İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

financial trouble   (finansal sorun)

By the late 1980s, the program was in financial trouble.

In 1932, Godowsky committed suicide over financial trouble.

Kalaya is in serious financial trouble.

having trouble   (sorun yaşıyorsanız)

Bundy began having trouble sleeping, and lost weight.

Parsons began having trouble breathing in the summer of 2006.

He had lost weight and was having trouble breathing during filming.

no trouble   (sorunsuz)

It's absolutely no trouble to walk around."

Although this produced an unsettling effect no trouble resulted.

Schmitt had no trouble in maintaining the advantage he had gained, and won easily.

cause trouble   (sorun çıkarmak)

At times, both partners cause trouble for the other.

He is commanded to let 'no ravening bird cause trouble'.

They think it will cause trouble.

more trouble   (daha fazla sorun)

It might be a bit more trouble than its worth".

Bill's wishes end up causing more trouble due to Lepkey's alcoholism and diminished magical skills.

After putting Chakotay in the Kazon brig to save the crew from more trouble, Seska interrogates him.

much trouble

Nothing was too much trouble for them."

He added "only months ago he had been in so much trouble with his ice addiction.

Processes that are entirely independent are not much trouble to program in a multitasking environment.

trouble when   (sorun ne zaman)

Jean-Jacques met with trouble when some of his guns burst in 1694.

Jai and Annie end up in further trouble when Annie is stuck down a storm drain.

Rheanna, Ben, Juno, and Shades usually find themselves in trouble when they're together.

trouble finding   (Sorun bulmak)

Many swimmers have trouble finding a swim cap that keeps their hair dry.

The police had trouble finding the body even though they had good help from civilians.

At age 17, Alcott passed the exam for a teaching certificate but had trouble finding work as a teacher.

engine trouble

He avoided a fine by claiming engine trouble.

Wissel retired the Basel car during this with engine trouble.

Through it all the "Nimbin" did not once develop engine trouble.

causing trouble   (belaya neden olmak)

Their daughter has issues at school, imagining friends and causing trouble.

You'll see that the drugs are the reason that Ryan is falling out with everyone and causing trouble.

The trio wandered from job to job, usually causing trouble, and the Flash would have to get involved.

ran into trouble   (başı belaya girdi)

However, he ran into trouble off the field.

Immediately, Bane's nomination ran into trouble for three reasons.

Kim struck out the side in the eighth, but ran into trouble in the ninth.

serious trouble

A more serious trouble befell him later in the year.

This, of course, was the beginning of serious trouble.

The British began to regard him as the fomenter of serious trouble.

trouble getting

As a player Willis had trouble getting to sleep.

Walker had trouble getting back up and the referee waved the fight off.

In the first round, both teams were having trouble getting their ladder upright.

got into trouble   (belaya bulaşmak)

Classmates remembered him as a quiet student who never got into trouble.

As a young man, he got into trouble with the law and was arrested several times.

Ford set the Dodgers down in order in the first inning, but got into trouble in the second inning.

little trouble   (küçük sorun)

With this axle little trouble was experienced from the sharp curves.

Mahias had little trouble in driving the Chinese skirmishers out of the wood.

Unett, having modified the car, had little trouble beating the competition, receiving glowing press reports.

getting into trouble   (başını belaya sokmak)

He is usually with Pororo and is constantly getting into trouble.

Hawkeye lies about the causes and treatments to keep them from getting into trouble.

He struggled through school, frequently getting into trouble and had anger management issues.

lot of trouble

Needless to say they run into a lot of trouble.

This is going to cause a lot of trouble.

I'm a whole lot of trouble, we're in a whole lot of trouble.

legal trouble

The band renamed itself Billy Talent after running into legal trouble with the old name.

He was often in financial and legal trouble through land speculation and other enterprises and has been called a swindler and scoundrel.

In the 1950s the label was flourishing financially, but Ramirez's knowledge of copyright was insufficient and he found himself in some legal trouble.

gets into trouble   (belaya girer)

In Ecuador, a young Manuela Sáenz gets into trouble at her convent.

Weltstein soon gets into trouble, when he stops a coachman from beating a beggar.

Sigfried (Wincy Aquino Ong), an unemployed accountant, gets into trouble with his landlord.