İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

turned down   (aşağı döndü)

Michael Bay then turned down the director's position.

Bachelet also turned down a radio debate with Piñera.

He had already turned down a number of offers.

turned professional   (profesyonelleşti)

He turned professional following the 1988 season.

Marco Chiudinelli turned professional in 2000.

Thitikul turned professional in January 2020.

then turned   (sonra döndü)

Bradley then turned his eyes to municipal politics.

Salazar then turned his attention to Rodrigo de Paz.

turned up   (açmak)

On March 5, two PAVN defectors turned up at the camp.

However, the treasure hunters turned up empty handed.

The brim can be turned up all the way around.

turned back   (geri döndü)

The runways have been turned back into farmland.

The servants, not knowing which way to go, turned back.

The riders then turned back east and passed the Knesset.

turned away   (sırtını döndü)

The second night, it was sold out and people were turned away.

Both groups of ships turned away, and the engagement was over.

People don't want to be challenged too much and be turned away.

turned off   (kapalı)

At this point, ultrasonic energy is turned off.

Lam then went to his cruiser and turned off its siren.

Route 12 turned off and ran to Seat Pleasant.

turned against   (Karşı döndü)

Horrified and disgusted, Daz turned against him.

Five captured guns were turned against the rest of the Union line.

Alya shared his views, and increasingly turned against her mother.

turned his attention   (dikkatini verdi)

Salazar then turned his attention to Rodrigo de Paz.

Instead, he turned his attention to northern Mexico.

later turned

It was initially peaceful but later turned violent.

It was later turned into an apartment for the Jochims.

The song later turned out to be on the second album, "".

turned around   (Geri Döndü)

The Indians' fortunes turned around late in the month.

The convoy was then turned around and sent towards Huế.

Loison immediately turned around and headed back to Lisbon.

turned it down   (geri çevirdi)

The money was great but we turned it down."

Nehru however turned it down.

Bacall said at the time: I turned it down because it's just not a part.

turned pro   (yanlısıydı)

Bouchiche turned pro in 1988 and had some success.

Rusevski turned pro in 1981 and had limited success.

Skakle turned pro in 1978, joining the ATP world tour.

what turned

was the reply from what turned out to be Bogart's press agent.

Florida followed with what turned out to be its only touchdown drive of the game.

The Argos kicked for what turned out to be the winning point in the first quarter.

turned towards   (döndü)

Ktulu has also since turned towards industrial-style music.

He then turned towards three children.

British attention soon turned towards Asia, Africa, and the Pacific.

eventually turned

He eventually turned into a film producer himself.

The script was eventually turned into "Kull the Conqueror".

They eventually turned to the East Coast and finally Boston.

soon turned

They soon turned to open piracy and coastal plunder.

The strike started peacefully but soon turned violent.

The conditions soon turned bad for the team.

turned north

She then turned north to regain her station.

With bombs gone the crews turned north and headed for home.

The XV Corps then turned north towards the Seine and Paris.

quickly turned   (hızla döndü)

Spotlights were quickly turned on to illuminate the ring.

Once visitors saw what was happening the prison quickly turned the water on.

As the battle quickly turned against Orb, Cagalli returned to lead her country's forces.

turned south

It then turned south until it met the lake.

On Little Torch Key, it turned south and rejoined the railroad.

They turned south in the hope of finding a better sealing ground.

when he turned   (döndüğünde)

He had his bar mitzvah in Bensonhurst when he turned 13.

He was educated in French schools until 1954, when he turned fourteen.

His print and runway modeling career lasted until 1999, when he turned to acting.

turned their attention   (dikkatlerini çekti)

The rioters now turned their attention to the Japanese.

The minesweepers turned their attention to the waters of Nakagusuku Bay.

Stringham and his captains then turned their attention to Fort Hatteras.

turned the ball

Cassius Winston had 11 points in the loss and turned the ball over five times.

