Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

then turns   (luego gira)

The road then turns into Norwegian County Road 91.

She then turns and walks back to the train station.

The train then turns to the right into the brake run.

turns north   (gira al norte)

At , Highway 89 turns north onto "Highway 89 north".

From here it turns north again towards Freyung.

SR 249 then separates and goes east and SR 49 turns north.

turns east   (gira hacia el este)

M-48 turns east at 26 Mile Road into Chippewa County.

US 250 then turns east on Dover Road south of the city.

SR 11 turns east with US 302 towards Casco.

turns up

After Swift has left, Flint turns up at the villa.

Trumbo turns up and gets involved in a saloon brawl.

Suddenly, the owner's wife, Anna, turns up.

turns south

North of town, M-36 turns south on Gregory Road.

It finally turns south on Maple Street leaving town.

After that it turns south to head towards Alexandria.

take turns

Players now take turns drawing one card at a time.

Players take turns to deal, in a clockwise order.

Two players take turns moving troops across the board.

turns west

SR 72 turns west with SR 158, formerly US 58 Alt.

SH 29 turns west through the village of Tauriko.

Reed Street near Willie Washington Park then turns west onto 11th Street.

route turns

At the end of the dirt track, the route turns left.

Shortly after crossing the county line, the route turns north.

In Granby, the route turns eastward once again, entering the hamlet of Bowens Corners.

turns northeast

The roadway turns northeast as Connors Road towards downtown.

After being crossed by U.S. Route 101 the river turns northeast.

The highway turns northeast and crosses Ahoskie Creek before entering the town limits.

twists and turns   (Giros y vueltas)

There are sad moments, happy moments, and twists and turns.

Adventure Archiv enjoyed the game's narrative twists and turns.

But she warned of many "twists and turns" for her relationship with Leo.

turns southeast

Shortly thereafter, it crosses under U.S. Route 26 (Sunset Highway) and turns southeast.

It then turns southeast and then south, running between Charles Place and Sunbury Drive.

FM 2377 turns southeast at Pratt Road and ends at an intersection with FM 983 near Rockett.

took turns

Clint Bowyer and Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. also took turns up front.

Vader and Mankind both took turns and continued to attack Bulldog.

The knight-priests of St John took turns saying mass each day there.

turns northwest   (gira hacia el noroeste)

There it turns northwest to the city limits.

The highway then turns northwest again, crossing into Brazos County.

The highway travels out in a northeast direction and turns northwest at County Road 3300.

turns back   (regresa)

The man turns back into a dragon, and Kriemhild prays.

It moves back into stocks when the index's trend turns back up.

M-188 turns back due east on VFW Road to run through farm fields.

turns around   (giro alrededor)

when he/she turns around (like "Red Light!").

The rabbit taps Porky's shoulder, as Porky turns around.

As she is dying, she turns around to face her assailant.

highway turns

The highway turns due east, immediately before reaching NC 124.

Passing by Tosinot Reservoir to the west, the highway turns due south.

The highway turns nearly due east as it enters town along River Street.

road turns   (curvas de carretera)

The road turns near a ridge and terminates near buildings.

At Barbu, the road turns north into the Barbudalen valley.

The road turns to the northeast and runs through residential areas.

turns off

He gets out and opens the gate, but his vehicle turns off unexpectedly.

Raju now turns off from the underworld (as he could not kill Avinash) and finds the child.

The lighting turns off at 11:00 p.m., so that the lights do not disturb the park's neighbours.

turns down   (rechaza)

He turns down the invitation via a nasty letter to her.

"Zola" turns down the gesture, and Robert is humiliated.

DARPA tries to recruit Charlie, but he turns down their offer.

turns left

At the end of the dirt track, the route turns left.

After, turns left to Boulevard de l’Île-des-Soeurs.

N1 then turns left to follow the whole EDSA to Pasay.

turns right

Then, turns right to Rue Jacques-le-Ber.

At 40 Avenue NW, 106 Street turns right and resumes as 106 Street.

Route B19 turns right (east) onto the Barossa Valley Way in the centre of the town.

turns north onto

At , Highway 89 turns north onto "Highway 89 north".

FM 2309 turns north onto A.L.

It turns north onto Summit Road, which it stays on for the rest of its route.

turns against   (se vuelve contra)

Suddenly the public turns against him.

He then turns against the aliens and helps the human resistance.

But this does not convince her, and she turns against the Vidame.

turns him down   (lo rechaza)

The general turns him down for being 20 years too old.

