İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

troops during   (sırasında birlikler)

The line was later dismantled by British troops during World War II.

The fairgrounds was used to teain and muster troops during the Civil War.

The group travel to Vietnam in 1968 to sing for the US troops during the war.

government troops   (hükümet birlikleri)

But Idris Deby with government troops fought back.

It was put down by government troops within two weeks.

On August 23, 1917, the newspaper was raided by the government troops.

ground troops   (kara birlikleri)

Wheeler was concerned with minimizing costs to U.S. ground troops.

Embarked were about 6,500 ground troops led by Major General Robert B. McClure.

The Allied command thus determined that Munda had to be captured by ground troops.

troops stationed   (konuşlanmış birlikler)

For several decades it was used as a garrison church for troops stationed here.

There are currently large numbers of United Nations troops stationed in the DRC.

Duan immediately took command of the republican troops stationed in nearby Tianjin.

more troops

6% would agree to send more troops to Afghanistan.

By late 1864, Lee was calling for more troops.

27% of Democrats support sending more troops.

federal troops   (federal birlikler)

"Goldwater criticized the use of federal troops.

Salomon had to call up federal troops to quell the Port Washington Draft Riot.

§ 1385, limiting the use of federal troops for domestic law enforcement purposes.

troops occupied

Allied troops occupied the hall during the war.

In the 15th century Hussite troops occupied Topoľčany.

In 1942, about 4,000 British troops occupied the city.

sent troops   (asker gönderdi)

Bakr then turned to Abbas, who sent troops to Bakr's aid.

The Dutch sent troops to quell the riots.

China sent troops into Tibet in 1908.

enemy troops

The Crusher can see enemy troops from over away with its cameras.

With enemy troops advancing, the Commune looked for potential traitors in Paris.

The enemy troops broke through the Partisan front line and penetrated into the area.

troops arrived

On June 25, a further 400 troops arrived.

The troops arrived two days later.

On 29 February French troops arrived to take possession of the fortress.

regular troops

In total, the army contained 13,000 regular troops.

Djibouti's many Sultanates each maintained regular troops.

They radioed the regular troops and they joined in the attack.

number of troops   (asker sayısı)

The two forces each had about the same number of troops.

Each battalion had four companies and the total number of troops was about 1,500.

Within 12 hours of signing the treaty, O'Connor moved a number of troops to Jeshwang.

troops entered

On 9 May 1945, Soviet Red Army troops entered Prague.

The Spanish troops entered Bacharach at 3 pm.

The German and Romanian troops entered Edineț on July 5, 1941.

troops led   (liderliğindeki birlikler)

Embarked were about 6,500 ground troops led by Major General Robert B. McClure.

In January 1964, troops led by Khánh, Khiêm, and Thi overthrew the MRC in a bloodless coup.

Within 10 hours, government troops led by General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh quelled the bloody rebellion.

troops and supplies

USAF C-17s began to fly in French troops and supplies the next day.

"Supply" set sail on March 15 and anchored near the fort on April 7 and landed the troops and supplies.

Convoys of merchant ships carried troops and supplies to France, where the armies of the Allies grew steadily.

troops began

Other Anglo-allied troops began to give way as well.

The removal of the 23,000 U.S. troops began in July 2012.

The Confederate troops began coming under fire from the gunboats.

troops took

The Prussian troops took quarter in Kolberg.

Vives' lines crumpled and his troops took to their heels.

own troops

This gave David critical time to prepare his own troops for the battle.

The train traveled along the Jingfeng Railway, a route that was heavily patrolled by his own troops.

Kigali was instrumental in the formation of the AFDL and sent its own troops to fight alongside the rebels.

troops against   (karşı çıkmak)

Repnin resigned his post to lead troops against the Ottoman Empire in the Russo-Turkish War.

The Chinese leader sends his troops against her, but they fail in their task to overcome her.

Second, he provided leadership of troops against the main British forces in 1775–77 and again in 1781.

combat troops   (savaş birlikleri)

often outnumber the front-line combat troops.

No more than two hundred black combat troops were ever raised.

It sent combat troops to Syria in 1973 to fight against Israel.

troops left

British troops left shortly after the end of the war.

In 2006, Nigerian troops left the peninsula.

The troops left by ship, abandoning some heavy equipment.

send troops   (asker gönder)

The siblings agree to stop this, and send troops to ambush the king.

