petty was declared the winner, but in Victory Lane, a fan tried to attack him.

", The Undertaker tried to attack Lesnar, but was stopped by Lesnar's security.

tried to put   (koymaya çalıştı)

AIM tried to put out the flames, but a bucket brigade was inadequate.

"But, I tried to put my own little spin on it and made it really upbeat.

I just tried to put everything I could into it, and I'm real proud of it.

initially tried

Officials initially tried to cover up the incident, saying they had thwarted an assassination attempt.

Lim initially tried to pass the stains off as candle wax, but when challenged claimed they were chicken blood.

He landed with most of his weight on his left leg, saying that he felt pain but initially tried to play through it.

tried to gain

He tried to gain it back, but ultimately conceded.

1620-1642 French tried to gain foothold in Surat.

President Gorbachev tried to gain popular support for the proposal.

even tried

He even tried driving a car along the dirt road beside the ranch.

The agents even tried to turn both victory and defeat into sales opportunities.

Jim—who hasn't even tried to practice driving yet—steals Yard's pickup truck one evening.

again tried

The British never again tried to capture Santa Cruz.

The duke responded that he would, but again tried to buy more time.

They again tried for a field goal, but Nick Novak missed the 51-yard attempt.

tried to run

Moments later the father was also shot as he tried to run from the car.

The Mother and family was afraid and tried to run but was killed by a cobra.

At some times, he tried to run a "physiocratic mine" with a few workers, but soon failed.

tried to reach   (ulaşmaya çalıştı)

They tried to reach the summit of the island but found the cliffs impassable.

He tried to reach Kandahar air base, taking the aircraft down from in 90 seconds.

The consortia tried to reach a read & publish agreement as full transition to Open Access.

tried to explain

Arago tried to explain his observations in "corpuscular" terms.

News organizations tried to explain why Phillips repeatedly avoided capture.

Eliot, tried to explain the new movements in art and culture by using essays.

tried to give

He really listened and tried to give the best answer he knew how to give.

Lawrence, too, tried to give the order to board, but the British were faster.

They both tried to give special emphasis to the rights of peasants and workers.

tried to maintain   (sürdürmeye çalıştı)

The Dutch tried to maintain the secret, but the new process soon became widely known in Europe.

Immediately after the loss, the Sandinistas tried to maintain unity around their revolutionary posture.

While China tried to maintain her suzerain relationship with Korea, Japan wanted to increase her sphere of influence.

tried to return   (geri dönmeye çalıştı)

Bilyk twice tried to return to his native city, but failed.

Sasuke tried to return to the ring but Liger knocked him down on the apron with a kick.

In 2004, INDOT tried to return SR 933 to the local communities but they did not accept.

tried and sentenced

He was betrayed, tried and sentenced to death.

The terrorists were taken into Italian custody, tried and sentenced.

Frenche and his accomplice, James Wicht, were tried and sentenced to beheading.

tried to pass   (geçmeye çalıştı)

However, Amber tried to pass off her cousin's baby as Rick's.

He tried to pass it by closing onto it with the front of his SUV.

Oshima tried to pass Jarvis but became aware his tyres were too cold.

tried to rally   (toplanmaya çalıştı)

By the afternoon, General Nelson arrived and tried to rally the troops.

They tried to rally three times, but they were eventually surrounded on a narrow road.

As Ponsonby tried to rally his men against the French cuirassers, he was attacked by Jaquinot's lancers and captured.

tried to buy

I think they tried to buy his silence."

The duke responded that he would, but again tried to buy more time.

The novel displeased his father so much that he tried to buy all existing copies of the book.

tried to negotiate   (pazarlık yapmaya çalıştı)

Back in Athens, the Spartans tried to negotiate a peace.

In April 1992, resistance leaders in Peshawar tried to negotiate a settlement.

He was wary of being drawn into gang wars and tried to negotiate agreements over territory between rival crime groups.

tried several

Mangano tried several times to get a new sentencing or hearing, but to no avail.

Ahmad Shah tried several more times to subjugate the Sikhs permanently, but failed.

