İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

trying to get   (almaya çalışmak)

While trying to get out of town, Alvin gets them lost.

We were really just trying to get back to fun.

Ogie stays with Emma while trying to get home.

trying to find   (bulmaya çalışmak)

Its characters that are lost trying to find themselves.

While trying to find an exit, he is chased by a female ghost.

Graeme, an alien disguised as a human, is trying to find Cameron.

trying to make   (yapmaya çalışmak)

I'm just trying to make the area better for them."

I wasn't trying to make an integrated circuit".

I am trying to make something very different.

trying to escape   (kaçmaya çalışmak)

Conner's peripheral is killed while trying to escape.

The nurses see them trying to escape, and call for the M.P.'s.

While he is trying to escape, he discovers he has psychic powers.

when trying   (denerken)

Companies face large challenges when trying to implement CRM systems.

This concept is very important when trying to optimize a synthetic plan.

The deities of the upper planes often employ her power when trying to stop wars.

trying to kill

This can lead to bears trying to kill themselves.

Before dying, Conklin confessed to trying to kill Cross.

I don't want to run around trying to kill people and cuss.

trying to save   (kurtarmaya çalışmak)

In one case she got injured trying to save Tai Yung.

She explains she is trying to save his life.

Meanwhile, Louise is trying to save Matt.

trying to keep   (tutmaya çalışmak)

In this one, they're all lost and they're trying to keep it together".

Nancy discovers someone is trying to keep her away from Charlottesville.

They succeeded, but were facing financial trouble trying to keep the hospital open.

trying to take

I was just trying to take care of him," she said.

Worried that David is trying to take his throne, Saul turns on David.

He was believed to have been trying to take photographs of the NDP fireworks.

trying to help   (yardım etmeye çalışmak)

It’s more than me that I am trying to help.

He's last seen trying to help Toshihiko when he goes to battle Ōba.

In addition the U.S. was also trying to help Afghan pilots learn to fly at night.

trying to stop   (durmaya çalışmak)

It shows the futility of trying to stop this.

But then his forces were depleted in Iraq, trying to stop the Khawarij.

The deities of the upper planes often employ her power when trying to stop wars.

trying to avoid   (kaçınmaya çalışmak)

Bush reacted in moderate fashion trying to avoid a major break.

The committees in the quarters erected barricades trying to avoid further losses.

Suddenly he realized that he was storming Sir Adib, which he had been trying to avoid.

still trying   (hala deniyor)

Noonan sits beside him, still trying to retrieve the stolen jewel.

This results in a feedback loop that scientists are still trying to understand.

He is still trying to get over the effects of the drugs through self-medication.

trying to convince   (ikna etmeye çalışmak)

We are just trying to convince the network do it again.

Nikhil keeps trying to convince Neha but only gets rejection.

Meanwhile, Anushka's father is trying to convince her to marry.

trying to break   (kırmaya çalışmak)

Paul is trying to break through the social barriers dividing people.

She was sentenced to six months for trying to break in to the House of Commons.

Rimmer Dall imprisons Par Ohmsford at Southwatch and starts trying to break into his mind.

trying to protect

He is trying to protect the historical monument of Maramures.

Stewart says he was not trying to cover up anything but was trying to protect Allen.

Vino Rosso's rider John Velasquez said he felt like Geroux was trying to protect Justify.

just trying   (sadece deniyorum)

I'm just trying to make the area better for them."

I was just trying to take care of him," she said.

We were really just trying to get back to fun.

not trying

Hausdorff was not trying to copy or even exceed Nietzsche.

I'm not trying to make an urban mixtape.

But I'm not trying to hide my mistake."

trying to reach   (ulaşmaya çalışmak)

Dampier was trying to reach Cocos from New Holland.

We were trying to reach you to get your opinion.

It turns out to be Keetongu climbing up the Coliseum trying to reach them.

trying to figure   (anlamaya çalışmak)

Soon they were trying to figure out what was going on.

He's trying to figure out the message Mr. Smith is trying to send.

Coll is imprisoned in a prison called Southwatch and is trying to figure out a way to escape.

trying to create

He is trying to create a legend.

The thing which I'm trying to create is of the thirties; Keaton and Chaplin".

TACO was trying to create a distraction for NAF, but bondik saw the Canadian player and took him down.

trying to sell   (satmaya çalışmak)

She was arrested after trying to sell the jewelry of victims.

Some institutional investors admitted trying to sell Countrywide paper.

Since 1844 Pennsylvania had been trying to sell its unprofitable investment.

trying to steal   (çalmaya çalışmak)

When he refused to pay, they accused him of trying to steal Kiryanov's share.

