Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

tries to get   (intenta conseguir)

They walk away as Therese tries to get them to stay.

She tries to get him to dance with her on the street.

She tries to get away from him but he overpowers her.

tries to convince   (trata de convencer)

He then tries to convince Kate to come with him.

Will tries to convince everyone that there is no serpent.

She tries to convince Ecke to take a horse, but he refuses.

tries to kill   (intenta matar)

He tries to kill the next target but somehow fails.

Ilyoung gets hold of her neck and tries to kill her.

Eventually, Cansu tries to kill Feriha and Emir.

tries to make   (intenta hacer)

While Boyle tries to make him confess, Marvin dies.

He insistently tries to make Radha accept his love.

Meanwhile, Julia tries to make peace with Amy.

tries to find   (trata de encontrar)

Cross returns home and tries to find a connection.

Hence, he tries to find a rich husband for Aarti.

Doctor Mukherjee tries to find out Nilkantha's confusion.

tries to help

When Claire tries to help, he pushes her away.

Instead, Pauline's father tries to help Pauline's case.

Meanwhile, Holt tries to help Rosa break up with Marcus.

tries to stop   (intenta detenerse)

Haruka tries to stop him, but is severely wounded.

Sydney tries to stop her, but Kimberly catches her.

She tells Megan this but Megan tries to stop her.

tries to escape

Jake goes to find the assistant, who tries to escape.

Junior shoots Hartigan in the shoulder and tries to escape.

As Cain tries to escape, RoboCop wounds and apprehends him.

then tries

He then tries to convince Kate to come with him.

Woody then tries to run the man over with a steamroller.

Taillefer then tries to avoid the narrator.

when he tries   (cuando lo intenta)

In the morning, the Levite finds her when he tries to leave.

Bo refuses and shoots Roy when he tries to take the gun away.

But when he tries to kiss her, something pushes her away from him.

tries to take

Shake tries to take the teddy bear, but he loses his hand.

Bo refuses and shoots Roy when he tries to take the gun away.

Elsa moves out, then Anne tries to take Cécile under her wing.

tries to persuade   (intenta persuadir)

Jimmy tries to persuade Howard to accept the settlement, but Howard refuses.

When Barry tries to persuade Jerry to reveal his best sexual experience, Jerry refuses.

Phil tries to persuade her to marry, each sell their houses and move to a warm climate together.

tries to explain

The show tries to explain scientific phenomena with humor.

The plot tries to explain why Ronald Defeo Jr. killed his family at 112 Ocean Ave.

The book also tries to explain the recent economic boom in China using its framework.

tries to keep   (trata de mantener)

CCA is a non-profit school, and therefore tries to keep costs low.

That is why she tries to keep him out of sight from the rest of the world.

Gene feels threatened by Douglas and tries to keep the spotlight on himself.

scored two tries

He scored two tries during the competition.

He scored two tries for his national team, 10 points on aggregate.

Gammell scored two tries on his debut for Scotland, against Ireland at Murrayfield in 1977.

tries to talk

He tries to talk Ben into joining them, but Ben refuses.

The prince tries to talk to her, but she does not answer.

Belvedere tries to talk to her, but she will not let him in.

tries to save

Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner) tries to save a turtle.

Himeno tries to save her and she's attacked by the tree.

When Kent tries to save his brother, he is murdered by Isabella.

tries to tell

Ruslan tries to tell the truth, but none one believes him.

She tries to tell him they are for Lauren but Calvin kicks her out.

Manas tries to tell his wife about the ill-effects of her behaviour.

tries to seduce

He tries to seduce Courtney to prove she is untrustworthy.

Meanwhile, Petra tries to seduce a nervous and petulant Henrik.

He does not respond to her behaviour and she tries to seduce him.

scoring two tries

Brooker had recently turned 21 when he made his début with the Sydney City Roosters, scoring two tries on debut.

He made eleven appearances for the New South Wales rugby league team scoring two tries with a total of six points.

Belcher also played in the first test against France, scoring two tries in the comfortable 60-4 victory for Australia.

tries to leave   (trata de irse)

As Doc tries to leave with his horse, Billy stops him.

In the morning, the Levite finds her when he tries to leave.

Jessup tries to leave the courtroom but is promptly arrested.

tries to use

Julia tries to use her influence to get Bennet into Yale, only to infuriate Bennet.

Crawling through the desert, still suffering from the heat, Wile sees an emergency fire hose, which he tries to use to get a drink.

Pandering a shade too avidly to the real rap audience, the film sometimes tries to use the same sexist, mean-spirited ethos it makes fun of."

tries to shoot   (intenta disparar)

Sarah tries to shoot Quinn, but he escapes.

The police officer leading the seminar tries to shoot Buffy.

Gunno tries to shoot him, but misses.

tries to win

She also tries to win over her son's attention and affection.

Elinor tries to win her husband back, even as Yates becomes certain Blossom and Zukowski are betraying him.

Hagen returns after a year and tries to win back Dana who just started a new relationship with Ricardo Mendes.

tries to force

His father tries to force Clara Day to marry Craven.

Lilly tries to force her to come but Miley doesn't agree.