Proctor tried several times to persuade the Indians to burn Frenchtown, but the Potawatomi refused to allow this.

tried to obtain

They also tried to obtain a fee from him for leaving.

Hendrik began building the chapel while Mechel tried to obtain the print.

Khan tried to obtain a compromise with India regarding the Kashmir problem.

when they tried   (denediklerinde)

Conflicts arose when they tried to charge the Soviets for power, gas, or water.

They had caused trouble in Xinjiang, but were defeated when they tried to attack Qitai.

However, the rest of the troops were defeated when they tried to assault the San Cristóbal fortress from behind.

always tried

He always tried to seize the initiative in a game.

I've always tried to go out and get it ... And today I did."

Commanders have always tried to have the advantage of numbers.

tried to win

He tried to win over the working classes who wanted to end the war and hoped for international revolution.

The Dutch tried to win over the Ilocanos and Pangasinenses, promising complete independence and abolition of taxes.

Derby and Nottingham, together with the duke of York, tried to win a reprieve for him, but he was executed on 5 May.

tried to defend   (savunmaya çalıştı)

"More gendarmes turned up and our people tried to defend themselves.

Williamson tried to defend the woman, and in doing so befriended her.

Galesic tried to defend himself against the submission by raining punches on Sakuraba.

tried and executed

The four leaders and many of their followers were tried and executed.

Those deemed guilty of the most serious "crimes" were speedily tried and executed.

Following Magellan's example, Drake tried and executed his own "mutineer" Thomas Doughty.

tried to protect

Women who tried to protect their husbands were beaten.

Quintus tried to protect his brother from Tiberius' displeasure.

Peter the Great tried to protect the Russian economy in any way.

tried hard

On the night before the event, he tried hard to attain enlightenment.

The missionaries also tried hard to segregate the Christian initiates from the pagans.

At the last stint, Siffert was very far away but Ickx nevertheless tried hard to gain time.

tried to leave   (ayrılmaya çalıştı)

People who tried to leave ISIS territory were routinely tortured and executed.

Rouson claimed that he tried to leave, but his way was blocked by two pit bulls.

Several days after filming began, Widmark complained he had been miscast and tried to leave.

tried to commit   (taahhüt etmeye çalıştı)

Yeon Namgeon tried to commit suicide, but was seized and treated.

Perreira acts as if he tried to commit suicide to give his investment fraud a lively touch.

On 12 March 2018 ORF reported, that the suspect had tried to commit suicide while in detention.

tried to hide   (saklamaya çalıştı)

He tried to hide his real origins for the rest of his life.

When I went to bars, which was frequently, I never tried to hide who I was.

Women and children tried to hide themselves in cellars but were discovered by soldiers.

tried to revive   (canlanmaya çalıştı)

The ACLU tried to revive the case in 2011 with no success.

Some people tried to revive Devrimci Yol.

In 2012, he tried to revive the swimming race through Paris.

tried to block   (engellemeye çalıştı)

Wheatstone tried to block Bain's patents, but failed.

As Stewart tried to block, he was turned sideways by Waltrip's car and spun into the pack.

The countries with large and prosperous pastel industries tried to block the use of indigo.

tried to remove

When opponents tried to remove the sign, workers prevented them from doing so.

The conservatives tried to remove Hall's endorsement for his seat, but failed.

In 2003, in the midst of his tenure, he tried to remove the word "race" from the Constitution of France, unsuccessfully.

tried to set

In 2015, a disgruntled former patient tried to set the front door on fire.

They tried to set it on fire, but a slave named Bazile fought the fire and saved the house.

After murdering Mr Oberholzer, the terrorists tried to set his body and car alight in front of the man's family.

tried to move   (hareket etmeye çalıştı)

They also tried to move west to cut the rail line to Kunming.

Coaches had been parked south of the river, so many marchers tried to move south.

601st Commando tried to move forward to rescue 602nd Commando Company on Estancia Mountain.

tried to build

Petty lives in a cabin which her friends tried to build it.

Dijkstra tried to build a group of computer scientists who could collaborate on solving problems.

