dance troupe   (舞踊団)

She has a dance troupe "Diksha Manjari".

Arden's dance troupe headlined the Desert Inn's opening in 1950.

In 1990, she established her own dance troupe, The Candy Lane Dancers.

comedy troupe   (コメディ劇団)

He performed with the comedy troupe The Second City.

Prestia was also one of the original members of The Groundlings comedy troupe.

He was a part of Gaana Galata Group, a popular touring and acting comedy troupe.

theatre troupe   (劇団)

While at school, Bois joined an amateur theatre troupe.

Effendi joined the Dardanella theatre troupe in 1936, working as an actor.

The school's theatre troupe has also taken part in several national and international programs.

theater troupe   (劇団)

He led the Ech-Chahama Al Arabya theater troupe between 1915 and 1930.

In addition, she was a member of the Korean theater troupe Mokhwa Repertory Company.

Commedus Interruptus Commedus Interruptus is an American theater troupe operating from the US state of California.