He tries to force Vaishali to have an unsafe and uncivil abortion.

tries to warn   (intenta advertir)

Roman tries to warn Nicole off but she refuses to listen.

He tries to warn them, but they are attacked and surrounded.

Mr. Atoz tries to warn them all that they were not "prepared".

tries against   (intenta contra)

Fawcett enjoyed an excellent season and scored three tries against his old side.

Clubb made 26 appearances scoring tries against Wakefield Trinity and Warrington Wolves.

Williams scored tries against 14 countries, including all of the other nine "Tier 1" nations.

tries to run

Basant tries to run after her but he spots her earring.

Woody then tries to run the man over with a steamroller.

Megan discovers this and tries to run Kimberly down but she can't.

when she tries   (cuando ella intenta)

Sarah is doubtful, but when she tries to find the right dress, Ellie's prediction is justified.

The sniper shoots the mother when she tries moving from the wreckage toward her daughter's position.

Halfway's intimacy issues are explored through his relationship with Whitney when she tries to get intimate with him.

tries to avoid   (trata de evitar)

At the Governor's Luau, he tries to avoid Pamela.

Taillefer then tries to avoid the narrator.

He tries to avoid doing harm to Jason out of anger, but eventually runs him over with his car.

tries to break   (intenta romper)

She tries to break up with Kang and this is when he kills her.

He tries to break the curse by getting rid of the skin, but fails.

Then the entire teaching staff tries to break through but also fail.

tries to attack

The wizard, who is Antorell, shows up and tries to attack Daystar.

Lois tries to attack the Joker, who fractures her skull in retaliation.

When inside the apartment, Kayako frequently watches Naoko, however never tries to attack her.

desperately tries

Gloria desperately tries to scrape the pieces back together with her fingers, sobbing.

He desperately tries to save a particularly-loved portrait on the wall of a woman clad in fur.

With Halloween just hours away, the witch desperately tries to tug and pull on the pumpkin, but to no avail.

unsuccessfully tries

Q unsuccessfully tries to produce a painting.

The patient's distraught daughter unsuccessfully tries to seduce Bill.

Winslow unsuccessfully tries to steal the key to the lantern room from a sleeping Wake.

tries to kiss   (trata de besar)

Tina brings him to the room, where he tries to kiss her.

He tries to kiss her, but she rejects him.

During the drive, he tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away.

tries scored

Sîrbu had 76 caps, from 1996 to 2011, with 9 tries scored, 45 points in aggregate.

The trio were the only players to reach a double figure of tries scored on the tour.

Southland gave up the fewest tries as well of points with only 15 tries scored against them.

tries to hide   (trata de esconderse)

At this action, the warden tries to hide under a divan.

He avoids police and tries to hide the truth from his family.

All tries to hide the truth from Karan.

more tries

From there, Ireland scored two more tries and ended the first half 22-3 ahead.

Blacklock was the first ever player to score 20 or more tries in 4 consecutive seasons.

Bradford scored two more tries through Winnard and Whitcombe, one of which Carmichael converted to give Bradford an 11–2 lead at half-time.

tries to comfort   (trata de consolar)

When seeing Joana sad, Vera tries to comfort her.

Miguel tries to comfort her but Luiza does not conform to Zé's impunity.

Tara walks away in tears, and Aubrey tries to comfort her, but Tara brushes her off.

tries to prevent   (trata de prevenir)

Mrs. Ballard arrives at the ranch, Mrs. Borg tries to prevent her from seeing her ailing ex-husband.

However his manager tries to prevent a relationship developing for fears of its impact on his career.

The person holding the wafer tries to prevent a large piece being taken for this will "break his luck".

tries to call   (intenta llamar)

Jesse tries to call her dad, but he doesn't pick up.

Hipolito tries to call Catindig, not knowing that he died.

After she is released, she tries to call him, but can never seem to get in touch.

tries to give

His play tries to give hope and show the kind side of society.

When she falls in love with him, Ashok tries to give up bluffing.

Stefan tries to give her hope that Bonnie might find a way out by the end of the day.

tries to steal   (trata de robar)

Gurpreet Ghuggi tries to steal money but is caught.

When Patroclus is killed, Hector tries to steal his body.

But then, a robber tries to steal the rug from the Drew home.

tries to bring   (intenta traer)

Alina tries to bring them together but they see through her plan.

She also tries to bring him out of the memory of Komali but in vain.

Dialogue with Time tries to bring a perceptive change about old people.

tries to commit   (intenta comprometerse)

A depressed Boyd feels responsible and tries to commit suicide.

Desperate to escape, he tries to commit suicide by eating a snake.

Eventually, DDT & Dayanidhi hits Lakshmi and Aruna tries to commit suicide.

tries to rape

In a fit of rage, Rakesh tries to rape Asha.

In another story, Alphaeus tries to rape Artemis' attendant Arethusa.

After finishing work one night, Pete tries to rape Tina but Russ stops him.

tries to protect

Penelope blames Jeff for being a gold digger and tries to protect Doris from him.

He unsuccessfully tries to protect her from them, before learning of their true intentions.

Twain, driven by lust and creative frustration, tries to protect the mermaid from Lafayette.