When Pike was ordered in May 1862 to send troops to Arkansas, he resigned in protest.

When Cao Rui heard about it, he asked Jiang Ji, "Do you think Sun Quan will send troops to Liaodong?"

imperial troops

The last major raid of imperial troops occurred in 1643/44.

Nevertheless, imperial troops conquered the County of Kladsko in 1622.

Instead of local Janissaries, imperial troops were stationed at the fort of Muzayrib.

led his troops

He then led his troops and travelled overnight to Shanggui County.

In March of that year, he led his troops into the Battle of Abiqua Creek.

Bu Zhi led his troops to quell the uprisings and restored peace in the region.

foreign troops   (yabancı birlikler)

A total of 43,000 foreign troops would ultimately be brought in.

It was the last close engagement of British and foreign troops on mainland British soil.

During the Napoleonic Wars, he added the position of Commissioner-General for supply of foreign troops.

ordered his troops

He ordered his troops to remain there.

Reynolds ordered his troops to return to Cheat Mountain breaking off the battle.

The deputy was full of fears and ordered his troops to shoot at the demonstrators.

airborne troops   (hava indirme birlikleri)

During World War II, the Mark I was issued in 1942 and 1943 to airborne troops, Army Rangers, and Marine Raiders.

At first, it was only parachutists, later also airborne troops that were dropped on the field with Junkers Ju-52.

In September and October 1944 British and Canadian airborne troops, taken prisoner during "Operation Market Garden" at Arnhem, arrived.

additional troops

Original recruitment strength was 942 with 228 additional troops; total, 1,170.

The U.S. response did not take long in arriving, additional troops having been assembled.

The state maintained at its own expense some additional troops that were for home defense.

occupation troops

Many of the remaining buildings were then claimed by the French occupation troops.

The majority of the Turkish occupation troops were killed and the city was plundered.

On 6 August 1943, while on a trip to Paris, he was arrested by German occupation troops.

troops attacked

Deep Shahi ruled Doti when the Nepalese troops attacked.

The troops attacked the protesters, firing into the crowds.

At the end of April, the Christian troops attacked Golubac.

troops captured

In July 1941 German troops captured Kivertsi.

Soviet troops captured him there in 1945.

In November 1476, Isabella's troops captured the castle of Toro.

troops landed

British troops landed at both beaches on 25 April 1915.

On 5 February 1885 Italian troops landed at Massawa to replace the Egyptians.

Before German troops landed, between 30 June and 4 July 1940, evacuation took place.

army troops

1,000 army troops were flown in by the evening of 1 March to restore order.

Chinese military advisers and army troops were present with the Mujahideen during training.

General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm arrived in Montreal in May 1756 to lead the French army troops.

colonial troops

Over a thousand British and colonial troops were killed.

The concept of stopping power appeared in the 19th Century when colonial troops (e.g.

The referred colonial troops were composed of soldiers from Senegal, Macaronesia, and Madagascar.

other troops   (diğer birlikler)

Suta's son and Bhimasena routed each other troops.

Suta's son and Bhima destroys each other troops.

They were joined by other troops, and began to fire at the head of the French column.

remaining troops

He and his remaining troops escaped into the hills on November 30, 1814.

After the last assault the remaining troops retreated across the Gowanus Creek.

Though unpopular, the new commander began a vigorous campaign with the few remaining troops in Catalonia.

troops and equipment   (asker ve teçhizat)

It can carry 32 fully armed troops and equipment at a cruising speed over 1000 km of 14 knots.

But by the time that happened, the Russian government had been moving troops and equipment to the German front for a week.

"Jun'yō" ferried aircraft to Sumatra in mid-August and troops and equipment to the Caroline Islands in September and October.

allied troops   (müttefik birlikleri)

The allied troops retreated to Würzburg.

The decision was made to abandon Madrid and to join the allied troops in Valencia.

An outcome of the occupation of the hall by allied troops was its electrification.

troops sent

He was joined by troops sent by his brother Geoffrey and Philip II of France.

Iranian government troops sent to reestablish control were blocked by Red Army units.

There, Afonso hoped to be able to unite with any troops sent by his ally, Louis XI of France.

troops back   (birlikler geri)

Nelson, from the "Theseus", called the troops back.

Later in 1944 she took British troops back into Athens in Greece.