One night, they discover her trying to steal from their mansion and offer her a deal.

He was imprisoned for trying to steal the Magic Pendulum - which brings toys to life.

trying to prevent   (önlemeye çalışmak)

The film revolves around three sisters trying to prevent their father from remarrying.

The novel concerns a group of FBI agents trying to prevent a massive bioterrorist attack.

A security guard named Rolf (Wiesnekker) spends his days trying to prevent shoplifting at a department store.

trying to win

"I've spent five years trying to win this race.

It was afraid of Rusty and was trying to win him over.

In love with Sae, Kanji follows her around, trying to win her over.

trying to bring   (getirmeye çalışmak)

They followed the process of trying to bring the book back to shelves.

Browne said at the time: "We are trying to bring it back to its original state.

Of the choice, she said, "We are trying to bring something positive to the country.

time trying

"It took some time trying to gather all of the information."

He was spending his spare time trying to teach our young guys to pitch.

Once again he spent much of his time trying to keep Bayi in the top tier of the league system.

trying to establish   (kurmaya çalışmak)

Unlike most exploitation directors, they were not trying to establish a reputation.

Estrada's manager said he was trying to establish a new and separate identity from "CHiPs".

Two laboratories trying to establish a single shared reference frame will face important issues involving alignment.

trying to understand   (anlamaya çalışmak)

Tommy is conflicted, trying to understand who this woman is to him.

This results in a feedback loop that scientists are still trying to understand.

After reading this, Frannie spends the rest of the book trying to understand hope.

trying to gain

A desperate Brown had dropped for goal trying to gain the winning points.

The album focuses on shorter, radio-friendly songs, as the group was trying to gain some airplay.

Manheim claimed that many arsons were "just people trying to gain acceptance" within the black metal scene.

trying to catch

Cynthia Potter is a skilled pianist trying to catch the eye of concert promoter Eric Wainwright.

While trying to catch the thieves, Nancy must catch a woman named Mitzi Channing who is using Nancy's identity.

As the summer progresses, Brandy has several sexual encounters with Cameron and other boys, all while trying to catch Rusty's eye.

trying to persuade

In the 2000s, the club began trying to persuade fans to drop their Jewish image.

Let's stop the humiliation of trying to persuade the powers that be to legalize abortion.

Instead, he toured Lewis trying to persuade them that their future lay with him and not in the crofting system.

trying to build   (inşa etmeye çalışmak)

Together they were trying to build a machine that would stop time.

From then the army is trying to build interest by drip, drip, drip.

Using the same analogy, imagine trying to build a wall or a building with polished marble statues.

trying to use

People are now trying to use myostatin as a medicine.

On trying to use a concealed radio, they find it has been stolen and Hunslett’s body left in its place.

While trying to use leftover egg whites, he managed to make a firm meringue and decided to add gelatine to it.

always trying

He changed the challenge every year, always trying to make it more complex and exciting.

Upon release, the band said "We're always trying to do something different, at least within what we feel is The Presets.

The Greek architects and sculptors were always trying to find the mathematical relation, that would lead to the esthetic perfection.

trying to cross   (geçmeye çalışmak)

Many Kelmendi people fled, and some were executed trying to cross the border.

Later in the song, the singer is frustrated by trying to cross the street amidst traffic.

In September 1859 his compass-man drowned in trying to cross the Rio Grande near Cochiti.

trying to force

I look back and I think that was Shooter trying to force me off the book".

The Russians pressed back the Swiss vanguard, trying to force them back into the river.

That night, Cheonnyeon Jangja appeared again, trying to force Wongang Ami into sexual union again, as the child was born.

trying to put

We're trying to put our litter in our neighbour’s garden."

Crews remained on scene for several days trying to put out hot spots.

Sethe said that she was "trying to put my babies where they would be safe."

people trying

As far as being the new guy in here having to deal with politics and people trying to control you.

Sucimukha (needle-face): An ever-suspicious man is always wary of people trying to grab his wealth.

"“There were people trying to knock each other out of their wheelchairs, shouting, swearing and arguing.

trying to achieve   (başarmaya çalışmak)

It then became apparent what Balmain had been trying to achieve.

Elizabeth was trying to achieve the election of her protege with all the means.

While trying to achieve this goal she finds the rest of her life simply falling apart.

trying to rescue   (kurtarmaya çalışmak)

This led to Rogue trying to rescue Cody in Louisiana.

It's at this moment that people help Lee in trying to rescue the police officer.

Alpha, Bravo, and Cordova navigate through a Mexican ghetto & are captured after trying to rescue T.W.O.

trying to capture

But in trying to capture young animals alive, the deaths of older wild animals and animals used as bait did occur.

