İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

most trusted   (en güvenilir)

Terryman is Kinnikuman's most trusted ally.

Torstein Knarresmed was one of Thorir Hund's most trusted men.

It seems clear, Alexander's most trusted men backed Perdiccas.

not be trusted   (güvenilmez)

They cannot be independent and will not be trusted."

He could not be trusted to toe the existing party line.

Some felt that Clark could not be trusted because he had the same white face as the British military.

trusted friend   (güvenilir arkadaş)

In 2015, major Indian newspapers called Bangladesh a "trusted friend".

He was a trusted friend of the Native Americans and had settled several miles from Greentown.

Simpson became a trusted friend of President Abraham Lincoln, who considered his advice of great value.