McClellan blamed Lincoln's holding troops back for his campaign's subsequent failure.

troops near   (yakınındaki birlikler)

The next day the French landed 1,500 troops near the town of Seaford, around to the east.

It dropped supplies to Allied troops near Nijmegen during Operation Market-Garden in September.

However, the Union force was ambushed by shore batteries on 10 October as it landed troops near Eastport.

troops invaded   (birlikler işgal edildi)

In 1941, German troops invaded Yugoslavia, Greece and the Soviet Union.

They remained on the island of Jersey when German troops invaded in 1940.

In 1712, the Kazakh troops invaded the territory of Dzungaria which ended in a failure.

troops marched

On 12 March 1938 German troops marched into Austria.

The troops marched towards Ornontowice, then Mikołów.

In 1812, the British troops marched into Bundelkhand.

mounted troops

The Jat formation broke, and were attacked on the flank by mounted troops.

The Australian mounted troops took part the Capture of Jerusalem in late 1917.

Apart from the horsemen, the mounted troops included the 1st Imperial Camel Corps Brigade.

troops moved

After Manila, del Pilar and his troops moved to Bulacan.

In early October 1938, Japanese troops moved east and north in the outskirts of Wuhan.

In November 1478, Uri troops moved south over the Gotthard pass into the Leventina valley.

troops advanced

The troops advanced toward the church.

Later, as the German troops advanced, he was evacuated to Moscow.

Heavy fighting occurred at the rebel-held positions around the Grand Canal as these troops advanced towards Dublin.

troops were sent

More British troops were sent and Martial Law was declared.

This was the last time troops were sent to quell public unrest in Switzerland.

On arrival in England the AA troops were sent to various AA training camps to reform.

troops fighting

The capture of the town cut one of the main land supply routes for government troops fighting in Aleppo.

Beckham visited Afghanistan in May 2010 for a morale-boosting visit to British troops fighting the Taliban insurgency.

The order also instituted a per capita tax on the membership to raise $1 million to provide for the welfare of the troops fighting in Europe.

troops withdrew

The Anzac troops withdrew joining the columns retreating south.

Ethiopian troops withdrew as part of the terms of the peace deal.

On 21 August 1944, after blowing up twenty ships in port, German troops withdrew.

troops fought

But Idris Deby with government troops fought back.

Soviet and German troops fought there until 8 August 1941.

Greek and British Commonwealth troops fought back but were overwhelmed.

troops to attack

Sharon ordered the rest of his troops to attack in order to aid their comrades.

By leading your troops to attack the island, you are heading straight into hell.

At this location, he prepared his troops to attack the Allied positions that night.

troops were stationed

Dutch troops were stationed in Emden and Leer.

The remaining Chinese troops were stationed in Asan itself.

During the Thirty Years War, troops were stationed in Coesfeld.

assault troops

The next morning the assault troops, including those from Callaway, were landed on the Lingayen beaches.

Riflemen are the primary scouts, assault troops, and close combat forces available to the Marine Air Ground Task Force.

Jünger led a company of assault troops during the final German Spring Offensive, 21 March 1918 when he was wounded again.

military troops

Unlike the VOC, the WIC had no right to deploy military troops.

The presence of military troops formalized the role of government.

Rotunda has written and spoken as an advocate for military troops.

troops were killed

Three Hizam troops were killed and many injured.

Over a thousand British and colonial troops were killed.

During the campaign, six SAS troops were killed and 30 injured.

troops crossed

On February 25, 1945, U.S. troops crossed the Rur at Düren.

The imposing scene was at the Long Bridge, where the main body of the troops crossed.

Franco-Piedmontese troops crossed the Ticino via a pontoon bridge to occupy the town.

carrying troops

They also covered convoys carrying troops to Sumatra.

The crew of this ship is small, leaving more space for carrying troops.

"Vernon" was carrying troops from the 70th Regiment of Foot, who were to work in the coal mines.

troops across   (birlikler)

Two players take turns moving troops across the board.

Chelmsford ordered the troops across the river to prepare for an attack.

After nightfall, under the light of torches and bonfires, the shuttling of troops across the river continued.

troops along

Ethiopia maintained 100,000 troops along its side.

He toured Vietnam with the USO, entertaining troops along with Art Buchwald and George Plimpton.

The veteran Abd al-Malik ibn Salih was sent to Syria to mobilize its troops along with Ali ibn Isa's son, Husayn.

troops commanded

Clinton returned to New York and left 8,000 troops commanded by General Charles Cornwallis.