From then on, it's a battle of wits between Woody and the German, the clockmaker trying to capture the elusive Woody.

The Autobots mount a response, trying to capture the facsimile and a battle breaks out, with Prowl and Hot Rod capturing the facsimile.

trying to prove   (kanıtlamaya çalışmak)

Tarun suspects Laxman to be the mischief-maker, trying to prove his points.

Usually when trying to prove that two sets are equal, one aims to show these two inclusions.

Berkeley has been trying to prove the existence of God throughout his beliefs in immaterialism.

desperately trying   (umutsuzca denemek)

He performed CPR, desperately trying to save her and succeeded.

She has a renegade squad that is desperately trying to free the Captain.

As they struggle, Patrick desperately trying to tell Charlie what is really happening, Gemma dies.

rather than trying   (denemek yerine)

The defenders fled to mountains rather than trying to defend the town.

He failed to make the club the following Spring, and retired rather than trying to latch on with a new team.

Jujutsu expresses the philosophy of yielding to an opponent's force rather than trying to oppose force with force.

trying to solve   (çözmeye çalışmak)

Noyce himself admitted, "I was trying to solve a production problem.

It felt like creating a jigsaw puzzle and trying to solve it at the same time.

She then starred in "Rakht" as a tarot card reader trying to solve a murder mystery.

trying to improve   (geliştirmeye çalışmak)

Strelzyk continued trying to improve the burner.

It was heavily influenced by Sweden and was also trying to improve financial sustainability.

The 2006 Baltimore Ravens season began with the team trying to improve on their 6–10 record of 2005.

trying to change

Malaysia Hockey League is trying to change that by bringing in regional flavor.

Naina tells Reeta that Sudheer was trying to change Neeta's property to his name.

Watterson spent much of his career trying to change the climate of newspaper comics.

trying to raise   (yükseltmeye çalışmak)

The woman was trying to raise money for a stem-cell procedure she needed to save her life.

His position was not yet secure, as Ibn Masal was among the tribes of Upper Egypt, trying to raise additional troops.

In 1762 the city was briefly occupied by Danish forces who were trying to raise money to fight a coming war with Russia.

before trying

Antonucci spent months designing the show, before trying to sell it to Nickelodeon.

Magny fought one more time before trying out for the popular reality TV series, The Ultimate Fighter.

The town was defended by 400 men, women and children who held out for twelve days before trying to break out.

trying to enter   (girmeye çalışmak)

The ships were trying to enter the Black Sea

The organization also supports local companies trying to enter the foreign markets.

I was a young fellow, trying to enter the industry, which was very difficult because I had no track record.

trying to destroy   (yok etmeye çalışmak)

He was left humiliated by the demotion and later accused Advocaat of trying to destroy him.

While the British were trying to destroy it by dropping the barrels into a well, the powder ignited.

They then head to the moon, where they believe Medusa is and trying to destroy the moon's guarding power.

years trying

"I've spent five years trying to win this race.

Warner Bros. spent seven years trying to get the project off the ground.

He decided to spend three years trying to sing and if failing, he would return to study.

trying to work   (çalışmaya çalışmak)

A PCC spokesman said "We're trying to work out what the complaints are.

Some time later, Ed and his wife are trying to work things out and Amy realizes her feelings for Ed.

The ALBC is still locating populations of the Spanish goats and trying to work to preserve those strains.

trying to hide   (saklanmaya çalışmak)

We were constantly trying to hide in the shadows.

But I'm not trying to hide my mistake."

You're trying to hide from me!"

trying to maintain   (korumaya çalışmak)

He warned against trying to maintain, and to spread or mimic worldwide, the American standard of living of the late 20th century.

Anne's best friend and actor Archibald is trying to maintain a good environment for the actors while they shoot Anne's next film.

"Lost Ones" is about a couple splitting up but trying to maintain their pride, and then realising that in reality they do regret it.

trying to come   (gelmeye çalışmak)

Alexa said "Writing this song was a way of trying to come to terms with the sudden death of a friend.

"We are trying to come out every day and every weekend to prove to the world that UCLA is who UCLA is."

Struggling to find a name for the band, Stephen suggested it; "We were all sitting around trying to come up with a name.

trying to flee   (kaçmaya çalışmak)

This was one of the areas where the Iraqis were trying to flee Kuwait.

Hera sent a gadfly to madden the heifer, and Io roamed the world trying to flee it.

Men were hanged, whilst many others are said to have drowned trying to flee across the sea to Scotland.

trying to write

Yin also gives Dee the fabric Yuan was trying to write on.