A disgusted Saville turns him down.

However, Aidan turns him down.

then turns north

Highway 6 then turns north on a four-lane undivided alignment for 5 km.

Route 124 then turns north along Pleasant Lake Ave, leaving the concurrency.

At Winfield, K-15 follows US-77 west to Udall and then turns north then cuts through Mulvane.

taking turns

The shooters began firing at 12 noon and continued without stopping by taking turns.

The case involved three armed robbers who the court found liable for taking turns in raping a woman.

A typical boy band performance features elaborately choreographed dancing, with the members taking turns singing and/or rapping.

later turns

This later turns out to be untrue as Kim denies it.

She meets a guy named Takuma, and he later turns her down.

It later turns out that Ray Ernest's family has hired him to find the missing doctor.

turns southwest

At Callingwood Road, it becomes Lessard Road and turns southwest.

I-295 turns southwest past suburban development containing some farmland.

Here, the road turns southwest as it passes through Scotch Ridge as it crosses Route 735.

turns away

She turns away, walking back to the elevator dismayed.

The Gemara taught that the words "if your heart turns away .

She turns away from the composer and falls in love with Schober.

turns east onto

Illinois 8 turns east onto Camp Street with U.S. 150 eastbound.

PA 38/PA 208 turns east onto Main Street and passes homes and businesses.

After following Acme Street for about 1,000ft, SR 26 turns east onto Greene Street.

river turns

After being crossed by U.S. Route 101 the river turns northeast.

For the highway follows adjacent to the Deep River, before the river turns due south.

Near Longview, Washington and the Cowlitz River confluence, the river turns west again.

then turns south

The river then turns south and enters Mackinac County.

The creek then turns south and takes in another right tributary unnamed creek.

The boundary then turns south at Norton Folgate and becomes the border with Tower Hamlets.

turns northward

Then it turns northward with State Route 11.

SR 133 ends at SR 4 and SR 17 turns northward with SR 4.

The road travels through a rural area, and turns northward at George Pearce Road.

then turns east

US 250 then turns east on Dover Road south of the city.

The second begins in Big Stone Gap and runs north to Appalachia, then turns east to Norton.

It then turns east and northeast along the river through Dover into Sandpoint, where it overlaps US 95.

soon turns

However, incredible strength soon turns out to be rather disadvantageous for Petrov.

Bakunetsumaru and Zero arrive and the battle soon turns in the Gundam Force's favour.

This soon turns into make-believe games with the little girl, who has taken to calling him "Bootsie".

turns eastward   (gira hacia el este)

M-36 turns eastward along Ash Street through downtown.

M-48 turns eastward south of town along 22 Mile Road through fields.

The creek turns eastward and passes under Bayview Avenue, then southward again.

turns sharply   (gira bruscamente)

The road then turns sharply toward a north-northeast alignment and features an interchange with Interstate 79.

Initially the river in an easterly direction, until it turns sharply north just south of the village of Kandersteg.

Just before reaching US 90/SR 10A, the road turns sharply east, crosses US 90/SR 10A, and terminates at its intersection with SR 297.

eventually turns

Gale and Dewey's relationship, although strained at first, eventually turns heated.

Touko is somewhat surprised but eventually turns Sayaka down, acknowledging her love for Yuu.

She eventually turns to Winifred Forceythe, her widowed aunt who fortuitously arrives from Kansas with her daughter, Faith.

number of turns   (número de vueltas)

A scaling law for Dynamic aperture vs. number of turns has been proposed by Giovannozzi.

On the Zombie Turn, the Sun Track marker is moved to show the number of turns that have been taken so far.

Cities take a particular number of turns to produce the various units, with the armies typically being the most rapid.

turns are banked

The track's turns are banked at fourteen degrees.

The track's turns are banked at twenty-four degrees, while the front stretch, the location of the finish line, is five degrees.

The track's turns are banked at eighteen degrees, while the front stretch, the location of the finish line, is banked at twelve degrees.

turns due

The highway turns due east, immediately before reaching NC 124.

Passing by Tosinot Reservoir to the west, the highway turns due south.

After the concurrency ends, Highway 149 turns due north and runs through fields.

turns onto

Just east of the second crossing, SR 74 turns onto Kentucky Avenue.

US 250 then turns onto Market Street and follows it south out of town.

It then turns onto Lincoln Avenue and passes through the city of Cadiz.