He tried to build relationships with Andy and Daz but Andy made it clear that Jack was his father.

tried to improve   (geliştirmeye çalıştı)

He tried to improve agriculture.

Corbet tried to improve his income and wealth by a range of methods.

The Nebraska offense tried to improve over their performance the previous week against Oklahoma.

tried to regain

In February 1975, Hargis tried to regain control of the college, but was rejected by its board.

In 1939, Müller tried to regain his position in the German Evangelical Church but failed to do so.

San Cristóbal, allied with San Juan Chamula, tried to regain the state's capital but the effort failed.

tried to recruit

Wood tried to recruit non-conforming clergy to the island.

Soon after Stanley returned from the Congo, Leopold tried to recruit him.

It is rumoured that the KGB tried to recruit him, and he refused, leading him to be killed.

tried to come

Filled with grief and guilt, Paul tried to come to terms with Anne's death.

Sanader tried to come back into HDZ in 2010, but was then ejected, and USKOK soon had him arrested on several corruption charges.

But with it include a letter telling that her parents still cherished her and that they even tried to come inside the dungeon but weren't permitted.

tried to cross   (geçmeye çalıştı)

His family first tried to cross the border when David was 11, but they were caught and deported.

On March 13, 1938, he was arrested as he tried to cross the Austrian border at St. Antonien Joch above Gargellen into Switzerland.

On 30 January, Syrian refugees tried to cross the border between Turkey and Syria but were turned back under fire by Turkish forces.

tried to seize

He always tried to seize the initiative in a game.

During the Prem government, the Young Turks tried to seize power on 1 April 1981.

During the summer Charles had tried to seize ammunitions stored in the city but had been forcefully rebuffed.

tried to steal   (çalmaya çalıştı)

Babe tried to steal second and is put out catcher to second!"

Someone tried to steal the half-key.

There, wanderer mummies attacked and tried to steal India's soul.

tried to go

I tried to go back and do it but I physically couldn't."

He could have tried to go to the 2014 Winter Paralympics.

I've always tried to go out and get it ... And today I did."

tried to join   (katılmaya çalıştı)

Nayan tried to join forces with Kublai's competitor Kaidu in Central Asia.

The recruitment drive was a success, and hundreds women tried to join Wu's unit.

In 1829, he decided to become a priest and tried to join the Order of Preachers in Manila.

repeatedly tried   (defalarca denedi)

He repeatedly tried other pens, but none ever displaced the Montblanc.

The Adilshahi army repeatedly tried to break through the defenses of the pass, but were repeatedly repulsed.

Throughout her stay on the "Gnat", the crew repeatedly tried to use her as a gundog, each time resulting in a failure.

tried to raise   (yükseltmeye çalıştı)

In February 1601, the earl tried to raise a rebellion in London.

The crisis baffled the GOP, and it tried to raise tariffs again with the Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act of 1930.

O'Malley tried to raise money and get the political backing to build a new ballpark elsewhere in Brooklyn.

tried to destroy

The Ottomans then tried to destroy Zanet in 1803 and 1807.

After the war, the Spanish government tried to destroy all evidence of its cooperation with the Axis.

His ancestor tried to destroy Bóris and Mina d'Montmartre decades ago, but they frightened him to death.

tried for treason

Kyrby was tried for treason, which he denied.

Bardelys, under the identity of Lesperon, is tried for treason.

In 1499 he was tried for treason at Whitehall and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

when she tried   (denediğinde)

Carmel finds him hard to resist and is rejected by him when she tried to kiss him.

The outraged Tyrrel kept Emily imprisoned in his estate, and had her arrested on false charges when she tried to escape.

Padmashali tried her best to conform to the assigned gender identity, failing when she tried to kill herself at the age of 12.

tried to fight   (savaşmaya çalıştı)

After relegation Celuloza tried to fight for promotion, but failed, ending only on the 4th place.

In the third quarter, Miami tried to fight back with Mare's 42-yard field goal, yet the Colts matched them with Vinatieri's 34-yard field goal.

The B&L tried to fight the B&M in court but failed because the monopoly granted in its charter was only good for traffic between Boston and Lowell.