Jordan Cronkrite was stuffed for no gain, and the Bulls turned the ball over on downs.

Cassius Winston notched 12 assists in the game and turned the ball over only one time.

turned upside   (ters döndü)

"The whole shoot was turned upside down."

His simple life is turned upside down.

Bulgaria's flag is also turned upside down during times of war.

turned upside down   (baş aşağı döndü)

"The whole shoot was turned upside down."

His simple life is turned upside down.

Bulgaria's flag is also turned upside down during times of war.

turned violent   (şiddet uyguladı)

It was initially peaceful but later turned violent.

The strike started peacefully but soon turned violent.

There were two instances when the blockade nearly turned violent.

turned toward   (döndü)

Starting in the late 1980s, Alexander's work turned toward cultural sociology.

Squadron Leader D. Parry and Flight Lieutenant W. Blessing turned toward them.

Later, the company turned toward compact disc technology to release its games.

turned heel   (dönüş topuk)

With this, Austin turned heel.

After the match, Luger turned heel and took on Race as his manager and Mr. Hughes as his bodyguard.

On September 9, Nakano turned heel for the first time in her career, joining the villainous Oedo Tai faction.

turned east

From there the turned east to encircle Newcastle.

It turned east and followed the 401 to Markham Road.

At the river's edge, the line turned east alongside a wharf.

now turned

The rioters now turned their attention to the Japanese.

The site may extend through the areas now turned into gardens.

Crassus now turned his attention to the Moesi, his prime target.

turned west

There it turned west to Ferry and then northwest to Hart.

Now the road to Italy was open, but they turned west towards Gaul.

It turned west along M-28 into Newberry and then north to Four Mile Corner.

again turned

Their discontent again turned into rebellion.

In this remote location, the ruler again turned to the Portuguese.

Many officers again turned their backs on him when he spoke at a service for Familia.

people turned   (insanlar döndü)

Over 100,000 people turned out, exceeding organizers’ expectations.

Around 800 people turned up, with about the same number on either side.

The sorcerer turns into a crow, and all the people turned to stone comes back to life.

turned him down   (onu reddettim)

Isabella turned him down on the advice of her confessor.

Some of them turned him down and were killed as a result.

McMahon turned him down.

turned more

Near the end of his life, Wigner's thoughts turned more philosophical.

It turned more to the north and intensified to a strong Category 2 hurricane on October 3.

As the 19th century wore on, Lowland Scotland turned more and more towards heavy industry.

just turned   (şimdi döndü)

The show had an age limit of 24 and Hazel had just turned 25.

Richard Emory had just turned 75 years old at the time of his death.

(Kurosawa had just turned 33.)

turned to writing

In 1988, Myers turned to writing full-time.

In order to support herself and her family, Christine turned to writing.

Before he turned to writing about bridge, he was the author of two detective novels.

turned his back   (arkasını döndü)

Eventually he turned his back on the demand for pretty flowers.

Valentine turned his back on Berry rather than discuss the call with him.

Soon after returning to Kamigata, Kunimasu turned his back on "ukiyo-e" and took up painting.

turned its attention   (dikkatini çekti)

With the configuration finalized, NASA turned its attention to mission profiles.

Germany annexed Austria in 1938, and soon turned its attention to its eastern neighbors.

Once the airfield was taken the 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade turned its attention towards Rimini itself.

having turned

Su-min is an orphan who, having turned 18, is required to leave his orphanage.

Moore returned to Leamington in May 2014 having turned down an extended contract offer from Brackley Town.

The following day, "Prince Henry" departed to return to its patrol, having turned over the salvage of "Lihue" to .

subsequently turned

She subsequently turned face and began teaming with Mayu Iwatani.

Their lives and marriage were subsequently turned upside down by the events that unfolded.

The book was subsequently turned into a play, "Little Nell", by Simon Gray, and a 2013 film.

immediately turned

Clarkson immediately turned things around in Baltimore.

Loison immediately turned around and headed back to Lisbon.