Ture drove off the French, but he was alarmed at the discipline and firepower which their troops commanded.

In 1691 French troops commanded by Louis François, duc de Boufflers bombarded the city from the vicinity of the Fort de la Chartreuse during the Nine Years' War.

fresh troops

The fresh troops arriving from Antioch and Tripoli were able to relieve the besieged crusaders.

This injection of fresh troops allowed Operation Hooper to move seamlessly into Operation Packer.

This would soon supply fresh troops for the Union army, but its psychological impact was also enormous.

all troops

A FOB also improves reaction time to local areas as opposed to having all troops on the main operating base.

Under arrangements made by Henry Dearborn before he departed for York, Brigadier General Jacob Brown of the New York state militia took command of all troops at Sacket's Harbor.

troops deployed   (konuşlandırılan birlikler)

During the 1593 Siege of Pyongyang, 40,000 Ming troops deployed a variety of cannon against Japanese troops.

The IAF Western Air Command is engaged in air logistics operations to supply troops deployed at Siachen Glacier.

In November 2012, Georgia had doubled the number of troops deployed to fight with Nato-led forces in Afghanistan to over 1,500.

troops killed

Chivington reported that his troops killed more than 500 warriors.

Some estimate that the Soviet troops killed up to 2 million Afghans and raped many Afghan women.

During the offensive, which captured of territory, the VRS and its allies lost 413 troops killed and a further 1,509 wounded.

landed troops

The French entered the Solent and landed troops on the Isle of Wight.

The flotilla landed troops and rapidly captured the border city of Astara.

Britain also landed troops at Bandar Abbas and the Shatt-al-Arab was secured.

led troops

In 1122, he again led troops in his brother's campaign against the Pechenegs.

He led troops during the Creek War of 1813–1814, winning the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

It was the first battle of the Civil War in which Robert E. Lee led troops into combat.

transport troops

During World War II she was used to transport troops, carrying 173,550 people.

The ship was called to Southampton and was quickly equipped to transport troops.

She was renamed "Otsego" and used to transport troops, weapons, and supplies to France.

troops reached

Also in February, Russian troops reached Farther Pomerania.

The first Ethiopian troops reached Mekele in the following days.

troops did

There was a lull in fighting in the north, as the Romanian troops did the same.

However, the NZSAS troops did not attempt to render medical assistance to the civilians.

Wise had been commander of the so-called Wise Legion, but his troops did not accompany him.

troops loyal

The troops loyal to Constantius' memory followed him in acclamation.

The LTTE began to launch an offensive against Karuna and the troops loyal to him.

After in April 1918 troops loyal to the Ukrainian People's Republic took control of Debaltseve.

troops to fight   (savaşacak askerler)

They ended abruptly when Cuba sent combat troops to fight in Angola.

When the United States declared war on Mexico, Wayne joined the troops to fight.

It paid taxes and sent troops to fight for the Mongol imperial effort and work as civil servants.

troops remained

About 1,500 British troops remained in Belize to deter any possible incursions.

Some 8,500 Japanese troops remained holed up in northern Cebu until the end of the war.

The Spanish troops remained at large and fell upon the town of Manresa at the beginning of April.

troops then

The troops then landed on the morning of 8 September.

Axis troops then began counter-attacks and the Highlanders had to fight hard to hold their gains.

Dutch and the Spanish troops then settled into winter quarters in late November ending the seasons campaigning.

troops retreated

The allied troops retreated to Würzburg.

Guo Huai and his troops retreated later.

Singletary was killed in the bombardment, and his troops retreated.

numbers of troops

Antony and Cleopatra had greater numbers of troops (i.e.

Nevertheless East Tennessee supplied significant numbers of troops to the Federal army.

The armed forces have deployed significant numbers of troops to the African Union Mission in Somalia since c. 2007.

transporting troops   (birlikleri taşımak)

While transporting troops in the Adriatic in June 1916, the ship was sunk by Austro-Hungarian U-boat with the loss of 1,926 men.

The C-17 commonly performs tactical and strategic airlift missions, transporting troops and cargo throughout the world; additional roles include medical evacuation and airdrop duties.

The Civil War was fought primarily along railways; vital means for transporting troops and supplies, as well for using armoured trains, equipped with light cannons and heavy machine guns.