I was trying to write a song about dead things coming to life.

He explained, "Our summer is just gonna be trying to write, jam.

trying to obtain   (elde etmeye çalışmak)

Both Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Roosevelt were attacked for trying to obtain a third non-consecutive term.

He stayed in Japan for three years, trying to obtain a Red Seal permit, but finally left in 1627, with the simple status of a foreign ship.

instead of trying   (denemek yerine)

Most times, accomplished players choose to position balls near their pocket instead of trying to actually pocket them.

He explained that "instead of trying to explain mystical experience," he "tr[ies] to create a context and a vocabulary that maybe gets at [a philosophy] slightly more."

In 1958–59 he played too defensively and surrendered the initiative too readily to Richie Benaud and he concentrated on saving runs instead of trying to get batsmen out.

trying to recover   (iyileşmeye çalışmak)

In 1809, he traveled through Mississippi Territory trying to recover his fortune.

They were trying to recover their grazing land at the foot of Mount Taylor, their sacred Turquoise Mountain.

In this version, while flying through a violent thunderstorm, Valentine is in the lavatory trying to recover from a panic attack.

trying to tell

It is your instinct trying to tell you something is off.

I'm trying to tell a story.

"I was trying to tell her we were on the same page, that I was her only ally.

whilst trying   (denerken)

On the descent of the Colle Dell'Agnello, Kruijswijk crashed whilst trying to follow Nibali.

Tragedy struck in December 1977 when Callan Junior drowned whilst trying to save a young girl.

Conrad balances work, life, friends and family whilst trying to remember that love is out there.

man trying

The show also usually featured a medicine man trying to sell cough syrup as a miracle drug.

Doc struggles to get him free; the braking train kills the child and the man trying to save him.

The series and his performance as a young man trying to win the love of a divorcee were positively received.

trying to become   (olmaya çalışmak)

It was revealed that Susan had been trying to become pregnant, but to no avail due to infertility.

At that time, Russia was trying to become closer with Europe, but it also had interests in the East.

However, when Pete gets seriously hurt trying to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion, she breaks up with him.

trying to explain

Just like trying to explain something complex to a drunk man.

Shinju started having ideas about writing the book while trying to explain wastefulness to her child.

The picture ends with the broadcaster trying to explain things as bottles and cushions whiz around his microphone.

trying to say   (söylemeye çalışmak)

Other petroglyphs, we can only speculate about what the people were trying to say.

He instantly begins to blame Amy, who leaves quickly before Ed can figure out what Dougie is trying to say.

I was just trying to say that, and did it in kind of a roundabout way which took a lot more time, I suppose, than they would have liked."

trying to determine

Investigators are still trying to determine the type of bombs that were used in the first attack.

While trying to determine who stole Lisa's Malibu Stacy car, Homer holds Bart as his prime suspect.

Police were trying to determine the identity of a vehicle that had been spotted driving away from the site of the explosion.

trying to pass   (geçmeye çalışmak)

This is referred to as passing or "trying to pass" depending how successful the person is.

In 1982 starred in the successful "Gabriel y Gabriela", on which she played the role of a young woman trying to pass as a man.

On 2 October 2006 Chervochkin had been part of a group of 50 national-bolsheviks detained while trying to pass the State Duma in Moscow.

trying to develop   (geliştirmeye çalışmak)

The EV industry is trying to develop an “inductive” charging solution.

Crompton, who was trying to develop cross-country vehicles for the Army.

This was made possible by parliament trying to develop feminist policies.

trying to hold

She is also seen breaking down on a number of occasions, trying to hold her family together.

The Cardinals came up to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning with Hoyt trying to hold on to his six-run lead.

Newly widowed mother Sally Harrison is trying to hold down a job as an assistant to Mr Campbell, a veterinarian.

up trying   (denemek kadar)

He grows up trying to "outrun" Faison's shadow.

The next day, three Malian army units gave up trying to lift the siege.

However, Tommasi had not given up trying to regain control of the NSWPP.

trying to run

His interpreter was shot dead while trying to run away.

Harvick passed Kahne on lap 295 and began trying to run down Edwards.

Theresa is found at the airport, and tries to evade the police, but is soon discovered trying to run away.

trying to defend

The defenders fled to mountains rather than trying to defend the town.

Peter stepped into the ring as the champion trying to defend his title.

Ensign Wetherell was killed while trying to defend MacCarthy's body and Williams taken prisoner.

trying to give

We’re trying to give the homies a good look.

Easterbrook maintains that robber Tony Ash had been trying to give himself up when he was shot dead.