The lizard immediately turned to stone and became the island of Dia.

turned face   (yüzünü döndü)

She subsequently turned face and began teaming with Mayu Iwatani.

In addition to the initial turn-up card, a second card is turned face up to give further information.

Should a player build next to unexplored terrain, the terrain tile is turned face up, and the player is rewarded with a resource should the tile revealed be resource-producing.

not turned

But the radar was not turned on.

Sometime after the hijacking the cigarette butts were lost, and have not turned up since.

The 1975–76 season had not turned out so well in terms of either attendance or wins on the court.

instead turned

Draper instead turned the letters over to the police.

When she got it, she instead turned the Groac'h into a toad with it.

After World War One the yard stopped manufacturing ships and instead turned to repair work.

turned her attention   (dikkatini çekti)

She then turned her attention to writing scripts for radio and television.

With the discovery of this passion, Szekulics turned her attention to travel literature.

Once the right to vote was secured, Stevens turned her attention to women's legal status.

attention turned   (dikkat döndü)

In 1852, Aubry's attention turned to California when he decided to take a caravan down the Rio Grande and Gila Rivers.

After military service, his studies continued, however, his attention turned to economics, statistics, and philosophy.

By the early 1900s his attention turned to photography and he was widely regarded as the ""creator of American photographic illustration"."

storm turned   (fırtına döndü)

The storm turned southward through the country, emerging over water on March 26.

However, in response to an approaching trough, the storm turned towards the north.

The storm turned to the north on September 7 and passed about east of Bermuda on September 8.

turned the tide   (gelgiti çevirdi)

This murder turned the tide of Chilean public opinion.

Strong French counterattacks turned the tide of the war.

This turned the tide to the home side's advantage and the game finished in a 3–3 draw.

turned to stone

The legend states that her body had turned to stone.

They find many men, turned to stone, and food laid out.

The lizard immediately turned to stone and became the island of Dia.

initially turned   (başlangıçta döndü)

She initially turned down the offer of partaking in the reality television show.

On the back of this success, the club applied to join the Irish League in 1981, but was initially turned down.

However, he initially turned down Stan Seymour, explaining that the future Mr. Newcastle was “too small to play football”.

often turned   (sık sık döndü)

Naval forces often turned 'infidel' prisoners-of-war into galley-slaves.

Street lighting was often turned off and generally reduced to a bare minimum.

In an effort to increase revenues, the state often turned to the creation of new offices.

turned them down   (onları geri çevirdi)

They offered me more and a lot of money, but I turned them down.

But Theron turned them down.

But he turned them down to go on a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

turned a blind

Regulators turned a blind eye to a lack of transparency and to conflicts of interest."

She believed some members of the family knew about his abuse but had turned a blind eye to it.

Charles turned a blind eye to the debacle, instead preoccupying himself with the plight of the French Huguenots of La Rochelle.

before he turned

Both his parents died before he turned ten years old.

Additionally, Kraus won his first SLM race a few days before he turned fourteen.

He was assigned as a volunteer in the Royal Navy shortly before he turned thirteen.

finally turned   (sonunda döndü)

Since the maintenance costs rose steadily, the S2 was finally turned off in Crestline and Altoona.

The workprint containing deleted scenes finally turned up in the Hutchinson, Kansas, salt-mine film depository.

CIEES remained in use until 1 July 1967, when it was finally turned over to the government of newly-independent Algeria.

gradually turned   (yavaş yavaş döndü)

The building ridge, located east of Japan, gradually turned the storm westward.

Thanks to coal smoke, the buildings of the large cities of Europe and America gradually turned black.

The growing influence of the Church during the Middle Ages gradually turned Aarhus, with its bishopric, into a prosperous religious centre.

turned left

But, the plane never turned left again.

It turned left onto First Street to an intersection with AR 53.

They turned left and immediately came under automatic weapons and recoilless rifle fire from the Citadel wall.